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  1. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
  2. How much do you hate losing?
  3. Tennis books
  4. What's the secret to a successful tennis ladder?
  5. Signing an incorrect scorecard
  6. Getting Started
  7. Tennis Software
  8. Do 0/0 matches count yet?
  9. Question on defaults
  10. Hooked
  11. What to do after feeling hooked
  12. Can't call your 1st serve out?
  13. I beat the guy 60 60 and he called me "a pusher!"
  14. How much does playing racquetball hurt?
  15. Grinders make me want to retire
  16. Calling footfaults is important
  17. Forgot how to play!
  18. Some of your weirdest/worst/unimaginable on court experiences
  19. Serving
  20. Good tennis for the traveler
  21. Welcome One and All to the First Annual Box League Games!
  22. End of year ratings??
  23. Will you play Today?
  24. The Worst Losses of Your "Career"
  25. Any surprising bumps up or down?
  26. Why no bump to this guy?
  27. Serving
  28. bringing a 2 year-old to australian open
  29. USTA League "bottom up" default rule question
  30. Ever had another captain/team get shady?
  31. Getting Disqualified (DQ'd)
  32. When you call a ball out, then realize it was in
  33. USTA - Adult League/Age changes - DON'T LIKE IT
  34. Mixed doubles
  35. No bump up with 100% winning record?
  36. How Not To Handle Not Being Invited
  37. Looking for a USTA team in Orange County
  38. This is not a humble brag (with video)
  39. missed "not-up" calls-- what do you do?
  40. Opponent Itis
  41. Tennis in Gatlinburg, TN?
  42. Ridiculous ending to tiebreaker
  43. NTRP Win-Loss Adjustment Formula
  44. Moving to Raleigh
  45. player walks off court.......
  46. You make the call ...
  47. Would be get sue or be arrest if you hurt your opponent??
  48. Maybe Mixed Isn't So Bad . . .
  49. Potentially relocationg to DFW - Leagues drills for 4.0 player
  50. Getting Better Can Be a Bit Awkward . . .
  51. Huntersville, NC
  52. Expected result?
  53. What's your fastest completed match
  54. What am I...
  55. Winning is an addiction, Dr. Nadal diagnosis confirms
  56. Say It With Me: "Ewwwwwwwwwwww!"
  57. Best way to find hitting partners?
  58. Recovering from knee injury
  59. who hears a rating appeal at the local level
  60. 3.5 Serve and Volley?
  61. What team player are you?
  62. tennis in san diego/san mateo?
  63. Link to results at Nationals
  64. Gamesmanship or Crazy
  65. There is hope to get better.
  66. "Got It!" Confusion
  67. Woodrow Ruling ?? - Partners disagree on call, with a ball mark clearly out.
  68. My tennis future?
  69. First Time Tennis Club Experience
  70. Good USTA Membership Renewal Deal 818
  71. New New USTA League Age Ranges and NTRP Ratings.
  72. How can you find out your "dynamic rating" ?
  73. playing with someone who called his first serve out
  74. Whats the call on this return?
  75. Awesome Bag Check
  76. Are you man enough to call your out calls?
  77. Tennis in Ventura/Simi/thousand oaks, ca area
  78. Santa Brought Me...
  79. Queens, New York - Hitting/Training Partner
  80. Eligible vs Ineligible Rankings
  81. Looking for 4.5 matches or practice in Sarasota/Bradenton
  82. 4.5 Tennis players near Lexington, Ky
  83. 2012? Not Half Bad . . .
  84. New Years Resolutions for Tennis
  85. Club recommendation in ATL
  86. Do mixed usta league results count towards your year end rating?
  87. Abbreviation 'GP' for tournament type
  88. Don't Be a Party Pooper
  89. Winter Alta check in- where are you playing?
  90. Funny line call in a USTA match
  91. Web site now charging for team management
  92. Do you play "other" matches on league days?
  93. 40 and over lines by region
  94. Are the ages strictly enforced in the new 55 Leagues?
  95. Inconsistent line calls in Rec play
  96. Anyone in Raleigh?
  97. Come on, let's go! Or not.
  98. Bumped up to 4.0 for the 3rd time...
  99. Just starting
  100. WTT National Quailfiers.
  101. Need a catchy name for Women's Singles League
  102. Need a few pointers
  103. Can you call your own let?
  104. Serving Team Calling A Let Serve
  105. Scouting the player
  106. Any tennis in Temecula, CA?
  107. Getting out of the doldrums
  108. Have you had a player sign up for your team univited?
  109. Before 3rd set 10-point tie break, guy took a 7 minute water break
  110. warming up volleys/overheads. Is it really necessary ?
  111. How much work goes into captaining a team?
  112. Pick Up tennis in New Orleans?
  113. USTA renewal. Are there any promo codes active now?
  114. the only thing worse than playing a ringer...
  115. Two-racket Tennis: The Balanced Workout
  116. What to do when opponent pulls a "Tipsarevic"
  117. What's the longest match you played?
  118. Tentative All Season Schedule or One Match At A Time
  119. Yet another tennis ladder and tournament management website
  120. A Mixed Question for the Ladies
  121. 100%winning Record got bumped down?!?!
  122. Tennis Link error
  123. Any players in southern ct
  124. When Your Male Partner Goes A'Huntin'
  125. Great mixed doubles match
  126. Player self rated too high - what now?
  127. Tournament Advice for New Player
  128. Got double bageled today. Feel like I never wanna play again
  129. Competition Makes You Better
  130. Pointers for Men in Mixed Doubles
  131. What shot is most satisfying to you?
  132. getting bumped down for medical reason/how to do it?
  133. Lower rated player playing line 1 singles
  134. Did we reach a consensus on whether a double bagel counts in your rating?
  135. Maybe I should have eased up?
  136. Number of match points saved
  137. My Return to Tennis!
  138. Ready to receive service
  139. new player signup - rating change
  140. USTA Membership Site Security Issues
  141. My thoughts on competitiveness
  142. Question about Tennis rules
  143. Thoughts on Warm Up Clothing during a match?
  144. Opponent flirting with my partner!?
  145. Funny tennis moments you'll never forget.
  146. Doubles positioning before the point starts
  147. 2013 USTA Adult Realignment
  148. To 4.5 Guys: "Get Out And Stay Out!!"
  149. Spectating adult league tennis
  150. tennis in Flagstaff, AZ anyone?
  151. public park time etiquette
  152. best serve combo for 3.0
  153. Guideline for Sandbaggers
  154. How many hours have you played for in one day?
  155. Bread and butter serve
  156. Conclusive: 6-0 6-0 scores count for generating strikes
  157. Help me understand this DQ
  158. Mixed should generate strikes
  159. Tennislink not showing previous year's results
  160. Predominantly Singles Players: At what AGE Did you Hit The Wall???
  161. How free is a local district to ignore USTA structure?
  162. Tennis nerd - looking for doubles data
  163. Persistent Bad Calls, How to Handle?
  164. Not Sanction by Usta but still messed up
  165. Your children's impact on your tennis
  166. Anyone play the I formation in competitve doubles?
  167. Sections May Create Residency Requirements Rule 1.04E (1)
  168. Get off the courts!
  169. Playing with new doubles partner, partner falls apart
  170. Joy of Captaining....
  171. What is the typical tournament-level 4.0 player like?
  172. How can I move down 0.5 NTRP
  173. Is it bad manners to fire a return of serve at the net player?
  174. Alta sandbagging
  175. Doubles - Excessive Poaching Unpolite?
  176. Stuck playing in a flex league I'm too good for.....
  177. Question about scheduling for my first USTA tournament
  178. high percentage serve on the deuce side.
  179. Which surface do you prefer?
  180. Norcal Umpires - Want To Become One?
  181. Helping new players learn the Coman tiebreak procedure
  182. San Francisco Tennis Club Tourney's
  183. Opponent Complains....because you are "sick"?
  184. Match determined by a coin toss - what do you think?
  185. I have discovered the secret to 4.0 doubles service returns!
  186. Playoff strategy "tournament"?
  187. Mixed doubles tournament Rules
  188. How would you react to this request?
  189. Playing fixtures in Australia
  190. 4.5C rating
  191. Search for tournaments by Prize Money criteria
  192. Rude to Return Out Service Ball to Server Especially When It's Obviously a Fault?
  193. Plan or react on returns?
  194. How do you train?
  195. New York tennis
  196. Question about potential DQ
  197. Etiquette for Recording Matches
  198. Service motion and setup
  199. Mens Open Tournaments
  200. If an Earthquake occurs?
  201. One singles, two doubles for all levels 18 and over USTA
  202. juniors
  203. How you remember score?
  204. American Greed-Usta style part 2
  205. Sportsmanship example, who is right?
  206. Is it an ace
  207. Top 10 Biggest Pet Peeves At A Tournament
  208. How long do you go before saying something?
  209. Redfoo playing USTA US Open Qualifying Tournament
  210. How can I convince an opponent that her interpretation of a tennis rule is wrong?
  211. What shot would you hit and why?
  212. Taming A Gamer
  213. Tournaments, League or Flex league?
  214. Picking order of players for singles team
  215. Successful Tennis Ladders in your area?
  216. Self Rating After Long Absence
  217. Thoughts on carpet courts
  218. Tennis in Salt Lake City
  219. TLS Website
  220. Junior thread created
  221. Are Tennis Players More Delusional About Their Abilities Than Other People?
  222. Etiquette for warming up
  223. Starting A USTA Team
  224. NTRP Self Rate Question
  225. Line calls really do get closer when it comes to playoffs..
  226. Dallas, TX tennis
  227. 3-3 in 4.5 tourneys: NTRP rating is ?
  228. Why would all the completed matches for this team be wiped off?
  229. Appealing Your Rating
  230. I had a Dream...that our Combo Division would change
  231. OK, All You Squatters. We Need To Have A Talk.
  232. League age changes and effect on participation
  233. Which partner would you rather have in mixed?
  234. LLAR related question about staggered start times
  235. Called out for poor behavior today!
  236. "Do You Want Me To Poach?"
  237. Why I pay (play) for the USTA
  238. First Time Out This Spring
  239. USTA League Question
  240. Do you prefer to return from the ad or deuce side?
  241. Tennis Fort Lauderdale Spring Season 2013
  242. USTA NTRP tournaments and the workday
  243. Am I being overly sensitive here?
  244. When to notify the opposing team about known default?
  245. Double Bounce hitters
  246. Cary Tennis Park
  247. Match intensity
  248. 3.5 singles
  249. Signing up for tourneys online
  250. TW Blog: College player trying to go pro