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  1. What Happened to the Thread About the Let Call a the Playoffs?
  2. What Happened to the Thread About the Let Call at the Playoffs?
  3. Tournament rating superseding C rating subject to three strikes DQ
  4. Saw Something New In 7.5 Mixed
  5. Wins vs Losses to Sustain NTRP Rating?
  6. Any thought on the coman tiebreaker
  7. Another dumb stupid question, or maybe not
  8. South Pasadena,CA - Tennis anyone?
  9. Talking while in serve motion
  10. Worth complaining about?
  11. Can anyone explain this DQ?
  12. Atlanta Hitting Partners Thread
  13. 1st Time Captain, Any Advice is Appreciated
  14. Need a team in Santa Barbara
  15. mental game help needed
  16. 4 Racquet Sports Tournament in Victoria, BC
  17. Rumors you have heard about 2011 Ratings?
  18. How is my NTRP affected by playing Self rated players???
  19. State NTPR Rankings
  20. How long did it take you to get to the level you are today?
  21. Gotta Want It - Season 2
  22. Tournament question?
  23. Rules, Regulations and Requirements That People Have Totally Made Up
  24. In a huge, huge, huge, huge funk . . .
  25. How long did it take you to develop power as a weapon?
  26. Anyone here from Ct?
  27. Doubles: can receiving partner have his foot in receiver's service box?
  28. USTA Norcal Cheats
  29. How tenacious are you?
  30. Don't Be This Player!
  31. Several question about a USTA "T" rating and Self Ratings?
  32. saying sorry.
  33. Please explain tennis as a team sport to me
  34. USTA, abolish NTRP 2.5 please...
  35. Who's Up for Doubles Action in San Diego?
  36. should sectionals be at a central location?
  37. USTA Early Start Ratings - New Jersey
  38. Catching the toss with your raquet
  39. self rating differently for two different leagues
  40. Early Start Ratings are out
  41. What to Self-rate again?
  42. would like to hear your opinion on which tournament level i should play
  43. Warm up problem
  44. Just getting back to tennis.
  45. 4 man draw for tourney worth the entrance fee?
  46. USTA League Alternative: Request for Feedback
  47. ALTA Players - What's for lunch?
  48. opposing player calling a let
  49. Not New Cheating Tactic But Still Around
  50. 2 and a half point difference?!
  51. ALTA Team in Atlanta / Marietta GA Need a Few Guys!!!
  52. Line calling using impact sensitive paint
  53. ALTA starts, looking for?
  54. Help Organizing Round Robins
  55. best way to recover for next day's match
  56. Coping with tennis loss in tournament
  57. Nowhere To Hide
  58. Hooked by a teammate
  59. Doubles teammate missing calls
  60. playing in central NJ
  61. Looking for Leagues in Northern NJ or Central NJ
  62. Hitting Partner in Dallas/Plano/Richardson/Rowlett area
  63. Ruling on serve
  64. Are there Adult Men's singles leagues over winter?
  65. Looking for a hitting partner
  66. Looking for Leagues in Houston (West U)
  67. The 1st Philippine Tennis League Championships
  68. Can Combo League cause bump up?
  69. USTA League Registration Fee
  70. League differences between US and Europe
  71. Early Start
  72. Opponent's Kids Turned Off the Lights
  73. Code changes for 2011
  74. Why hasn't this player been DQ-ed?
  75. Haven't played in years
  76. Receiver's partner standing in service box
  77. score dispute post-handshake
  78. Played my First FT singles match
  79. my first league match final but will play against the sandbagger
  80. NTRP Ratings
  81. 8.0 mixed. Uh oh.
  82. Looking for a Doubles Partner
  83. So who's playing 4.5 Dubs in SoCal this year?
  84. NTRP of 40s-60s nationally ranked top 10
  85. Playing to the speed of the server - what ARE the rules?
  86. Daughter's Team Made Finals
  87. Finally found a pic of me playing tennis
  88. Rules Question -- crossing over the net to hit a ball
  89. Playing in my first usta tournament
  90. Pro Blogging/tweeting
  91. A question for the captains...
  92. USTA doesn't care about Self-rated sandbager
  93. RI Fall Classic Tennis Tournament
  94. wrist injury
  95. Charlotte NC
  96. Suggest me some tactics for crunch match
  97. Just Moved to Bonsall/Fallbrook/Oceanside Area
  98. Going to Nationals what are you takes?
  99. We beat a 4.5 woman!!!
  100. Mixed NTRP question
  101. French NTRP
  102. NorCal league survey results
  103. Rules of Tennis small books/pamphlets?
  104. Why no singles sticks??
  105. competitive etiquette threshold question
  106. A nice, big slice of humble pie
  107. More Line Calling Problems At Lower Levels?
  108. Which league should I join?
  109. A new tanking strategy
  110. 2010 4.5 Nationals at Tuczon
  111. My competitive headache...
  112. Mixed Emotions about Playing Mixed Combo
  113. Registering for doubles!
  114. Default question
  115. Price money in recreational tournaments.
  116. Whats The Right Thing To Do???
  117. Tell me about USTA tourneys
  118. 5.5 Nationals Las Vegas?
  119. Going to state for first time!
  120. Skins?
  121. NTRP age limits?
  122. Please help- who is right?
  123. Winter break
  124. Really a 4.0?
  125. Champion.
  126. Winter leagues lame?
  127. USTA Rating Promotion Possible?
  128. Mental victory
  129. overnight time between matches?
  130. Time to ban grunting?
  131. A Loss, But a Win
  132. How do you cope with an opponent who are whiner
  133. Foot Faulting Over the Hash Mark?
  134. The Quick Server Meets The Obvious-Fault Returner
  135. Djokovic Syndrome
  136. Question about Early Start vs Year-end ratings and the "Benchmark"
  137. Men's Doubles: 14.0 vs 12.0 .. guess the score
  138. Accused of Hooking, was I wrong?
  139. Men's 4.0 Nationals
  140. Re-rating after self-rating
  141. What rating would you play if you were me?
  142. Question: During Tournament Finals Match
  143. How good am I?
  144. Is This a Form of Cheating?
  145. Demographics of the NTRP
  146. Etiquette Q: okay to retrieve balls from adjacent court between points?
  147. Tennis Link
  148. Tennis characters - got any stories?
  149. "Ball On Court" question ...
  150. I Think I've Figured Out 4.0-ish Doubles
  151. Why doesn't ALTA seed for playoffs?
  152. This is not right is it?
  153. take take back what i said....being the better partner
  154. Which Partner Would You Pick?
  155. 2010 Yr end ratings
  156. A Singles Ladder? I Must Be Out Of My Mind
  157. Rules Question
  158. adult USTA flex league mens NOVA
  159. Signature Wins...
  160. Players Needed in Atlanta Area for USTA League
  161. Tennis Link Mobile Applications
  162. What do these abbreviations mean?
  163. Self-rate Issues
  164. Tennis balls?
  165. How often do you play well?
  166. Ladder/box league format
  167. Private Lessons vs. Clinics
  168. Ooooooouuuuuuuuu
  169. how can you get into the us open?
  170. Do you think you could have been a pro?
  171. Nor'easter/jc4.0 vs Cindysphinx/AngleQueen
  172. New to doubles tourneys. A few things I don't understand
  173. appealing down if denied by auto-appeal
  174. How many teams do you play on?
  175. What are your criteria for joining a league team?
  176. Southern Cali Tri Level Sectionals (Pics and Vids)
  177. Successful NTRP Appeal in 1 Days
  178. Looking for a Good Team in Norcal
  179. First Trip to State
  180. A Planned Switch?
  181. Hitting partners in Boston?
  182. NYC Tennis
  183. ALTA City Finals
  184. A little OT, but just wondering...
  185. Hitting in socal
  186. Indoor Tournament: Which category?
  187. random question
  188. Feeling kind of full
  189. Tough draws in tournaments.
  190. Would this appeal play in my favor?
  191. New season, new ringer tactics
  192. Top 10 Reasons I am NOT being a captain this year
  193. Match day soreness
  194. Need some advice about lobbers ...
  195. Is my playing group butchering tennis etiquette/rules?
  196. A Hindrance? Seriously?
  197. What shot are you missing?
  198. How To Keep Score
  199. 2010 USTA National Men's & Women's 30s Clay Court Championship
  200. Ratings are out!!!
  201. New update on rating release
  202. 2010 Ratings: What's The Damage?
  203. "C" should be a "B"
  204. chance of moving up?
  205. Benchmark question
  206. USTA ratings question
  207. USTA 2010 Ratings Bump - Playing Up a Level = More likely to be bumped
  208. "Just Start The Point Already" Doubles
  209. 2010 ratings statistics (Denver Metro)
  210. Thank you USTA for all the changes in USTA ratings bumps
  211. My USTA wishlist
  212. Question for 4.0+ players
  213. Anyone else get "the email?"
  214. Post the most absurd 2010 NTRP rating examples - no names!
  215. USTA ratings 2010 - by the numbers
  216. Longest USTA singles match ever?
  217. Who has dropped in the ratings and then gone back up?
  218. Is a let called warrantied for this?
  219. Got bumped back down to 4.0
  220. I'm Not Dead Yet!
  221. Whats the rules for lets?
  222. How many mistakes does it take to cause a default?
  223. If you could suggest changes at your club...
  224. club tennis and money tournaments in Austria
  225. I want to win a 3.0 tournament. Where are you with your tennis
  226. Plenty of questions about rules, norms and ettiquette.
  227. Atlanta Players Only
  228. what are the rules for timed match?
  229. easiest way(s) to fix the sandbagging issue at regional/state/national levels
  230. St. Paul/Minneapolis 4.0/4.5 players?
  231. Mixed Doubles 8.0 Nationals
  232. First Serve Obviously Out
  233. Lack of Men's Singles at my Local Club
  234. NTRP Threads
  235. What league?
  236. Strangeness on court
  237. USTA Discount Codes
  238. Who's Playing What For The Winter Season?
  239. Out Calls Corrected 2011
  240. To USTA: fix the #%$^$# NTRP algorithm... please?
  241. Is there really a 6 or more matches appeal auto-deny rule?
  242. So when do I get rated again?
  243. Giving 8.0 mixed one more try and then that's it
  244. for the older guys-Revelation: I am finally done with singles leagues!
  245. Tennis Club League Brings in Ultimate Ringers - LOL!
  246. challenge to 4.5 players in Sarasota/Bradenton
  247. How many balls do you use?
  248. Do tri-level league matches count towards your rating?
  249. I just played against a 5.0
  250. Challenge to 4.0 plus players in Naples/Marco Island area