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  1. Is Division II and III College Tennis really 3.5?
  2. Longest match you've played?
  3. First thread in a new subforum!
  4. New forum
  5. Mission Hills Nationals
  6. NTRP Year-End ratings?
  7. Los Angeles Tennis League
  8. Local team leagues
  9. Boston, LA, Chicago, DC and Philadelphia Tennis Leagues
  10. creating a USTA team
  11. Appeals question
  12. NorCal USTA Problems
  13. self-rating
  14. Any northern NJ leagues?
  15. Any Westchester County USTA Leagues?
  16. Tournament switch from Junior to Men/Open
  17. Combo League
  18. USTA League, why play????
  19. Colorado Club Tennis
  20. Brooklyn? Williamsburg?
  21. Prizes?
  22. USTA Rating
  23. any players from Milwaukee?
  24. Love never dies?
  25. T" rating??
  26. Boston leagues starts on Nov. 30th
  27. Usta rating question
  28. Posting of South Carolina Appeals????
  29. bumped up after 2 matches?
  30. Tennis Rating System
  31. Today, December 1st, is the last chance to sign the USTA Petition
  32. No Dynamic DQ for Adult/Senior League Players with a solid Computer Rating?
  33. Is A Self-Rated Player Protected From Disqualification If She Plays Up?
  34. im 19 what do i play
  35. How an I play with more people
  36. Do Players Have to Cheat to Win?
  37. Kevhen, Ya Jinxed Me!
  38. DC / NoVA Tennis League
  39. 3.5 Texas
  40. Holding Tryouts For New Players
  41. Deleting a thread
  42. Changing A Self-Rating
  43. Player DQ'ed and Replaced by Bumped Down Player
  44. rating question
  45. Played as a sub in a 3.5 league.
  46. What would be an average ranking for playing Divison 1 college tennis
  47. 2007 mixed championship
  48. Just drew my old high school coach in state tournament
  49. 3.5 playing in an Open tournament
  50. How can I find out if my section has a "Timed Match" rule
  51. Playing in SLO
  52. Another sandbagging thread
  53. Philadelphia Tennis League
  54. The USTA rating system is BS!!! My story
  55. *Free* Find A Player Services
  56. Early Start (Fall) USTA leagues
  57. ? for South Carolina league players
  58. Anyone at 4.0+ without high school or college experience?
  59. Are usta league players restricted from wearing facial piercing?
  60. Debating on playing in a tournament but .....
  61. Some Good Pics I found
  62. Started a 3.0 in April.....
  63. Ratings Degradation
  64. Chicago Tennis League
  65. Should I Push For Singles Specialists?
  66. This Just In: USTA Not To Penalize Norcal 4.0/Backesto Park Team!!
  67. USTA Lifetime Membership
  68. How to pair up for mixed doubles
  69. Permanent Partners for Doubles
  70. Bad League Playing Experiences
  71. 4.0's and 9.0 mixed dubs
  72. WTT leagues--anyone playing?
  73. League Scheduling Software
  74. Indoor Tennis
  75. new ALTA mens team needs players
  76. Doing A Line-Up For The Season, Or Match-by-Match?
  77. Players Overrating at Norcal
  78. Difference between Applicant and Competitor on Tennislink
  79. League Coordinator thinks I'm sandbagging
  80. TennisLosAngeles now broken down to 6 playing location
  81. Methodist PTM or Ferris PTM
  82. i want to play in 4.0 , how can i do it ?
  83. USTA ratings discrepenies
  84. College Story
  85. Wprst Tournament Conditions
  86. Western NY Tournaments
  87. USTA Team Registration Fees Increase 17%
  88. Ratings Appeal
  89. How to search non-league players on Tennislink?
  90. How do I enter an "Open"?
  91. promo code for usta?
  92. USTA Rating?
  93. Adult practice/training/instruction.
  94. high tech help
  95. Best Shot You Have Ever Hit!!!
  96. Taking up tennis
  97. Boston Tennis League
  98. Can someone explain sandbagging?
  99. 4.5/4.0 player last year playing in 3.5 division in a tournament
  100. M I D W E S T Clay Court Tournament
  101. usta eligibility
  102. not enjoying league tennis
  103. Start your own tennis tournaments
  104. Philadelphia Tennis League
  105. Why?USTA Southern has just changed their USTA Southern League Rules
  106. For tournament success do this!
  107. Tennis Survey - less than 5 minutes
  108. USTA Tri-level league
  109. Trying to decide what to do with a weak player
  110. Orange County, CA Tennis Tourny/Leagues?
  111. Looking For Doubles Partner In North Ga/atlanta (stone Mountain) Tourney
  112. Question on dynamic ratings
  113. Looking for a hitting partner in Montreal. Level 4.5 +
  114. Quantitative ratings for 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0???
  115. Thank Your Friends
  116. Ever win a match by superior fitness?
  117. Age-based Bracket Question
  118. lost due to cramping...should i have just retired? advice please.
  119. watched a 9.0 mixed match
  120. Latest results from my team
  121. What skills are most important for singles specialists?
  122. More Rating Goofiness
  123. My First Bad Experience in League Tennis
  124. tournament question
  125. Comeback after ACL Surgery
  126. Raiden, We Need A Fourth!
  127. At what age group level do 4.0-4.5 players become competitive?
  128. Tournaments in New Jersey
  129. Anyone Here From The UCI Tennis Club?
  130. recommendations for my match tonight
  131. Rating of former pro racquetball player
  132. San Diego teams/leagues?
  133. Bringing heat, so I can bring heat.
  134. Tennis BC
  135. What is life like at your USTA level?
  136. Excellent 4.0/4.5 Team Tournament at Tops'l in Destin, FL
  137. San Diego Tennis League - North County Tennis
  138. Hard Hitters
  139. Bad night at the Tennis Clinic
  140. Your Best Tournament Win
  141. Hey Mate - It's the Davis Cup!
  142. USTA Players-do your teams play in order of strength?
  143. Does playing & winning on certain lines help you move up faster?
  144. Your ;ast Match
  145. High level play rating.
  146. 365 sets in 365 days?
  147. Minimum NRTP Rating for ex-collegiate player
  148. Do your players/teammates attend team practice?
  149. Your Last Match (Doubles Edition)
  150. Should Dynamic Ratings be Available On-line?
  151. Sites for doubles strategy?
  152. ATTN: Texas People
  153. When Does It Become Unethical To Play Up?
  154. Tennis League Software
  155. fee for usta league
  156. Looking for more players for my 4.5 team
  157. Minimum Age To Play Adult League
  158. Rankings the old A,B,C way
  159. Where's all the Ohio 3.5 players?
  160. A Trip to Greece/Questions about Court Surface
  161. NTRP should be separate for doubles?
  162. Female Tennis Players Needed for Orange County, CA League Team
  163. Anyone playing Delaware USTA tournament in March?
  164. Suggestions on improving team.
  165. How do you handle a cheating opponent?
  166. Tennis Los Angeles starts Feb 27th
  167. Your First Tournament Match
  168. making Coaching a career?
  169. Anyone here playing USTA leagues in Manhattan?
  170. USTA 2007 Rankings
  171. Warm up for Match (you get hit winners)
  172. TennisDC's Spring Outdoor Season starts March 12th
  173. Looking for hitting partners in West Los Angeles area.
  174. How much have USTA link fees been raised?
  175. NTRP rating question
  176. TennisDC starts March 12th
  177. Those serves are long right??
  178. If this racquet weren't so expensive, I would smash it
  179. If you played college tennis?
  180. TennisPhilly's Spring League starts April 16th
  181. Dropping Down A Level
  182. How Old Are You Guys?
  183. How quickly does your 'real world' NTRP level drop through inactivity?
  184. Benchmark players?
  185. illegal serve?
  186. Playing Friends in a Tournament
  187. Horrible Experience with Tanking Opponent
  188. Waiting for Spring to Put the Smack-Down on a Co-Worker
  189. The Two-Player Rule
  190. Does Stacking Really Work?
  191. Anyone Have A Rivalry With Another Team?
  192. Tournament with low turnout
  193. TennisDC questions
  194. DC Metro USTA leagues?
  195. What Should I Do With This Player?
  196. Winning: Is It Worth It?
  197. Any players from London here?
  198. How do you look up USTA players?
  199. Isn't this weird?
  200. Team with wide variety of players.
  201. When is it appropriate to critique teammate's form?
  202. PW: Nice going on making the finals
  203. Saved By A Try-out
  204. Team Building
  205. Reason why club ratings and USTA ratings differ
  206. Metro Boston outdoor league starts April 10th
  207. I hate whiners!
  208. Have you ever had an epic rain match?
  209. New ad campaign for tennis
  210. In USA are there tournaments for money ?
  211. Drills That Teams Can Use Without A Coach
  212. Frustration!!!
  213. IWTG Men's Championship
  214. My worst experience at a tennis match
  215. Finally Won My First League Match!
  216. Would you take a default?
  217. League Matches on Mother's Day?
  218. What happened to full 3set usta matches?
  219. For all you USTA players, funny article in April's Tennis magazine
  220. Playing the 90-minute timed match
  221. Does anyone have any experience with ALTA?
  222. Bummer. I'm Off The Team Already
  223. Who gets benched when there's a default?
  224. Metro Chicago's Spring League starts April 24th
  225. Anyone else get their invite to the clay court nats today?
  226. Outpushed by a non-Pusher
  227. Mixed Feeling About Mixed
  228. 1st American Speedminton Tournament
  229. Beating Lob Queens
  230. When you've got a target on your back...
  231. Looking for 5.0's in PA/NJ
  232. if you were a captain, would you hate me for not wanting to play singles?
  233. player was late to a match- how to handle it?
  234. Self-rating
  235. Self-Rated Players and dynamic NTRP
  236. KSwiss ratings vs USTA ratings
  237. Was he a Jerk?
  238. Another jerk story... hehehe. Kinda long.
  239. Video of Pusher?
  240. Head Games
  241. Looking for 3.5-4.0 Level Females in Mpls
  242. So Cal Men's Opens
  243. ATP Points
  244. experience from my First real match, first tournament
  245. Any good Tennis Tournament software out there?
  246. Any tournaments in NYC?
  247. tournament and only one opponent in my draw
  248. Why do you play USTA League tennis?
  249. Division 2 tennis?
  250. Metro Boston and DC leagues start on Tuesday