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  1. For juniors, Obviously?
  2. Tournament
  3. Things you're sick of being told
  4. Fremont Junior Challenger Dec. 25-29
  5. practice/training
  6. Any Mid Atlantic Juniors on here?
  7. Any Middle States Juniors on Here?
  8. Videos!
  9. Any ******* Juniors here
  10. Your current Ranking(s)?
  11. Any Juniors from London here?
  12. British Juniors?
  13. Codewords
  14. north carolina juniors?
  15. Any juniors here from Michigan?
  16. I am so sick of other juniors, they lack PERSONALITY!
  17. Any New England juniors?
  18. how to enter tournaments
  19. Nerves...
  20. mental game
  21. Tennis Australia Juniors!!!
  22. Any *******/Ohio Juniors in here?
  23. Supers in Arizona
  24. Any Juniors in Northern Jersey?
  25. Any junior here is ILLINOIS?
  26. What Levels?
  27. Tennis Recruiting Network
  28. Does anyone here take "supplements" or anything to enhance performance?
  29. Juniors close to Shreveport, LA
  30. How old were you when you started serious lessons ?
  31. Frankston Summer Classic
  32. Specification for RQS 11 Asian and US version.
  33. usta team tennis at indian wells(juniors)
  34. Orange Bowl
  35. Anyone play ZATs?
  36. Where to begin with tournaments?
  37. Won a tournament but bad mannered?
  38. getting started in tennis OUTSIDE of school
  39. Ever heard of this player?
  40. Florida leveling and eligability
  41. Videogames, do they make you play worse?
  42. Becoming a professional player?
  43. Ever Been to Kalamazoo?
  44. Your Equipment
  45. Big difference between age groups?
  46. Local Coach Recruiting in Norway
  47. What would be an average rating for a Division 1 college tennis player??
  48. one handed and two handed backhand
  49. Teaching PRO/Jr. Lesson Plans
  50. Junior Teams
  51. Consolation Draw
  52. Levels of Junior Tournaments
  53. Replacement USTA cards?
  54. What wound be rating for top 5 southern california 14's player?
  55. Just curious...
  56. American College system
  57. Jumping(Skipping) Rope
  58. Tournament today.
  59. Bernard tomic
  60. Junior rating
  61. Methodist PTM or Ferris PTM
  62. Anyone Playing In Toledo?
  63. after you hit, where are you looking?
  64. How many tournaments do u play year
  65. itf tournament
  66. 1 hand or two hand?
  67. Your Longest Skid!
  68. Your opinion, fellow juniors.
  69. Houston or Texas juniors?
  70. need 2 find a high level coach?
  71. um...so how good are we all?
  72. US National Tournaments
  73. A ? about the junior 12s...
  74. How high is everyone ranked around here?
  75. anyone here on a school tennis team?
  76. Bernard Tomic
  77. Juniors: Pre-Tournament Stress
  78. Training, Your Gym Workouts and Conditioning
  79. Where can i find a high level coach
  80. A.O.2007 Junior RESULTS
  81. Best Junior Member on the site
  82. getting started in USTA torunaments
  85. Future Tennis Goals
  86. tennis elbow
  87. That special coach
  88. Whole Bunch 'o Questions! (sort of)
  89. How Heavy is Your Racket?
  90. Anyone playing National Opens in Feb?
  91. Eastern Mass Juniors?
  92. WTA new Women's RANKINGS after the A.O.2007
  93. ITF New Junior Boy's RANKINGS after A.O.2007
  94. Getting racquet back faster really important?
  95. ITF new Girl's RANKINGS after the A.O.2007
  96. Petits As, Tarbes. Boys 12-14, RESULTS
  97. Les Petits As, Tarbes > Girls 14. RESULTS
  98. SoCal juniors : Eligible vs Ineligible
  99. Tennis Survey - less than 5 minutes
  100. Anyone on here from New Hampshire??
  101. Are any of you juniors from New York?
  102. Glide Bar vs......
  103. Won my tournament!
  104. How does a junior get ranked?
  105. Going to by first USTA match Soon
  106. ITF New Junior Boy's RANKINGS, updated Feb.05 2007
  107. ITF New Junior Girl's RANKINGS, updated Feb.05 2007
  108. a month til spring tryouts
  109. What to do when a guy is cheap.
  110. Looking for a USTA Tourney..
  111. Quarters against the 4th seed.
  112. First Tournament In a Week
  113. im new
  114. Things I think about
  115. How Do I Get Involved in Tournaments and such?
  116. what do you guys do when..
  117. >TO THOSE WHO CAN HELP ME< How can i get sponsored by HEAD?
  118. blisters and what not
  119. Starting out and such.
  120. Norcal juniors
  121. Again, sorry. I have no idea how.
  122. NaTiOnAl Open
  123. Where are junior Americans playing this week ?
  124. Where are junior American Girls playing this week ?
  125. New Junior Player...
  126. favorite junior tournaments???
  127. I'm happy even though I didn't make it?
  128. where to train in nyc?
  129. tennis season
  130. When do teams normally start?
  131. Tennis in the north!!
  132. what age does Junior League stop at?
  133. USTA National Open 18's in Hawaii
  134. I got a prefered player package
  135. Adelaide 18/u ITF Tournament
  136. just got offered a half sponsorship from Pro Supex
  137. Anyone from Nashua, NH?
  138. Racquet Length (time)
  139. Anyone who plays HS tennis
  140. Read this thread.. can't be bothered explaining anything in title.
  141. How competetive is the 16/u in the New Jersey area?
  142. Tennis in College
  143. anyone from Carolina
  144. 16 Year Olds Unite!
  145. Big Day Tomrrow
  146. How to impress the coaches?
  147. anyone know how i can convince my parents?
  148. Doubles vs. Singles
  149. Grip Size
  150. It is one thing to lose to a friend, but a girl!
  151. Go on the high school Team?
  152. How many sponsored college players?
  153. Aussie Sponsors?
  154. doubles partner
  155. Newks tennis camp
  156. Nike vs. Adidas Tennis Camps?
  157. Point penalty?
  158. Kirschbaum`s sponsoring junior player !!!
  159. how many rackets do yall have
  160. how do you change names?
  161. No tournaments around here??
  162. Nyc
  163. Saw a HS tennis coach with book with discount tennis stuff
  164. Blister on palm
  165. USTA systm for a Brit
  166. 17 year olds unite
  167. Mike's satire on the modern game: an intelligent junior player's point of view.
  168. Sponsorship question
  169. Can i be good at singles and bad at doubles?
  170. sydney australia
  171. Where does everyone train?
  172. When did you switch from 26" to 27" ?
  173. College tennis in US - help please...
  174. First Match of the Year...Finally
  175. Did I make the right choice?
  176. Hurt my ankle playing tennis.......
  177. Big Jump for me!!
  178. H.S tennis Fundraising
  179. bollitieri academy review
  180. Hours on the court
  181. HS Tennis Season
  182. Questions about serving
  183. USTA. Jr. Team Tennis
  184. First Hs match
  185. i didnt make my middle school team
  186. is it wrong to play down
  187. Ohio juniors
  188. how to handle flukie loss at school
  189. how to make up for lack of match experience
  190. terrible weather
  191. haha
  192. Is it bad to play with a high net?
  193. Tournaments In New Jersey? ..and Advice
  194. i won district freshman doubles
  195. Longest Winning/Losing Streak in League
  196. Tennis Camp!!
  197. The day before a big tourney...rest or practice?
  198. sliding on clay
  199. Eastern Sectiion Juniors
  200. Icy Hot During High School Matches -- Allowed?
  201. USTA levels
  202. Australian Tourneys
  204. Bolleteri's camp-any experience
  205. whats the ms on court coaching rule
  206. Playing a tournament this weekend
  207. Lole.
  208. UK Junior Club League
  209. Suggestions for Juniors playing in the sun? Sunglasses? Visors? Other?
  210. im afraid
  211. USTA tourneys? When don't points go towards rankings?
  212. The toughest mental block
  213. Worst ever Tennis experience?
  214. USTA Junior- Sponsor ship info
  215. Looking for definition of satellite & challenger...
  216. heeh Im in school!
  217. Just got USTA membership...Set goals on a my first tournament!
  218. Nike Contact Info
  219. Did your HS coach make cuts?
  220. Official Thread Of The Texas Junior Section!
  221. any advice to a newbie to usta tourneys?
  222. starting tennis
  223. did your team make playoffs?
  224. What do you do to find good match to play?
  225. Qualifier
  226. Boys 12's National Players
  227. ITF in waco, tx
  228. may classic rose park Abilene TX 18-20th
  229. New York Junior Tennis League
  230. Nationals!!!!
  231. nATIONal open 12's
  232. Warm-up Nerves
  233. Players that play 12 and under in the US and are in the EasternSection
  234. best junior here?
  235. mayor's cup 2007 in new york
  236. Jim Courier and Todd Martin
  237. USTA tournaments in NJ
  238. Serve & Volleyers
  239. Anyone here from Austin?
  240. What is your preferred tennis shoe?
  241. Tournament Registration:32.00$ +
  242. Toronto Junior Doubles Tournment
  243. Summer Tennis Programs
  244. USTA or High School Tennis?
  245. 1st Summer As A Serious Player
  246. Head Hunting @ high school matches
  247. Central Floridian Juniors? Anyone?
  248. Should I put in a tennis court?
  249. How hard is it to become a top 250
  250. Any advice on having a one-handed backhand?