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  1. Gym and Tennis on the same day
  2. Zootennis: My Response to Wayne Bryan's Letter to the USTA-PT1
  3. Zootennis: My Response to Wayne Bryan's Letter to the USTA-PT2
  4. it's tough being a tennis parent
  5. My response to Wayne Bryan QS 10 and under letter to the USTA
  6. Wayne Bryan has his ideas, we have some of our own
  7. Colette posted Wayne's response to her response to his letter.....
  8. "Serve doctor" near Boca?
  9. Playing tennis in the snow
  10. SoFla Draws for 12s-14s very small how's your area doing
  11. Little Mo worth doing?
  12. Another question for the pros
  13. usta flordia
  14. Stretching Routine
  15. doubles for jrs
  16. Finding informal matches
  17. Coed 10 and under?
  18. Playing Up
  19. Slumps: Keep Playing or Take a Break?
  20. Likelihood of Tennis Scholarships for Girls
  21. How to beat a very high ranked player
  22. Has Anyone Looked At The Wait Lists
  23. Racket recomendation
  24. Junior Help
  25. Small minded tournament directors
  26. Article about National Tournament Schedule Changes
  27. USTA Seeking Junior Tennis "Letters to the Editor"
  28. Anybody else locked out of Tennis link?
  29. how to build reaction
  30. Safety for Juniors
  31. McEnroe responds to Wayne Bryan's letter
  32. Miami Plaza Cup -Robert Gomez select his own student instead of alternates
  33. First Time Coach
  34. How would you improve the USTA
  35. Does tennis help a students socially?
  36. Usta State Ranking
  38. USTA why not take up Mr. Bryan and Collette's Challenge? 100 regulation vs 100 10U
  39. Florida & Southern regions merging?
  40. Usta Revolution Bring Coaching To The Masses
  41. is it too much to expect to a teenager to keep his emotion in check
  42. Johan Kriek tennis academy
  43. Bryan v USTA now in The 'Bag
  44. Revised USTA Proposals for National Junior Competition Structure
  45. tournaments/ why not Saturday?
  46. Dallas, your thoughts on USTA
  47. Mini tennis- Research project
  48. Tough Call
  49. Summer tennis tour/trip
  50. Junior Team Tennis Santa Barbara 2012
  51. Kozlov vs. Wiersholm etc.
  52. TRN Star Ratings in competitive sections vs others
  53. Is There a Code of Conduct for Parents at USTA Junior Tournaments?
  54. First High School Match of the Season
  55. A decision to make.
  56. I really want to go D.I
  57. Choking?
  58. The "John Isner" of the 14s?
  59. Recruiting Video Company Looking for Advice
  60. Foam Balls to Improve Racquet Head Speed?
  61. Juniors and Prize $$
  62. Junior Tennis - Limited Practice Partners
  63. first time playing can beat a 4.0?
  64. In Boca next week?
  65. another route?
  66. Up To You! Call Your Sectional Office!
  67. Looking for a good academy in So Cal
  68. Panama Bowl 2012 Finals
  69. Options post USTA changes
  70. Talent vs training
  71. USTA Sectional Opens Counting for TRN Rankings - 4/1 - 7/31
  72. Bring back T.C.F
  73. Calling numberonecoach
  74. ProTour630....
  75. Quickstart rocks...or does it
  76. From Zoo tennis - interview with Ronnie Schneider
  77. Reducing my travel costs in future. Thanks Uncle Pat!
  78. Juniors' Complex Serving Motions
  79. Summer Camps in New England?
  80. Match preparation
  81. Full Western
  82. Any Experience with Nike Tennis Camps?
  83. 26" racquets
  84. USTA taking over USPTA ?
  85. Tennisrecruiting
  86. Suggestions on demo
  87. Claremont I.T.F
  88. USTA Release Sample Calendaer: 2014 National Junior Events
  89. Zoo tennis - Women/juniors - dreaded grunting
  90. Losses outweigh the wins?
  91. Taylor Townsend
  92. A Crazy Tennis Mom Gives Advice on Dealing with Losses
  93. International Spring Championships
  94. Easter Bowl B18s
  95. 8-year old forehand please comment
  96. Better to stay in your own age division until you age out or play up?
  97. Advice to Parents
  98. Are your kids always eager to go out and practice?
  99. What to expect, u16 to u18
  100. What do you see? what to work on? appreciate!
  101. USTA Development system is not the only one struggling to produce
  102. All U12 will be GREEN BALL By June 2012
  103. NorCal kid wins Easter Bowl ITF....
  104. Balance between power/topspin at young age?
  105. Any advice is appreciated.
  106. Myrtle Beach Tennis Center
  107. Frustration over national open
  108. Ivan Lendl Tennis Academy
  109. Change at the John McEnroe Academy?
  110. short arms, busty - backhand
  111. Only 1 singles event in USTA?
  112. Time for a new racquet?
  113. Are you threatened?
  114. Matchplay video for college
  115. Overhitting the Ball
  116. Life lesson learned from junior tennis
  117. stringing cost
  118. Struggles with Tennis Ontario
  119. Ten and Under Tennis (TAUT) USTA's new endeavor?
  120. Awful behavior on the courts
  121. "Going Forward and Playing Aggressive Tennis with Craig Jones Tennis Academy"
  122. Jr tennis is like stock market; from tennisinsiders.com
  123. If you could go back, would you have chosen tennis?
  124. Home schooling versus traditional schooling
  125. How much do coaches make?
  126. Parents/Coaches Put On Notice
  127. My Groundstrokes
  128. Who's Up & Coming in USA Juniors ???
  129. How much do tennis pros make? Prize money earned from Futures Tennis Events
  130. 8 year old moving to 27 inch Racquet
  131. Global competition starts early for American Juniors
  132. Parents Behavior - an honest question
  133. Good coaches for 6yr old in upstate south carolina
  134. Racquets for girls
  135. What would you do on a bad call?
  136. Double Faults
  137. Group vs. Individual lessons
  138. NCAA championship livestream matches
  139. Rackets for a 10 year old?
  140. An Article About Francis Tiafoe
  141. Summer tennis camps: what age?
  142. Racquet flies out of hand
  143. Easter Bowl 2013?
  144. State Singles Tournament
  145. Doubles Only Tournament
  146. Interested to Know how 10 and under tennis is going? is going in the USA
  147. USTA match, opponent disappears to the bathroom for over 3 minutes during changeover
  148. Need a Wilson racket suggestion
  149. How to contact Patrick McEnroe??
  150. I want to start playing tournaments..
  151. teaching theories for 9 year old
  152. 3 Singles Matches and 1 Doubles Match per day is too much to ask from Juniors.
  153. Tennis recruiting rankings seriously flawed
  154. Warmups for junior lessons?
  155. Points should not be given for withdrawals
  156. How hard is it to play Ivy League tennis?
  157. How hard is it to play Ivy League tennis?
  158. They do not eat banana any more? what do they eat now?
  159. Any thoughts on these two rackets for a 10 year old?
  160. Junior players on red clay vs. har-tru
  161. Tennis coaching programs for parents who choach their kids
  162. Questions regarding tennisrecruiting.net
  163. Fist pumps after first game?
  164. Foot problems - Severs disease
  165. Poll: Do you want to see college tennis on TV? Please vote
  166. Stroke production vs. Footwork?
  167. What Are They Being Taught?
  168. How to deal with EXTREME hooking?
  169. Sean Hannity Vs Usta
  170. how does the USTA division thing work?
  171. Nike Camp Spokane vs. Adidas Camp Seattle
  172. Points for default
  173. Top Junior's Thread
  174. Match in extreme heat
  175. Match in extreme heat
  176. Don't understand how Winning points move a child up in ranking
  177. Question (require answer)
  178. Does Donald Young have a younger brother?
  179. Beating the better player
  180. Training the week before Clay courts
  181. HowHHis can I start playing competitively?
  182. No more Borg's or Evert's?
  183. Canadian Juniors at Wimbledon
  184. What I hate about Junior tennis. Kids, read this
  185. A different kind of jr tournament
  186. Won my 2nd consolation title!
  187. How much are the Full Time Tennis Academies?
  188. Usta fixes draw? boys 14s clays
  189. My Training videos in barcelona spain
  190. Match Intensity
  191. Wild Card Question
  192. Fun vs Form
  193. Should she change her playing style?
  194. why do not they post draw, but the future match info report?
  195. Withdraws in Designateds
  196. What to do about cheating in tennis?
  197. ITF Junior Tennis
  198. Interrupting a server's rhythm
  199. Clay Courts
  200. Anyone sponsered by dunlop?
  201. apparal packagaes
  202. Please critique this 7-years old
  203. Juniors playing against adults? Opinions?
  204. usta jr team tennis is jacked!
  205. what aspect of your game do you need to improve most to get to the next level?
  206. Clay Courts - 18's - Finals
  207. The day before a tournament
  208. Did anyone notice that
  209. Tom Walker On USTA Schedule changes
  210. What to do with a gifted kid
  211. Day before a tournament
  212. Wonder how many times Ryan Harrison was suspended as a junior
  213. The Hannity Poll
  214. How to turn a heavy spin serve into a flatter serve
  215. grip change and technique change
  216. 2012 Nats at the Zoo
  217. usta equivalent ranking of 2 star junior
  218. Tennis Academies
  219. Patrick McEnroe at G12 Super Nationals
  220. Technifibre?
  221. Rackets
  222. USTA Rules: Who Cares?
  223. When to pull the plug
  224. From The Heart
  225. Wow!!! Free!!!!
  226. Tennis Academy
  227. tennis tournaments for players over 18?
  228. Housing academy kids
  229. Question about long term retention
  230. Up and Coming 12s and 14s
  231. Petition to amend 2014 USTA Jr rules
  232. Money and how good your kid can be.
  233. Functional "Minor League"
  234. Its good to be back!
  235. Itf Tournaments In New York Or Other States
  236. Ugg, must vent!!
  237. USO Juniors
  238. Chiropractor
  239. Is it worth filing a protest/complaint?
  240. Up for Sale
  241. Why even play competitive tennis?
  242. Shame on the Junior Tennis Community
  243. Tennis Ref Charged with Murder
  244. If you want a Kalamazoo T-shirt that badly Lew will send you one.
  245. Coaches eye app
  246. Talent Code
  247. What to do???
  248. Ice Baths
  249. Boys Junior US Open 2012
  250. How young you started (paying) for your child's lesson?