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  1. Tennis clubs in Northern VA
  2. How can you know your rank?
  3. Rules question (players played wrong court)
  4. Northeast Ohio USTA summer league
  5. Underhand serve...How?
  6. What happens in this situation?
  7. Why Do Some Players Want To Jump Into The Deep End Of The Pool?
  8. Self-Rating higher than a Computer Rating
  9. Another cheating thread
  10. Dilemma!
  11. How hard is it to standardize local rules?
  12. I'm Not Proud of What I Have Done
  13. First time for everything...
  14. Anyone else uploaded an avatar on tennislink?
  15. "UP!!!"
  16. Would you give them the point?
  17. Blowing it for Bagels
  18. Biggest Pet Peeve in Tennis?
  19. players need to play higher ntrp level in league
  20. What are the chances I'll get bumped?
  21. Rule question about loose ball
  22. whats a fair usta league rotation?
  23. Tie Breaker Question
  24. Another BS call
  25. Rule Question
  26. Is a ball that overhangs the line "in"?
  27. Has Anyone played the Barcelona ITF men's 35 in July?
  28. Anyone have problems with TDM upgrade?
  29. ALTA Finals and USTA Georgia State Tournament the Same Day
  30. Self-Rating Grievance?
  31. Rule query - racquet across net rule
  32. Do usta tourneys make you pay in advance
  33. Defaults communicated before rainout?
  34. Adorable Misunderstandings Of The Rules
  35. Did I do the right thing?
  36. Wearing attire the same color as the ball
  37. Can you remember the last time you were double bageled?
  38. My Groundstrokes
  39. Oh, sweet Victory
  40. point for opponents or not?
  41. Broken record
  42. Talk Tennis would not approve
  43. One More Reason Not To Throw A Tantrum
  44. 4.5+ Tennis in St. Louis
  45. Four matches in 49 hours -- wish me luck!
  46. What point do you retire from a match?
  47. Appealing a league suspension
  48. What would/could you do in this situation in a league match?
  49. So our Team#1 might play against Thomas Muster...
  50. Ball hits opponent....
  51. What's your Frame of Mind on Match Point??
  52. Have you Moved to Another State and Found that your Rating there May be Different?
  53. Fair weather tennis friend....
  54. not to copy but any1 live in the nashville area?
  55. People who call "No!" instead of "Out!"
  56. A Tournament Rating is a strange thing
  57. What is the expected outcome of 4.0 against 4.5 or 5.0
  58. Don't apologize too quickly.
  59. Why do some people think that.......
  60. Timed Matches Tips and Stories
  61. Shoeless Jane Jackson
  62. Biggest weapon in adult tennis for singles?
  63. Ugh - my local public tennis facility is going to do a "patch and paint."
  64. Should junior and adult tennis mix?
  65. Fact or Fiction: In League Play(Ex:USTA) Men are Atleast a ***k # Rating Ahead...
  66. Is this true??
  67. Pulastic (polyurathane) Courts
  68. Another what would you have done...
  69. Rule Question
  70. Why do people disappear as hitting partners once you start rocking them, when they
  71. Drop shotting old guys?
  72. Is it a good idea or bad idea to play "down" if you want to move up?
  73. NTRP and player variety
  74. Why this is my last year captaining
  75. Why do women get so stroppy if their menfolk want to play tennis?
  76. LOL at Mixed Doubles Captain
  77. Playing tennis in limbo
  78. Senior Tournaments
  79. There are really good guys out there!
  80. What would've happened if I corrected my call?
  81. NTRP Singles?
  82. Training for 2013 US Open Playoff
  83. How to make the jump to 4.0
  84. Forest City Open
  85. Ugh, played another "hitter"
  86. New here
  87. 5.0s in 4.5 leagues
  88. Double bounce or not?
  89. Getting DQed after bageling an injured player
  90. Any near ocean NTRP tournaments worth traveling for?
  91. Etiquette on returning first serve faults
  92. Question for doubles players
  93. Im drawing a line in the sand: USTA
  94. How does this happen??
  95. Singles, anyone???
  96. Harvest season for captains...
  97. If im 3.5 self rated and keep winning will I get bumped?
  98. self rating question
  99. Washington DC
  100. Thank You Captains
  101. Am I at risk for DQ?
  102. lol, here's another lovely abuse of the system
  103. Bumping Down
  104. rules question
  105. A short film about appealing your USTA rating
  106. New-to-USTA who rates "UP"
  107. How would you handle this particular mess?
  108. Poor Sportsmanship at Tournament
  109. USTA flex question
  110. Arlington... Kearny NJ mens 45 claycourt
  111. What would you do - 35s or Open
  112. The People you hit with:
  113. First tournament win, "anticlimax hangover"
  114. Moving up?
  115. Doubles Round Robin Schedule Generator
  116. Rating confusions and curiosities
  117. Should you be able to play down too?
  118. Whats the worst surface you have played on?
  119. Good LORD, this game is a brutal beast to learn!
  120. I'm not sure if I've done the right thing here...
  121. Reports of "athletic" newbies reaching 4.0 after 1 year of play astound me.
  122. USTA flex
  123. Ideas for a league registration system?
  124. Announcing the Score
  125. 3 and 35 in Open Tournaments
  126. Shaking Hands Before a Match
  127. Carrot, stick or mum's the word?
  128. Georgia USTA State Senior Championships
  129. When does your 40 plus USTA league start ?
  130. 2013 League Restucturing
  131. Non USTA Tournament
  132. Opponent runs into adjacent court, claims let??
  133. "I'll need to see your license, registration and line-up, Ma'am"
  134. Well I did it!!!
  135. Method for Managing Practice/Hit Sessions?
  136. Rules on Serving (Return man ready)
  137. What would you have done?
  138. Surely there must be a rule against this
  139. Where's the official?
  140. Rules Question - Racquet Spin
  141. Spousal Support
  142. Chatter from Peanut Gallery Costs Match
  143. USTA player look up quick question
  144. Coaching/advice rules during match
  145. To bee or not to bee
  146. Is there a differnt mind set for mix doubles?
  147. Some of these 'old timers' at country clubs are evil!
  148. Your best doubles strategy
  149. Is this DQ Ridiculous?
  150. Ratings Question
  151. Suggestions for successful tennis challenge ladders
  152. Doubles Partner
  153. Need advice on new cans of balls
  154. Main differences between a 4.5 and a 5.5
  155. 2012 USTA NorCal Adult Leagues Survey
  156. S/V players
  157. Criticizing Your Vanquished Opponent's Strokes
  158. A1 Rating equivalent
  159. What's the ruling here?
  160. being the weak link in doubles league
  161. First Tournament: Any tips for setting achievable goals?
  162. LOLZ, how do I keep a straight face....
  163. I'm in tennis purgatory
  164. What's the rule regarding defaults and rescheduling?
  165. The most aggressive team usually wins?
  166. Score keeper
  167. Playing 2-Back Doubles
  168. Advice on playing styles
  169. USTA ratings question
  170. Broken Strings And Cell Phones
  171. Tommy Haas at 34 years old - there is still hope for us oldies!
  172. Any prizes for advancing in playoffs?
  173. At least No Double Bagels!!!
  174. Ladder advice please
  175. how should this be handled?
  176. how do you handle...
  177. How to play on Clay
  178. Balance life and tennis
  179. Can FTTM Peacefully Coexist with PIFHP?
  180. What is your quirk?
  181. 5.0=Former Wimby Doubles Champion?
  182. Rating Question
  183. What is your ultimate pre-match pump up song?
  184. Father's Day weekend hat trick
  185. How to handle being the weakest link?
  186. My First Tournament
  187. Kids Tournament Question
  188. Today I played 5.0 Doubles for the first time...
  189. I love pushers
  190. Wimbledon 2012 Mens Singles in nut shell
  191. 4.5s in OC
  192. Today's match...
  193. no regular season. But playing districts?
  194. Should I take the forfeit or let it slide?
  195. usta find a partner account
  196. Winning a USTA sanctioned tournament...question
  197. Were we in the wrong?
  198. The plague of the opposing doubles partner who 'did not see !'
  199. "Are you playing a match?"
  200. NTRP for this guy?
  201. My First Grievance?
  202. The best 4.0 I've seen yet in atl.
  203. First USTA tourney tomorrow + bad luck
  204. Game of aces!!!
  205. How long does a server have between points, and when does the clock start?
  206. played a pusher on Tuesday!
  207. Concerned about ntrp
  208. My video clips thread
  209. ALTA Players ready for the heat?
  210. Should tourneys be cancelled if over 105 degrees?
  211. Hitting partners in Terre Haute, IN.?
  212. Anybody know how the rating system works in Argebntina?
  213. What would you do?
  214. Most Bizzare Flex League Opponent?
  215. Strike on close match against rated player?
  216. ALTA "playing early" dilemma
  217. Whats Your 'Go-To' Match-Beverage?
  218. Best name for a tournament you have seen?
  219. Junior usta membership play in adult league?
  220. Overhead at your opponent
  221. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
  222. Would you call them on it?
  223. Rule Question on a Let Call
  224. What do you do to get the right mental game?
  225. Going easy on someone
  226. Simple Question: Are You a Poor Sport?????
  227. Proper response when spouse gets hooked
  228. Repetitive missed serve ball toss
  229. Does this make me a bad person?
  230. Leaving Your Tennis Orbit
  231. Flex Leagues: Unresponsive/Inconsiderate opponents
  232. Adult Tennis Players Excuse thread
  233. USTA Leagues: Are They Worth the Effort?
  234. 2012 9.0 mixed nationals - who's going?
  235. Ready for the jump
  236. Hawaii Tennis: GLI Tennis Series Tourney 4
  237. Any 4.0's in Crestline CA?
  238. What to do when your form dips
  239. Does USTA computer differentiate between adult or Senior divisions ?
  240. When keepin' it real goes wrong (in 6.0 mixed)
  241. When are ratings updated?
  242. Rules regarding changing ends?
  243. Senior International Hall of Fame Tournament
  244. Just played a weird set
  245. Second serve hits ball in service box. My point?
  246. 4.5 Adult League Shenanigans!
  247. Just moved to NorCal
  248. Tournament seeding question?
  249. Competition on the courts and the side lines - womens league tennis
  250. A Funky Match - once a 4.5 always a 4.5?