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  1. Hey juniors, do you stretch.
  2. Worst Section in USTA
  3. Which wing is more solid for you?
  4. How do I find my ranking?
  5. Mississppi Juniors
  6. stringing advise
  7. Pushy or Supportive Jr parents, Reality or Fantasy?
  8. So Cal Fires. Will Yamasaki be cancelled?
  9. Foreign College Tennis Players
  10. best comebacks in a tourney
  11. High school tennis
  12. How do you know if your good enough?
  13. need some help with ntrp rating
  14. Speed and weight transfer help
  15. What do you have to do to get your rank to show up?!?!?!
  16. Sectionals Are Another Level
  17. National Open Nov. in Orange County, CA
  18. HS Tennis Practice Feedback
  19. Lead Tape to Rackets
  20. Tournaments in Missouri valley
  21. How many bounces to fence?
  22. Multi-Sport players
  23. Quick Answeres Plzzz!!!!
  24. HELP with high ranking phobia!!!!
  25. doubles???
  26. yes, finally!
  27. First Usta Tournament.... WOO!!!
  28. Swallowing more than pride...
  29. How often do you come to the net?
  30. Boys 18s Players In San Diego
  31. Those of You Who Lift or Want To Lift Weights! Read Here
  32. Any Videos?
  33. Wondering
  34. could i get a prefered player pack.
  35. Tweener
  36. What's in your bag? [Merged]
  37. Has anyone heard of Rachel Horton?
  38. does anyone subscribe to tennisrecruiting.net
  39. does anyone subscribe to tennisrecruiting.net
  40. Andrew Gregory
  41. how do i get pacific sponsor
  42. pacific sponsor
  43. Tennis Warehouse Teams Department
  44. For southern section
  45. WHAT type of Racket, Shoes, Bag, Clothes, strings, etc. Do you use?
  46. Here is the REAL competition
  47. Offical Thread of Eddie Herr
  48. non-usta tournaments
  49. usta membership i.d card
  50. Is no showing after draw cheating?
  51. And speaking of expense
  52. College Tennis
  53. Moonballers
  54. Chris Hoffman. Ring a Bell?
  55. playing up in Texas?
  56. yonex sponsor
  57. Best Junior Tournaments
  58. What does it take to be good?
  59. Need help: newbie with tournaments
  60. Best Shot
  61. Best Coach in Southern California
  62. Know a child prodigy? Don't brag, post a video instead!
  63. Best fitness retailers on or off line
  64. Tips on improving and learning from mistakes?
  65. ? for dallasoliver
  66. Doubles Toruney
  67. Rank US juniors individual shots
  68. Junior tennis is great in the USA
  69. Ratio for practice?
  70. Rankings are not important
  71. how many tournaments do you play a year?
  72. Offficial Thread of the Orange Bowl
  73. Anyone here play junior team tennis here?
  74. USTA junior team tennis
  75. Best and Worst D1 College Tennis Coaches
  76. Ignatik for real?
  77. I Formation in HS?
  78. Dream matches.
  79. reo asami switched to 03 sp black???
  80. Junior Tournaments
  81. is this right????/ plzz answer this question...
  82. Which Class is strongest?
  83. College Tennis...
  84. How good (NTRP) are B16s?
  85. Jr. Orange Bowl
  86. Official thread for the USTA National Winter Championships 12s and 14s in Tuscon, AZ
  87. How's Your HS Team Looking This Year
  88. B16 NorCal rankings
  89. Tournament/League Question
  90. Stringing Machine
  91. How to start in the Juniors...
  92. tecnifibre sponsorship vs. dunlop sponsorship
  93. Bollettieri
  94. What's with this black clay?
  95. Offical Copperbowl Thread
  96. Calling Kcraig
  97. Junior With the Best Chance of a Pro Career 2
  98. Which Grand Slam is the toughest?
  99. response
  100. Nike Tennis Camps 2008
  101. Usta...
  102. Sponsorships...
  103. Wats up with Harrison?
  104. Good clubs for kids in Toronto ?
  105. Rudeness on Tennis Court
  106. Best Tennis camps
  107. I Just signed up for 2 Tournaments lol
  108. ***Tecnifibre Sponsored Players Club***
  109. Back to Basics
  110. A problem...
  111. Faxing off Credit Card Info
  112. fischer
  113. wun·der·kind (vʊn'dər-kĭnd', wŭn'-)
  114. bouncing back for tryouts
  115. Blisters
  116. Junior Sponorships
  117. Nike, Inc. Product Testing
  118. Companies That Sponsor High School Teams?
  119. British Juniors
  120. High School Tryouts
  121. Tomic Video
  122. Tennis in Texas
  123. Filip Krajinovic
  124. socal
  125. best juniors is the "nation" age group and why?
  126. What seperates the best jrs?
  127. MidSize
  128. General Question
  129. Serve and Volley
  130. British junior sent home from AO
  131. New Nike Tennis Camp @ Uva
  132. when should the draws come out?
  133. worst
  134. Rhyne Williams - not it in the Australian?
  135. college forum
  136. Help!
  137. which camp for my daughter?
  138. British Juniors Question.
  139. Camp in Toronto Canada
  140. sponsorships/preffered player packages
  141. Yay!! Finally I See Bernard Tomic Win A Title...
  142. High School Oregon players
  143. I have the ability but not the money!!
  144. Les Petits As 2008
  145. What a joke
  146. Yonex sponsorship
  147. When does your HS season start up?
  148. Notre Dame Tennis Camp
  149. What is the latest on that tennis junior Deja Kitchner?
  150. thoughts on new singles ranking includes doubles
  151. how do you rate yourself?
  152. Played a 2.5hr match yesterday...
  153. paying for a tournament
  154. Questions For Sponsored Juniors
  155. Giants Rock Da House!!
  156. Tennis Half Sponsership
  157. any kid or adult know the IHSA illinois high school sport rules
  158. If you could change tennis...
  159. I am 16 years old
  160. Bolletieri Camp
  161. Varisty Tennis
  162. Financial support for great talent!
  163. First Win!
  164. Avoid Choking
  165. Prince Players Package
  166. Avoid getting down early
  167. Serb tennis academy pics
  168. Bollitieri's
  169. Hurts to Serve
  170. Question for Juniors Who Are Southpaws
  171. Student in colorado
  172. Babolat sponsorship
  173. [Retitled] Hating Tennis Held Me Back ...
  174. Who have you seen in most matches?
  175. 2008 World Junior Tennis - Who is going to be representing your country?
  176. Who do you watch play the most?
  177. The absolute NECESSITY for any player.
  178. Tennis Europe
  179. Who Buys Your Racquets?
  180. for TennisCOach FLA
  181. Recommended tennis balls
  182. City of Oakland Junior Open
  183. High School Tennis
  184. apologies
  185. Junior Colleges in California
  186. philosophy on tournaments
  187. stringing machine or no stringing macine
  188. What would you do
  189. High School Tennis Players in the Bay Area
  190. inexperience mistakes?
  191. What does it take to obtain a ranking?
  192. Backhand
  193. Is this possible?
  194. Boys 14 novice tournament
  195. Best Youth Tennis Academy in So-Cal
  196. Strings for almost 8 year old
  197. Tecnifibre just for string
  198. Van Der Meer, SC
  199. How can I get my tennisrecruiting star up?
  200. Is my ranking on track?
  201. Have you ever gotten so angry from winning?
  202. Any Juniors from the Northern Section
  203. Sports Psychology-Mental Side of Tennis
  204. Getting rid of the nerves?
  205. Safinism
  206. Could a top ranked junior easily make Varsity in their Freshman year?
  207. Here we go..last high school season (any reflections are welcome)
  208. Question for nationaly ranked juniors
  209. question about tennis team
  210. new tennis season
  211. USTA Tournament points
  212. who is Kevin cox
  213. Plateaued-Now What?
  214. Didn't make the team
  215. High performance junior training north phoenix
  216. How to play a lot of different people...
  217. Go to College or Go Professional?
  218. Anyone else coaching Junior-6?
  219. points outside of your section
  220. what should i do
  221. High School Tennis in Southern California
  222. need help for an upcoming match
  223. New Forehand Video
  224. WHo do I contact for a Wilson Preferred Player Package?
  225. Playing an oppenent I lost to before
  226. Videos of all my game!
  227. Tournament Help Please
  228. Does anyone know..
  229. Getting Nervous
  230. why
  231. Good luck to all H.S. Players in your season.
  232. need help with spin generation
  233. Has Anyone Heard Of...
  234. USTA question
  235. Futures L6 Boys 16s
  236. Junior Clinics and such in Los Angeles
  237. Son of %#^@%!!!
  238. Anyone know of some downloadable match scorebook pages?
  239. Anyone in the UK play tournaments regularly?
  240. Pegged opponent ... won match. (Oops!)
  241. Ruling on NTRP Combo
  242. tennis affecting friendships
  243. How to find hitting partners?
  244. Does USTA do enough for guys??
  245. Myrtle Beach Mayor's Cup Junior Tournament
  246. Good things to do over the summer?
  247. California
  248. Best summer program in NYC? West side, Randy Mani, Cunningham or Robbie Wagner?
  249. How best to handle a pusher?
  250. Hitting partner in bergen county...