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  1. 4.0 Mens singles player(s) wanted in Delaware.
  2. Hitting Partner UK
  3. USTA easiest way to...
  4. Finding Tennis Zen
  5. looking for a hit
  6. Tennis in Bellevue/Seattle?
  7. Divider nets - open or closed during normal play?
  8. Another reason to dislike the USTA
  9. Captains-would you pay league fees/ court costs for a good player?
  10. Is There A Rule Against This?
  11. Self-rate appeals
  12. Will my player get DQ'd?
  13. WTT Team Tennis
  14. Funny looks for checking the net height?
  15. Tennislink Weirdness
  16. [POLL] What Surface do you play on?
  17. Any 5.0 - 5.5 players in their mid 40's?
  18. What is chemistry, anyway?
  19. Why do I do this?
  20. I Am Done With Usta Leagues
  21. Spring USTA league captain questions
  22. Looking for a hit in New England area
  23. Looking for ALTA Men's Team in Atlanta Area - B6 or better
  24. Are Court Fees/tennis Memberships Too High?
  25. When you aren't going to ask someone back next season
  26. New Captain Advice please
  27. -1 Certified USTA Official
  28. 2011 USTA Mixed Doubles leagues
  29. Anyone know if DRTV30 still works?
  30. calling lets again...and again...
  31. Shot Selection: Is The Pro Correct?
  32. Does USTA Need A Masters Division?
  33. Question for Captains
  34. Recruiting ettiquite
  35. No More "M" and "T"?
  36. family circle cup box seats
  37. Captain issues in first 2 weeks of season
  38. USTA rule regarding Let Call
  39. Indiana Jolly, and the Quest for the Holy Paperweight.
  40. Benefits of capitaining?
  41. USTA iPone Application
  42. Who's A Senior? I Am!!
  43. im ready for the seniors tennis tour.... bad memory
  44. Things NOT to do when playing mixed doubles with your spouse.
  45. Hilarious Moments In Your Matches
  46. Self Rate ?
  47. Never had this happen before -what do I do?
  48. Venture into league and tourny, rating concerns.
  49. SAP in Feb?
  50. Help to find a team
  51. rules question
  52. how does USTA work?
  53. Tennis Link's "My Tennis Page"
  54. Am I handling this shot incorrectly?
  55. Denver tennis scene
  56. Overruling Your Partner, Chapter Umpteen
  57. footfaults in local UTSA league match?
  58. Are There Any Prize Money Tournaments Without Having To Play Usta Tournaments?
  59. Any prize money leagues or tournaments, other than USTA?
  60. Whats the best social networking site(s) for tennis?
  61. What's your threshold for calling a shot out?
  62. Best Format Of Play - Something Different
  63. NYC Parks Tennis Fee Increase
  64. (1) beside a name, yours or your opponents
  65. Tennis in Houston
  66. What do you pay for membership dues to your club?
  67. Tennis on hardwood...
  68. How do you find out if courts are available at your facility?
  69. Does anyone know of a winter tennis league in Nassau County Long Island?
  70. I can't beat 50+ players
  71. Rules Q: Hitting a stray ball; still in play?
  72. Would you call a foot fault?
  73. Tennis Bloomington,IN?
  74. Disturbing USTA Personnnel Inside Info
  75. offensive player behaviours
  76. Looking for a partner to hit with in Santa Barbara.
  77. Tennis holiday weekend at Crandon Park Key Biscayne
  78. Who can call a let?
  79. Team name
  80. Tennis Players in the area
  81. How do tennis ratings equate to golf handicaps?
  82. Advice for mixed doubles
  83. Big win yesterday!
  84. Eastern grip (ground stroke)
  85. Which arm does determine ...?
  86. Any tournament in Shreveport LA?
  87. What should a team do with a (their own) cheater?
  88. How would you call this?
  89. Best start ever!
  90. playing the let
  91. Intensive practice session for 4.5 to 5.0 player in NYC?
  92. How to lose with grace
  93. Windy night. Any suggestions
  94. [Beginners] Adult Singles League
  95. USTA League and scores
  96. North New Jersey Clubs
  97. San Luis Obispo Tennis Players???
  98. Winning streaks
  99. SAP Open 2011
  100. I feel so inadequate
  101. 4.5 looking to play singles in Bradenton/Sarasota
  102. $15,000 Tournament In Victoria, Canada
  103. Salem Oh. 25th and 26
  104. anyone else do this, when challenged in a match.
  105. Looking for a hit in Philly
  106. Am I a choker or what
  107. The Philosophy of the Match Tiebreak
  108. Hows everyone's Mixed Doubles going so far?
  109. Doubles vs Singles play, is the singles player REALLY more skilled?
  110. Hi everyone!!
  111. Drills
  112. Any good doubles books?
  113. Playing my first "seniors" match tonight
  114. Let?
  115. Hit a shot tonight I've never seen before...
  116. When someone is just too experienced?
  117. USTA Tennis Link page - Like?
  118. I may never forget the day I was serving really well in a match when my opponent
  119. National 30's Hard Court Championship
  120. What to do in the situation of somebody calling "in" balls out...
  121. Playing with a Hadicap
  122. Links to TennisLink Pages
  123. Walking onto a booked court - what is the correct 'etiquette'?
  124. How to track down a sandbagger?
  125. Help me make a recommendation....
  126. Gotta Want It - Season 3
  127. Blown call - am I being unethical?
  128. The Muffled Out Call
  129. Played del Potro !!!
  130. I am looking for a 4.5+ player in Burbank/Glendale area
  131. how much is a USTA membership through tennis magazine?
  132. What determines a rating of a player?
  133. I hate losing....
  134. Should women be allowed to play men's tourn.
  135. Having The Woman Serve First In Mixed
  136. Should I appeal my self-rating?
  137. need to find a tournament...
  138. mens USTA 65 singles
  139. How to signup to usta?
  140. I hate old people!
  141. I dont want to cheat ...
  142. Can playing mixed cause a strike for a self-rate?
  143. What is a best way to match doubles partners
  144. Dividing Doubles Players Into Groups?
  145. Team tennis - How does it work?
  146. What does it take to get bumped in USTA?
  147. Am I the only one?
  148. How do I make tennis fun again?
  149. Combo Doubles Southern Sectionals
  150. Pattern of Play
  151. Beginner joined a league!?!
  152. IL-Gladiator league
  153. Best view for Pro matches
  154. This one felt good.
  155. What do you do when you get the yips?
  156. Unusual Appeal Question
  157. Is my Mixed season in Jeopardy?
  158. USTA "Breakups"
  159. Usta 4.0
  160. anybody familiar with Rogers ranking used in Canada?
  161. How do you Auto Appeal on the new USTA Tennis Link site?
  162. TW Blog: Tough Loss in Sherbrooke (futures)
  163. Two-Back Is Underrated
  164. Will I be a strike?
  165. What rating should he get?
  166. My first week as a beginning league player
  167. Member Guest Tourney ideas
  168. Fixing Errors In Service Order In Mixed
  169. Bwaaaahahahaha
  170. Phoenix, AZ - Looking for Mens Open hitting parter
  171. Correcting an incorrect game score.
  172. Played 1 set with a pusher
  173. 61 year old beats 21 year old. experience over youth.
  174. NTRP 3.0 tourament vids
  175. anger management
  176. I Get very fustrated in tournaments when
  177. Made my first tournament final! (4.0)
  178. Looking for hitting partner in Lafayette, LA area.
  179. Need Suggestions on how to obtain Tennis Tickets
  180. Michael Rodriguez Tennis Classic - Mesa, AZ
  181. CHRIS EVERT/MIKE GOLDBERG to play for qualifier into U.S>.OPEN mixed doubles
  182. Have I gotten in over my head?
  183. Controversial Let Call Turned Ugly
  184. Losing streak: 7 and counting
  185. Question About the Code
  186. Is there a way to slow down new balls during a match?
  187. Age Categories
  188. 3.5 usta team near north Houston?
  189. Thinking about doing a USTA flex
  190. How Did your ALTA team do yesterday?
  191. I Can't Get Into TennisLink!!!!
  192. Risk of Disqualification?
  193. Does the dinking, mooballing and pushing ever stop?
  194. do you think i did the right thing
  195. Partner facing two at net
  196. Arizona Premier league
  197. What Code Provision Is Being Violated . . .
  198. Should I be worried about a Mid Season Bump up?
  199. Welcome new USTA President Joe Vegosen!
  200. Can a Benchmark get DQ?
  201. What is the minimum age requirement for USTA Adult mixed?
  202. Now A Member Of The Backspin-Over-The-Net Club!
  203. Ever find yourself wondering why you dont play as well in matchplay as in practice?
  204. &#$*% Serve!
  205. Thinking about playing the US Open Sectional!
  206. when are you allowed to check the net height?
  207. rules in regards to exchanging lineups?
  208. Do you use your fingers?
  209. 3.5/4.0 Ladies: Tell The Truth, Do You Come To Net?
  210. I am worried about being disqualified.
  211. Spring USTA Season
  212. Some Questions: USTA League, USTA Flex Leagues and USTA Tournaments
  213. My experiment.
  214. USTA Grand Prix points?
  215. USTA Adult leagues(MI)
  216. Talking during a point--need clarification
  217. What do you say...
  218. Wrong player serves
  219. clay balls on hard courts
  220. How would you have handled this?
  221. How accurate is your rating?
  222. 3.0 male vs 4.0 female
  223. On NTRP
  224. USTA Mens 4.0; Need your help / Advice!
  225. Hitting People with the ball.
  226. Keeping your focus after serving up a bagel?
  227. Late match eating
  228. Best way to improve my game this summer?
  229. Hitting partners in East San Gabriel Valley (LA County)
  230. Question about USTA match score reporting
  231. Mid Season Bump Up or Something
  232. What is the ruling or the USTA code on this unique issue?
  233. I stink.......I really stink
  234. I just got dynamic DQed
  235. Kids, kids everywhere, AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHH
  236. A Check in the Win Column
  237. Guess What Guys? 6-0, 6-0 Counts towards your Rating
  238. Tennis Drama and Attitudes..What should I do?
  239. If You Don't Know The Rules, You Probably Shouldn't Argue
  240. Ethical Dilemma
  241. The 3.5 Lifers Club, Charter Member
  242. Can you appeal a player, if so how?
  243. World Police and Fire Games - Dubs partner needed
  244. Can a T rate player get DQ'd
  245. WHY am I still rated 0.0!!!
  246. "First alternate" for league match-should I go anyway?
  247. Order of play at ATP 1000 events
  248. Can a DQ'd player still play tournaments?
  249. Wife complains about my wandering eye
  250. Just in case you don't read enough about USTA league tennis here