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  1. What workout is necessary to hit powerfully?
  2. Improving footwork and speed
  3. Adidas Mega/Microbounce Running Shoes (feedback)
  4. High-intensity lifting newbie... your advice please?
  5. Wrist Tendinitis: PRP or Fusion?
  6. Back Pain
  7. A Balance between tennis and fitness?
  8. Rickson, please help!
  9. how to get ripped arms and abs using two 12 lb dumbells
  10. Trampoline exercise: help?
  11. What SHOE is best for people with Foot Heel problem ? Shoes that is under 16 ozs.
  12. Sugar Blues
  13. How much do you train?
  14. rolled ankle-should I go to my group lesson?
  15. Tennis Cardio Fitness..my situation
  16. Tournament meals...
  17. post match leg cramping
  18. So here's what I need...
  19. How to lose weight healthily?
  20. "Strength" might not be what you think
  21. Wrist/Hand Degeneration
  22. Anybody Use a "Swiss Ball" for Training?
  23. Women have it all wrong!
  24. What kind of injury is this?
  25. Torn meniscus?
  26. Annoying elbow soreness..
  27. How much is to much?
  28. Wrist weakness - Limiting workouts?
  29. Plasma injections vs cortisone for tendon damage?
  30. Plantar Fascitis-- Need shoes with Very good ARCH support/ Steroids ?
  31. Knee gives up in 2 months every time
  32. TW Swingers Club
  33. Core exercises than cause back problems
  34. Hip Injury
  35. TE in Left elbow for Right handed players with 2HB
  36. squat on smith machine vs. free squat
  37. Bloodshot eyes?
  38. Potential tennis elbow???
  39. Stage III Jumper's Knee-AKA Nadal Knee?
  40. Sleeeep
  41. Is Your Ab Workout Hurting Your Back?
  42. Four-Week Running Program For Mile Test
  43. share your favorite sandwich recipes
  44. coming back from lower back surgery
  45. I Think I Need To Start Taping Stuff
  46. Collarbone/chest muscle strain?
  47. Lowering my body fat..help me
  48. Yelling and Screaming Unnecessary in Tennis
  49. Beating the Heat
  50. TE: Racquet and String Recommendations
  51. inner elbow hurts when streched out -- do i have tennis elbow?
  52. Getting Back Tennis Ability
  53. Is there a caffenated drink that does not stain teeth?
  54. Is this routine good for tennis???
  55. Speed or distance?
  56. Need a good sunblock lotion
  57. I need to lose 10-13 pounds. How do I do it in an efficient manner?
  58. What should i drink during matches and practices?
  59. Andy's training
  60. Core Conditioning
  61. Achilles Tendon pain..
  62. Water of Love, Deep in the Ground...
  63. Losing body fat if I need to???- your input is needed
  64. Wrist hurts during warm-up
  65. Who would take this challenge?
  66. help...my body is tight/lacks flexibility
  67. Did a light racket cause my elbow to hurt more?
  68. Fit in 6 minutes a week?
  69. What to eat before early morning workouts?
  70. hot tub
  71. Hitting the gym...
  72. Frustration...pulled ab muscle.
  73. Roddick's strength
  74. Recommend a doctor in NYC area for tennis elbow
  75. Help???
  76. Tell me about your diet
  77. Wrist concern
  78. Is this an "ok" work out?
  79. help a junior with lifting!
  80. Anybody else get pain in the base of their thumb? (hitting hand)
  81. Is Bicyling Bad For Your Bones?
  82. what do you eat during the match?
  83. the diet is over, 3kgs lighter and this is the result.
  84. had my appendix removed
  85. 2HBH has allowed me to play tennis again!
  86. Severe pain in ball of foot...Bone Spur???
  87. PF: When did you start treatment?
  88. how to get a six pack?
  89. Selecting Proper Shoes
  90. What to Add to Exercise Routine to reach goals?
  91. Petellar tendonitis
  92. Hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon...
  93. Active Release Technique
  94. What is your ARHR?
  95. Knee Problems
  96. Critique my workout.
  97. Spondylolisthesis (Lower Back Injury)
  98. Joints Burning too Quickly, ....dude
  99. BowFlex, Resistance Band type Resitance
  100. Wrist, Forearm and Hand
  101. lower back pain from serving
  102. From dumbbells training program to "the 100 push ups training program"
  103. Spinal disfiguration due to OHBH?
  104. Hand Pain/Soreness - Please Help
  105. What is a safe increase?
  106. Elbow Pain
  107. Horrible arm & lower back soreness
  108. Low Carb Diet?
  109. For all of you who have rolled an ankle...
  110. Punching Bag
  111. Best *FREE* Workout for flexibility and strength
  112. finger blister - what do i do if i want to keep playing (pic included)
  113. Shoulder pains w/ luxilon BB alu
  114. How do you tell if a workout was "effective"?
  115. Jammed Finger..started to swell a month later?
  116. I need some help!!
  117. sore shoulders
  118. Beep Test
  119. Possible to?
  120. Best workout to avoid overtraining
  121. Ease Tennis Elbow with Eccentric Twists
  122. New Articles: Flexibility, Power, and Technique
  123. Issues with my outer wrists
  124. heavy legs
  125. TE and Grip Size?
  126. tennis workout sheets--xlathlete
  127. What does these Blood Pressure numbers mean?
  128. Returning player with knee pain
  129. Does Protein Powder automatically make you big?
  130. Weird "injury"
  131. Anybody experienced soreness in arch area?
  132. P90x
  133. Praise for rotator cuff exercises
  134. loosing weight.
  135. I have a blister and I have a tournament tomorrow
  136. Fatigue when playing near a pool
  137. Are any of the Wii exercise programs any good?
  138. Chiropractor hasn't fixed shoulder
  139. Tennis Warmup
  140. Recent Study on Tennis Elbow - Flexbar
  141. Mansewerz's Workout Journal
  142. Do these things truly work? (Tennis Elbow dampener)
  143. Pain on the back of left shoulder from serving..
  144. Can you guys please help me make a diet for cutting weight?
  145. Meal Frequency
  146. ice vs heat
  147. I just sprained my ankle...how can I keep it from swelling the next day?
  148. Lifting
  149. Preventing wrist injury and elbow tendonitiis
  150. ADD and tennis?
  151. Should food companies be allowed...
  152. Thinking About Buying "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippletoe...
  153. Steam room and stamina
  154. How should I modify my weekly routine to lose my belly?
  155. Soreness on Hand within "V" at base of Index Finger
  156. Strange pain in left shin advice?
  157. Swimming Routine to Supplement Tennis?
  158. Shower or Food After Workout?
  159. Tics, Tourette's, and tennis
  160. What kind of medicine ball is this?
  161. How to gain some weight for tennis?
  162. Please Help pain where elbow meets lower tricep
  163. Just Took A Hit of Tennis...Feelin the Rush (night writer baby)
  164. I am stronger than you
  165. Band-It and TE
  166. Need Help Gaining Weight
  167. Are NSAIDs therapeutic? Risks?
  168. Hooked Acromion
  169. Tennis Knee
  170. Potassium pills?
  171. Looking for that crazy 8 workout video
  172. Knee Pain
  173. FDA warning about some supplements
  174. My throat is sore, can I still play?
  175. SuperCissus RX or Animal Flex for tendon/ligament strength
  176. How many push ups
  177. Calf Strain--Any advice on how to speed up recovery
  178. Please help, I think I'm dying(14years old)
  179. How to increase your energy level?
  180. Rickey Henderson's Pushup/Situp Workout
  181. Bad knees, what insoles are good for tennis?
  182. Inside wrist pain
  183. I need some help getting in shape
  184. ACL and meniscus repair
  185. My Story
  186. Help diagnosing a shoulder issue
  187. Frank Yang
  188. Optimal post match meal?
  189. My joints are always cracking..
  190. 23 Y/O Male... Eating EVERYTHING!
  191. Fat burn rate
  192. What causes Wrist Pain?
  193. Playing tennis with warts on feet
  194. love handles
  195. How do I avoid these injuries
  196. How much does tennis work your abs?
  197. What to eat while playing
  198. Hitting crossroads...where to go with fat vs. muscle.
  199. Shoulder problems..help..
  200. Strength Testing Form
  201. 47 yr old gets knee pain--from flying forehands or statin?
  202. Icey Hot to warm up shoulder?
  203. PF: 6 1/2 weeks to recovery
  204. 25 months non-smoking
  205. Knot(s) in back muscle
  206. Pro Stretch Step helps plantar fasciitis?
  207. ankle sprains and shoes
  208. lower abdominal muscle pull
  209. Hip pain
  210. I have this headache.....
  211. massage therapy for ACLr recovery
  212. Had to default for first time due to knee
  213. Never Worked out Ever... Now I need to Work Out
  214. Article: Specialized Strength Training For Tennis
  215. Would you play tennis with a torn rotator cuff in non-hitting arm?
  216. Arm Pain
  217. Shouler pain (popping, squeaking since very little)
  218. Tone Arms
  219. Recommend volley drills to improve reaction time
  220. Keeping cool playing on a very hot day
  221. I have been getting fitter and faster....
  222. Nadal's work out?
  223. Arm fatigue from heavy racket
  224. Wrist Injuries
  225. Will Clay Come out of a Scraped Knee
  226. Which tendinitis takes the longest to heal?
  227. Home Gym
  228. Upper pec injury
  229. tennis elbow
  230. My ex-wife forgot our daughter's name....
  231. lifting/soreness
  232. Losing calories
  233. lower back pain
  234. Best Calf Wokout
  235. Tennis specific exercise programmes?
  236. easymac?
  237. Do you tape your ankles even when they're healthy?
  238. Hand Pain
  239. Wheezing problems
  240. Partially torn abdominal muscle
  241. aching arm/helping friend
  242. 9.4% body fat...but still not happy
  243. What Pro Players consume
  244. Body weight exercises for tennis? Pullups/Chinups/Situps/Pushups
  245. i think i might have tennis elbow?
  246. 400M World Record: 3 min. 20 seconds! At age 95!
  247. Question for ACLr players
  248. P90x
  249. shin splint or stress fracture???
  250. Specific question about rotator cuff exercises