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  1. Who needs USTA?
  2. Self rated players bumped mid season but not DQed?
  3. adjustment of the serve return to alley server
  4. How much does grunting bother you?
  5. A moral dilemma
  6. Wind guidelines
  7. What does the "B" mean next to my USTA rating?
  8. Playing a tournament this weekend?
  9. Mistake on USTA website
  10. We Need A Stiffer Penalty
  11. Biggest chokes?
  12. U.S. Tennis Congress - Anyone Going? Worth it?
  13. What the Hell Was That?
  14. is it OK to feel angry?
  15. We need 3.5 18-39 USTA teams in Volusia County!
  16. Things That Make Ya Go "Hmmmmm"
  17. USTA join coupon code
  18. Ever 'give in' on a call?
  19. Team Tennis?
  20. Junior Tournament across states
  21. Good Match Today PhishBiscuits
  22. Service rule change suggestion - toss ball is in play
  23. Physically Challenged Opponents
  24. How to get 1 ATP point from doug9238
  25. First or Second Serve....?
  26. Pay to play on your team?
  27. mental issues
  28. The Lapsed Player Initiative
  29. Have you ever injured someone/been injured from a struck tennis ball?
  30. Contract Etiquette Question
  31. Who pays for the default?
  32. How long before playing against self rated players count for your rating?
  33. Okay to play at USTA NTRP rating in tourney, even if a stronger player now?
  34. Would college tennis format work in USTA?
  35. how to maximize the warm-up for a gameplan?
  36. USTA Mixed Doubs: Can one claim a lineup is "implicitly" exchanged?
  37. Would you say anything to a sandbagger during the match?
  38. How can a superior athlete beat a superior tennis player?
  39. Searching tournaments with cash prize
  40. How do you actually move up in rating?
  41. what motivates you- winning or not losing?
  42. how to get 1 ATP point by onehandbh
  43. Tournament results on Tennis Link?
  44. Team Default
  45. Greenville, SC, adult tournament
  46. Defaults
  47. Ft Lauderdale area leagues?
  48. Thank You Goober
  49. Best combination for the team?
  50. Best Match
  51. Slicer
  52. USTA Question
  53. USTA tournament rained out :(
  54. 0/0 loss
  55. Quality control in USTA Flex Leagues
  56. Effect of doubles partners wins/losses
  57. My Tennis Infrastructure Has Collapsed
  58. Would you considered to be a **** if you called foot faults
  59. Flex league in Cenral NJ - any opinions ?
  60. Should I report a blatant cheater?
  61. Doubles Advice
  62. How does picking players work on teams
  63. Refusal to finish.
  64. 1 day before tournament: advice needed!
  65. A puzzling DQ explained
  66. Has an official ever changed the course of your match?
  67. Club Court Schedule Management?
  68. Can an opponent complaint get a player Bumped up an NTRP level?
  69. Team in our League adding Self-rated High level players
  70. Match strategy against an ex pro
  71. DQ without default?
  72. Question for woodrow and Cindy
  73. NTRP games vs matches won
  74. Have a match in 45 min...
  75. 3rd Region Doubles Tourney
  76. The TW Friday Doubles League!
  77. TW Blog: Tony's Tennis Tales
  78. Is this the right play?
  79. Calling a hindrance when a guy groans about his own shot
  80. No on Court recourse For players blantely violating Leauge/match play rules?
  81. Anyone experienced a tough transition between Singles and Doubles play?
  82. Choke Job
  83. Rolling Ball on Sweaty Shirt and Other Nonsense
  84. Amazing experience v an ATP pro
  85. Is it legal to volley back the serves?
  86. What if a serve hits you, while you were behind the baseline, isn't that an ace?
  87. Stencils
  88. Calling a let on neighboring tennis court in USTA match.
  89. Is it legal for a doubles team to hit the ball 3 times, like volleyball?
  90. Open vs NTRP tournaments
  91. Struck in head by serve of "partner?"
  92. Worst. Match. Ever.
  93. NTRP numbers are sometimes meaningless
  94. Transition to playing outside
  95. Played a 4.5 tournament
  96. Playing hotheads...
  97. The worst feeling in recreational tennis is...
  98. Tournament points with fewer people?
  99. USTA's Management of the 4.0 - 4.5 Gap. Ramifications of the "Big Bump?"
  100. Playing "down" vs playing "up"
  101. So my buddies (4.5/5.0) get to play a former world no. 1 in dubs this weekend
  102. Crazy bump up
  103. DQ in the making?
  104. What are the numbers lke for tennis? inc/decreasing?
  105. Your first USTA league?
  106. Playing Sectional for US Open
  107. Why Does the USTA use the 10 point TB?
  108. Mixed Doubles & Smashing Lobs???
  109. Anyone know the standard USTA response for this situation?
  110. Help with tournament choice
  111. What counts towards NTRP?
  112. HELP! We need a name for our doubles team!
  113. USTA Team Violating NCAA Regulations???
  114. Procedure for registering a team...
  115. self rate up a level if you already have a C rating
  116. 4.5 USTA Bergen, NJ team needs players
  117. Really pi$$ed off my oppoenent in social tennis
  118. Sportsmanship or Gamesmanship?
  119. Has anyone ever been hit with a ball and went down for the count?
  120. Tennis is Brutal, in a Good Way
  121. Coin Flip/Racket Flip for Serve or Sides
  122. Joy in another's fail
  123. What to do when you %*&$ up?
  124. USTA Atlanta getting bizarre
  125. Adrenaline reserves
  126. Post your results!!
  127. Question about USTA rating algorithm
  128. Handshakes Should Be For Shutting Up
  129. Since summer is coming...
  130. League play commitment?
  131. 4.0 doubles
  132. Playing with people from work
  133. Teaching pros/rules guru question
  134. Futures
  135. Clay court doubles
  136. Regional NTRP comparisons.
  137. It's Amazing to me how people don't know proper "tennis ettiquette"
  138. Reason for lack of rating changes
  139. Touching net during play
  140. Strange histories
  141. First tourney of the summer
  142. How would a S. Errani vs a 5.0 Male from your League, play out????
  143. How Many of you are Playing Abroad???
  144. Mixed 7.0 strategy
  145. I can't stand playing pushers.
  146. Ever had to play a close friend/family in a competitive situation?
  147. Mixed exclusive player self rating as an adult question
  148. Open 4.5 player plays 3.5 in a tourney
  149. Playing 4 tournament singles matches in 1 day?? help
  150. USTA Mixed Playoff Rule Advice
  151. Tennis is about Match Ups As Opposed To Ratings
  152. Handicap the Middle States USNOP Men's Singles event
  153. I Keep Trying to like Mixed, but just can't
  154. How far can movement get you?
  155. 4.5 + league lineup observation
  156. USTA League ratings question
  157. Practice Partner Etiquette
  158. Is Turning Your Back Conceding The Point?
  159. The 40+ league has made me feel like one of my kids
  160. Tennis in Mobile, AL
  161. Anyone here rest the day before a tourney or league match
  162. Doubles Strategy discussion b/w points?
  163. Hindrance Rule Question
  164. Understanding the T rating
  165. What do the rules say?
  166. How do you protest someone's rating?
  167. LOL: ridiculous/absurd post-match comments from your opponent(s)
  168. 59-9 Record in mens 4.5 mostly singles. Will he be bumped?
  169. Ratings Question
  170. Ratings Question
  171. Prize Money Circuit In Germany!
  172. The rec player and their total lack of footwork
  173. USTA rating is a joke
  175. Tennis Fort Lauderdale Summer Season
  176. Ever Learn Your Lesson The Hard Way?
  177. Line Judge?
  178. Penalty for not complying for move up or split up?
  179. Rule question...
  180. A Hypothetical About Defaults
  181. Distinctions and Differences: The observations of 3.0 bounding to 4.0
  182. Rule Question: Is an Audible Indication Required?
  183. "Tell Me Your Opinion So I Can Blow It Off"
  184. Let me whine....
  185. In-ball/out-ball rule interpretation question
  186. Tennis in San Diego North County
  187. Death By Unforced Error
  188. If action sole purpose to distract opponent loss of point?
  189. League Shenanigans? You Make The Call
  190. How do you stop opponents from ripping returns
  191. Netlinup League
  192. Reverse engineering the USTA ratings algorithm. (NTRP, Tennis Link, League, Dynamic)
  193. Is this allowed?
  194. Rule question.. net touching
  195. Argentinean Open Tourneament Categories and United States NTRP
  196. League Coordinator Problem
  197. is it really that easy to get a Wild Card into a Challenger?
  198. Rule Question
  199. Anyone going to SC for the 4.0 Sectionals?
  200. USTA sign up process after sitting out
  201. Good protective eyewear ?
  202. 5.0 Davis Cup Player wins the 10.0 Mixed Nats in 2012 then self rates to 4.5 in 2013
  203. East Coast rains ... how messed up is your season?
  204. Poor Toss
  205. The double handed forehand
  206. USTA League Regs 2014 Rule Change
  207. Rule Q: Can net call be overruled?
  208. Tournament Reseeding
  209. League match setup/format
  210. Paging Woodrow: Drop shot bounces back over net--what to do?
  211. Ft. Myers, FL???
  212. Is this a common DQ?
  213. Too good for your level?
  214. Starting as a teen- highest attainable level
  215. Training Log
  216. Is this possible?
  217. How many sandbaggers do we really have?
  218. Thrown match
  219. So what do you think a 4.0?
  220. Do any tournaments or playoffs use social media?
  221. Grievance DQ question
  222. Any circumstances where it would be justified to criticise your dubs partner?
  223. Ratings Management Gone Awry
  224. Would you default a match due to the part of town it was in?
  225. Texas Early Rankings Released
  226. L3 Tournaments?
  227. Are there a minimum # of matches that must be played before ratings change?
  228. Professional Athlete Returns Roddick Serve
  229. Blind Tennis
  230. Should I be concerned about my rating?
  231. Etiquette When Winning
  232. Playing under lights
  233. The required but insincere apology
  234. Timed Match?
  235. I want to play on a non-playoff team...is this irrational?
  236. What's the best way to get over anger at playing terrible in a match?
  237. Question about the nature of hard courts
  238. Annoying
  239. Best tennis club/academy in Irvine,CA area
  240. What can I do??
  241. How can you find National Rankings for Juniors?
  242. Sandbagging or is it finally our time? 34-1
  243. How to find a player's USTA tournament record?
  244. sectionals report
  245. USTA Grass Court National 45s: Anyone here playing in it?
  246. Establishing a Tournament
  247. team tshirts
  248. Anyone near Disney Orlando want to hit?
  249. Your USTA league fees
  250. if you have some skills you should start at 4.0