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  1. Help - quickly
  2. self rated disqualification
  3. Tracking The Players Who Beat You
  4. Avoiding a bump down
  5. Do you have to be on a team to play USTA?
  6. Tennis Outfits
  7. Fashion Question For Men
  8. Woes Of The Reluctant Singles Player
  9. Cussin', Fussin' and Acting the Fool
  10. VA districts, here we come!!!
  11. Would I be eligible to play college tennis?
  12. Too funny - complaints at regionals got my automated appeal reversed
  13. Favorite Playing Surface
  14. Expensive Racquet vs Cheap racquet
  15. college level players and ratings
  16. I hate clay!!
  17. My Breakthrough Match
  18. VA Districts wrap-up
  19. usta for 20 year old?
  20. Reflections On A Middling Season
  21. Grievance Question
  22. early start ratings
  23. USTA Tournament Directors
  24. The USTA rating system and self-rated players
  25. 3 matches in one day for Tournament?
  26. need help on particular breed of player
  27. Overhanging tree over the court
  28. Is There A Way To Split Up A Team Successfully?
  29. Exposed!!
  30. First Tournament
  31. tournaments that don't count towards rating
  32. NC (A) 4.5 Team at Southern Sectionals
  33. Any USTA teams or leagues in LA?
  34. Check this tourny out
  35. How to get rankings (not ratings) from tournament play
  36. Any wood tourneys this summer?
  37. help
  38. Not on the line-up--Again
  39. Mixed nationals?
  40. Looking for hitting partner in Colorado Springs
  41. Looking for 4.0-4.5 singles in Colorado Springs
  42. Online options to organize your team?
  43. Headed to Nationals!
  44. Tennis in Chicago area??
  45. national grass court 35's
  46. USTA Southern Sectional Results
  47. Open Tournament Question
  48. Doubles Problem
  49. Singles League in North Carolina (4.0)
  50. Etiquette vs The Code vs Being too nice
  51. Hassled for NOT Calling Serve Lines
  52. playing up in leagues
  53. confused
  54. roving judges at districts?
  55. MV Sectionals
  56. lessons in North Carolina
  57. What do you consider stalling?
  58. league age?
  59. Can You File a Grievance Against a League Coordinator?
  60. Any tennis umpires out there?
  61. haha umpires...what a joke!!
  62. Texas Sectionals 4.5 Men
  63. Georgia mixed championships
  64. Nationals Draws are Online
  65. USTA League Rules
  66. Any 5.5 tennis players in Asheville, NC next weekend?
  67. How does everyone handle bad calls?
  68. Sectional Reputations
  69. What do they do at other USTA League Sectional Championships?
  70. Want to play me during my US & Canada road-trip?
  71. Really big question! DOUBLES STRATEGY
  72. Singles strategy
  73. Lawn Tennis in Adelaide, Australia
  74. I foot faulted on purpose - Was this right?
  75. Argh!!!!
  76. USTA Membership Discount
  77. How to deal with doubtful calls
  78. Early Start Ratings
  79. At what NRTP level will evenly match opps routinely hold serve?
  80. How do FlexTennis ratings compare to NTRP?
  81. How many racquets do you need for tournament?
  82. Denise Terrill Charity Tennis Classic Dallas Tx
  83. Atlanta open tournament series
  84. When was the last time you were in "the Zone?"
  85. ATP and ITF
  86. How Many Sectionals Are finished at this Point?
  87. How do i enter in a tournament? is there a easy way?
  88. Finding tournaments
  89. Florida Sectionals
  90. I played him again tonight.....
  91. Instruction for resolving a line dispute
  92. Number of events we can play in USTA-sanctioned tourney
  93. Benchmark???
  94. What's Everyone Planning For The Fall Season?
  95. mega teams
  96. Tennis is the code
  97. USTA Singles League
  98. Super Tiebreak to decide NTRP matches?
  99. No-Ad Scoring or Super Tiebreak?
  100. Most Sectionals Are finished!
  101. Rating system Your ideas?
  102. How Should I Play With My Kid?
  103. Nationals-Hotel/Resort Recommendation
  104. Illinois
  105. how has the USTA adult league helped your game?
  106. How many of you live in North Carolina?
  107. should senior matches count same as adult matches
  108. coordinators playing on teams
  109. Looking for competative team
  110. NC State Mixed Doubles League Championships - Who's Playing?
  111. OK, Who Are The DC Metro People?
  112. I Am Really Starting To Hate Mixed Doubles...
  113. SC tennis
  114. I played a 4.0 player in singles.
  115. should I be complaining?
  116. Looking to play tennis today or tonight
  117. At Nationals Do you Play your Best or Everyone on your Team
  118. Anyone Else Off Balance?
  119. Can someone explain this to me?
  120. Adult Combo 3.5
  121. My Austin tennis blog
  122. Need some advice about NTRP self rating ???
  123. Your Best Shot??
  124. Singles Comp Help!
  125. USTA rankings...
  126. Central IL Adult League
  127. Tennis in Palm Desert 9/22-9/30
  128. How is the tennis in Little Rock?
  129. NTRP Statistics - % by Flight
  130. Does politics play part in your tennis town?
  131. Frustrated
  132. Predictions on Nationals
  133. Future & Satellite Tournaments
  134. Newbie tournament help needed
  135. When were you last truly thrashed in a league (competition)?
  136. No such things as 5 or higher rated in NTRP!
  137. The Double-Bagel Club
  138. Quick! tournament/serving question!
  139. Sectionals for Pilot Tri-level league
  140. Divisions
  141. Comeback from 0-6 in the first set in singles?
  142. Guidance requested. Playing college tennis
  143. Bad Or Error Call Rules
  144. ****ed off about team captain
  145. College players in combo league tell me your opinion?
  146. Seeking: So Cal. Orange County 4.0 League Doubles Players (1 female & 1 male)
  147. Texas Adult Sectionals - normal tourney?
  148. Match Reports from US/Canada road trip
  149. How Many Lessons Are Enough?
  150. Mixed doubles states in Charleston SC
  151. When opponents think you're too good for level
  152. How Do USTA Points Work?
  153. Doubles signs
  154. Dividing men's scholarships
  155. We need a 4.0 Female player to complete an Orange County, CA league team
  156. League Scheduling Software
  157. I have a couple questions?? Please help me.
  158. Any Tennis Software for OS X (MAC) out there?
  159. BARELY beat my pusher friend again last night
  160. BARELY beat my pusher friend again last night
  161. KSwiss League
  162. Do any of you ever get sick of tennis? Do you take time off?
  163. What impropves your game more: matches or training
  164. queston: public court etiquette
  165. Do you ever take mercy on an opponent and back off?
  166. Anybody ever play in a ProAm?
  167. Nationals are coming
  168. Ever Get "Hit On" By A Pro?
  169. I miss faster courts
  170. 7.0 mixed with a leftie partner
  171. Looking for a hitting partner in Atlanta, GA
  172. question: TennisDC tournament seeding
  173. Anybody ever try this doubles strategy?
  174. one of my players protested - what to do?
  175. Hitting partner in ALLENTOWN, PA
  176. Most rediculous comeback
  177. You Be The Chair Umpire
  178. Question about tennis ladder websites
  179. How long did it take you to get back on the court after your first child?
  180. Need a rules interpretation
  181. I hate being so mentally weak
  182. Grand Theft Tennis Team?
  183. Will Backesto NorCal Advance
  184. Possible to reach the top
  185. Moral Dilemma
  186. Do you play better agains better players?
  187. Is anyone else a "streaker?"
  188. Someone Please Explain this One....
  189. Wayne Odesnik playing USTA league Nationals
  190. Hawaii wins it all (Men's 4.5 Nationals)
  191. The Mental Errors Registry
  192. team questions NW Suburbs of Chicago
  193. Anybody faced a player like this in their league?
  194. USTA Rating Nonesense
  195. Pusher went down hard!!!
  196. Davis Cup: Portland Oregon
  197. What to do in this situation.
  198. Drilling with My Teammate
  199. WTT is Sandbagger heaven.
  200. What is the ruling on calling a ball out before it hits the ground?
  201. How fast can you serve?
  202. Tactfully handling partner's bad service calls
  203. Yelping On A Service Return
  204. How does your league handle teams who default team matches?
  205. Stuck On Usta Ratings ?
  206. DEPTH of Div. I teams?
  207. How big are the sandbags?
  208. who's right?
  209. Was the umpire wrong?
  210. USTA Membership Promo Code
  211. What should I expect??
  212. The Partner Who Quits
  213. Self-rate Inquiry need Opinions
  214. Who will rule 3.0
  215. Men's Pro Invitational Lafayette Louisiana
  216. A Few Questions About Ratings
  217. Using your own tennis balls in a tournament
  218. Serious players-how much do you practice?
  219. What strings should I use
  220. Describe ratings/sandbagging?
  221. Team Dynamics
  222. USTA Clay Court Championships Mens 45's
  223. If Federer Played League Tennis . . .
  224. University City Racquet Club Tournament (10/20 - 10/28)
  225. Question on what to expect.
  226. When are tourney's going to start offering Dri-Fit shirts?
  227. Non-USTA tournaments
  228. How to find a coach
  229. Asking for Help on Line Calls in Doubles
  230. Getting the BO out of my Tennis Clothes
  231. When do your senior leagues play?
  232. You Decide The Grievance
  233. Calling service line: Do we really mean that you see court between ball and line?
  234. public courts with lights (San Jose, CA)
  235. Competing USTA 2008
  236. Who's The Biggest Sweat-er Around Here?
  237. How to get the most out of my first tournament?
  238. South Carolina Combo doubles sked/draws??
  239. Southern Mixed Sectionals
  240. Defeating a slice-master
  241. Swallowing An Upset
  242. How likely am I to run into a kick serve in 7.0 mixed?
  243. Question to USTA captains - What should players do if they start to get sick?
  244. Any 3.0s in MA??
  245. Keys to "the game"
  246. Player calls 3 days ahead of time to say he "may" not be able to play
  247. Any 5.0s in So Cal who want to seriously train??
  248. What are your USTA match records over the years?
  249. Most ADULT USTA Tournaments are Lousy !......
  250. Frustrating USTA Match 3.5