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  1. Any League or tournament players improve at Tennis camp?
  2. Poll: what level are you and where from?
  3. Strangled By Red Tape
  4. Going Full Time at Tennis
  5. doubles
  6. How do you beat someone that stinks?
  7. england/france
  8. I pushed...Yikes!!!
  9. COME ON!!!!! -- does it bother you?
  10. The Biggest Purse In Amateur Tennis History!!!
  11. Congratulations To All Our 2007 League Champions!!!
  12. Change Australian Open date?
  13. Trouble mixing social and competitive tennis?
  14. Playing A Practice Match With Weaker Players
  15. Deleted
  16. question about grievances
  17. Looking for 4.5s/Good 4.0s in Durham
  18. Benefits for being a captain?
  19. Leagues in Boston for 4.0+ Players?
  20. Looking for sandbaggers for 4.0 team in Greensboro NC
  21. Help a Newbie Start Tennis
  22. Tennis Drama..Argh!!
  23. Is It OK To Lose A Game To Win The Match?
  24. Hitting partner around OC...
  25. Does mixed doubles count towards your rating?
  26. Phoenix Area Players - help with tourneys
  27. Whats your worst moment in USTA matches?
  28. Inner Game
  29. The Winter Blues Thread
  30. My Tennis Schedule
  31. To Bend or Not to Bend?
  32. Where are the good players?
  33. Anybody else a Tennislink junkie?
  34. Can you get bumped during the season?
  35. Forehand in Doubles - Outside or Middle?
  36. Serve and Volley vs. Baseline play
  37. Gamesmanship V.S. Sportmanship
  38. Haunted by the Second Set Meltdown
  39. Lansing, MI leagues??
  40. How do you know when you've peaked, and what do you do about it?
  41. Looking for a match in Bradenton 4.5/5.0
  42. Do your tournament wins count towards your end of year rating??
  43. Stories about people 'Losing it' on the court...
  44. 4.5 5.0 looking for match in Tampa area
  45. First Ladder Match Tomorrow
  46. For the TW Ladies: Checket Cup, Les Grandes Dames
  47. LeagueTennis.com Flex Leagues
  48. My Split-Step Killed My Game
  49. Correcting a Score
  50. Getting Hooked on Clay Courts
  51. When does spring season start for you?
  52. Tennis in NW Ohio
  53. Ultimate Tennis League - Anyone play this?
  54. Tennis at Alley Pond Queens NY Sat - 2/9
  55. OMG....Ladies I did it!!
  56. Ever Deal With This One?
  57. Rating from Tournaments Only?
  58. need advice from experienced captains
  59. Two Questions...
  60. Big day today... moving up to 4.0
  61. Fun With Signaled Poaches!
  62. Would you want to know . . .
  63. At what point would you call Fault?
  64. ettiquette quesiton when warming up
  65. Keep-Away: Being the Victim and Perpetrator
  66. Help, I've fallen and I can't get up
  67. How Many Times Has This Happened to You?
  68. Which team to choose?
  69. Sudden Death Deuce: Who chooses which side to receive from?
  70. Is 30-all and 40-all technically "duece"
  71. List of things that drive a captain crazy....
  72. Aussie Doubles Anyone?
  73. question on self-rating former college player
  74. Would You Call and Ask?
  75. Best in Division 1 men's tennis, ITA Team Championships starts today in Seattle
  76. Cindy...you told me so!
  77. American Twist Serve?
  78. What Do You Think When You See Your Court Assignment?
  79. The Golden Rule of a Super Tie-breaker
  80. The Golden Rules of USTA League Travel Team Tennis
  81. Getting Bumped in the Middle of the Season
  82. automated appeal
  83. Slow Comeback...consistency gone
  84. Anyone Got A "Secret" Weapon?
  85. What would you do?
  86. anyone else have this delimna?
  87. Irish Open 2008 Kalamazoo, MI
  88. The Bump Update Thread
  89. Tournament x (DESIGNATED 4.5,4.0,3.5,3.0)
  90. Did the ball cross the net?
  91. Tournament Referee behavior bizarre?
  92. I'm going to start watching my partner hit
  93. Match Tough at Flamingo Park Miami
  94. The sniper
  95. Mixed Doubles Makes Me Feel Impotent
  96. Introducing myself - Looking for help
  97. Anybody Read The New "Art of Doubles"?
  98. Yet Another DQ question
  99. Has this ever happened to you?
  100. Quick Questions About TennisOne
  101. Calling all college club teams
  102. Another ratings question.
  103. The Revised "Art of Doubles": Necessary and Unnecessary Doubles Shots
  104. Samster Vs. Skraggle Exibition Match I
  105. Northern NJ
  106. Revised "Art of Doubles": Proper Court Positioning
  107. Starting a Tennis Club at work
  108. Funniest Serve Ever!
  109. Playing a pusher on clay!!!
  110. Mixed Doubles Question
  111. Gotta Make A Decision About Singles
  112. Lending a racquet to your opponent in a match
  113. am I wrong for hitting an overhead at the net guy?
  114. New England - Central Mass.
  115. When Your Partner Serves From Way Out Wide
  116. Double strategy question
  117. can my wife change her self rating from 3.5 to 3.0?
  118. USTA noob needs advice
  119. To all college club team members, Stories about competitions?
  120. Hitting Partner Cost?
  121. The most matches you can play in one day.
  122. Can't Hit The Broad Side of a Barn
  123. Growth spurts?? Developmental question...
  124. More People Play Tennis than Golf?
  125. Is this ok??
  126. #1 Virginia vs. #5 Texas, 5pm Central
  127. Need Some Specific Drills for Practice Partners
  128. Worst feeling in tennis?
  129. Newbie No More...maybe
  130. The Alternate
  131. The Fast Track To Divorce Court?
  132. What happens if people play the wrong line?
  133. How would you handle this?
  134. The Very Best Feeling In Tennis
  135. A Real Thigh-Slapper
  136. Doubles.
  137. Playing against someone better than you
  138. The Ineffectual Volleyer
  139. Annoying Co-worker Tennis Challenge
  140. Partner yells "YOU!"
  141. Being in D.C. March 9-11
  142. Self Ratings Police?
  143. My first argument with an opponent..
  144. Anyone Ever Claim A Hindrance?
  145. Too cold to play??
  146. What do you think between sets/points?
  147. USTA Teams are starting in Temecula & Murrieta
  148. Adult sponsorship/preferred player
  149. Anyone know the scoop?
  150. Advice for newbie joining USTA adult league?
  151. Forfeiting the second set to win the third set super tie-break
  152. Question About a Player's NTRP Rating
  153. I don't get how becoming a pro works...
  154. First 4.5 Tourney
  155. The Contentious Player
  156. replacing weaker player in lineup with stronger one
  157. Presentation for tennis courts
  158. Anyone in FL tournaments?
  159. Dose of Reality
  160. Avenging your old losses
  161. what can we do about this?
  162. The Domination Thread
  163. Heard a rumor re:can't appeal a benchmark bump-up??
  164. Could I Take A Point Off Of You In Singles?
  165. What, If Anything, Should I Say To A Clinic Mate?
  166. When the lights went out (another rule question)
  167. What is America's tennis hotbed?
  168. Like Ships In The Night
  169. There is NO
  170. Self rating???
  171. An idea on how to combat bad line calls in an unofficiated league match
  172. Just started competitive play
  173. whose point is it if...
  174. USTA question Juniors vs Adults
  175. Orlando Hitting/Playing Partner
  176. How do you fix an error in service order?
  177. Do you try to correct scores entered wrong on tennislink?
  178. Leagues near Jersey City, NJ?
  179. I Need To Play Keep-Away Much Better
  180. Advice Regarding League Play
  181. Pusher or baseline grinder--and does it matter?
  182. Introduction...Hi.
  183. How Do You Raise Your Shot Tolerance?
  184. One-Third Of 2008 Is Almost Gone. Learn Anything Yet?
  185. Winning vs. Ability
  186. i would like to thank
  187. Which unforced error annoys you more?
  188. local league versus post-season play...
  189. Handicapped Singles Match - Against My Wife!
  190. juniors in adult tournaments?
  191. Post Your Official Code Violations Here
  192. Mental Let Downs
  193. Yo, Raiden!
  194. Do you like to "practice" before a match?
  195. Players who warm up forever - annoying?
  196. last time a lightbulb went off in your head?
  197. This is why i play tennis....
  198. Rules for automatic appeal system???
  199. Bank holiday tournament
  200. What would you do?
  201. Rules You Have Decided To Ignore
  202. Question about calling a Let
  203. Noise From Another Court
  204. Universal Tennis Rating
  205. 50 Year Old, Columbia, SC T-ments
  206. Honestly, what do you think of this behavior?
  207. How do you serve during the match warmup? Blast or Bunt?
  208. Raiden, Run Along. There's Nothing To See Here.
  209. Post your 2008 results here: incentives within!
  210. biggest pet peeve in tennis?
  211. first in
  212. Live College Tennis: ASU vs. Stanford
  213. I just hit outside for the first time this spring
  214. NTRP Combo Division
  215. Down Goes Raiden! Down Goes Raiden!
  216. Who wants to play some doubles? (Venice, FL area)
  217. Should I go back to competitive tennis?
  218. That's It. I'm Buying My Own Video Camera.
  219. Maybe singles isn't so bad after all
  220. Used Balls or New Balls For Warmups
  221. I'm having withdrawals..
  222. Seconnd strike notice??
  223. A "Good" Loss followed by a great win.
  224. Rule Question-server quick serving?
  225. tournament effect on ratings
  226. Is there a rule against this, or is it just Gamesmanship?
  227. How to keep head clear - opponent from making comments
  228. Tennis after a day of work at a desk job
  229. Ideas or Pictures wanted
  230. question about serving in mixed
  231. understanding withdrawals
  232. Anyone Playing Internacionales De Espana De Veteranos Next Week (nr Barcelona)?
  233. Looking for 4.0 mens team in Lafayette, LA
  234. Play for the Children Charity Tournament 2008
  235. Tournament play
  236. League Tennis
  237. Challenger vs. Us Open from courtside
  238. Need advice on questioning captain decisions
  239. ideas for forming a doubles ladder?
  240. Needing advice on jitters
  241. College Club Tennis - Citrus Invitational
  242. French Tennis Association
  243. Silly rules to make uneven matches interesting
  244. The Betting Window Is Open!
  245. Second Set Dilemma
  246. New to League Play - A little nervous
  247. Best comeback?
  248. Nottingham, goodbye
  249. Correcting a Ranking
  250. DQ Question