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  1. Tournament in 100+ degree weather.
  2. ATP tour finals
  3. 2.5 District Championship advice
  4. 5th Annual GLI Tennis FilAm Friendship Tennis Tournament
  5. Guy refusing to come to my court...
  6. Seattle tennis leagues?
  7. Playing in extreme heat
  8. Buffalo, anyone play at Miller Tennis Center?
  9. Playing districts in another state - is this ok?
  10. Taking the code too seriously?
  11. Do you prefer to be the weaker partner or stronger partner?
  12. Hydration - Sports Drinks
  13. Congrats to SC men's 4.5. Southern Section Champs!
  14. Lobbers. We get no respect. No respect at all.
  15. Ruling: Can you play in a soccer jersey at ITF rule based events?
  16. Indian Wells, CA - October 2011
  17. Looking for 3.0/3.5 players
  18. What's the rule on this scenario- A ball rolls onto our court from the court next to
  19. USTA State tournament in Cleveland Ohio
  20. Rogers Cup Montreal just stole $150 from me!
  21. Tactics Advice for Mixed
  22. There's this one guy I wanna crush so bad! He smirks.
  23. Played my worst tennis ever tonight
  24. Tournament results due to weather decided by cointoss...
  25. Uncoachable Me
  26. Who is heading to .5 Eastern Sectionals this weekend
  27. How do you beat the doldrums?
  28. Two Lefty Doubles
  29. NTRP Ranking? (video)
  30. "Move In!" - Doubles Topic
  31. Visiting US Open at New York for Labor day weekend
  32. can you get DQ'ed on ESR ratings?
  33. Using the left hand to close the racquet face on backswing.
  34. USTA Eastern Sectional
  35. USTA Sectionals Experience
  36. I know we've talked about this before, but.......
  37. Social mixed doubles problem, girlfriend getting picked on.
  38. Tennis in Hawaii - GLI Tennis Singles Tourney #2
  39. WTA pro in an Open tournament
  40. When decide side - after warmup??
  41. How do you get your doubles partner to relax?
  42. Moving in on doubles partner's girlfriend?
  43. Funny perspective change
  44. USTA asking opinions on NTRP
  45. Catching the service toss
  46. Anyone playing 7.5 combo this season?
  47. Anyone else playing Eastern Sectionals this weekend?
  48. Do you use multiple racquets in a match?
  49. Early Season Rating Question
  50. Where did that thread go?
  51. Calling Out the Score...Please!!!
  52. Middles States sectionals - 3 stories
  53. rules question, threw racquet over the net.
  54. Bit of a setback this weekend (4.0 tourney)
  55. Will playing down hurt your game??
  56. BYE Week in ALTA
  57. USTA Atlanta 3rd set 10pt Tie-break
  58. The Ultimate Rudeness (chatting on a cell phone during a game!)
  59. un-/wise to restring right before a tourney?
  60. Why have combo doubles?
  61. USTA Approved Ball List
  62. Question about tennis link ...
  63. Strategy For Choosing Side After Spin
  64. Social Mixed Conundrum
  65. Mixed League ?
  66. Calling out Match Point
  67. How to play cheaters!?
  68. Interesting Accusation
  69. Switching Teams before season start?
  70. How to handle the "constant" lob
  71. New England Sectionals
  72. I'm amazed at how much foot faulting I see in adult league play
  73. Have you ever won a tournament? How important was it
  74. Question on USTA Membership
  75. Norcal Tennis Daily
  76. Chicago 5.0 Men's Leauge
  77. possible relocation to the Seattle area?
  78. Anyone know when the Eastern Section Early Start Ratings will be published?
  79. Warming up rule
  80. Weird happenings
  81. Losing to opponents I should beat
  82. If Your Doubles Partner Could Talk . . .
  83. Tennis Player Blog...
  84. Who serves first in doubles?
  85. Weird Psycho event in summer season ending Tennis Party
  86. Fast serving... what is reasonable for the reciever to be ready...
  87. The most ridiculous rule violation ever?
  88. Labor Day - The end of the tennis season?
  89. What in the...?
  90. USTA tournament..
  91. Sorry for the syntax. Any reasonable conclusions possible about your opponent when
  92. 3.5 to 4.0 Action Plan?
  93. Rule question: shot around net post ticks the post
  94. people who stop balls with their racket before they bounce
  95. What do i do or say?
  96. My first USTA Flex League
  97. whats the hardest jump to make in usta rankings?
  98. Rematch against a cheater...
  99. Switching Ends
  100. Help me out you pro people
  101. Disagreement Between Partners on Let Call?
  102. Cal-i-for-nia, Here I Come!
  103. Fake poach in doubles
  104. A letter to all TW members
  105. I am really bad at close line calls
  106. Your Worst USTA Sanction?
  107. One on One doubles
  108. Please remind me not to wear that shirt again
  109. looking for a hit - rec - md
  110. Bumped up after ESL
  111. 4.0 Nationals
  112. Two 55 Mens National Tournaments in September
  113. quick rules question - touching the net
  114. Have you been served Humble Pie?
  115. My 6.0 mixed district recap (too long, will anyone read?)
  116. Your chance to let the USTA know how you feel...
  117. Dealing with a foot faulter in your league
  118. Will I get bumped next season?
  119. How well will 3.5 success translate into 4.0 success
  120. Need help with rule!....holding 2 balls while serving, drop ball when first serve in
  121. ethics question
  122. 2 chances to win the point
  123. how to deal with getting old
  124. Etiquette Question
  125. Indoors or outdoors?
  126. Level question
  127. Hitting partner in Melbourne Aus!? 4.0+
  128. Is There Any Good Reason To Appeal Up?
  129. Coaching? What do you think?
  130. To the Doubters
  131. interesting from last nights' league, in East Texas...
  132. Local League Rules
  133. Don't think anything is wrong with this thread being in this section
  134. USTA always on sunday?(men's league)
  135. Have you ever kicked someone off your team midseason?
  136. Signed up for my first 4.5 tournament!
  137. Member Map in Odds n Ends
  138. Is USTA rating the same across gender?/ Likely NTRP ranking?
  139. A 10-pt tiebreak should never decide a match
  140. Another Instance Of Officiating Error?
  141. Your $0.02 on Wood Tournaments and Approved Sticks?
  142. ALTA Fall Midpoint - How's your team doing?
  143. 5-0? I thought we just switched before the last game!
  144. Tournament scheduler and draw creator
  145. Serving a dead old ball from another court.
  146. Mixed dubs tactics/strategies/plays when your partner isn't very good?
  147. USTA tiebreak screw-up - feel my pain
  148. 4.0 M visiting Phoenix/Tempe Oct17th-28th
  149. When someone is attacking your backhand, are you one of those people who
  150. Tennis in Chattanooga, TN
  151. Unsatisfactory court conditions rules
  152. Disagreement how score is said by receiver/returner?
  153. Newbie question about age divisions..
  154. Obliged to "cheat"?
  155. Are there nationals for singles USTA
  156. Forehand Takes The Middle: RIP
  157. question on split step technique
  158. Usta age division for seniors officially lowered
  159. I hate mother nature
  160. Your biggest comeback/choke
  161. Super Seniors International Tournament in Turkey
  162. Backhand volley one or two hands?
  163. Ansley Tennis/Golf club(Atlanta)
  164. sportsmanship
  165. 4.5 Senior Nationals - a HOT time
  166. USTA Men's Nationals - 5.5 or Open Division
  167. What Surface Is Best?
  168. Dilemma: 4.0, 5.0, or Open?
  169. Frontseat Captaining
  170. Alta vs. USTA
  171. 4.0 M visiting Tampa area (late Oct 28 thru Oct 30)
  172. Umm, this age division thing is really strange!
  173. St. Louis tennis scene?
  174. Your post match routine
  175. USTA Division codes
  176. So This Is Nationals . . .
  177. That was the worst run tournament
  178. looking to hit on either Wednesday or Thursday of this week, in dedham, ma
  179. Lafayette, IN, Hitting Partner ~3.5
  180. The Thing A Captain Dreads Hearing . . .
  181. OK, so what should I work on next?
  182. You make the (captain's) call
  183. More Chaos On Team Sphinx
  184. The Unready Receiver's Partner
  185. 2012 Year End Ratings
  186. The Unfixable Self-Rate Error
  187. Doubles final tomorrow... advice?
  188. Serving
  189. Post Your 2012 Record
  190. Georgia State Combo Tournament in Dalton
  191. Welcome to 4.5 little boy
  192. hindrance rule
  193. The recipe for winning men's 6.5 combo
  194. I played my very first tournamet ever; NTPR 4.0
  195. Finally Figured Out The Secret To Mixed
  196. Switching lineups and players in league
  197. Help with partner falling apart in USTA matches
  198. NTRP rating question???
  199. Does NTRP differ state to state
  200. All Right. I have a new plan for how to win at 4.0.
  201. What is the best combination for mixed dubs?
  202. Video Analysis in ATL
  203. I am thinking about getting a USPTA certification...
  204. When should one join a new club?
  205. People who call the ball out when it's still in play but WILL be out
  206. If the Ball on the baseline is close ???
  207. Filing a grievance in mixed dubs
  208. Can You Call Your Own Shot Out?
  209. Woman hits too hard (?)
  210. 2012 Rating bumps
  211. How about a doze of humility??
  212. Grievance question
  213. Can My Parents Sit On Your Bench?
  214. Your most embarrassing match/performance
  215. Man, I got destroyed on my backhand side tonight. It was comical
  216. Competitive volley baller nasty kick serve made Seattle 4.5 finals after three years
  217. 2011 Year End Ratings Release Thread
  218. Is anyone else out there as disfunctional as I am?
  219. Ratings question about bump
  220. Still A 4.0?! Lol
  221. The Computer Did Some Strange Things . . .
  222. 2011 Year End Ratings - NorCal statistics
  223. Time in between points?
  224. Year end ratings
  225. Ladies, We Need To Get Over This Computer Thing
  226. US ratings
  227. praktice man...I'm talking bout pracktice...
  228. Got whooped by a 13 year old girl!
  229. USTA Benchmark ranking WITHOUT playoffs
  230. Hoping to show an "honest" example of what Benchmarked Players MIGHT look like...
  231. What would you do?
  232. When do people stop playing tennis?
  233. Why do so many people struggle with doubles positioning?
  234. I Feel Like Such A Heel
  235. Are things back to the way they were before the mass bumpups in 2010?
  236. Self-rates from 2011
  237. Philosophy of your team/club-- business or pleasure?
  238. Playing USTA tournament...for the first time
  239. 5.5 rating - disatrous
  240. How many USTA levels have you moved up?
  241. Ball On Court During Service Motion
  242. Anyone Ever Have A Bump Slump?
  243. Here's an idea - play at your level!!!
  244. Hello folks...remember me?
  245. seeding question
  246. Futures qualifying briton, What NTRP / ITN club player?
  247. Want to make sure I got a call right
  248. How Should I Handle Ball Grabbers?
  249. Medical appeal
  250. What does your nightmare opponent look like?