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  1. Male-Female NTRP rating equivalency
  2. USTA Teams at Different Clubs
  3. Interesting Argument at USTA Jupiter Open
  4. Defeating Two-Up
  5. Question for ladies only
  6. Tennis Attire Brands
  7. Where I can find good quality films
  8. Reality Check Time
  9. Anyone frustrated by pro
  10. Looking for 3.0-3.5 league in Washington D.C
  11. The 2008 Ratings Predictions Thread
  12. Kick serve not worth the effort at the lower levels
  13. New Hitting Partner and Tournaments
  14. Tournament Tennis - How much fun?
  15. Match Report (Pink tennis balls included)
  16. Question about Tourneys...
  17. Moving to Illinois
  18. A good blogspot?
  19. Creative Team Names
  20. What's the ruling on this?
  21. What USTA district is Destin, FL located in?
  22. Ever heard of Queen's doubles?
  23. Embracing The Australian
  24. what do you think???
  25. Sandbagger?
  26. Good linkss
  27. 3.0 Range of Ability
  28. SAP Open Qualifying: Open to the public?
  29. 3.5 vs 5.0: hey, my hand was forced
  30. Third-set tiebreak.... Controversy?
  31. returner's partner on center line
  32. Playing in the winter
  33. What NTRP Division To Play In?
  34. Broke another racquet last night... Sigh
  35. How do you get into an ATP Futures tournament.
  36. When is a kid ready to play team tennis?
  37. What is the coldest temperature you should play outside in (regarding racquets)?
  38. Prize Money Tournament
  39. Targeting one opponent in doubles
  40. Quick! What Do I Say To This Player?
  41. Please rank me as best as you can...
  42. Playing against yourself
  43. Proposed modified NTRP rating system
  44. Playing on two state bound teams?
  45. How to keep ratings as intended throughout USTA
  46. Maybe I'm Missing A Section...Looking For Mens Open/5.5 Players In San Diego
  47. World Team Tennis
  48. Routines
  49. The Score of Match Between Different Level Players?
  50. College Eligibility
  51. How Much Do You Have Invested In Your Current Tennis Wardrobe?
  52. To Appeal or to Move up....
  53. Winter clubs
  54. How Much Do You Have Invested In Your Gear (Excluding Wardrobe)?
  55. DQ'd by an unknown rule
  56. College Tennis Vids
  57. The Backwards Baseball Cap
  58. Indoors or out?
  59. Looking to hit with 4.0 or 3.5 's in San Diego
  60. Playing Slow
  61. I need a ruling on a mishit ...
  62. Doubles Boom???
  63. Your NTRP rating - by the numbers
  64. How can I bother a 4.0 male opponent?
  65. Tennis Warehouse Teams Department
  66. 2007 Year End Ratings
  67. auto-appeal
  68. Players in Norcal(BayArea)
  69. Dealing With A Court Three Default
  70. What to look for in an open mixed partner?
  71. Got Outgunned In A Groundstroke War
  72. Bets on Bumping??
  73. How to start competing?
  74. foot fault percentage
  75. Bad court conditions.
  76. What are the chances of moving up?
  77. Ranking question-Womens 35 singles
  78. Singles strategy for doubles player
  79. Can anyone tell me where the 2008 National Public Parks
  80. The Underhand Serve: Anyone Use It In A Match?
  81. First Year Captain
  82. What time frame is normal for getting bumped up?
  83. Kinda new to USTA, I dont know what to make of this.
  84. Sizing Up Opponent in the Warm-Up
  85. Was excited, now bummed and confused
  86. Just click your heels together three times and say "3.5"
  87. What is a national benchmark?
  88. Dallas 3.0 Men Sandbagging = Rippling Effect
  89. mixed
  90. Boy. It Didn't Take Long For Things To Get Complicated.
  91. When The Ratings Go Wrong!?!? (Share Your Best Example)
  92. How many from North Carolina got moved down?
  93. Feeling Blue After Appeal
  94. What The Deuce?
  95. Which team?!?
  96. It Was Raining Tennis Balls Last Night
  97. DQ threat for next year
  98. Help Please!
  99. USTA league is just full of....
  100. Does anyone agree with this?
  101. What are the rules for flying racquets?
  102. to "Kevin T"
  103. Players needed for upcoming 3.5 season
  104. Usta League/poor Sports Engage In Mudslinging
  105. "Sandbagging" Defined
  106. Ratings need oversight
  107. Love-40 and 40-Love As The Server (Doubles Edition)
  108. Apologizing for swearing
  109. OK, It's Time For Some Tennis Resolutions/Goals
  110. So my USTA teams captain was....
  111. Qualification for US Open
  112. Sandbagging league players (FOR A FACT)
  113. Sandbagging Bottom Line
  114. Captain Question
  115. Rating Sytem for Tournaments & Ladders
  116. What happened to tennisrank.com
  117. League Question (possibly in wrong area)
  118. Usta Weighs In On Sandbagging
  119. USTA Lifetime membership
  120. When does the 2008 League season...
  121. First season at a new rating level
  122. Would you pay extra for more organized USTA Leagues?
  123. Anyone else find their level of play unpredictable?
  124. any tennis team in Phoenix
  125. Technical Question
  126. Starting Match play
  127. "Good Shot" Etiquette
  128. You make the call! Whose point is it?
  129. NTRP Tournament Seeding
  130. 3.5: Not The Promised Land After All
  131. Transition 3.5 to 4.0 harder than I thought.
  132. Report Your Ratings Bump
  133. Adult Tournament Listings?
  134. three ratings issues
  135. When does old rating "fall off" USTA system?
  136. How'd you guys do this year.....
  137. First time playing league
  138. Are There Any True Doubles Specialists Who Have Successfully Transitioned To Singles?
  139. Tennis, 5.0 to 6.0 players
  140. Clydesdale Tennis?
  141. Why does the USTA allow appeals?
  142. League Seediings
  143. Update from Newbie
  144. First USTA Event...
  145. We're Not Sandbagging, Honest!
  146. 5.0 leagues different
  147. 4.0 hitting partner
  148. Best USTA Sections at Nationals
  149. How many USTA players with your name
  150. How dumb is USTA to automatically grant appeals
  151. A ratings question: what rating would these players be?
  152. Ever Offer Unsolicited Advice?
  153. Why would one choose to play in a lower division?
  154. My First NTRP Tournament
  155. USTA National Men's Open, Women's Open, Mixed Open Indoor Championship 2007
  156. College Club Tennis
  157. what is a tennis league and how do you join??
  158. Best Team Combinations
  159. You be the judge...
  160. 2007 Amateur Tennis in Review: Your Personal Best and Worst Moments
  161. Straight back or looping forehand.
  162. I don't understand
  163. playing with a partner that double faults
  164. Caribbean NTRP Flight Domination
  165. Need help...again
  166. can't compete?
  167. Charging the injured player for court time?
  168. Is Your Form Ugly?
  169. Guess What Santa Brought?
  170. Open tournament catagories?
  171. Anyone Else Doing this?
  172. The dude hits hard...
  173. British Open Veterans Indoors
  174. Western Michigan tennis
  175. Can People with Long Strokes Play Doubles
  176. Any 4.0 or 4.5 Female players interested in So.Cal Mixed Doubles League?
  177. i got a questino about usta membership.
  178. When to be bumped...
  179. and thats when I knew...
  180. Where to find tournaments?
  181. Happy Birthday Cindy!!!
  182. is there a way to see your exact rating?
  183. New Ratings,When?
  184. USTA Glitch or Not? You decide.
  185. finding a player's tournament record
  186. Selecting a League Team
  187. Skraggle Cures Plantar Faschiitis. Film at 11:00.
  188. Fremont Indoor Tourney
  189. Mixed Doubles question
  190. Should there be an official at every match?
  191. The Bump Slump
  192. What's the most "difficult" sports?
  193. Can a USPTA "pro" play USTA?
  194. How can you see the ranking for men's open?
  195. Indoor Tennis Court Dividers
  196. Make-Up and Tennis
  197. Would you pay to have a referee/umpire for every match you played?
  198. Are there any Leagues in Northern Jersey???
  199. Men's 3.5 National Champs = self raters??
  200. USTA Tourny- out of division
  201. Starting Out?
  202. Mixed Doubles: Are Men and Women Different?
  203. Tennis Clubs In Columbus, Ohio
  204. What do you do to give back to tennis?
  205. 5.0 players in Norcal
  206. Bringing little kids to a pro event- bad idea?
  207. Should I appeal up?
  208. Anyone else returning to play after the holidays and feel sluggish?
  209. Computer Rated DQ
  210. Criteria for self rated players?
  211. Local tournaments in Chicago
  212. Success Defending Against The Net Man
  213. 2008 National Championships
  214. Conflict of interests?
  215. How do you improved your placement?
  216. What team would you play for?
  217. Has anyone ever tried to put together a super team?
  218. Dealing With The Early Invitation
  219. Whose Point Is It?
  220. What type of tennis player are you?
  221. Futures Question
  222. Adult Sponsorship Problem
  223. Captains question...Just wondering
  224. Finding a team?
  225. Going to Sectionals - First time
  226. ALTA C1 playnig in USTA 2.5?
  227. 5.0 or above League in OC?
  228. How would you handle this call?
  229. Large Draw 4.5 NTRP Tournaments
  230. Anyone else not get an offseason?
  231. Is the net taboo??
  232. Maximum Number of Players?
  233. Question Re: Appeal
  234. Rating Type
  235. Needing to find tennis club in Columbus, OH
  236. How Not to Choke in Matches...
  237. Percentage player aka "pusher" or shot maker?
  238. Returning a serve: Do I have any rights?
  239. Congratulations Sou Cal 3.5 Men !!!
  240. Anybody play at roane state league in Tennesse?e
  241. futures
  242. Doctor Phil, Please Help !!!
  243. USTA League Noob.. What should I know?
  244. The Wrongheaded Teaching Pro
  245. National Men's 40s
  246. How to become a teaching pro??
  247. Tens Of Thousands Of Sandbaggers???
  248. Approaching With Your Partner In Doubles
  249. What to do....
  250. Your Favorite Moments in Mixed Doubles