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  1. Can you play at USTA leagues at once?
  2. 2008 USTA Clay Court Championships, with photos.
  3. Better system for ratings?
  4. I need help..What should I do?
  5. what would you do in this situation?
  6. Any tips on running a singles league?
  7. Doubles - Partner Etiquette (The Code)
  8. When a weapon is deadly are the reasponsibilities higher?
  9. Benchmark Appeals Allowed In Dallas
  10. Pros and Cons of 10-point Match Tiebreak
  11. Anybody have captains that autoappeal you without asking?
  12. Where aret thou
  13. Best training schedule for the winter?
  14. Rating statistics
  15. I Beat someone who recently obtained a USPTA certification
  16. Flex League in Durham/Chapel Hill, NC
  17. I'm a choker - venting about a blown league match.
  18. I'm a choker - venting about a blown league match.
  19. any good 4.0 singles players looking for a team in Columbia, SC?
  20. ITF Seniors 2009 Tournament Calendar
  21. Poaching
  22. FHs down the middle?
  23. Smart "moves" or gamesmanship
  24. Team name opinion
  25. Sparring Partners in San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay and Silicon Valley)
  26. Vibration Dampener Let?
  27. Doubles--first set loss, switch sides?
  28. Reward! any 4.5 who can beat me in Tampa/Bradenton area
  29. Greatest comeback of your tennis career?
  30. Blogspot
  31. Most match points you have ever saved?
  32. Atlanta doubles team looking for a strong 4.0 team to finish out the season
  33. Self-rating mistake on computer? HELP!
  34. Any players in Ventura, CA?
  35. My Florida Tennis Advenures By RJ
  36. Hitting partners in Fort Worth, TX
  37. Hitting partners in Ventura, CA
  38. Just Got Smoked in First Mixed Match
  39. USTA Flex League: Southern California
  40. Everyone ready for the new league season?
  41. Input wanted
  42. Saturday night matches
  43. Peachtree City Tennis
  44. Davis Cup (Birmingham Tickets)
  45. San Diego WTT needs 4.0 Women Players
  46. Interesting Rule on when you can file a self rate grievence
  47. Australian Doubles
  48. Idaho Falls Tennis
  49. Percentile NTRP breakdown
  50. Tennis partner sites
  51. One On One Doubles...ever play it?
  52. New to USTA Tournies - quick question
  53. Juniors in NTRP Tournaments
  54. Interesting occurence in a match...
  55. Tennisopolis?
  56. Hitting partners in Mexico City
  57. Trouble finding Rated Tourneys in my area
  58. Seek Practice Partner In Houston, Tx
  59. Oh So Close
  60. Hypothetical rules question
  61. Managing energy levels late at night
  62. Longer rallies in higher ratings?
  63. Wild match yesterday...almost brawled.
  64. Tennis Link down
  65. Adult League tennis in Winston-Salem, NC?
  66. Tournament w/$500+ prize money in socal.
  67. my tournament experience - did I get played?
  68. Call question.
  69. USTA Tri-Level
  70. Got slaughtered in 7.0 mixed
  71. 3.5-4.0's near Auburn, Alabama
  72. Need a hitting partner (colorado)
  73. Looking to improve your game while traveling?
  74. leagues in central jersey
  75. Looking for 4.0 team in Winston Salem, NC
  76. Does your tennis club charge a USTA league Fees?
  77. Rule - wind & weather considerations?
  78. Protecting knees
  79. Starting competitive tennis in the US
  80. mixed doubles advice for newbie!
  81. Entering Pro Tournament. . . .at 37
  82. Tennis in ST. Augustine Florida
  83. Can't get out of a long funk of bad playing
  84. Hitting Partner in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco
  85. Aggressive netplay vs. Staring Stupidly - Doubles question.
  86. Strange rules question - views please
  87. Miami Tennis
  88. Shortened Length Matches - league play
  89. Moving to Atlanta advice on ALTA
  90. Atlanta One Love question
  91. What Would You Have Done?
  92. Memphis Tennis
  93. DC, Chicago, Boston, Philly and LA Tennis Leagues
  94. Calling out way before ball hits ground ....
  95. is it time to start a coup?
  96. hitting partner needed---winnipeg, canada
  97. Server calling a let for not clearing a ball
  98. Point penalty question.
  99. Any New USTA Renewal Membership Discount Codes?
  100. another rules question
  101. I'm SO ready to get outdoors.
  102. I just played the worst match ever!!!!
  103. What to do when there's
  104. Looking For Hitting Partners 3.5-4.5+ Moorestown Nj/phila Area
  105. What to do if opponent is intentionally distracting you?
  106. West Michigan 4.5+ Players?
  107. Match Point in Phoenix, AZ
  108. program to create PDF files??
  109. In Dubs Which Do You Like?
  110. Purpose of USTA?
  111. Tournaments in the COLD
  112. What would you do?
  113. Hitting Partner in Staten Island NY?
  114. Hitting partner ( east bay area)
  115. 3.5 Strengths
  116. USTA Flex League - Is it any good?
  117. Switching teams during season
  118. Oddest, Funniest, or Worst thing you've seen in a USTA match?
  119. Rating system for web Tennis ladder
  120. Rainouts
  121. Hitting Partners?
  122. 35 Nationals Competition Level
  123. Hitting partners? (memphis area)
  124. Tournaments in South California
  125. At What Point Does the USTA System Move Someone Up
  126. Where do you live and what is the highest level played in you area?
  127. Hitting serves that are out
  128. USTA mens 50 singles tournaments?
  129. League Scheduling Software
  130. Strategy for ordering team lineup in matches
  131. Usta League Administration
  132. Hitting partner in Tel Aviv ?
  133. Split Up Southern Section???
  134. USTA Noob Questions
  135. Using Tennislink
  136. Samster vs. Saram: Rise of a Tennessee Titan
  137. Sandbagger v. Poser Challenge: OnyxZ28 v. Jayserinos99
  138. Question about League/Tournament Play for Self-Rated Players
  139. Looking for a team or hitting partner (Chicago)
  140. 10 best cities in the U.S for tennis
  141. Would you do the same?
  142. Mens Futures $15,000 Tipton
  143. How is your USTA team doing this year?
  144. Anyone playing in the Maccabiah Games this summer?
  145. How/where to find local tournaments for recreational players?
  146. Can someone please walk me through this?
  147. Ontario Tennis Association
  148. Singles Tennis - Huntsville
  149. Nature Team Tennis event in Washington, DC
  150. Chicago area 4.5/5.0 players looking to play travel tennis?
  151. I'm a Pusher
  152. Took a set 6-2 off a college player tonight...
  153. College Format For League - Opinions?
  154. Tactics Help.
  155. Looking for a 3.0 or 3.5 USTA men's team in ATL
  156. Killing the net player with the ball
  157. Does this win have any merit?
  158. Looking for 3.0-4.0 singles hitting partner in Marietta, GA.
  159. Pairing of players questions
  160. Hating my USTA experience
  161. Are double racquets illegal?
  162. Tennis Tour session signups
  163. The guy who's always late
  164. Confronting a friend in tennis...
  165. The dreaded slump..
  166. Any current USTA Promo Codes for new members?
  167. What are the total cost for playing usta?
  168. Former Division 1 Standout playing 3.5 USTA Flex league tennis
  169. When does USTA Team Start
  170. Tennis partner in Boston area
  171. i suxors
  172. Rule about the netplayer in doubles
  173. Tennis partner in South Bay Area
  174. USTA Membership
  175. That one guy
  176. NTRP Entry Questions
  177. USTA Membership Code $25+Cap valid till May 2009
  178. assaulted at the tennis court a new one for me
  179. Volleyball block in tennis (crazy freak shot)
  180. Washington DC Tennis Leagues
  181. Benchmark bumped mid-year??
  182. Looking for hitting partners in Ann Arbor
  183. Help me manage my sandbagger!!
  184. Severe side spin as a style of play
  185. Am I in danger of DQ?
  186. Perfect Service Game
  187. Ruling: low ball clips post and comes into play
  188. New San Diego,CA. Flex League
  189. Path to 3.5?
  190. Rule about Players switching sides within Doubles match
  191. People that always question your line calls
  192. Discovered Why I Can't Enjoy Mixed.
  193. How do you transfer from one team to another?
  194. I got Rung
  195. itf ve ntrp
  196. How would you consider a close match?
  197. My USTA League Experience So Far
  198. Tournament says (ST Level I 100pts)...and that means?
  199. Somewhat-Less-Than-Excellent Adventures Of Topaz, Cindy & Alice: The 3 Racqueteers!
  200. T2 Atlanta starts this week
  201. tennis partner in Alton, IL
  202. Do you think I can get in D club Intercounty B team?
  203. Anyone in Surprise, AZ?
  204. Is it Okay to Hit Back a Fault?
  205. The Stop Sign On The Court
  206. Where should I be??
  207. What Would You Do?
  208. Why am I so horrible at Doubles?
  209. The Tennis Booty Call
  210. Pros and Cons of Joining a Private Club
  211. ORLANDO tennis players
  212. Returning serve during the warm-up
  213. New Team of Left-Overs with One Great Player
  214. usta membership discounts
  215. The Three-Up, One-Back Formation
  216. Are We Resurrecting Every Thread of Cindy's?
  217. NTRP ranking levels
  218. Irreconcilable Differences
  219. Fairfield, California Hitting Partner?
  220. Tournaments on grass in the US?
  221. painful realization...
  222. Headhunting
  223. Learning To Press The Accelerator
  224. Where do you put the ball?
  225. Is this unsportsmanlike?
  226. An Underhand Serve. How Underhanded.
  227. Busted Racket...Still Playing?
  228. ranked junior self rated 4.0 - is this legit?
  229. Playing with soft Gamma ball?
  230. Why Young Folks Win. . .
  231. tourny draws
  232. League DQ Question
  233. How much time is allowed between seeing a shot close to the line and actually calling
  234. HA, I got the #1 seed in my first adult tourny
  235. 3.5 self rated player on 3.0 team?
  236. Overruling Your Partner (But Not On Line Calls)
  237. Why Old Folks Win
  238. which side at beginning of match?
  239. Clay Court Confusion
  240. Qestions re defaulting a line (USTA league)
  241. can u still LOVE/PLAY tennis w/o being on a 'team'??
  242. Usta 3.5
  243. Gassed After Three Games
  244. Samster versus Saram II: Red Storm Rising and Spirit of a Champion
  245. Who's in the Alta playoffs this weekend?
  246. One of your players gives away the lineup to the other team....
  247. To Touch Or Not To Touch
  248. Huge gap from 4.0 to 4.5 singles?
  249. Would you make this call in a match?
  250. How Come Tennis Players Don't Have Mirrors?