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  1. Help! - Coordinating Your Tennis Team
  2. Do You Love Winning or Hate Losing?
  3. The Best tennis scene in US?
  4. Why the NTRP of some players shows different....
  5. Which drastic measures to use to find practice partners?
  6. WTF is happening with my game?
  7. 2009 USTA Year-End Ratings Move Predictions
  8. How important is a warm up before a match?
  9. USTA Year End Ratings - When?
  10. Heading to Miami Christmas Week '09 - seeking games
  11. I'm 18, should I be playing in adult leagues?
  12. Cheaters seem to prosper in tennis
  13. Where your USTA membership fee went
  14. "No Unforced Errors -- Ever"
  15. What do you do when your oponent says that....
  16. Does Profanity Offend You?
  17. EOY ratings (a rumor)
  18. MS Tennis Association on Ratings
  19. Questions about qualifying for futures tournaments‏‏
  20. when playing with your spouse or significant other...
  21. Question about prize money
  22. Flex Leagues
  23. Ratings starting to trickle out...
  24. 18th La Habra Fall Tournament
  25. Finally Got Mad On A Tennis Court Last Night
  26. How do you appeal a rating?
  27. Are you happy that you were bumped up?
  28. So Who Got Bumped Down And How Do They Feel About It?
  29. Mixed Partner Retreats To Baseline
  30. NEED Some encouragement and PERSPECTIVE
  31. how to defeat envy....
  32. grunting and playing aggressive
  33. NTRP Bump - The hard numbers
  34. League Refunds
  35. Does anyone else feel left out...
  36. Is "Project 2010" Dead On Arrival?
  37. dealing with consecutive losses
  38. USTA should use a rating system similar to chess/table tennis
  39. How The Heck Did I Get Bumped Up?
  40. Traveling to Phoenix, AZ; Looking for 5.0+ practice partners
  41. Benchmark
  42. A Silver Lining
  43. USTA ******* Division Bumps Ohio
  44. Kana's new blog: La Habra Tennis Tournament
  45. The Please Stop Whining Thread
  46. Year End Ratings 2009
  47. I'm about to play mixed doubles for the first time
  48. USTA new member promo ?
  49. Anyone Successfully Appealed?
  50. What's Loyalty Got To Do With It?
  51. does my rating seem accurate for my results?
  52. Advice about Tournament Quick!!!
  53. What is your Weirdest Tennis Habit
  54. possible usta grievance, what will happen
  55. Does anyone know the chances of getting into a Futures tournament with no ranking?
  56. Show me the green!
  57. Tennis club in Montreal area.
  58. UGH! I play so well in practice, but I lose every league match!
  59. The ONE person Bumped in 5.5
  60. It's Time For Some Self-Indulgent Navel-Gazing 2009 Musing
  61. Pen Quest
  62. Rating bump after early start
  63. Teams Are Forming. Did The Ratings Bump Matter?
  64. captaining question
  65. My First USTA Sanctioned Tourney coming up
  66. When will you give your opponent two serves?
  67. Software aid for team management
  68. Who should win the match?
  69. USTA League team number?
  70. if a ball "breaks"...
  71. Yips!
  72. finding mixed partners for southeastern tournaments?
  73. tennis in orlando florida
  74. Hey, i am going to be in prairie view texas, near houston next weekend.
  75. Ever cause a default?
  76. Phoenix, AZ , looking for high level players to hit
  77. playing up in tournaments?
  78. Levels vary by Section/State?
  79. Playing at 4.0 with a 3.5 Partner?
  80. Gold Key Racquet Club in Phoenix
  81. Self Rating for a Tournament
  82. USTA Survey - Age Divisions
  83. What Tools Do You Need At Each Level?
  84. Is this a double fault record for one service game?
  85. sizing up your opponents during warm-ups
  86. The 2010 Resolution Thread
  87. Am I a pusher?
  88. Anyone playing USTA Indoor Nationals?
  89. Playing to win.....or playing to get better.
  90. Dare anyone in Bradenton/Sarasota to beat me
  91. Scenarios for Woodrow in last week's club clay tournament
  92. Team rosters and club politics
  93. Out Call by pointing finger
  94. New kid on the block
  95. State to State Levels Question
  96. Calling someone out on foot faults?
  97. Question for Open Tourney players
  98. Court sign up/reservation sheets........
  99. Merry Christmas All!
  100. New Ranking System
  101. What Your Rating Means
  102. 'Retiting" at the last moment
  103. NYC Competitive Ladder
  104. What level league should I sign up for?
  105. If you are a lot better than the opponent do you still play or start goofing around?
  106. Tennis blog
  107. Happy New Year To Al!!!
  108. senior tournaments
  109. Looking for opponent in Bradenton/Sarasota
  110. Level of aggressive play in mixed doubles USTA match?
  111. Does anyone play USTA flex leagues?
  112. Brisbane International
  113. what's the best way to find hitting partners in your area?
  114. Which partner would you pick?
  115. anyone traveling to national USTA tourneys this year?
  116. Looking for players for USTA leagues
  117. Second serve let
  118. Metro Boston Indoor Tennis Clubs
  119. DivII, DivIII and JC players required to start at 4.5 rating
  120. usta ratings.....men vs women
  121. Some Rating Improvement Advice Sought
  122. Finding a hitting partner and being rejected!!!
  123. Planned Poach, Who makes the call?
  124. San Antonio Tennis Scene
  125. The Line Between Confidence and Hubris
  126. What self rating should I give myself?
  127. Western grip players
  128. USTA teammates
  129. Playing higher rank and lower rank players
  130. Guilty winning?
  131. Play for 4 USTA teams in one season
  132. Clinic woes, again
  133. The Botched Set Tiebreak
  134. Taking hard loss ... end of the world feeling..
  135. 2nd usta team
  136. teammates
  137. How to register your own team
  138. generating game plan and mentally preparing for match days before
  139. Pre-Match Warm Up
  140. Difficult team member.
  141. When to appeal up
  142. Pulling Your Partner Out Of A Tailspin
  143. tennis snob?
  144. In the Zone
  145. How many 4.0 teams in your area
  146. Seeking advice: doubles imbalance
  147. Any New USTA Promo Codes for New Members?
  148. Best way to get a game?
  149. Any 4.0 ladders in OC CA?
  150. This Ratings Adjustment Thing Is Rough
  151. Mobile scouting report
  152. Question re online court reservation systems
  153. first league ever... any advice on...
  154. USTA League Ringers
  155. Stories
  156. Best doubles league system
  157. Can somebody who was bumped to 4.0 at the end of this year
  158. Losing focus
  159. How do you play an athletic pusher
  160. Any Strong 4.0 players in Clayton,NC looking to join a team??
  161. Check out this bad call
  162. $5000 Tournament In Victoria, Canada
  163. How do you avoid beating yourself?
  164. Something Needs To Be Done About The Footfault Rule
  165. Open tournament players
  166. Playing To The Unreasonable Pace Of The Server
  167. First Tourney of 2010!
  168. When We're Just Hitting/Practicing
  169. When does age start to decrease your level of play?
  170. 1st league match results...
  171. Something needs to be done about the "crossing the net" rule
  172. What are the requirements to enter a futures event?
  173. any 4.5s in Palm Beach Gardens, FL?
  174. Age-Level Tournaments
  175. How do you become an ITF player?
  176. Suffering really heavy defeats.
  177. Looking For Any 6.0 Players
  178. Let it bounce
  179. Do You Ever Call Your Own Lines In Doubles?
  180. USTA match rule changed for 2010 season?
  181. USTA Leagues: Are women more commited to the team?
  182. Try This After You Lose Your Next League Match
  183. Things Pros Get to Do That You'll NEVER Get Away With!
  184. Is this another USTA screw up?
  185. things you'v always wondered about
  186. Has anyone ever done this?
  187. Tennis club or league in NYC
  188. Flexleauge
  189. US Open USTA sectional qualifying tournament 2010
  190. My First Double (Advice Needed!!)
  191. I'm thinking of joining a 3.5 doubles ladies team
  192. Why can't I seal the deal? Mental tricks?
  193. 4.5 and 4.0+ players in Pittsburgh area
  194. Bad line call and I lost my head :-(
  195. USTA Boston area
  196. Anybody play with this type of player?
  197. Lets for balls on court?
  198. 1001 Reason's why you dislike USTA League Tennis
  199. 2010 National Championship: Crandon Park in Nov
  200. Tie-break Question for USTA league tennis -
  201. Bumped up from a 3.0 to 4.0 - lost appeal - HELP! Want to move down.
  202. Tips for a new captain - Team Tennis
  203. what do you think of leagues where percentage of games won/ played determines winner?
  204. This is just pathetic to watch..
  205. USTA League "bump ups" grandfathered in
  206. How is the new ratings system feeling?
  207. A weirdo in the tennis court.
  208. Rant
  209. Holy Crap - I'm 4.0!
  210. 4.0 playing in a 3.5 Tournament
  211. Avoiding A Self-Rate DQ
  212. Rating Based Tourny : Pros + Cons ?
  213. 4.5/5.0 Tournament Players - Do you play open or NTRP?
  214. Play in SoCal? and play in any league?
  215. Looking to get started in the Dallas area.
  216. Question for New Yorkers, who is Soldano ?
  217. What will it take to get me bumped up?
  218. How to get better at poaching and/or being the stronger partner?
  219. Cure for the yips.
  220. Do "Young Adult" leagues exist??
  221. Quick question on rules for USTA?
  222. Mixed Etiquette?
  223. search partner at miami
  224. What do you do when you have disputes between teammates?
  225. Down Goes The Bubble
  226. 4.5+ players: your feelings on playing a 3.5 in age tournaments
  227. The Ultimate USTA League Captaining Nightmare?
  228. Help Me...
  229. playing too much .. performance sinking?
  230. talking during match.
  231. I'm Serious...What's in Your Tennis Bag?
  232. Do you think you'd be able to quit tennis?
  233. Playing with better players
  234. Help me self-rate
  235. Non-Playing Captains
  236. playing someone who hasn't played in weeks or months and LOSING
  237. Official Reverse Sandbagging thread
  238. USTA Tennis Team Award Ideas
  239. US Open National Wild Card Playoff anyone?
  240. USTA League Rule Hypothetical
  241. what kind of courts are easiest on the body?
  242. Thumb split open
  243. Ratings adjustments during a season...
  244. Change NTRP to include ALL of your leagues?
  245. 5.0 vs 6.0
  246. Tennis Link down
  247. Do any of the new 4.0's not want to get bumped to 4.5?
  248. Can a good serve and forehand = 4.0?
  249. 4.0 stuck on a team with mostly 3.5's
  250. How many matches do most spring teams play?