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  1. Pulling Strings at the Pacific Life Open
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  3. Goldstein vs Agassi.
  4. Nadal match report from Pacific Life Open (spoiler)
  5. Where is ESPN@?
  6. More photos from the PLO
  7. Nadal v Federer in doubles
  8. WTB Safin vs Davidenko match on DVD
  9. Baghdatis Vs Gaudio
  10. Sampras in Indian Wells
  11. Stairway to...hell
  12. Womens College Softball on ESPN2
  13. Doubles!!!
  14. New strings for Nadal at Indian Wells?
  16. My pics from Pacific Life Open (Fed,Haas,Santoro,Andreev,etc)
  17. Need Tickets and a room
  18. Incredible point between srichapan and nieminen
  19. Is that a moustache on her?
  20. Will Nadal have any rival to challenge him?
  21. Only 1 Men's Semi on TV? And not until 11:30PM?
  22. nadal/blake?
  23. Need your advice on Tennis winners today
  24. Star Stringing Room Photos
  25. Blake Vs Nadal *spoiler*
  26. sould it be a grand slam........
  27. What happened???
  28. Federer vs. Blake final: thoughts
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  30. Roger potentialy a year away from most consecutive weeks at #1 record!
  31. Anybody going in 2008?
  32. Just a quick question
  33. Pacific Life Open
  34. What booths are set up there and at what times?