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  1. Using facility courts prior to scheduled match
  2. What to say during handshake
  3. Need scouting report - Dallas Fort Worth
  4. Should There Be A Limit On Playing Up?
  5. Excuses before the match
  6. rec foot faults
  7. "Love-Thirty." (Gulp)
  8. IDEA: Coordinators should play on a different team every year
  9. Singles Sticks
  10. Open Level Hitting Partner in/near Delray Beach
  11. USTA DQ question
  12. Fitting in Tennis with Work and Life
  13. USTA improved tournament links
  14. 2.5 years between stringing
  15. How to beat this player..
  16. 3.5 Ladies Foot Fault Question
  17. So, how do you maintain focus?
  18. How Come I'm Not Holding?
  19. Antidepressants and your tennis game...
  20. Cheaters (heros) vs. Honest Players (villains)
  21. tournament devision codes - what do they mean
  22. Tennis, Lies and Videotape
  23. Holding serve - how important is it really?
  24. Why my slice doesn't jump?
  25. Can a "thwack" create doubt?
  26. Pics from the Phoenix area Summerfest
  27. how many matches to be eligible for district tournament?
  28. Why do so many opponents call out when the ball strikes the line?
  29. DQ: Easier than you think
  30. The Poach Count
  31. Advice Needed: What to self rate?
  32. what do YOU do in this situation?
  33. You make the call ...
  34. Came back from 0-5 down to win a set
  35. Situation in Which You Are Most Likely To Cough Up A Point
  36. Doubles: errors require change of strategy?
  37. Should You Shake Hands With An Opponent That Cheated?
  38. Men's Open Tournament, not sure?
  39. "The Inner Game of Tennis" is my cure!
  40. Hitting partner in Frisco or North Dallas area?
  41. When the opponent doesn't bring new balls
  42. Failing To Serve Out Sets. And Matches. And Tiebreaks.
  43. South Carolina 4.0 and 4.5 state tourney
  44. Are There Errors Here?
  45. Tennis players in/around Augusta, GA?
  46. Favorite Singles Practice Drills
  47. Rules on forfeiting a line in a USTA match
  48. Going At The Net Person
  49. Memphis tennis players?
  50. where can I find latest edition of The Code?
  51. Lordie, Are We Really That Bad?
  52. How do retirements affect ratings?
  53. ...without touching the net?
  54. Philadelphia tennis players!!
  55. Another rules question
  56. Was I really out of line here?
  57. why oh why?
  58. New to Competition
  59. What's there to do after college?
  60. The High-Email Team
  61. Northern Illinois? Tennis anyone?
  62. The Case Of The Tight Service Line Call
  63. Seacoast New Hampshire Ladder
  64. Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
  65. drama & women's tennis
  66. Do you have the right to call your own serve out?
  67. I thought it would never happen again, but...
  68. USTA ******* Open
  69. Tricks?
  70. Good backhand is advantage?
  71. usta tournaments for college students?
  72. south carolina 3.5 state tourney
  73. An Experiment: Winning The Third Set Tiebreak
  74. ...first USTA NTRP tournament...
  75. Feeling bad about a non-call: how would you have handled this?
  76. Lost a set when I was up 5-1
  77. Hiding A Weak Player In Your Line-up
  78. Playing through a bad day
  79. Looking to enter tournaments advice needed
  80. My improvement process
  81. What Do You Do When You're Superior
  82. Moving From The Fun Team To The Competitive Team
  83. How much does a serve potentially change your NTRP Rating?
  84. Gotta Play Some Singles
  85. Entry Fee for 2 Divisions
  86. USTA Leagues 101
  87. The "unsatisfying" win.
  88. An age old question
  89. College Kids in Men's 4.0 Leagues
  90. Help Me Call Out A Teammate
  91. What kind of surface was this?
  92. Doubles Shot Selection Questions
  93. USTA 4.0 league: what's in your bag?
  94. Doubles positioning question
  95. Advice - Specific to tie-breaks
  96. Mixed Doubles - old women, young men
  97. Practice with heavier frames - tournament w. lighter?
  98. Playing Badly In Social Tennis
  99. USTA 3.5 League: What's In Your Bag?
  100. NTRP rating appeals
  101. STACKING: Legal, Illegal, or Just Frowned Upon
  102. The Frozen Partner
  103. Round robin format in league matches
  104. Dynamically DQ'ed --- Why
  105. Playing USTA tournaments - help?
  106. TennisLink Tournaments
  107. Your longest tie breaker?
  108. What is an "A, B, C, etc" Player?
  109. What's Great About Your Doubles Partner?
  110. DQs at States/Sectionals
  111. Why Was My Teammate DQED?
  112. usta nat'l clay court 35's
  113. Competitive tennis at my age and situation...
  114. something is fishy do you agree?
  115. Rules help: Defaulting a line
  116. 3.5 - 4.0 strategy
  117. Typical USTA match or Exception to the Rule ? SandBagged and STACKED.
  118. Beat 3 Benchmarks, Auto bump to 4.5 next year?
  119. He keep telling me what to do...
  120. Waterloo Open
  121. Will I get bumped down
  122. Ladies, How Are We Feeling About Mixed?
  123. Winning 2 More Points????
  124. Ever play anyone that hits the ball like 30 mph
  125. Avoiding My Singles Nightmare Scenario
  126. Holy Crap - Half My Team Disqualified
  127. san francisco combo team need players
  128. What do you consider a good season
  129. Question re: playoffs, DQ's, new computer ratings
  130. flex league question
  131. Who decides an appeal?
  132. Question registering for a tourney???
  133. Suggestions for getting your teammate out of a funk
  134. How Far In Advance Do You Set Line-ups?
  135. What the HECK ? Lost 4 matches in a row in USTA tennis.
  136. is coaching allowed in usta league play?
  137. I threw up yesterday
  138. Any TT'ers in Wellington, FL?
  139. What Rating Am I/What Should I Play At?
  140. Is Racket/Ball Abuse Mostly A Guy Thing?
  141. Reflections Of A Would-Be Singles Player
  142. Anyone from the Washington D.C. area that can help me?
  143. Anyone from the Atlanta, GA area who can help me?
  144. What are your favorite jokes during a social match?
  145. Tennis players in or around Charleston SC
  146. Clay courts
  147. any tters in notre dame?
  148. First Time Tournament Any Suggestions Tips
  149. An Open Letter Of Apology To All 4.0 Women
  150. Tennis Dating?
  151. Salt Lake 3.5 player moving to the Bay Area wants advice
  152. Interesting League Match Last Night...
  153. Switching grips suggestions
  154. Uh oh - is my teammate in danger of being DQ?
  155. Any 4.0/4.5s to hit with in SoCal?
  156. Div. 3 player needs to self-rate
  157. Ran out of gas last night
  158. Rubber fitness tube for pre-match warm-up
  159. Last minute help. PLZ
  160. Nastiest Spill Ever
  161. tennis ladder in Greenville, South Carolina
  162. The Etiquette of USTA Singles
  163. Question: If my opponent doesn't call my serves/ shots out should I?
  164. How to play under hard condition - WINDY
  165. Anyone in Louisville, KY want to play?
  166. 2nd serve ace discrimination
  167. Tournament preparation
  168. Anyone a member of tennisdc?
  169. Southern Sectionals
  170. Competing at age 19
  171. Free tennis membership
  172. Signing Bonuses
  173. Benefit in "Playing Down"?
  174. USTA Adult League 4.5
  175. Practice Partner: What's Normal?
  176. DFW 5.0 looking for a practice partner
  177. USTA VA State District Championship Draws are out!
  178. When do ESR's come out?
  179. Women vs. Men
  180. Against all odds
  181. "Law And Order" On Court C-3
  182. A guide to managing one's rating
  183. NTRP and Open tournaments in the Pittsburgh area
  184. The Pitfalls of "Open Grading"
  185. hoping to not get bumped up.....2 years running
  186. USTA NTRP Rankings Update
  187. Threatenned to be banned from USTA for a year?
  188. Continuance rule?
  189. State Junior Ranking, can you rate 3.5?
  190. Best way to secure indoor court time
  191. when does the next USTA league start?
  192. Drinking on the job
  193. USTA tournament schedule of play
  194. Another good one for the USTA!!
  195. Mixed Doubles Etiquette?
  196. Crazy ruling on court
  197. mixed doubles shouldn't affect NTRP rating
  198. Does FlexLeague count toward your NTRP rating?
  199. What do you think of usta flex leagues?
  200. More Delay tactics
  201. Doubles Strategy Discussion with Partner before League Matches
  202. How do I join a league?
  203. Rule question
  204. Too late to join a USTA team for NorCal?
  205. time between 1st and 2nd serve?
  206. A new low in USTA leagues
  207. What does mean when a tournament is "designated"
  208. USTA Tri-Level League
  209. Tournament Sandbagger
  210. Do NTRP doubles results affect NTRP singles rankings?
  211. Help with doubles net play…
  212. world team tennis
  213. Banana facts
  214. Rajeev Ram video?
  215. So Angry!!!
  216. Geoff and BounceHit's Excellent Tennis Adventure
  217. How to Wreck a Season in One Set
  218. When USTA actualize the player ratings???
  219. What the Pros must feel like...
  220. What does mean when a tournament is "open"
  221. Different rating system at tournament
  222. Foot Faults
  223. ntrp ranking question
  224. Switching Racquets?
  225. Individual Match Wins versus Team Wins
  226. Another USTA Stink. Dynamic Rating computer doesn't account individual ability.
  227. Does tournament results affect your NTRP??
  228. Holy Bat, Man!
  229. Where do I find tournaments?
  230. Hooked again!!
  231. I loved playing in America
  232. 3.5 Southern Sectionals
  233. Thanks KEVO!!!!!
  234. Bye's stink
  235. Any 4.0-4.5 Players in San Jose area
  236. I am scheduled to possibly play 5 matches tomorrow in 95* heat. Any advice?
  237. what do you do about no-show defaults in league?
  238. "Hi. My Name Is Cindy. Now What?"
  239. Drill/hitting partner in D/FW area....
  240. Tennis League Idea - Opinions?
  241. USA: The South? The *******? West? Or some of the big cities?
  242. Are most 3.0 players lousy servers?
  243. No more automatic appeals!!
  244. Suspended for Life
  245. What would you do?
  246. A serious question - Can I throw-up between points?
  247. So. What's Everyone Planning for the Fall Season?
  248. Can i make my own usta team and compete?
  249. Made-up rules among friends...
  250. Ladder