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  1. Question on a rule of Tennis!
  2. Tournament trees...
  3. Minimum Play Time?
  4. A defense for the (presumed) sandbagger
  5. 2007 Biggest Loser Contest
  6. 1st tourney: what newbie things annoy u?
  7. Held my own against a 4.5
  8. Your last match, team edition
  9. Post Spring USTA League Results Here
  10. 2007 Biggest Winner Contest
  11. Another self-rating question
  12. Campbell Soup Nationals 60's
  13. Question re ball toss when serving to the forehand
  14. tournaments (i can play) in NYC?
  15. Captain experiences: the good and the bad!
  16. Explaining the difference.
  17. Tennis near Chelmsford MA
  18. techniques on the court?
  19. Quality of USTA Tourney Courts
  20. MyTennisTournaments
  21. You know you are in for an interesting match when.
  22. Gamesmanship 101
  23. Unsportsmanlike league coordinator!
  24. The Code Violation Registry
  25. Local League News
  26. U.S. Open Quailfying
  27. Tournament report!
  28. "Official" rule about service returns - must they bounce
  29. Sub 3.5 match question
  30. How to overcome my mental block?
  31. how important is holding serve in ladies 6.0 doubles (two 3.0s)
  32. First Tournament/Real Match Jitters
  33. I guess I won't be playing many matches with *that* team
  34. Sudden Death Tie-Break
  35. UltimateTennis.com
  36. when does this tennis stuff go from hobby to ADDICTION!!
  37. OMG lady flipped cuz I didn't say nice shot!!
  38. Players, Any Captain-Related Pet Peeves?
  39. vacation vs tennis
  40. Player Who Can't Handle Softballs
  41. tournament
  42. playing too much tennis to get good.
  43. $50 fee for filing a grievence
  44. Rowdy Spectators from the other team in an unofficiated match
  45. Team Match Format
  46. The Second Serve Challenge
  47. "Settle Down!"... is saying this coaching?
  48. Why no teens allowed in adult leagues?
  49. Who may call a let during play?
  50. When is it being too generous?
  51. how do you warm up?
  52. Captains, Any Player Pet Peeves or General Captain Headaches
  53. Doubles- can i stand inside the recievers service box?
  54. Suggestions re: Tournament Community
  55. National possibly looking at changing 4.5 Team Format
  56. Any League Coordinators out there? Your Pet Peeves?
  57. Has anybody ever run onto your court while playing?
  58. Lever 2000 “raise Your Game”
  59. Club-level tournament champions
  60. Question about being raised from 4 to 4.5
  61. Warmup Time is for Warming Up
  62. Mixed Doubles gone south...
  63. Good news, Ojai Pac-10 final round action on Comcast Sports tonight at 7pm
  64. what happens in this case?
  65. How many matches per player?
  66. Kicking a Player Off Team
  67. What's wrong with me?
  68. Local League Coordinator declares that players may not call foot faults
  69. Mid season ratings...TEXAS
  70. Rule on Warm-ups?
  71. Rumour on some good changes about benchmark players
  72. My Most Important Match
  73. Feel Less Pressure At "Home Games" Now
  74. Need A Nice Way To Discourage Coaching
  75. Won a tournament for the first time
  76. Self-rated player blowing away the opponents
  77. Anyone read the new tennis magazine?
  78. Dumb Question about Tournament Acronym/Abreviations
  79. email through TennisOne
  80. Anyobody play Toronto InterCounty or Community Leagues?
  81. Suggestion for TennisOne.com
  82. What am I? - Benchmark3.0
  83. Did this guy self rate too low?
  84. How you doing on your 2007 goals?
  85. When To Changeup?
  86. Ladies Day League Laugh of the Day!
  87. Har-tru match tonight, any suggestions for this hardcourt player?
  88. Serve Toss Advice
  89. $48.88 for USTA Singles!
  90. I missed my USTA match
  91. Players in same league, same level, but different flights
  92. The Losing Player's Whine Thread
  93. How big is your serve?
  94. Way to Join a New Team
  95. TennisDC 3rd Season starts Tuesday
  96. Boston Tennis League season #2 starts Tuesday
  97. My 1st tourney in 3 years...
  98. Should i appeal to be lowered to 3.0
  99. My team isn't working
  100. Pre-Match Nerves
  101. Totally bored in the middle of a match....
  102. What are tournaments like
  103. Trying to move up from 2.5
  104. Chances of getting bumped up to 4.0?
  105. What helps you focus during a match?
  106. The Tennis Confessional
  107. NCAA tennis: Live scores at UGA website
  108. Suggestions for starting a successful club challenge ladder
  109. Challenge ladders that don't work
  110. USTA State championship in Rome,GA
  111. How to determine NTRP rating
  112. Rules of Tennis
  113. Woofin' or Whinin' -- Singles Match Results
  114. most miserable match EVER
  115. My POG gets no respect!
  116. Question about a rule
  117. The fine line between winning and losing
  118. Te best way in your opinion) to stop sandbagging
  119. What to do if server hitting non-receiver?
  120. question about mixed
  121. Is super tie break normal in USTA tourny except for the open?
  122. Automated Appeals
  123. How good was one of my relatives..need opinion.
  124. RATING 3.5 4.0 4.5 etc
  125. How to find Match History on USTA website
  126. Round Robin Formula
  127. Viewing of opponent's roster
  128. Which is easier? Singles or Doubles
  129. Bumped up in 4 matches?
  130. In need of local hitting partners. (Input greatly appreciated)
  131. Time to Brag About Your Improvements
  132. Refund for Tournament
  133. Fatigue...
  134. played my first tournament
  135. Sunglasses Question
  136. Asked to reschedule a league match
  137. Captains stealing players
  138. Have you ever caught someone cheating on the initial flip to see who serves first?
  139. FYI USTA special $25/season
  140. Who should win this match?
  141. New 3.5 Seniors Team
  142. This Sucks! Got DQ'd by "Residency Rule'
  143. Anyone have some tournament draw sheets
  144. Return of Serve--3.5 USTA Doubles
  145. USTA League experiences
  146. Can we appeal this?
  147. The Tennis Gods Strike Again
  148. The Winning Streak Thread
  149. Please Help with Rule: Team players outside of there city/District (North Carolina)
  150. Mixed Doubles Etiquette
  151. lost a close match due to some cheating on the other side
  152. How To Find Singles Players
  153. How many of you guys compliment your opponents?
  154. unfair fees in my area's USTA leagues
  155. Freaky play - what's the rule
  156. Your best tournament win ever...
  157. rec players can now play challengers?
  158. The Upset Thread
  159. Is this DQ in process?? USTA League
  160. Club Tournament Rant
  161. The most injured team in the country ?
  162. Anyone will be playing in this tourney?
  163. Anyone Mind If I Lick My Wounds?
  164. did I steal a point?
  165. We Are Going To Districts Baby
  166. My Expected Rating?
  167. T-Link down??
  168. Should doubles and singles ratings be separated?
  169. Tournaments Players in Central Arkansas
  170. mental gremlins
  171. Joining USTA League
  172. Play sick or default
  173. on average how many aces do you hit a match?
  174. Registered for my 2nd tourny
  175. match contested question
  176. 25-30 seconds for each serve in doubles
  177. League Discrepancy
  178. USTA Singles Leagues
  179. Playing right on the baseline
  180. Huge difference in NTRP than neighboring county
  181. Need A Huge Upset To Stay Alive
  182. 2-2 match w/ double default. Who wins?
  183. Is there a computer rating or is it b.s.?
  184. Cheering: How Does It Affect You?
  185. USTA Inconsistentcy
  186. Give some props to the USTA
  187. I hate this about the USTA...
  188. Choke . . . Gasp . . . Can't Breathe . . . No Oxygen
  189. Anybody from the Grand Rapids, MI area?
  190. Ok, I looked and I am kind of screwed because of my religious beliefs.
  191. fantasy tennis
  192. anyone from boston?
  193. District bound!
  194. Has Shot Spot affected your line calls?
  195. I won prize money for the first time.
  196. Players forget to play a set tiebreaker
  197. Where do the league fees go?
  198. does it drive anyone else bonkers when...
  199. How Many Teams Have You Been On, And Why Did You Leave?
  200. Retire And Win?
  201. New novelty doubles category: Tennis pro paired with old fat guy
  202. USTA Disqualifications
  203. 4.0 Player In Flagler Beach FL looking for a match this week or next
  204. Just played my best performance ever
  205. USTA Singles
  206. Mixed Play Results
  207. TennisDC: Over 1300 Matches played this year.
  208. Metro Boston Tennis League is the best singles league in the area
  209. Inaugural Year; ChiTown tennis already has 323 Matches played.
  210. TennisPhilly Summer Enrollment is still open
  211. Tennis Los Angeles works
  212. Can I play both Singles matches?
  213. By Special Request: War Stories of the Teaching Pros
  214. Retired after four games?
  215. my goal
  216. Futures and Satellite Competition
  217. Won first 4.5 doubles tourney this weekend!
  218. Procedural question: League doubles and warm up serves
  219. any chance of these two getting disqaulified?
  220. On-line Tennis Ladder Website
  221. my daugher play video, pointer to improve?
  222. Rating and Tournaments
  223. How do I go about playing tournaments?
  224. any 4.0-4.5 players in pasadena area?
  225. Anyone going to Sectionals in Mobile, AL?
  226. The "All Show No Go" Club
  227. doubles player playing singles, help!
  228. USTA Discrimating against younger players?
  229. Any 4.0 - 5.0 players in the Triangle NC area?
  230. Another USTA Rating Question
  231. Looking for hitting partner in Twin Cities (MN) area (southern Subs)
  232. Who Decides?
  233. Explain the logic behind this one
  234. T2Tennis - Anybody Participating?
  235. Regionals this weekend - why am I psyching myself out?
  236. Difference between Computer rating vs. dynamic rating?
  237. Figured I'd Introduce myself:-)
  238. how do I find an " open tournament "
  239. What University to apply to??
  240. Which is worse: no record or good record?
  241. Hi all - New to this board.
  242. One week to districts - one broken leg!
  243. The worst series of brutal draws ever?
  244. Oh Lord I beat someone's Granny.....
  245. Hmmm, down-rated, what to do...
  246. Can you play USTA 35s the year you turn 35, or do you actually have to be 35?
  247. Hitting partner in NYC 7/15-7/18
  248. Looking for a game in Houston
  249. USTA NTRP/MAS tournament
  250. looking for tennis in lafayette louisiana