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  1. TOPS'L or Sandestin
  2. Tennis in Atlanta
  3. Tennis holidays
  4. Tennis Center at College Park MA
  5. Phoenix March 22-30
  6. Looking for a hotel recommendation (NorCal)
  7. what US cities have the best tennis community
  8. Indoor Tennis around Cincinnati/NKY
  9. Looking for people to play tennis around Miami during Sony Ericsson Open Mar.27-30
  10. UT Adult Camp
  11. quick question about pacific life open
  12. Who wants to hit in IW, Springs etc, during the Pacific Life Open?
  13. Best acadamy to go to for a month?
  14. Recommend a tennis camp for wife and me?
  15. Anyone From Estonia / Speaks Estonian
  16. Going to naples, FL march 20-25 looking to hit
  17. Finding Tennis Academy that in future join tournaments like US OPEN.
  18. Portugal Tennis
  19. Looking for Competetive Tennis partner (Baltimore County)
  20. huston, anyone maybe want to hit
  21. March 15 Indian wells (pics included)
  22. I'm from asian country and I want to participate USTA junior tournaments.
  23. european red clay in the US?
  24. If is okay that I quit school and join tennis academy?
  25. Best way to do U.S. Open?
  26. Looking for hitting in Lafayette Louisiana
  27. Camps around Atlanta
  28. Looking to place Tennis Around Woodlands, TX
  29. Update on Airlines and Tennis Bags...
  30. Tennis walls in N Fulton (Atlanta)
  31. Anyone in San Jose?
  32. Looking for players in Bulgaria
  33. Orange county CA players
  34. Lafayette, Louisiana
  35. Columbia, SC/Fort Jackson SC
  36. Tennis on Europe trip 6/08
  37. Hitting partner wanted
  38. bollettieri tennis academy
  39. Straight Tennis Camp for Juniors
  40. Philadelphia 4.0 hitting partner
  41. South Africa
  42. Family Circle Cup Suggestions
  43. Hitting partners in Naperville, IL area
  44. Hitting Partners in Greensboro, Nc
  45. Medford/Ashland/Grants Pass, Oregon 4.0-/+ hitting partner ^^
  46. Advice needed in UK
  47. Tennis Partner in Cincinnati,OH area
  48. Hitting partner around Moncton, New Brunswick
  49. 4.0+ Tennis Partner NYC - BK or SI
  50. Hitting Partners wanted
  51. Places to play in San Jose, Costa Rica?
  52. Any great tennis shops in Los Angeles?
  53. tennis places for the summer
  54. Looking for new people to hit with in MD
  55. Lafayette, LA
  56. Tennis in Prague, Czech Republic
  57. Kudos to Barnes Tennis Center/San Diego
  58. Tennis clubs Westcoast
  59. Hitting Partner NYC/Miami
  60. What's some good seats on Ashe?
  61. Scarborough, Ontario
  62. Cheap place to stay in Bradenton, FL?
  63. US Open tickets - USTA member presale
  64. Hitting partner at PSU/State College, PA area
  65. WANTED: Hitting partner in Austin, TX / NTRP Rating: 3.5-4.0
  66. Saddlebrook and NBTA
  67. Nike Tennis Camp Lawrenceville, NJ
  68. FO
  69. Charleston, SC - a cool place to go out??
  70. Hitting at/near Hutchinson Island (FL)
  71. Hitting partner in Bakersfield, CA?
  72. Hitting partner in Ottawa?
  73. Any 4.0 in Rochester, NY looking for a semi-daily hitting partner?
  74. Hitting partner(s) in DC!!
  75. Bermuda 4/27 to 5/2
  76. Racquets on an Airplane
  77. Evert tennis academy or Nick Bollettiere academy better?
  78. Tennis Players in Seattle
  79. Tennis in Venice ...
  80. Hitting partner in Melbourne, VIC, Australia...
  81. Toronto: Sir Winston Churchill lights?
  82. Tennis in MKE, US in June08
  83. Orlando Weather/Tennis
  84. NYC Tennis Court in Brooklyn
  85. Tennis Academy and Tennis Camps in Asia and Thailand
  86. Wimbledon Ground Tickets
  87. WANTED: 4.5 player in Holmes Beach, Bradenton, Longboat Key area
  88. Pennsylvania, more specifically Penn STate University!! let me know
  89. Hitting partner(s) in LONDON
  90. Hitting partner in San Diego - May 13-14
  91. reviews on Ed Krass' College Tennis Exposure camp
  92. Review of Brady Tennis Camp
  93. Myrtle Beach Tennis
  94. St. Louis
  95. B&B for Wimbledon
  96. hitting partner in Buenos Aires Argentina
  97. new hitting partner (Brampton, mississauga area)
  98. Public court in Aliso Viejo, CA?
  99. Looking for a hitting partner in Madras/Chennai, India
  100. Portugal - Hitting partner
  101. Tennis Resort in Carribbean?
  102. Hitting Partner in Dallas this weekend (May 17-18)
  103. Hitting partner in Holland MI or close by...?
  104. Anyone Going To The Ferris State Tennis Camp For The 1st Week?
  105. Going to Cincinnati in July..any help??
  106. Teaching Pros at Van der Meer
  107. Hitting partner is Santa Clara, CA
  108. charleston SC May 25-31
  109. Denver area hitting partner
  110. Hitting Partner in Melbourne Australia
  111. Tennis in Lille, France
  112. Singapore
  113. Looking for Hitting Partners in Idaho Falls 6/9-6/14
  114. Hitting Partner in DC? July 1st-8th
  115. Looking for courts/clubs in Bangkok
  116. Tennis Shops around Stockton, CA Area
  117. Illinois Tennis!
  119. Tennis in Show Low, Arizona
  120. Need a 3.5-4.0 Player in Atlanta Area
  121. Tennis/Other Vacation for Family
  122. Wimbledon Visit --- AMAZING!
  123. Tennis In Holland Michigan???
  124. Ferris St. Tennis Camp???
  125. Going to Toronto Masters Series, advice needed
  126. Planning to go to summer camp. Could anyone recommend me one?
  127. Hitting partner in Croatia (longshot..)
  128. Sioux Falls, SD
  129. Adult Camps-Getting the Most From
  130. Hitting partners in Bangkok
  131. Cottage Grove, WI
  132. Tennis in Lima, Peru
  133. Experiences in Saddlebrook
  134. Tennis in Beijing, China
  135. Hobe Sound/Jupiter
  136. Wimbledon Tennis - Luxary Accommodation
  137. Hitting Partner
  138. Hitting Partner NYC
  139. Hollywood Beach area
  140. Niketown Locations?
  141. tennis in Door County, Wi
  142. Tennis/Partner in New Lenox, IL or Chicago, IL?
  143. Where to find tennis retailers/stores in BARCELONA?
  144. Nike or Adidas camp experience? Yay or Nay?
  145. buena vista tennis
  146. Tennis in Tulsa
  147. Best tennis shopping in southern China?
  148. New England Tennis Holidays
  149. Tennis spots in Arizona
  150. Tennis is Taiwan
  151. Looking for info on MAD Academy in Ft. Meyers or Naples Fl.
  152. Toronto area 4.5's?
  153. Tennis Places in NYC
  154. Indoor Courts in Philly
  155. Tennis in DeKalb, Il
  156. Hitting in Los Angeles Area
  157. Tennis in Brisbane, Oz in October 08?
  158. Tennis Wall in Philly or Vicinity
  159. Boulder?
  160. hitting partner for tennis in Budva-Montenegro
  161. DALLAS...looking for intense adult training
  162. Total Tennis in Saugerties, Ny
  163. Matejzsko, I need your help.
  164. How are the dorms at New Brauns Newks camp
  165. Tennis in Chicago
  166. Total Tennis - Tennis Pro Recommendations
  167. Clay courts, Upland Tennis Club, SoCal
  168. looking for hitting partner in Greenville, SC
  169. Court side GS matches
  170. Tennis balls on Planes?
  171. Any junior ready to play in Singapore?
  172. Public Courts on Martha's Vineyard?
  173. Tennis is Taipei
  174. Spain Cadiz Aug 1st-23rd Can you hit?
  175. hard core ADULT tennis camp / program in US
  176. San Diego 4.5 tennis players?
  177. Im making a trip to florida(panama city) in first week of august
  178. Anyone here from Beaumont Texas?
  179. Tennis shops in Bologna and Sardinia
  180. Boston Players.. anyone?
  181. Tennis partner(s) wanted: Long Island's North Fork (NY), July '08 weekends
  182. Tennis Kansas City
  183. Eating at the US Open
  184. Littleton (Denver) Colorado til July 6th
  185. Tennis in Manila
  186. Grass & Clay Courts In Upstate New York?
  187. Anyone for tennis in London!
  188. Public tennis in/ near Wheeling, IL?
  189. Chris Evert Academy/Vandermeer's
  190. Favorite Tennis Tournaments you have been to including Grand Slams?
  191. Innisbrook Resort in FL - good for tennis?
  192. i'm here in vietnam
  193. Guangzhou
  194. Where to find clay courts in Sydney?
  195. Men's Rogers Cup-Toronto-July 19-27
  196. US Open Budget Hotels
  197. Tennis Camp Reviews
  198. Equelite/Ferrero tennis camp?
  199. tennis camp in South America
  200. Portland, OR - Tennis?
  201. Chicago Tennis Courts
  202. Anybody want to hit in the LA area this weekend?
  203. Tennis Club in Morocco
  204. Indoor tennis courts in FL?
  205. Want to go to wimbledon next year
  206. Early Birds in West L.A.
  207. Pacific Life 2009
  208. 4.5 player sought in Santa Cruz, CA
  209. Wondering about Pilot Pen tickets?
  210. Places to play in Maui
  211. Tennis in New Orleans
  212. Adult Beginner Camps
  213. Anyone play tennis in South Pasadena/SGV?
  214. Anyone want to hit with me in Singapore?
  215. Indoor Red Clay-Manhattan, NYC
  216. Canada, B.C, New Westminster, Moody park tennis court-- anyone for tennis?
  217. What's the biggest bag you were allowed to put in the overhead bin of an airplane
  218. us open tickets for labor day weekens
  219. Watercolor/seaside Florida
  220. Los Angeles Countrywide Classic field trip anyone?
  221. Hitting partners in Atlanta
  222. Looking for hitting partner in Wisconsin Dells
  223. HomeCourt-Dublin, Ca
  224. Masters Cup in Shanghai
  225. When and how to use Multinomial logistic regression?
  226. Moving to Dallas, TX
  227. Tennis in Taiwan
  228. Hamptons 8/17 -- 8/22
  229. Tennis in Mexico?
  230. Country Classic in LA???
  231. Anyone been to Turks and Caicos?
  232. Racquets on backpack ok with TSA?
  233. US Open hotel within walking distance?
  234. hitting partners in manila
  235. Visiting Levittown, PA - Tennis anyone?
  236. Just moved to Louisville!!
  237. Florida...
  238. New York City
  239. Hitting partner in NC?
  240. french open
  241. What does CMB stand for?
  242. JFK Airport to US Open?
  243. Vancouver - Ball Machine
  244. what is Lodge seating at the US Open?
  245. Any body hear near Akron Ohio
  246. Orlando, FL - here I come!
  247. Need tennis store across the border on the american side (Canada & us)
  248. Need help with us open! 9/1 Grandstand matches? Quick please :)
  249. So Cal, Advantage Tennis Academy
  250. hitting partners in Richmond, Virginia?