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  1. Self-Under Rated...Any way to fix?
  2. Match results closer across NTRPs as level increases?
  3. USTA in Central PA?
  4. 5.5 tournaments, what is the point?
  5. Watching Tennis
  6. Ocean City, MD Tennis
  7. Should I continue to feel bad about hitting the woman in my mixed match?
  8. "I Can't Believe That After All This Time I Still . . . "
  9. Forget Rating Systems Step up or don't Play
  10. USTA Level for Seniors Tournaments?
  11. 1st serve
  12. Define these terms IN YOUR OWN WORDS as they relate to tennis: Gamesmanship; Jerk
  13. Bittersweet Victory
  14. Early vs standard rating??!!!
  15. What sort of gamesmanship do you engage in?
  16. Won my first tournament this weekend.
  17. Needing to find tennis club in Columbus, OH (one closest to German Village)
  18. anyone have a tennis team sponsored by a bar?
  19. The new USTA website ticks me off
  20. Pop goes the knee
  21. Good sportsmanship: how do you or others show it
  22. I suck at mixed doubles
  23. Why?
  24. NTRP system
  25. Tournament Pressure?
  26. League captaining
  27. Rome 4.0 mens team
  28. League in Delray Beach, Florida
  29. Who here spends the most on tennis?
  30. Who here spends the most on equipment?
  31. When your partner has the better view but you see it as "in"
  32. Backing into Sections
  33. 2009 Appeals?
  34. Self-rated player DQ'd at Sectionals
  35. Researching a future opponent...
  36. Texas Sectionals!!!
  37. Another USAT DQ Question (Georgia)
  38. I went to playoffs and all I got was...
  39. Are there adult pro versions of junior tournaments like the orange bowl...
  40. How many 'suspect' line calls do you accept before enough is enough?
  41. My USTA "Captain" is SOOOOO Lame
  42. "Don't Ever Say 'YOU!' To Me Again!!"
  43. World Team Tennis
  44. I am about done with USTA
  45. The Overhead Put-Away Challenge
  46. Active D1 players in 4.5 league?
  47. Sunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center/Norcal Districts
  48. Are professional satellite tournaments harder or are Futures harder?
  49. USTA.com self rating help
  50. How to get into futures...
  51. The Last Three Things You Learned To Do
  52. Do you agree with this league decision?
  53. How good is it to have 2 forehands?
  54. Has Anyone Ever Died Playing 8.0 Mixed?
  55. Looking to join a USTA league in Pasadena (CA)
  56. Tank 1st Match on purpose?
  57. Playing not to loose
  58. Sandbagging....
  59. How do counted the points of the ranking ?
  60. Played with a GIRL that is supposedly rated at 5.0, Surprising results...
  61. Rude to say "Match Point"?
  62. What is the set-score?
  63. Ever walk off the court?
  64. Florida Sectionals 3.0 Men
  65. Captains questional tactics
  66. Calling out the score
  67. Using hand signals in doubles
  68. Looking for Atlanta (Cobb Co.) USTA Teammates!
  69. Finish a set?
  70. What level am I?????
  71. Downtown Houston - Are there any courts?
  72. Stupid/Quick Question about League Tennis
  73. what do I do?
  74. Is it really whining?
  75. Partners for tournaments versus league play
  76. USTA Membership Discount
  77. talking between serves
  78. For the older or oft injured poster - how many days in a row can you play these days?
  79. Olympic Tennis Coverage
  80. Joining a league?
  81. I Have A Big Problem!!!!!
  82. A switch goes on and suddenly I realize I'm decent at S&V
  83. One Lesson With A Stranger
  84. Hypothetical USTA doubles match rules question
  85. Mental "Lapses"
  86. Mens 4.5 Nationals 2008
  87. Referee at 5.0 Sectionals gives game penalty during tiebreak
  88. Intentionally default matches against sandbagged teams
  89. Important message Major name change for the National USTA Tourney!
  90. Who's heading to Nationals?
  91. My First Tournament
  92. iTennis
  93. Adding a new player - Question for USTA Team Captains
  94. inspiration
  95. Coordinators get paid...
  96. Anyone going to states for Mixed Doubles in SC?
  97. Texas info
  98. Orlando Players?
  99. Found the Love Again
  100. round robin help
  101. Club ladder: How to make it work
  102. Dallas TTW Doubles?!?!?!?!?
  103. Too tired to go to sleep after match play
  104. Check this out
  105. Players without club membership/affiliation?
  106. Help Me - Club Torney Final
  107. Does anyone else get horrid blisters from play?
  108. Pointless to have so many senior leagues
  109. We do so much for junior tennis what about us adults
  110. I Hate Doubles!
  111. USTA Question - How is this possible????
  112. So...what's the weather like?
  113. Just Got Bumped to 4.5
  114. Basel/Lausanne Davis Cup tixs (wherever Federer is playing in 2 weeks)
  115. The cost to play in a USTA league
  116. consolation rounds and ratings
  117. Western (NC) Singles Championship
  118. How does your tennis team run its practice sessions?
  119. certain partner(s) sucks all the energy out of you
  120. video of a 4.5 or 5.0 player?? cant find it anywhere!!
  121. BURLINGTON, Mon and Tue
  122. Quick Question
  123. Palm Beach County 4.5/5.0 Player looking to hit
  124. USTA tennis block party
  125. Default Lima-Peru, Bogota-Colombia, Houston-Usa Anyone? (Ver 3)
  126. Are you always better than your opponent?
  127. Clay Court Tournaments
  128. Do female players use the same NTRP rating as male players?
  129. Doubles changing sides after a set?
  130. Irregular Length Courts: has anyone else had to play on them?
  131. Practice Tips for League teams
  132. USTA Membership Promo Code
  133. objective rating of skill
  134. Alabama Tennis
  135. When you lose the deciding court...
  136. Omnipotence of the USTA
  137. Good DIII 4.0 or 4.5 material?
  138. Leagues in Central New Jersey?
  139. Looking For Tennis In Temecula?
  140. 5.5 Combo League
  141. Smacktalk....
  142. Do you show up for your league matches if you are not scheduled to play?
  143. USTA name change
  144. No more DQ'ing of C or B players
  145. Minnesota players ! I need two for permanent time - details:
  146. Starting a career as a semi-pro/pro?
  147. Have any of you guys ever tried to play a Futures tournament to see if you can do it?
  148. Are Futures tournaments a lot harder than the USTA Adult Open tournaments?
  149. How fast can a 2.0 climb the Ratings Ladder
  150. Etiquette - Time Between Points?
  151. The best of the worst players in the nation!
  152. playing competitively | playing on a league
  153. we make up the matches on time; other's don't
  154. Mixed Doubles League
  155. USTA Ratings
  156. Calling All Topeka Players !!
  157. USTA pics from Nationals??
  158. NTRP vs. ETPRS
  159. Texas76'ers Pro Wild Card Tourney
  160. Senior Tournaments and Round Robin Format
  161. Best tennis town in the U.S.A.?
  162. at 50 do you have to play senior tennis?
  163. 0-5 In League Play = Depression
  164. How long is a DQ effective?
  165. I Think I Maybe Cheated
  166. Does Combo League influence NTRP rating?
  167. Doubles partner behaving badly?
  168. Could this really be true?
  169. USTA ratings cheater in Greensboro, NC?
  170. At what point do you consider a score "competitive?"
  171. Mental Block It Seems...
  172. Too good for 4.0, not good enough for 4.5?
  173. Online Court Reservation System
  174. SC Combo district championships
  175. Asks for the score a nano second before you start your service motion
  176. Moving to DFW area
  177. Pro Set Tiebreaker
  178. Revenge!
  179. Picking partners
  180. question on club courts resurfacing
  181. What is the worst div. III school ever?
  182. Whos Going To Jackson,ms 4 State 6.5 Combo??
  183. Doubles Opponent Complains When I Call Ball OUT to My Partner
  184. Looking for 3.5 and 4.0 players
  185. Email notification??
  186. Clubs with dress codes that participate in USTA leagues
  187. How Generous Are You With Court Time?
  188. Rule Violation or Smart Call
  189. Why Your Opponent Calls In Balls Out
  190. How can I get over choking?
  191. 3.5 Nationals This Weekend
  192. Tennis Elbow, or not?
  193. Could you and your partner win one point ?
  194. Local League play, guy with TERRIBLE gamesmanship, thinks he has a Vendetta
  195. How Do You Practice During the Week?
  196. Local Tournament Directors need players and sponsorship
  197. Hit doubles opponent with serve. whats the rule?
  198. Incomplete individual match
  199. Do USTA Team Captains ever get "Suspended" in your area?
  200. 1st league season--what I learned
  201. Why Tennis Leagues In North Jersey Suck
  202. First USTA Tournament What To Expect?
  203. National eastern mixed doubles
  204. When do the new 2009 NTRP come out?
  205. Tennis Clubs in Savannah
  206. Professional Tennis Rater
  207. Question regarding the futures event
  208. First Tourney Results
  209. Florida Men's Tournaments
  210. want to play up, finding a team
  211. Left out of playoffs :(
  212. Where are the best cities to play tennis
  213. Where are the best cities to play tennis
  214. getting competitive, NYC
  215. k swiss ultimate tennis rip off
  216. Competitive 3.5 and 4.0 players in Charleston, SC??
  217. Can coordinators see NTRP rating??
  218. First tournament ever - how do I warm up with my opponent?
  219. Do you prefer to play singles or doubles and why?
  220. squeaking shoes on purpose
  221. Who Else Hates Their Team?
  222. in need of 5-6.o level hittin partner North Jersey
  223. What to do....?
  224. "Pushers" will make me a better player...
  225. Player who gets move up in Year End Ratings in the middle of a league
  226. Is Tennisengine.com still working?
  227. Many a slip between the cup and the lip...
  228. Publishing Grievance Results
  229. Will ESR become official at end of season?
  230. Tennessee Tournaments??
  231. calling all coaches
  232. Warming up for a tournament match
  233. big hitter, getting older...whats going to happen?
  234. MXD Rating Appealable
  235. Dec 6 & 7 - Adult Doubles Tournament in East Texas
  236. Sandbagger?
  237. Hit my mixed doubles partner on Sunday
  238. Open Tournament
  239. Looking to hit with 5.0 player in L.A. Area (west hills area)
  240. Have you ever seen cheerleaders at a tennis game?
  241. Memphis people???
  242. League Team Names...
  243. Playing Women
  244. Is tennis becoming more popular in third-world countries?
  245. High School Sports
  246. Georgia Usta 2009 Tennis Ratings are out
  247. Can you appeal a B rating?
  248. Norcal-No DQs for B and C rated players
  249. getting into coaching?
  250. Can I play 3.5 League if I self rate 3.0?