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  1. Open Division Mess up NTRP rating?
  2. Whoohoo...I'd Like to Thank
  3. Worst thing about being a captain
  4. What a tough point!
  5. College Club Nationals
  6. New LTA Ratings
  7. The Tie-Breaker
  8. Rookie captain - any tips?
  9. Do The TennisLink Tiebreakers Make Sense?
  10. Tiebreakers in USTA play
  11. REVISED TieBreaker Poll
  12. A Question About Practice Drills And Deep Volleys
  13. Catching a ball that is probally going out
  14. league ethics - multiple teams
  15. Doubles tournament with partner never played with before
  16. USTA in Jacksonville FL
  17. How do you approach a match with a clearly superior opponent?
  18. Anyone Played World Team Tennis?
  19. Average Age of USTA Players on Your Team
  20. OK, how many live in South Carolina??
  21. Favorite shot?
  22. What is correct etiquette for the following?
  23. 10 point? 12 point tiebreak?
  24. Solo Tennis
  25. Bumped in the middle of the season!
  26. Midmatch problems
  27. Ridiculous Freak Shot Winners
  28. Played 40ish former pro/D1 players
  29. Sand Baggers
  30. What Happens To Your Rating When Your Opponent Says "No Mas"?
  31. Longest singles match of my life today
  32. Play Up Next Year?
  33. Excited for Tournament Season
  34. Tennis Georgia ( Athens )
  35. Open 40's Result
  36. The Single Worst Technical Error You Make Over And Over
  37. chatterboxes- tell them to shut up or not?
  38. USTA tournaments
  39. When you want to win really really badly
  40. 2008 Ojai tournament
  41. League ruling needed
  42. Drakulie: 08 USTA Clay Court Championships Mens 45's
  43. would this player get DQ'd?
  44. Age limit?
  45. Who hear works at a tennis facility or has been a pro?
  46. Heaven Help Me! A Pusher Showed Up!
  47. Body Odor Update
  48. Hit with a 5.5
  49. Any 5.0 players in Central Florida
  50. Any thoughts on hitting good approach shots?
  51. frustrating season
  52. Remedy for USTA rules violation?
  53. Post your trophy collection pics
  54. The Amazing Adventures of Topaz and Cindy!!
  55. Oh man, So Distraught ..but Lessons Learned
  56. 3.0 to 3.5 to 3.0... ugh
  57. I've just gotta ask about matching outfits
  58. Tie Breakers Hurting Standings?
  59. Need help to improve concentration, or else?
  60. Bryant University Northeast-10 Conference Champions!!
  61. motivating partner in doubles
  62. college tennis as a postgraduate student?!
  63. Retired vs. Timed
  64. Phoenix Summer 2008
  65. Say I Decide To Slice . . .
  66. Ratings Question
  67. Problem calling serves in league doubles
  68. You are never to old...
  69. best piece of advice you've ever recieved
  70. Preparing for state tournament
  71. Cheering for an opponent you lost too
  72. getting a sponsorship?
  73. Played a 1.5
  74. Doubles Warm Up
  75. "Here's Why You Missed"
  76. Teaching Overheads
  77. Questions about NTRP
  78. Texan Tennis Players?
  79. Purdue Club Tennis Members Praticing - good photos
  80. A friend of mine is doing something slimey, ratings-wise
  81. A New Excuse To Scream!
  82. Mandatory NTRP for ex college players
  83. Plow factor
  84. Vic Braden's Nephew's at our league !
  85. Getting ready for the Singles League in North Carolina
  86. Anyone here from topeka kansas ?
  87. Question About Being Bumped Up
  88. Strength Training
  89. NTRP ratings and the confusion they cause
  90. 12-point set tiebreak
  91. First 4.0 Dubs Match
  92. Great New Tennis League Available in NY,San Diego, Boston, Chicago, and the Bay Area
  93. South Carolina 4.0 state tourney
  94. USTA State tourney
  95. League 'Sandbagging' Question
  96. Preventing Self Rating DQ's
  97. Can You Place Your Serve? Prove It!
  98. Try this, it worked for me.
  99. how much does it take to get someone DQ'd?
  100. 'Open Players' Tournament Club
  101. Afraid-To-Enter-A-Tournament Club
  102. The Better They Are, The Less They Poach
  103. Worst/Best Tournament Shirts
  104. Winning OR Stroke Game These day?
  105. Tie break positioning
  106. Ambidexterity and tennis
  107. Do you go for your shots or play it safe?
  108. experienced advice needed
  109. Ncaa Division 1 Tennis CHAMPIONSHIPS In Tulsa, Live Webcast
  110. What Do You Do About A Guy That Tries To Hit You In The Head?
  111. I've Played Against Roger Federer
  112. Unsolicited Advice That Might Be Correct
  113. Do Singles Players Need A Drop Shot?
  114. About This Practice Partner Thing . . .
  115. The Mid-Point Soliloquy
  116. Should Foot-faulting Be Allowed?
  117. Mixed Doubles.. the unchartered territory
  118. The Death of 2.5 Tennis
  119. Can a court be too dangerous for league play?
  120. Ever Surprise Yourself During a Match???
  121. Etiquette Question
  122. What's the call?
  123. Heat Wave Tennis.
  124. The Timing Of Calling A Let
  125. Indoor Lighting Guidelines
  126. Inhouse Flex Leagues...anybody playing in one?
  127. Flex Tournament?
  128. Need some USTA help
  129. Rude Folks....
  130. Problems With The USTA ... (They do nothing!)
  131. Anybody going to South Carolina Men's 3.5 tourney??
  132. Another disquieting USTA moment
  133. The Bathroom Break
  134. Team-mate that Throws F bombs during the Warmup, what should i do ?
  135. Ever Had A Blind Partner
  136. Me - 1, Pusher - 0
  137. Pro-am doubles
  138. Newport, RI Tennis HOF hitting session
  139. playing first major zone tournament next weekend
  140. Recommended ladder in San Francisco Bay Area?
  141. Strategies For Sudden Death
  142. Hilarious Toilet Break
  143. Amanda McDowell NCAA Champion!!!!
  144. Interesting situation; serving into the sun
  145. Double bagled tonight
  146. NCAA Championship Slideshow
  147. Any big tournaments in FL or southern area?
  148. Where are the 4.5 women's players
  149. J011yroger's Craigslist Betting Window is Now Open!!!
  150. Should I Kick This Player To The Curb?
  151. Juniors Are *Adorable!*
  152. Juniors Are *Adorable!*
  153. futures wildcard tournaments
  154. First tournament of the year!
  155. Illegal Racquet?
  156. Let's Band Together And Change This Stupid Appeal System
  157. Ever been a pro who didn't start young?
  158. Worst tournament food evar
  159. Head Case!
  160. How does bump system work?
  161. USTA Rating - Golf Handicap
  162. What does your area USTA league calendar look like?
  163. Seniors vs NTRP
  164. Ignorance of tie-breaker rules
  165. A Steaming Plate Of Insecurity With A Side Order Of Pressure
  166. Rule question - net hits racquet
  167. perspective of someone who appealed down
  168. What has tennis come to?
  169. Surrendering A Public Court On The Hour
  170. 7.5 Mixed Etiquette?
  171. Types of opponents
  172. I just played a 2nd Singles match in 3 years, and very confused, Please HELP.
  173. Mixed Doubles - How to protect a powder puff serve
  174. Hall of Fame Grass Court Open
  175. Wrong NTRP rating or not?-Long
  176. Busted Ball
  177. What Ntrp Is This? (video)
  178. Are you a better player this year than you were last year?
  179. Drop Shot Etiquette
  180. Understanding Types Of Ratings: C, A, M
  181. Can't play 7.5 combo?
  182. How Badly Do You Play W/o a Warmup?
  183. Wittiest team names
  184. USA 13 Futures, Natomas, Ca
  185. Can doubles teams change returning postitions between sets?
  186. NTRP rating/Tourney question
  187. 3-1-2 Can't Lose?
  188. Late Season Match Against A Tough Team
  189. USTA Playoff round robin. Who gets in?
  190. Does your club have a formal team selection policy?
  191. Didn't Make The Playoffs. Any Fallout?
  192. USTA Florida - Shame On You
  193. NTRP rating please
  194. moving to ann arbor
  195. State NTRP
  196. Computer NTRP - How is it assigned?
  197. To Default or not to Default?
  198. My observation from mixed doubles playoffs
  199. More Accurate NTRP Rating for $$?
  200. ntrp rating
  201. The English Let
  202. It's so sad...USTA league tennis isn't about "team" it's about bragging rights
  203. Off to Pinehurst for the States
  204. Leaguetennis.com - anyone done this?
  205. OK has this happend to you?
  206. My First Ladder Match is on Monday Please Help.
  207. Oh so close!!! Getting over the 6-7 Hill in USTA League
  208. Question re Timed Matches
  209. so sad and frustrated
  210. attention all
  211. Looking for 4.0 guys in Beaumont Texas area.
  212. Saved 7 sets points and won the match...
  213. Playoff Question
  214. Tennis in San Gabriel Valley
  215. Tennis @ the Olympics
  216. Aggravating Evening!!! ARGGG
  217. I am moving to West Palm Beach
  218. Request: Guide to Getting Started...
  219. Utterly confused on how to play competitive tennis...
  220. Southern Sectionals, Mobile , AL
  221. Is Anyone Going To Try Anything They Saw At Wimbledon?
  222. Combo Captain's Corner
  223. USTA New Flex League
  224. tourneys
  225. rating calculation question
  226. If the ball is out, then call it out!
  227. What can I do to make our tennis club better?
  228. League Format - Just a thought
  229. Should league players know the rules?
  230. Is this difference just cultural?
  231. New definition for sandbagger
  232. Prize awards for a NTRP Championship event
  233. How to compensate for partners weak serve?
  234. Leagues in Mid-Michigan area?
  235. What to do with the player who has recovered from an injury?
  236. What exactly does DQ'd mean?
  237. Tournament rating rant...
  238. Looking to get back into tournaments.
  239. How do you rate yourself?
  240. So this is what it is like!
  241. Finding players of similar ability is hard!
  242. My NTRP tournament wrap-up!
  243. "You suck so bad I'm quitting USTA tennis"
  244. What Would You Do? Son Stood Up Match!
  245. Agoura Hills League?
  246. Has anyone here ever signed up for a pro tournament like a futures one just for fun?
  247. What Exactly Do I Say?
  248. USTA florida
  249. There, There Now. Have Yourself A Good Cry.
  250. Bradenton/Sarasota , Florida