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  1. Mixed Doubles Tournament Name
  2. Me vs. Angle Queen
  3. self-rate lower than previous "published NTRP rating"?
  4. Effect of the wind on your NTRP?
  5. Do you think a woman 4.5 or under could win a game against a 4.5 man?
  6. Anyone playing Ultimate Tennis currently?
  7. can this player play 5.0?
  8. Let the Drama Begin
  9. Doubles alley serve question
  10. In need of a calming manta
  11. first tournament after long time off due to injury
  12. USTA Tournament Withdrawal Rules
  13. What do you say when...
  14. Letter code in front of USTA teams
  15. Psychology of scoring
  16. Finally
  17. Wildcard for southern spring league.
  18. Don't Cheer a Good Shot........
  19. This service return brought to you by ... WonderPets
  20. Miami Masters or Indiana Wells Masters?
  21. What do you think of the new USTA team management tool?
  22. I Hit Another Rounder Last Night
  23. Pittsburgh Tennis
  24. Overrule nightmare
  25. When Not To Switch
  26. Tiebreaker as a third set rule question
  27. Yet Another Sandbagger
  28. To file or not to file : That is the question
  29. Line umpires/money?
  30. Tennislink registration doesn't work on a Mac?
  32. Once more
  33. Pulled a McEnroe today
  34. Is This Normal Match Behavior From An Official ?
  35. Should have kept my mouth shut........
  36. USTA 4.5 High School Player 3-Star
  37. Receiver Moves During Serve
  38. today I am lazy, what's the rule on I formation?
  39. What should I do? 0-6 -6
  40. USTA Restructuring leagues in 2013 ?
  41. Noob rules question
  42. It doesn't make any sense......
  43. Got Plunked
  44. USTA Promo Code?
  45. Tournament this weekend -and I'm scared
  46. USTA adult league team "coach"??
  47. Tommy Hilfiger Commercial Location?
  48. USTA summer league lines order of play important!
  49. Choice of courts: What do you choose?
  50. busting up someone's perfect season
  51. Why USTA league based on rated player level?
  52. Wimbledon 2011
  53. Do you say anything to an upset opponent?
  54. Joining a league this summer, what's my NTRP?
  55. First time at 4.0 as a 3.5 player
  56. Do you want to know the NTRP level of your opponents?
  57. 4.0 playing an open tournament
  58. Ever have a captain quit in the middle of the season?
  59. How close to getting DQed? And when?
  60. What's the ruling on this situation?
  61. Just a random QA with a regular local rec player
  62. First Mens Match
  63. Finals of local adult team tennis league-- Played with Injury
  64. A Curious Case (Input Needed)
  65. Prizes for competitions...
  66. First tournament!!!
  67. Sandbagger or Scraping Off the Rust?
  68. Who Eats The Default?
  69. The book that saved the match
  70. Hamburg Masters: Why was it scrapped?
  71. the mental game
  72. Tournament format advice
  73. South Carolina 4.0 state tourney
  74. S.C. 5.0 Player Chris MacDougall-Battling Leukemia Rnd 2
  75. What to do with the balls on changeover?
  76. difference between ntrp ratings by region
  77. 8.0 Mixed Teams should not allow 4.5 players
  78. Why doesn't ALTA go national?
  79. I'm sorry that you're sorry that I'm sorry
  80. The Oldest Singles Player
  81. Freaking Lobbers ... Aaaagh!
  82. Consistency in Doubles
  83. Transitioning from singles to first time mixed
  84. It's summer, so it's tourney crunch time :D
  85. Mississippi State Tourney 4.0 Men
  86. just played #1ranked 4.5 so cal player
  87. Injured opponent during a match
  88. California tournaments
  89. What's the ruling on this situation?
  90. Tournaments: Where do you sleep?
  91. Changing of the Guard
  92. What's the rulebook to say on this scenario:
  93. Question regarding reversal of matches
  94. Foot faulting rules as a captain
  95. what is the ruling on this situation?
  96. Sintherius's Tournament Season
  97. Southern Senior Cup
  98. USTA Team tennis Sectionals
  99. Southern Sectionals
  100. Gender Rules for NTRP/USTA
  101. is 4.0/3.0 the best for 7.0 mixed?
  102. Do you play harder with more focus when you have "something" to gain?
  103. Social Mixed Doubles
  104. Opponent Makes Bad Call in Our Favor (mixed dbls)
  105. Chicago Tennis?
  106. Is there a Talk Tennis curse?
  107. Singles Court
  108. USTA new member promo ?
  109. Have you ever played a tournament with ball boys/girls?
  110. Hitters League vs Dinkers League
  111. Columbus OH (4.0-4.5)
  112. Big Win over a Nemesis
  113. 28 Year Layoff
  114. Mid Match Energy?
  115. The Singles Dilemma
  116. Any good 4.5+ singles ladders in orange county
  117. Lineup exchanges
  118. Tournament Format Timing Help
  119. What NTRP rating is this player?
  120. Destin,FL tennis partner needed
  121. Opens, ITF, Adult league?
  122. Darcy Cobb promoted to USTA League Manager
  123. Is it considered "bush" to use non-traditional serves at 4.0 level?
  124. Conneticut Tennis (4.0 4.5)
  125. Tournaments: yes or no
  126. Bees
  127. Debunking the mystique of 4.0
  128. OK, Spectators Need To Shut The Heck Up
  129. Looking for a hit near palo alto...
  130. Topaz, Paging Topaz To The White Courtesy Phone
  131. So, to get an official NTRP level ranking...
  132. Season extension
  133. How to file complain on a self-rated player?
  134. Red clay in the U.S.A.?
  135. Crunching the Numbers: My Depressing USTA Stats
  136. Unauthorized Access To TennisOne
  137. Ashamed i went to the "pusher" side
  138. Entry into Futures tournaments?
  139. Is it true that "playing up" a level will get you bumped?
  140. The 1millionth head hunting thread
  141. Question about getting bumped
  142. 4.5jumping to open in pursuit of 1glorious atp point
  143. Ultimate tennis skill levels in atlanta
  144. Mixed: 4.0/3.0 vs 3.5/3.5
  145. Looking for a hit near San Francisco
  146. Question about self-rating strikes
  147. Rules Question Re: Dampener
  148. Looking for Men's Open Tournies
  149. What to do when you are 100% SURE the ball was in?
  150. 2 Rules Questions
  151. PNW sectionals Aug 12th
  152. rules question on first serve in doubles
  153. USTA Rankings Odd
  154. self-rating question
  155. Started breaking strings, does this mean I'm getting better?
  156. Bumped at the end of the year or do I...
  157. Anything in Ohio?
  158. First timer (this weekend). How was your first?
  159. Choices after the spin?
  160. Tales of woe...
  161. The Wreck's Quest for #1 - 4.0 Edition
  162. Wheelchair Tennis
  163. Need help with usta membership
  164. NAIA players in 4.0
  165. Help with forfeit rules and USTA Leagues
  166. Mid Year Ratings?
  167. Question about getting bumped down
  168. Is this a hindrance?
  169. Is there a break after 1st set?
  170. If You Hear It, Call It
  171. Can a lying computer rated player get DQ'ed?
  172. Has anything this weird ever happened to you?
  173. Going to ATL looking for the shops, clinics, etc.
  174. Am I in danger of being DQ'd?
  175. Emergency Thread! Help!
  176. are there ever any discounts on joining USTA?
  177. the most strings you've ever broken in a match
  178. Medical break?
  179. another self rate question.
  180. Anyone here Take the ssv test?
  181. DQ'd player impacts state championship...
  182. USTA 50's Men's Hard Court Nationals?
  183. Panama City Beach - any tennis?
  184. I'm looking for an ALTA team (B1 to B5)
  185. Won on my 13th match point
  186. How much should you tell your players about the opponents?
  187. Learning from Wimbledon
  188. Need Ideas for USTA Team Name
  189. USTA membership for tournaments...
  190. What publications cater to league play?
  191. Fedace need Help with San Diego Tennis
  192. Looking for players! Fort Lauderdale, zip 33314
  193. Sprained Ankle in USTA
  194. Serve Interrupted by Doubles Opponents - Strange, Rules?
  195. HS experience and NTRP rating
  196. When do you start using multiple racquets?
  197. Lefty-righty combination
  198. rules question
  199. tiny draw, first round consolation?
  200. USTA, T2, ALTA level discrepancies
  201. Tennis in or near Holyoke, MA?
  202. Playing trash talkers who throw their rackets when losing is so not fun at all.
  203. County singles championship tournament semis...
  204. Lesson learned the hard way
  205. Playing in a Different State
  206. Captain's behavior
  207. NTRP Ages
  208. An Overruled Let Call
  209. WTT league ratings question
  210. My first blog
  211. Summary of Adult League and Tournament Talk
  212. Appeal Early Season Rating
  213. Appeal Early Season Rating?
  214. Ranking system
  215. Played an Open tournament (I'm a 4.0). Made a blog about it.
  216. What can be done about bad officiating?
  217. Me hitting some serves
  218. Tournament Play
  219. Recruiting For Arizona 4.5+ League (plt)!.
  220. Help In Finding Results
  221. A Steady Partner Is Worth Her Weight In Gold
  222. dealing with bad calls...
  223. West Virginia Open
  224. One against three mixed
  225. Tennis is Sexist?
  226. Tennis is Sarasota 7/23/11 - 7/29/11
  227. Shotgun 21 rules/strategies.
  228. Question about how seeding works
  229. Question about Early Start Rating
  230. Tennis court insurance?
  231. Playing on multiple teams
  232. Need a Cure
  233. The other side of USTA leagues
  234. How To Handle A Partner Who Rides The Center Line
  235. Need Serious Advice from TW posters whom i respect.
  236. How Many USTA League Matches Are You Playing Per Year?
  237. Slice-kicker for a first serve.
  238. After playing 6 years of USTA tournaments and 3 years of college tennis...
  239. Forfeiting a line in Districts
  240. demos in Destin
  241. If you haven't seen this thread...
  242. Sections and Nationals
  243. USTA Texas Sectionals
  244. I saw a guy at the public courts yesterday. His volleys were so crisp, under control,
  245. drop shot serve
  246. Player re-rated himself under a new number
  247. USTA rule change to NOT change ends after set w/odd games???
  248. What's right with USTA league tennis
  249. Topspin shot that climbs over the net
  250. Weird gamesmanship attempt in league match