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  1. Pity Playing
  2. tennis blogging or journal website?
  3. How does it feel to someone lesser rank to you?
  4. Adult League?'s Weekend or weekday?
  5. NTRP Promotion & DQ question
  6. 4.0 M visiting Scottsdale, AZ 3/13-3/20 - looking to play
  7. Favorite team spot after a league match?
  8. Any DQ's yet?
  9. Looking for 4.0 league players in Northern Colorado
  10. worst captain habits
  11. why do you play?
  12. How Do You Handle Cheating?
  13. Accidental Northwest Ringer Squad
  14. Playing up 2 levels
  15. Tournament rules regarding Walk Overs?
  16. fallout from the bump-ups
  17. Laurens County, surrounding area league play
  18. Tennis Article on Bump Up
  19. Looking for Players at USTA Men 3.0 Level in Fremont, CA
  20. How do you keep your game sharp between USTA matches?
  21. annoyed, 4.0 team playing 4.5
  22. Question for European claycourts.
  23. Ugh ... 4.0 playing a 2.5
  24. USTA Tennis Night in America With Wayne Bryan and Brenda Schultz-McCarthy
  25. Gamesmanship?? What would you do?
  26. Dating and NTRP
  27. Looking for a 3.5 in Morgantown, WV
  28. Illusions of Grandeur...when does reality kick in?
  29. Reported Match Scores where i never played
  30. How to register a complaint against a sandbagger
  31. Rating DQ/"strike" question
  32. when do you feel that you need to move up?
  33. Any Chance I am not bumped up?
  34. Do you use Anyvites or Evites to setup USTA practices?
  35. open 45 tournament-what level of players?
  36. San Diego 4.0~4.5 Flex Leagues
  37. Why League?
  38. Freedom Tennis
  39. Indian Wells televised schedules
  40. Fremont TC 3.0 is looking for people to join for USTA Men's League 3.0
  41. Strange Experience
  42. The USTA bumped me up to NTRP 5.0. Problem is, I'm not a 5.0.
  43. Players in Pleasanton, CA
  44. This Sickens me
  45. What do you do when you break a string?
  46. Competitive USTA team
  47. So how do you feel after a tournament?
  48. Why do people give ranges in their NTRP rating?
  49. tournament or anyu type of competition in Boca Raton
  50. Dang, now I'm channelling you people.
  51. Suggestions please
  52. The New Ratings Seem To Be...
  53. League Team Captain
  54. Decent 4.0 singles player , but getting creamed in doubles
  55. First Match !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  56. How do I find/join a USTA team? (4.0, Spring House, PA)
  57. Looking to join USTA 4.0 - 4.5 league team (San Diego)
  58. 4.0 Players in Quantico, Virginia?
  59. WOW, 4.5 is a different level than I thought
  60. Tennis scene in Iowa (specifically Des Moines)?
  61. Are teams/captains less 'Clicky' as the level +
  62. How to decline someone who constantly asks you to hit
  63. 7.0 Mixed Team in Phoenix, AZ Need players
  64. rating system is just plain wacky
  65. "Funny" story of league play at a public park
  66. 2009 NTRP Changes to Appeals
  67. Afraid I'll be DQ'd
  68. And what happens at the end???
  69. Would you try to tactically thow off your opponent?
  70. Awesome tournament format, I start tonite!
  71. Choosing A Doubles Partner
  72. what food to eat before a match and what to eat?
  73. Hustling? during warmup...
  74. Australian in mixed
  75. 3-Strike Rule and DQed mid-season...
  76. Coman Tie Break rule
  77. Challenge matches in your own USTA team
  78. SoCal USTA League Sandbaggers
  79. Anyone ever heard of this type of tiebreaker
  80. Etiquette
  81. 4.0 to 4.5 player and racquet/string gear
  82. Doubles playing first matches?
  83. I suck... I really suck.
  84. Advice on how to Handle Weaker players on your team?
  85. New in town, looking for a place to play...
  86. Windy Day: Gusting to 30MPH
  87. Fake drop shot serve
  88. Pushers prevail!! (well most of the time)
  89. jitters playing pushers?
  90. ntrp rating
  91. Is a quick second serve legal?
  92. European rating system
  93. At what point does a self rated player get a computer rating
  94. Winning ugly
  95. Tennis and Personality
  96. gameplan changes during match
  97. Weights to make you serve faster
  98. How to get a computer rating?
  99. Fallout from the "big bump"
  100. Do pushers get upset or mad if they lose?
  101. Looking for 4.0/4.5 player in Visalia, CA to hit with
  102. Looking For 4.5 Players
  103. Tennis in the Tampa Bay Area? Relocation Advice Please.
  104. NTRP strikes again!
  105. Club Sponsorship
  106. People's reaction to getting DQ'd
  107. Bumped to 4.5 after 4.0 Default 6-0 6-0 Match?
  108. dynamic NTRP question
  109. Rating: D = Dynamic vs S, C, T, etc.
  110. Could you get a game off Hennin?
  111. USTA - Mobile Application Survey
  112. USTA/VA: Combo Mixed League Replaces Commonwealth Mixed League
  113. So, how many teams are you playing on this season?
  114. Bump ups 4.0-4.5 a real step backwards.
  115. rescinding a let call, what are the rules?
  116. The bump up survey
  117. Am i just an old fart?
  118. Trying To Join a 3-3.5 team in cleveland oh?
  119. If a 3.5 is a 3.5, and a 4.0 is a 4.0, why have leagues that exclude younger players?
  120. Do People Live Down To Their Reputations?
  121. usta league weirdness
  122. 1st USTA league play, am I at risk?
  123. Tony Larson is NOT a legit 5.5......Just kidding (sort of)
  124. Opponents Refuse Change Over Break - Is It A Mindgame?
  125. Indoors to outdoors
  126. The Sportsmanship Of Stalling
  127. Tennis quips I never want to hear again...
  128. 1st Tournament: Tournament Recoup Methods?
  129. Which Improvement Will Give Me The Most Bang For My Buck?
  130. Bad Days
  131. Poor court conditions.
  132. OMG! This guy signed up for everything
  133. GPS required to navigate USTA/Tennislink website?
  134. new captain seeking practice suggestions
  135. Market price for strong players?
  136. Men's 3.5 team in Upland, CA looking for players.
  137. senior tournaments and traveling?
  138. Time limits for waiting
  139. Where do I start playing the tournaments?
  140. The Effect of the Ratings Adjustment: Teensy Teams
  141. Central Park Community Bubble Meeting
  142. It's Official: 3.5/3.5 pairs are stronger than 4.0/3.0 pairs
  143. NTRP difference between friend and myself
  144. are the lights on at sir winston churchill tennis park?
  145. Can a USTA member help me out ?
  146. have u heard of this type of league?
  147. cheating
  148. Speed as a weapon
  149. How DO you get yourself in the match mode?
  150. 4.0 Tourni top Seeds 4.5!!??
  151. Uh oh. I think I have to play singles.
  152. Futures Tournaments
  153. Can you improve as a working adult?
  154. On a 3.5 team. Playing in 4.0 tournament. Risking my team membership?
  155. Coaches gift
  156. Would you rather get a team win or an individual win?
  157. Still winless at 4.0 (but not heartless!)
  158. So when did you 4.0's decide it was time to ditch 3.5?
  159. My First Double-Bagel!
  160. new to a team experiences
  161. Seniors 5.0ish clay - racket suggestions?
  162. do you play Singles and Doubles
  163. What do you do with the wind?
  164. Arrrrrgh! We got worked over!
  165. can I play with a junior in mixed doubles?
  166. Team tennis headaches
  167. My First Tournament
  168. Put in doubles, but have preference for singles
  169. Strings Question
  170. How do you find a playing partner?
  171. The Singles Player in Doubles
  172. Rating Club Players
  173. Hitting at the net guy? What is ok to do?
  174. What % of matches should go to 3 sets?
  175. why so serious?
  176. Serving in Mixed Doubles
  177. So anyone entering the US Open qualis?
  178. Upper arm pain when I serve...
  179. Players in Davis, CA
  180. Hitting short balls when nervous
  181. tennis nerves people watching...
  182. My idea for a tennis rule- surrender
  183. Any rule with regards to being on multiple playoff teams?
  184. Did he get a strike?
  185. Tennis League Network on Tennis Channel
  186. Took a set!!
  187. Bank Of West Classic Stanford: Tickets?
  188. Playing people a lot worse than you...
  189. A team of dead beats
  190. Pusher / Hacker
  191. Trying to beat terrible players.
  192. Less than gracious losers
  193. Two Singles Players playing Doubles
  194. Match Tiebreakers
  195. If you had one week to prepare
  196. Longest Super-tiebreaker played?
  197. Match Points Saved and Lost
  198. Is Steam Coming Out Of My Ears Yet?
  199. Playing Partner in Twin Cities Area
  200. I'm so sorry. League noob here (NY)
  201. The cost of the game
  202. Big Tourney This Weekend
  203. playing in a usta league advice
  204. Looking For Tennis Partners...phila/south Jersey
  205. Losers Need Love Too
  206. USTA disqualification
  207. Players who want to win but also want to look good doing it!
  208. coping with losing
  209. winning same player and losing motivation
  210. Where can I find some more of these paddle tennis people?
  211. Got Bagels?
  212. Has shifting the Lineup worked for you?
  213. USTA Bumped me...
  214. What time of day are USTA tournament matches?
  215. Local tennis ladder set up...any websites, tips?
  216. Doubles Positioning Question
  217. I didn't make the team.
  218. Default Etiquette?
  219. How to counter doubles isolation?
  220. opponents feeding off your rallies
  221. TennisLink Tiebreak Glitch?
  222. Gotta Want It
  223. SC state tourney
  224. USTA Fees/Questions
  225. USTA League Lineup
  226. Help with Doubles scenario
  227. How does a 4.5 guy with 2-0 wins get bumped down to 4.0 in a season of bump ups?
  228. Point question
  229. Choosing sides
  230. why did it take me so long to figure this out?
  231. accidental ringer, what to do now?
  232. where to get a rule book?
  233. Why does tennislink not work on the weekends.....?
  234. Again With The Footfaulting?
  235. Rules or Code Provisions Hardly Anyone Knows
  236. NTRP Ratings
  237. Make up calls
  238. Question about line calls
  239. Level of play vs. expectations of your partner
  240. USTA Appeals Process - Lessons learned
  241. USTA GA State Tourney this weekend - Anyone else going?
  242. Acceptable number of double faults?
  243. Would you prefer a 3rd set over a tie break in USTA league play?
  244. Problem with self rate with Usta league play
  245. Researching other players
  246. What to do in a situation like this?
  247. Doubles Pairings
  248. Somethings funny with this team
  249. Changed Call: Let Or Loss Of Point?
  250. USTA Rules, Help