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  1. Tournament
  2. Only 1 match played before USTA REGION District Championship
  3. Mini Ladder play
  4. Mid-Atlantic is #1
  5. The ad court in doubles
  6. Districts: What to expect??
  7. Interested in Lineup advice for upcoming tournament
  8. rules question
  9. Does USTA Singles League Affect NTRP?
  10. Best way to find local competitions?
  11. Looking 4 Tennis Near Pensacola This Week
  12. SGV League needs a 2.0-2.5 player for Tri-Level
  13. First USTA Tourney in 2 weeks...how to prepare???
  14. The warm-up
  15. rules question #2
  16. Is this he a 3.0-3.5?
  17. A Tennis Rule?
  18. Taking a drink between points?
  19. Dissapointed Season
  20. San Diego Mixed Doubles
  21. Anybody else going to be in Portland this Weekend for Sectionals?
  22. Anybody from the Mission Viejo area 4.5+ play or team need a player?
  23. Online Scouting
  24. How do you get your team ready for the playoffs?
  25. Players in Northern CT
  26. Words you don't want to hear
  27. How many tosses are you allowed?
  28. How long can you keep your rating?
  29. What is the main difference between singles and doubles match?
  30. how do you find a mixed double partner?
  31. Charlotte Area...Tennis anyone?
  32. Real People Can't Serve
  33. Cheaters!!
  34. Better for Doubles: BH Topspin or BH Slice?
  35. ATP draw Montreal Braket challange
  36. The Agony Of Australian
  37. League team looking for strong 4.0's
  38. How many of you live in South Carolina
  39. warming up opponents
  40. where is toykopunk?
  41. Going To Have To Pass On Sectionals
  42. Disappointed in the USTA's lack of response
  43. Can players got DQed from Sectional games?
  44. Becoming A Fan Of Tri-Level
  45. What I have learned here
  46. Service Line Calls
  47. No appeals next year?
  48. Do your league coordinators use USTA to spam their businesses?
  49. Is an Atlanta 4.0 the same as a Mid-Atlantic 4.0?
  50. Grunting with service return
  51. We're going to sectionals!!!!
  52. How to get NTRP rating
  53. ACL Reconstruction
  54. League or Tournament - which has better players?
  55. Disrespectful Doubles Opponent in Weekly League- advice?
  56. Need To Better Understand Virginia League Rules
  57. Phoenix Area - league tennis
  58. Most And Least Important Skills Of A Doubles Partner
  59. Amarone or another ratings expert...???
  60. We are going to Nationals!!!
  61. We beat a sandbagging doubles pair?
  62. Any TT members around Boone, NC?
  63. The mystery of combo doubles league
  64. Woman sues to get men to play her
  65. Ownership of the middle ball in Australian
  66. In the Zone
  67. Self-Rate Grievance / Sectionals / Timing
  68. Austin Tx Tennis, how long is the outdoor season?
  69. Advice for captains 1st trip to nationals
  70. Is It OK To Blast Your Teammate?
  71. 1st Tourny After 8 Years. . .A Futures Qualifier
  72. Bad hare day
  73. Doubles Positioning Question
  74. How often do you?......On average do the following things during competitive matches
  75. When should the new can of balls be opened?
  76. Two-Racket Tennis?
  77. State College / Penn State
  78. My team on the front page of the sports section.
  79. USTA Northern teams wins with DIII college kid
  80. Cure for Tennis Elbow
  81. Playing Well, Losing Anyway
  82. Hindrance or not?
  83. Scouting Reports On Friends
  84. How much of a disadvantage is 1-up, 1-back?
  85. Can't serve out a match, ever!!!!!
  86. VA 6.5 Combo Sectionals? innoVAShaun?
  87. Enough With The Lobbing Already!
  88. practicing before an adult tournament match
  89. Former Top 5 Jr. Self-rated at 3.0
  90. Bad doubles partner stories
  91. First time league player about to play Kswiss/Ultimate Flex League: Any Advice?
  92. After 20 years, first time to hit this shot in a match....
  93. Are dinky shots not ethical?
  94. Crashing into the net... let that rule slide.
  95. What the best strategy to play a guy who always chops the ball back in the court???
  96. what if....there was only one serve allowed?
  97. Oldest Women who plays on a USTA Team
  98. european rating verus NTRP
  99. How many tosses are you allowed
  100. What should your shoes say?
  101. 5th set tiebreak
  102. What should I be looking for in a coach?
  103. Southern 5.0 Combo Teams
  104. Sprained ankle for the first time playing on grass for the first time!
  105. Tip: Self rating without joining a League
  106. Meals before the match…
  107. Lineup question (ALTA)
  108. How to judge a double player good or success??
  109. Which would you rather see????
  110. Why are tennis players so delusional about their standard of tennis?
  111. Turnaround in 3rd-set (10-point) tiebreaks?
  112. Lapse in tactics
  113. *****ly Partners
  114. Best way to get serious again?
  115. Dwindling USTA Leagues?
  116. USTA League, Doubles Playing
  117. USTA Teams in Your Area - Club Teams or Independent?
  118. USTA League Match Time Limits?
  119. brazillian ratings
  120. Getting pros/coaches input on lineups?
  121. Players who flip out during a match
  122. Players who flip out during a match
  123. Combo league DQ's
  124. Getting hit by the ball anytime
  125. Is this a legitimate let?
  126. First time on clay...
  127. Golden Set
  128. When your opponet curses at you...
  129. Rules are rules
  130. Make the call
  131. Edgewood, Aberdeen MD area players! holler at me!
  132. Find USTA players record?
  133. Link for USTA Open Level League champs. ?
  134. Head butt in the park
  135. how rankings differ from area to area
  136. Post Your Career League Record
  137. Returning balls to the server
  138. My first league match is tomorrow morning.
  139. If your team doesn't have enough players by season's start, do you get a refund?
  140. Will Doubles League/Tourament affect NTRP ranking?
  141. 4.0 - 4.5 Players in Pleasanton, Ca?
  142. The Biggest Jerks
  143. Amazonian doubles strategies?
  144. Poor Sportsmanship
  145. The Etiquette of Warm-up Serves
  146. Cattail And Columbia
  147. How Not To Botch A Trip To The Playoffs
  148. How the local league coordinators are recruited....
  149. Pist Off Coordinator
  150. Moving while your partner serves?
  151. Moving in Place while waiting for a Serve
  152. anyone trying to hit/leagues in south philly?
  153. First League Match
  154. Roving Officials at Districts
  155. I will not be seen on Tennis Channel
  156. Should I join USTA?
  157. Anyone going to Mixed State in MS?
  158. Brainstorm.....
  159. USTA Leagues and Their Effect on USTA Tournaments
  160. Tennislink Rant
  161. Quick ??? (legal to listen to music on change over?)
  162. Body Serves
  163. How much of a headcase you are?
  164. Stepford Doubles
  165. USTA tournament confusion
  166. Hit in the eye hard with a tennis ball
  167. Are all 2.5 players automatically bumped to 3.0 after one year?
  168. Hitting Too Hard During The Warm-Up?
  169. My New Tennis Blog
  170. Year End NTRP Ratings
  171. USTA Levels
  172. Forming Your Own League -anybody done this beofre or know anyone?
  173. Ever Choke On A Reality Sandwich?
  174. My case for weak servers to play Australian full time
  175. 3.5 Nationals next week!!!
  176. public tennis in austin
  177. Should teams be allowed to field players from away?
  178. @ all sandbaggers
  179. Trapped Between Combo Levels?
  180. I had to keep 100 women happy
  181. If The Serve is Very Loopy
  182. Try, Try Again?
  183. Mens open tournaments
  184. Putting a Positive Spin on USTA League Play
  185. Difficult person in clinic
  186. what's the rule on this scenario
  187. To robbyc
  188. Outback detergent/Subaru
  189. FlexLeague Thanks Survey
  190. A good slice: underrated shot for rec players
  191. help understanding USTA ranking needed
  192. World Team Tennis
  193. Help with ALTA roster submission
  194. Help registering for a team.
  195. Fixing a game scoring error
  196. 6.0 Slaughter
  197. Just heard a good sandbagger story
  198. Random Computer gererated teams are the answer for USTA leagues
  199. Serving again after sets
  200. Doesn't make sense to me
  201. How about some confessions!?
  202. Northern Va Players
  203. wheels falling off
  204. Sorry but 4.5 sucks
  205. Rules question - Doubles serving order
  206. Self Rating and USTA rating....
  207. Will there be trouble?
  208. how do people qualify for age-bracket nationals?
  209. Ratings: Season overlaps years, what happens to the bumped?
  210. Can talking too much during points and changeovers....
  211. League Play V. Tournament Play
  212. Post Count/NTRP Boosting
  213. What am I?
  214. Can anyone show me what a 'benchmark' 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 look like?
  215. Trying out new and exciting courts!
  216. Finding a Doubles Partner
  217. Captaining: A Conflict of Interest?
  218. please explain this pairing to me, is it politics, ego or something else
  219. 43 year old, no prior pro or college experience gets 13 ATP points
  220. Exposing myself
  221. A true 6.0, you can find the video...
  222. Can't Poach Off Of A Weak Serve? No Excuses.
  223. Seeking strong 4.0 players for Long Island, NY mixed league
  224. Year end NTPR ratings
  225. What What I To DO???
  226. Is FIT the equivalent to USTA?
  227. Major Changes
  228. When you know your shot was out, but your opponent calls it in
  229. Who's responsibility is it to call "double bounce"?
  230. thanks for saving me time searching usta site
  231. Can I call "let" when my partner is serving?
  232. Extreme nervousness before matches
  233. How To Find A Winter League
  234. 10-point tiebreak vs. playing a 3rd Set
  235. Players In Timed Matches: How Often Do You Time Out?
  236. Search for player's USTA tourney results?
  237. where do you find good players to play with in Orange County, ca?
  238. Major Regulation Changes For 2010
  239. Choosing between two USTA league teams
  240. Prefer to play people who hit with pace
  241. Is it wrong...?
  242. Weird Things Players Say During Points
  243. Year-end Ratings WILL BE HIGHER
  244. Oponent refused to play in "these courts"
  245. How good do you have to be to join a club/league?
  246. Women: Your Input On Clinics and Programs
  247. Getting Parked In The Alley
  248. Question on NTRP Benchmark Calculation
  249. Time Limit to Call Serve Out
  250. What will you do if...?