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  1. Your Best Shot?
  2. Eastern Southern vs. New England (Connecticut)
  3. itf juniors
  4. How good are the kids
  5. Type of Player at a Tournament?
  6. Back-toBack "Teen Tennis" title for Kozlov
  7. Section rankings?
  8. Texas junior scene: Dallas vs Houston
  9. Tactical - Workshop Notes
  10. Im a HYPOCRITE!!!
  11. How a soccer (tennis) star is made.
  12. Looking for Jr coach in St. Louis
  13. Wilson sponsorship
  14. Any good camps or clinics in St. Louis?
  15. Question about Boy's 18 Tourneys
  16. A Canadian Playing USTA
  17. new youtube video - possible college
  18. USTA Tournament frustration (Warmups)
  19. Djokovic and I hope it doesn't happen again..
  20. USA's Henrik Wiersholm wins Les Petits As Boys 14
  21. Cut off for USTA National Open L2 tournament in February (b14s,b16s)
  22. Question for parents of juniors
  23. Sponserships
  24. Lose too much school days from tournaments
  25. Please explain jr. Tournament levels :-)
  26. very very tough loss
  27. California Bowl
  28. How to tell a coach you don't want to be taking with them anymore.
  29. Opinions on practice structure
  30. Opinions on Quickstart
  31. 6 boy draw ?
  32. Opinion of Mike Miller tennis academy in St Louis
  33. Need advice on how to reintroduce daughter to tennis
  34. Mary Beth Hurley
  35. duval wins
  36. Bathroom Break
  37. Tough to find matches for my 14 y/o daughter..
  38. how to deal with people accusing you of cheating?
  39. 20 girls draw
  40. Sarasota, FL Tennis Academies
  41. Segodo Tennis Academy
  42. Salem Ohio, 25th and 26th
  43. Ranking points vs More Competition?
  44. Points For National Tournaments
  45. All upper level sectional tournaments draw reduced?
  46. Wow, this is a great read.
  47. TennisEurope
  48. tennis recruiting
  49. Any juniors from France that post here?
  50. Its Amazing What Parents Will Do
  51. Junior Racquet question
  52. Europe VS South America
  53. Which is more important: high school or USTA record
  54. National 18's Ranking and ITF
  55. What do point levels in USTA Junior tournaments mean?
  56. Cheating
  57. Junior Tournament Players
  58. Larger Grip
  59. Phoenix tournies?
  60. Jr. Tennis 8 & under
  61. split step
  62. Reviewing notes on a changeover?
  63. Drastic changes by USTA neccessary?
  64. Rain Related Off Court Training
  65. Tennis and Life Camp in Minnesota.
  66. Tennis For Tourette's Tournament
  67. Ranking question
  68. Obama fights obesity with QuickStart 10 and under
  69. Any experiences with PATTA Jr. League in Philly?
  70. In my next tournament
  71. Indian Wells pre qually
  72. BNP Paribas Open Kids Day - Defending Champion Ivan Ljubicic To Appear
  73. Wilson
  74. Any great tips for the BNP Open next week?
  75. am i making exuses?!
  76. Input from coaches please - HS doubles
  77. Quetsions about tournament
  78. Orange Bowl to be played on clay
  79. Any update on the Chung brothers. IMG
  80. Sports Psychologist
  81. How long does it take for rankings to update?
  82. J. Mcenroe coaches are "overqualified" to teach Manhattan recreational players
  83. To Buy or Not to Buy a Ball Machine
  84. Who is in Georgia?
  85. The Next Sharapova 2015
  86. Playing with a 3 year old
  87. Junior tennis around Paris France?
  88. New TRN ratings out
  89. Jeremy Efferding, Next Top US prospect.
  90. USTA Jr. Development Goes Brad's Way
  91. Tryouts syndrome?
  92. Houston (USTA) we have a problem
  93. Scorekeeping by kids
  94. Advice for first time in a USTA tournament
  95. String and tension for juniors
  96. Time To Reduce Draws Sizes for National Championships???
  97. Tennis Recruiting
  98. Carson and Easter Bowl Acceptance
  99. USTA, should go back to old ranking system
  100. USTA Volunteer positions. Have you or would you?
  101. itf
  102. How imporant are stars on tennis recruiting?
  103. Fore hand for young girls
  104. Structure of Junior Competition
  105. USTA, doubles is important
  106. Anyone heard of this coach...
  107. Modeled forehand
  108. USTA Florida adopts QS for 2012.
  109. Keeping JR players healthy
  110. Teaching volleys to JR's
  111. Average minimum ranking for Southern Bullfrog G14 entry
  112. Training, heat, and getting lightheaded
  113. This deserves its own thread.
  114. When a kids is ready for start tournament ?
  115. TRN Consideration of Losses Due to Injury
  116. Easter Bowl Wildcard
  117. Outmatched
  118. Ranking
  119. What racket do you use?(juniors only)
  120. Drills and training techniques for Juniors
  121. TRX Training System Safe for Kids
  122. Tournament schedule for Boy 16's
  123. Congrats Rubin
  124. Question about amateur eligibility
  125. High School problem
  126. Physical time and court time
  127. Doubles for college
  128. First tournament and no one will give results
  129. How much do you play
  130. Mini Tennis (Quickstart)
  131. The official Green (dot) Ball Tournaments Drills information thread.
  132. Article on Ingreed Neele on yahoo news
  133. British Junior Sues coach...
  134. Departure from a coach
  135. 4 star tennis academy Virginia
  136. Pro Tour 630....
  137. New Tennis Champion on the way!
  138. Making the move from 26" to 27"
  139. Junior Tennis in Northern California
  140. Tips - groundstrokes 9yo?
  141. Serbian No Model vs. USTA Model (spoiler: less is more)
  142. Reebok Junior Academy? in NYC
  143. Usta
  144. Lauren Davis "Tennis" mag. article
  145. Could developing competitive Jrs simply disappear
  146. cute video
  147. Question about value of group drills
  148. Anyone else poor and tired of competitive tennis costs?
  149. Definitions needed
  150. Julia Oloughlin
  151. Yonex contact info?
  152. Varsity High School Tennis problem..
  153. Rankings question
  154. Overnight Junior Academies?
  155. Is It Illegal To Change Racquets During A Match?
  156. Advantages of Volleyball shorts
  157. New 2011 Easter Bowl videos are posted.
  158. Anyone been to Florida tennis camps over the summer?
  159. Quickstart in Tennessee A Hit
  160. Ball Boy
  161. A Question for Dallas Oliver (Tennis Recruiting)
  162. 2011 white house easter egg roll
  163. Junior racquet grip sizes
  164. Marketing Quick Start
  165. Dunlop D-Squad Concerns
  166. Advanced Junior Summer Camps
  167. Points per round question
  168. I hate HS coaches who condone cheating
  169. Clemson Summer Camp
  170. teaching the serve
  171. What equipment do you use? Racket, Apparel ect. (Juniors)
  172. Determining Draws/Seeds and Tournaments run by Academies
  173. Tournament results question
  174. TRN Question
  175. Newbie question
  176. When/if to push a child in tennis?
  177. Is it ok to tell your child that he will never be a pro
  178. Aussie under 12's junior off to the french open and europe tour.
  179. USTA Training fault
  180. Santa Barbara High School
  181. slow swings - just a tip
  182. Top Jr Tournaments
  183. Southern junior Tennis players- people you see being successful in the future?
  184. NCJAA restricts foreign players
  185. Babolat aero or pure storm or Wilson blx for 11 year old girl ?
  186. How important is the everyday competition?
  187. Saw some great tennis at Southern Little Mo
  188. Red clay courts in America
  189. The One that got Away!
  190. 32 Draws at last weekend's Level 2 Nationals.
  191. Having a 4 Star (or 3 star) 6th Grader (or 7th grader) repeat their grade?
  192. Interpreting the TR RPI Ranking
  193. Babolat Package?
  194. The elimination of GREEN BALL altogether from competition by 2013 !!!!!!!!!!
  195. Middlestates Girls
  196. Online and Homeschooling Preparation
  197. Juniors Playing Doubles
  198. New Tennis Juniors
  199. Tournament Images
  200. Where is NumberOneCoach? Bring back the spicy threads!
  201. Doubles and rank.
  202. Question Regarding Zonals/Kalamazoo
  203. Rule Question
  204. Serve efficiency in juniors
  205. Head Preferred Player Package
  206. String Set Up for Green Ball
  207. How Heavy A Racquet for 10.5 yr old Girl?
  208. Tennis coach in s Florida to teach serve volley
  209. Pictures of your equipment
  210. Cheating
  211. congrats Bjorn Fratangelo
  212. Interesting article about Weil Tennis Academy
  213. 2011 Easter Bowl on Television
  214. Maze Cup
  215. Star Rating Opinion
  216. Being considered amateur or pro?
  217. Stuttgart Junior Development
  218. High School Coach Discounts?
  219. Just registered for my first tournament
  220. USTA Florida "New Modified 11 & under division"
  221. Happy Fathers Day tennis dads!
  222. I Love Boca!!!!
  223. how to get better after being hammered !
  224. 4 star recruit?
  225. New TRN Problem
  226. OTA Provincial Qualies
  227. I had a bad day...
  228. Commentated Tennis Matches
  229. Need help in the Phoenix area
  230. Playing in a tournament this week, have a few questions.
  231. Tennis Academy's
  232. Racquet sponsorship question
  233. Norcal sectionals b18
  234. Coach Recomendations for So O.C.
  235. Wimbledon Juniors
  236. Babolat sponsorship deal
  237. How can I get a scholarship thru tennis?
  238. Coach recommendation in St. Louis needed
  239. junior tournament
  240. Wildcard information
  241. Southern California SectionalsI
  242. Socal Sections Boys 14 Too Many Defaults
  243. Division 3 school USTA ranking?
  244. Good coach in Paris
  245. Jose Higueras Tennis Academy
  246. Zonals Team Event vs. L1 Clay Court Championship
  247. St. Louis MO Lessons, Tournaments & Leagues for Teens?
  248. Eastern grip for first serve
  249. Reo Asami vs Gage Brymer
  250. Junior Tennis Fremont