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  1. 2012 Friend At Court
  2. Do you play better when grumpy?
  3. Win against Jack Brasington!
  4. One refers to herself "I have an attacking style" when her game consists of hitting
  5. I need Absolution or Pennance - you decide which it should be
  6. Two Weeks In South Florida - Where To Play?
  7. Dealing with a critical doubles partner
  8. < NTRP 2.5 - does it exist?
  9. Does gamesmenship affect you positively or negatively?
  10. Why won't they let everyone appeal up?
  11. Underhand serve as 'regular' serve
  12. Can a guy exclusively using a slice backhand...
  13. Net play in 4.0 doubles help or hindrance?
  14. When Your Partner Says, "I'm Coming In!"
  15. "Winning" the warmup
  16. USTA Rating Algorithm is horrible ... or not
  17. Ocean Springs/Biloxi
  18. Racquet/Strings/Playing Experience/NTRP
  19. Game improvement racquets ban
  20. How do you stay away from getting funky on your motion from watching bad form ?
  21. Question?
  22. Has the USTA gave a reason for....
  23. NEW USTA League Structure
  24. The 7.0 league team.
  25. Tangent to NEW USTA league Structure
  26. New Year's resolutions - tennis edition
  27. Give 'Em Enough Rope . . .
  28. How Do You Win A Sudden Death Point?
  29. 3.5 rating
  30. USTA NTRP Question
  31. About 3.5 Doubles...
  32. Appeal Process
  33. USTA Membership?
  34. Quad-Level Tennis (replacing Tri-Level)
  35. My first indoor match! Compare and Contrast
  36. How Many Titles in 2011
  37. The Sportsmanship handshake
  38. Self rate questions
  39. NTPR Tournament........HELP!!!!!
  40. I won my second tournament; NTPR 4.0
  41. Partnership Divorce Court
  42. NTRP DQ in Mixed
  43. On Which Side Do You Err?
  44. Free at Last, Free at Last!
  45. facility rental charges?
  46. 4.0 League Tennis
  47. Partner rushed off to Emergency Room!
  48. Clay Court Tournaments in Southern California?
  49. Is there a way to prevent blisters?
  50. When can you re self rate?
  51. Quad League? Get Outta Here!
  52. New tennislink tournament pages?
  53. American Greed(USTA style)
  54. How do you assemble doubles teams?
  55. Sanctioning A Tournament
  56. Return Grip Backhand vs Forehand
  57. Where to put the new guys?
  58. Free Tennis League
  59. Help me understand!
  60. Eastern NC League Tennis
  61. Tie breakers and serve rotation
  62. "Match Tough" in South Beach
  63. Playing Singles against your Doubles partner
  64. What Does That Rating Number Mean?
  65. Question on getting tickets for Morgan Keegan tournament in Memphis...
  66. Moving to Katy, TX
  67. Interclub
  68. Sister Act
  69. Structure of tournaments ...
  70. Hit Raquet, then Body....
  71. Rec Mixed Doubles: Hitting at Opponent?!?!
  72. Wooden Racquet Tournament!
  73. Ratings Madness......
  74. Too many different partners and partner matchups?
  75. Coaching Seminar for Adults/Juniors in Queens NY TODAY @ 5PM. ALL WELCOME!
  76. How to respond to "What's your rating?"
  77. Are USTA matches quasi social affairs all over the country?
  78. Helping my self-rated player appeal down
  79. Your best or most memorable match?
  80. How to be diplomatic with your doubles partner over serve rotation.
  81. Who gets the court?
  82. Which would you prefer?
  83. Playing at Public Court
  84. Playing on Public Court
  85. Surprising critical partner
  86. Can someone please explain the rules on changeovers
  87. Volley vs. Rally?
  88. USTA League residency radius question
  89. Coaching by USTA Team Captains
  90. Question for Open players and tennis teaching pros
  91. Ratings Question
  92. How many people are on here, and on Tennisopolis?
  93. Offended by a WIn
  94. Playing tennis in the snow
  95. Well, that was fun.
  96. Looks like USTA is finding new ways to mess up in VA
  97. Was it me or my strings?
  98. Cash Tournaments/Futures
  99. How to play a top ranked opponent
  100. Clay court maintenance recommendations?
  101. Gauging NTRP levels
  102. Entering score timed match
  103. Coaching in USTA league matches
  104. How the hell should I stop this?
  105. Mental/Game Improvement Books
  106. USTA Florida Magazine -- Letters to the Editor
  107. hitting partner in katy, tx
  108. The Negative Price of Improvement
  109. Central Ohio Grand Prix
  110. Southern Combo Doubles Sectionals
  111. Southern Sectionals Combo?
  112. Does King/Queen Of The Court Mean Anything?
  113. How many games should a 3.5C get off a 5.0B in single's?
  114. Hawaii Tennis: GLI Tennis Series - Tourney 2
  115. Executing Signaled Poaches
  116. Quick question about my sig: is it ok if I say I'm 4.0?
  117. Is there room for compasion in USTA?
  118. Hinderance Question(s)
  119. Rules: on hitting a ball out on purpose?
  120. Struggle with getting club members to sign up for league play
  121. Hitting with my elders
  122. How Long to Call a Let
  123. Server and Returner: Pace of Game
  124. How Do You Put A Stop To Partner Shopping?
  125. US Open National Playoffs
  126. What tennis rules do you see broken the most
  127. Gone Batty
  128. Any public courts in downtown San Diego?
  129. Choosing the "A" team and the "B" team
  130. Tennis clubs in Melbourne? for the aussies here :D
  131. Out call questioning... Am I in the wrong here?
  132. Tennis in Los Angeles
  133. Appealing down a computer ranking
  134. Observed college tennis for the first time (Miami U versus IUPUI).
  135. 5.0 in asheville looking for pratice
  136. How to deal with slice?
  137. Men vs Women Rating Levels
  138. Agree or Disagree: Groundies In Doubles
  139. Anyone playing the Hooters Open in San Antonio?
  140. Bag Check?
  141. Grass courts, find them and maintenance
  142. Andy Lake, anyone see him play?
  143. League Length Question
  144. Tennis Will Drive You Nuts
  145. 5.5 Reality Check
  146. Poll: Playing competitively against the opposite sex
  147. Need help with Progression/Growing through League Tennis (long, tldr)
  148. Noob question
  149. default question
  150. Eccentric tennis players, examples of them...
  151. Squeaking for a Double Fault
  152. USTA League Costs
  153. Playing with the boys.
  154. Rip it or slice it?
  155. Shot Variety: Torture Your Opponent
  156. Doubles Players, What do you think about your partners?
  157. Be Careful What You Wish For, Ladies
  158. Brand spanking new can of...DEAD balls.
  159. usta rating question
  160. Signalling balls out instead of calling them
  161. {San Diego,South Bay} Seeking tennis partner
  162. Ruling Question: Serving out of order in mixed
  163. M45s...what does that rating mean?
  164. Men's Team Drama?
  165. When is a match official?
  166. Mid-Atlantic players...Verbal hinderance rule will cost you the point
  167. Atlanta Men's 7.5 combo league needs teams and players!
  168. Dress Code Violation = Default ??
  169. Preparing for big games
  170. I accidentally hit my opponent twice - now he thinks I'm targeting him...
  171. Do I Need To Know If My Partner Will S&V?
  172. Slight injury advice sought
  173. How can I say no?
  174. any 3.5 or 4.0 tournament players in minnesota?
  175. Notes from first 4.5 tourney
  176. Played a D1 top 25 woman tonight
  177. Anyone here use signals?
  178. Why did this player have to self-rate?
  179. Looking for a tennis partner around a 4.0-5.0 level around Mississauga/Toronto area
  180. 3 vs 1 Doubles
  181. How can I say No (part 2)?
  182. The Thing Team Members Hate to Hear...
  183. Local League Structures
  184. What do you think of these NTRP level descriptions?
  185. How to return serve from a very high bouncing Kick serve?
  186. Is USTA really worth it or just a waste?
  187. Mixed League 9.0 Question
  188. What's the best way to handle line issues on clay?
  189. local doubles ladder
  190. Need a hitting partner in North Dallas
  191. What happens if I do not join the USTA again this year?
  192. Hawaii Tennis: 2012 GLI Tennis Series Tourney 3
  193. After almost 2 years off..
  194. how much gear is over doing it?
  195. Scoring a retired match due to injury in USTA
  196. Hitting Partners in the Philly Area this summer
  197. 5-4 mental block
  198. dead ball, replay the point?
  199. Northeast Ohio Summer Tourney
  200. Won my first league match 6-3, 6-3.
  201. Doubles...Up/Back?
  202. How do you determine what your NTRP rating is?
  203. My Captain Manipulates (Stacks) The Roster. Twist Ending.
  204. Kansas City 4.0 and up hitting partners....
  205. Dynamic NTRP ratings
  206. Poaching Behind Myself
  207. Toss Before a Match...When???
  208. Rules question: touching the opponents court
  209. Partner Not Having Fun?
  210. TennisOne's eTennis Is The Worst. Seriously. It's The Worst.
  211. Looking for 5.0 singles player for AZ league.
  212. Wilmington, NC tennis scene?
  213. Maybe I Should Start Overbooking My Teams
  214. Which team provides tennis balls? Home or Visiting team?
  215. In your first league/flight, how did you manage your expectations?
  216. Nowadays tennis is kinda predictable...
  217. Move Up or Stay?
  218. My first tournament :o
  219. Bringing out the worst in opponents
  220. Musings about poker and tennis
  221. Pics from 2012 USTA Men's 35s Hard Courts
  222. Drills vs. Matches
  223. My first tournament
  224. Winning?
  225. Nostalgia Tennis
  226. IMO the drop shot is overused and ruining the 3.5-4.0 game!!
  227. Question for singles players that have been bumped up
  228. 4.0 losing to 3.5s :(
  229. USTA Find A Partner... Where The Heck Is That Link?
  230. USTA Flex League
  231. Minnesota Open ($2000 Prize Money Tournament)
  232. Anyone else find attacking/returning very strong slice serves easier w/your backhand?
  233. I want to go to Nationals ... just once
  234. Hitting Partners in Pittsburgh
  235. Lost 6-3, 6-3 to a 5.5/open player
  236. When Can You Call a Let?
  237. Trip report from my first tournament
  238. A First Time for Everything...
  239. do less skilled players make more bad calls
  240. Unintended Timed Match????
  241. Fun poll for those 50 and older
  242. Mixed Fast Feed
  243. Your worst behaviour on court?
  244. Underhand serving: poor sportsmanship?
  245. Should I be worried about being DQ'd?
  246. How to retaliate within the rules
  247. Tips for tournament practicing!
  248. How should I pair these players for a men's dubs team?
  249. John McEnroe's interview and clay courts?
  250. Can someone explain the USTA's WinStar ranking system?