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  1. Doubles partner when you chip and charge
  2. ALTA playoff scheduling oddity
  3. Any ideas on how to stop folks from overrating when self-rating?
  4. Not wanting to play slow moving/unfit guys in league..anyone else have this issue?
  5. On court coaching
  6. Hardcourt versus clay.
  7. How do you handle Bullying opponent in league match ?
  8. Master Multitasker -- The "Playing" Captain
  9. usta NTRP algorithm?
  10. Rules on obstructions?
  11. Lettered leagues
  12. Correct service warm up etiquette?
  13. "I need all three balls" USTA?
  14. Does your significant other play Tennis?
  15. Six Degrees Of Grand Slam Winner
  16. How do "A" and "B" relate to NRTP ratings.
  17. Upcoming doubles tournament in the bay area???
  18. First 4.5 match playing lefty
  19. most frustrating part of playing USTA leagues?
  20. Play opportunities in and around St. Louis?
  21. Best Rules for Public Courts
  22. States not until next May?
  23. how many steps when serving?
  24. Rule Questions
  25. $15,000 Tournament In Victoria, Canada
  26. dizzl, good luck in districts this weekend
  27. how many people should be on a mixed doubles team?
  28. USTA appeal system logic.... must watch
  29. need some help navigating USTA'S Tennis link
  30. Violation - screaming out of frustation
  31. Hinderance for loud shoes?
  32. Age Division Tourney
  33. Advice on setting up a challenge ladder in my hometown
  34. Bumping up
  35. Will this player get bumped up?
  36. Early start 4.0 forced to play as 4.5
  37. The Most Annoying Night I've Had on the Court in Two Years
  38. USTA self rate sandbaggers Solution
  39. Way's to improve the USTA rating system
  40. What Are the Differences Between 3.5/4.0/4.5's respectively?
  41. Maybe we need to come to an understanding about ratings
  42. wasn't sure about this point
  43. New balls for USTA match... already open?
  44. How I would organize USTA leagues if I were in charge
  45. Website to find any/all pro tournies in the area?
  46. Yellow Spheroid to the Gut
  47. Anyone have a League Coordinator as the worse offender of sandbagging?
  48. When Your Doubles Partner Makes a Bad Line Call
  49. question about Alta mens high A levels
  50. Lying To My Partner
  51. Be mindful of the snakes in the grass
  52. I have turned into a pusher!
  53. What's the reason for this double default?
  54. yelling c'mon after winning points
  55. How did this happen? Ratings question
  56. Allowing 2 5.0s to play 4.5 per team
  57. I think the new age brackets will be the death of me
  58. Great league video
  59. Game the system or stop playing USTA?
  60. Bump?
  61. 2-Players, 1-racquet between them
  62. Need Help ASAP in this Appeal
  63. Not even a fair fight
  64. Joining USTA for the first time! Anything I should know?
  65. Will Tournament affect rating?
  66. I got rhythm. Who could ask for anything more?
  67. USTA team roster shows 3 rating, click on name and it shows 3.5
  68. Etiquette of hitting at the net player in doubles
  69. The USTA wants self rates by whatever means necessary
  70. Who's silly idea ? Too many age divisions
  71. Overheads at the net person
  72. USTA Humor, Giggle of the Day
  73. Identifying the receiver in no-ad
  74. Shipping racquets
  75. Hawaii Tennis: GLI Tennis Series Tourney No. 5
  76. I'm 1 set, 5-0 down, I whip out my iPhone Wildcards and he doesn't win another point!
  77. Need suggestions for adult clinic drills/activities
  78. Philly area leagues
  79. Sorry about that...
  80. Advice for an underdog, playing club championships
  81. super tie breaker serve order
  82. first time state tournament
  83. Unable to Renew membership on Usta website
  84. Rules question about service call
  85. USTA Mobile Access Website
  86. Orlando area hitting partner
  87. Did USTA essentially double the cost of League Play?
  88. NorCal 40+ league stupidity
  89. The usta officials are clueless
  90. Looking for 4.0 - 4.5 hitting partners in Boca Raton
  91. Looking for 4.0 hitting partner in San Francisco
  92. Seeking advice for playing on damp clay courts
  93. looking to hit in Woods Hole, MA
  94. A little advice on my first league match...
  95. usta needs to change rule about players being able to play on 2 teams in the same div
  96. 2012 4.0 Nationals. Who's going?
  97. Wood racquet tournament this weekend
  98. When is it unsporting for the guy to hit his biggest serve in mixed?
  99. Gotta Want It - Season 4: Mixed Doubles
  100. Is this USTA rule change for real?
  101. Music City Slam, Nashville Aug 31-Sept 3
  102. Tennis league stats
  103. Indoor acrylic courts
  104. How many "innocent" bad line calls are made in REC leagues?
  105. A Summer Tune-Up For Your Game - Part 1
  106. Spitting on the court?
  107. Posting Retired Scores in TennisLink
  108. What is your motivation?
  109. Anyone in Ft. Myers, FL???
  110. What do you do with your doubles partners that always serve wide?
  111. Really Getting Started On Tennis.
  112. ''Practicing" during a changeover...rule? penalty?
  113. Competition on the courts and sidelines - part deux- womens leagues
  114. How do you handle advice from your doubles partner?
  115. Kings Island Tennis Open
  116. Music City Slam 2012
  117. "Skills" v. "Strategies"
  118. beginner question
  119. When hell freezes over
  120. Question about Topdogsports.biz
  121. The Unheard Let Call
  122. What do you do when this happens?
  123. Tennis Director & Pro Salaries
  124. Question about new age groups
  125. Official Line Calling
  126. Partner & I looking for doubles practice in Charlotte
  127. new to NTRP and Thinking about Playing Competitively Again
  128. The fine line between winning and losing strategy.
  129. New USTA changes (whats your season looking like?)
  130. FYB's Singles Playbook
  131. Richard Branson's Video on how you can play tennis on his island. Great video!
  132. Are these people eligible for nationals?
  133. Lights a problem?
  134. What causes streakiness in dubs?
  135. what is WTT league tennis like?
  136. Walking on to court before alloted time.
  137. Mixed Doubles Strats?
  138. Looking for 3.5 to 4.0 hitting partner in NorthEast Cincinnati
  139. NTRP purgatory
  140. Tennis in Cleveland Ohio
  141. Opponent leaves to grab burger after first set. Rule?
  142. Why the 3.0 level is the “Island of misfit toys”.
  143. How do the number rankings work??
  144. San Diego 4.0 Teams
  145. starting the serve motion from deuce/ad side
  146. Net Ruling
  147. Looking for a 3.5 to 4.0 hitting partner in DC
  148. Combo league frustration
  149. NTRP Questions...
  150. Slap it like Sally or Slam like Sampras?
  151. Should you work on dealing with disruption/gamesmanship
  152. Lesser Known Tennis Rules
  153. Could NOT get an answer from USTA: Does ANYONE know how to read rankings/standings...
  154. Players with questionable Benchmark Ratings
  155. Pro Set's: Opinion?
  156. Rally strategy on serve game vs return game.
  157. year-end NTRP rating question
  158. Finances for Teams Going to Nationals
  159. Inevitable "will I get bumped up" thread
  160. Am feeling like Federer - shattered!!!
  161. Whatever Happened To Common Courtesy?
  162. Motivation and Measure of Success?
  163. Question about self-rating vs. NTRP rating.
  164. After a set finishes in doubles...
  165. Ad player vs Duce player
  166. Help with singles strategy
  167. Help with singles strategy
  168. Cramped up on double match point!
  169. So has anyone been suspended by USTA or LTA regarding matches?
  170. "So you only play 5.0?"
  171. Recreational players' videos?
  172. Give me one piece of advice to help me win tonight.
  173. 4.0+ tennis in Columbus OH?
  174. What kind of "demeanor" do you cultivate on the court?
  175. Orange County Leagues
  176. Hitting partners in Rhode Island / Southern Mass.
  177. Losing player gives advice after championship loss
  178. A good story: opponent switches frames 4 times
  179. Tournament Question for Beginner
  180. Is This How Higher-Level Folks Play The Net?
  181. Cowboys and angles
  182. Anyone playing in the NorCal NTRP Grand Prix?
  183. Winning ugly or pretty?
  184. Lack of adult clay court tournaments
  185. Does Rule 7 of the Code Need Revising?
  186. how do i join a satellite tennis tournament in texas?
  187. So yesterday, I lost to a crafty older player...
  188. Father/Son Doubles
  189. To all the club champions
  190. Stare down at the line, then a delayed call...
  191. Come Back Win vs Laying the Smackdown?
  192. Queries on Rankings
  193. Played beside some nationally ranked Juniors last night
  194. Addicted to winning
  195. Scenario(s) clarification
  196. Only time I wanted to physically harm opponent
  197. What is the deal at 4.5???
  198. Best way to handle following situation
  199. Switching sides with partner in doubles
  200. Please Explain This Bump Up
  201. Mid Atlantic NTRP
  202. Is it a foot fault
  203. A Question on Let
  204. Any USTA rule for balls getting too wet from improperly watered courts ???
  205. Tennis doubles peptalk
  206. League seeds?
  207. Does your team enforce tardiness penalties?
  208. Good Play or Not?
  209. New to USTA
  210. Partner gifts points and game
  211. What's the Correct Call?
  212. Ball Holders
  213. Question about player touching the net
  214. An interesting story about ratings
  215. Really want to join a leauge !
  216. Really want to join a league !
  217. Looking for Players in ATL to Join my ALTA Team
  218. Indiana Pickle and the USTA Chronicles
  219. Best of 5 sets?
  220. Pushing serves.legit strategy?
  221. local grievance, 1st time?
  222. For Those of You Who Are Thinking About Captaining.......
  223. What shot fears you the most?
  224. Yet another thread on hitting at someone
  225. Doubles players -- which is better: your FH or BH volley?
  226. Offensive vs Defense
  227. The Premature Celebration Hindrance Call
  228. Congrats Terrel Mill AA2Alta Champions
  229. 0-3 loss- is that an immediate bump down
  230. Competetive match?
  231. Hawaii Tennis: GLI Tennis Series Tourney No. 6
  232. The Dali and Mister 4.0
  233. Anyone around Myrtle Beach around Thanksgiving want to play a 3.5 or 4.0 tournament?
  234. Funny conversation at state USTA finals.
  235. Strategy or delusion?
  236. was that a correct ruling?
  237. Tennis League Network National Playoffs
  238. first match ever ! Nervous !
  239. I'm The Rudest Hooker!
  240. Doubles Players: If you play well but still lose the match do you...?
  241. permanent fixture call
  242. Time for another rules quiz!
  243. Tactics vrs a net player
  244. Self rate
  245. Self rate
  246. Broke a string stopping an "out" serve - do I get to change racquets?
  247. La Habra NTRP/Open Tournament
  248. How honest are you?
  249. Average Age?
  250. Self Rated Leagues