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  1. Is Mac the best 50-year-old to play the game (thus far)?
  2. Agassi Open
  3. Chrissie's hidden grand slam past
  4. Lendl at his best...manhandling Johnny
  5. How many former world #1 players have developed and/or coached a world #1 player?
  6. Most aces in his carrer
  7. SAmpras Serving with Aggassi's Racquet
  8. Worst serve among former number 1's
  9. Top 3 Grasscourt Players of all time.
  10. Who had the better backhand?
  11. Best Running Forehand(s) of all time.
  12. Andrei Medvedev
  13. Best Overall Groundstrokes ever
  14. Boris Becker Serve Grip
  15. an interesting exercise:approach for the match.
  16. Michael Chang playing doubles
  17. Navratilova and Evert careers without the other one?
  18. 1986 LENDL v BECKER #1 Year End Masters Video Highlights
  19. Greatest Forehands of All Time
  20. Best forehands among the Pro women
  21. Why wasn't the Arthur Ashe Stadium named after Jimmy Connors?
  22. Sue Barker could hit! Great ground strokes.
  23. Great Interview with Fred Stolle(doesn't hold anything back)
  24. Women's and backhands.
  25. Why did Muster struggle in France?
  26. Virginia Wade
  27. Evonne vs Virginia Wade
  28. Comic Relief: Becker injects himself awkardly
  29. Which McEnroe book?
  30. wilander was a pusher
  31. Sampras builds the perfect player from his rivals
  32. champions tour tournament in Chengdu
  33. One MEAN forehand (with pic)
  34. Myths you would like dispelled
  35. Does Agassi truly hate tennis?
  36. Ken Flach: Genius
  37. Short article on Roy Emerson
  38. Greatest Serves of All Time
  39. Best Tennis Movement of All Time
  40. Sampras ‘disappointed’ by remarks in Agassi’s book
  41. Who was more aggressive off the backhand wing? Federer or Sampras?
  42. Was the Edberg serve a "real" kick serve?
  43. why doenst anyone ever talk about rene lacoste?
  44. How good are these players? (Now, of course)
  45. When Ladies were able to play tennis
  46. Edberg's record in aussie impressive.
  47. Playing majors in 4 decades
  48. Agassi Archives needed...!
  49. Stats for 1981 AO Final (Martina-Chris)
  50. Champions tour questions
  51. The one bounce serve and volley
  52. Interesting Donald Dell interview
  53. Who Is Ashley Cooper???
  54. Phillippoussis comeback...
  55. Korda's slam given to Rios?
  56. The unusual case of Arthur T. Myers, tennis player and doctor
  57. Grand Slam for Fed?
  58. Noah/Leconte, Flach & Seguso 25yrs on: No hard feelings ?
  59. Is this the most obnoxious generation?
  60. small s&v-player
  61. Martina won the singles & doubles at 13 majors
  62. Could Sampras or Agassi make it to a major final now?
  63. What happened to Guga Kuerten?
  64. Female Number Ones by Year
  65. Who was the first sucessful tennis player to use polyester strings?
  66. Serena Williams vs Billie Jean King
  67. Dominant Tournament Statistics
  68. Ivan Lendl will play an exhibition match April 10
  69. Safin's 2000 US Open racquet ??
  70. Rosewall or Borg on CLAY - ?
  71. ATP considering returning to wood rackets ?
  72. McEnroe v Borg at the Newport 2010 wood racket grass event
  73. Excellent Brad Gilbert interview link
  74. Why Laver didnt win a slam after 1969?
  75. Did Agassi make his forehand takeback more compact as years went on?
  76. what's the painting agassi sees at the louvre?
  77. The Story of the Homburg Cup (1894-1914) - An important early German tennis tournamen
  78. Safin To Join The Champions Tours
  79. Safin is BACK!
  80. Need help with an Agassi picture....
  81. Poll: Favorite Safinisms
  82. Boris Becker, wife welcome a son
  83. Marat is back...
  84. Unbelievable Ignorance of Some Posters
  85. Has this ever happened before?
  86. The Ultimate Safin Performance?
  87. The Complete Game of Tennis is Dead
  88. Question for the older dudes... about Borg
  89. Old Roddick vs "New" Roddick
  90. Kraijicek's racquet at the 2000 us open
  91. Zina Garrison Yonex history
  92. Stats for 1984 USO SF(McEnroe-Connors)
  93. He's baaaaack...#2
  94. Looking for Marcelo Rios matches on DVD or VHS......
  95. Birthday for Tennisarchives
  96. 2005 Nadal, most exciting clay court player ever?
  97. Agassi book question
  98. Was Borg considered Boring?
  99. If Micheal Chang played in the 80's
  100. It's Up to John McEnroe To Stop Borg
  101. highest ATP points
  102. Sylvia Hanika - French open finalist/Avon champion
  103. King /Navratilova volleys
  104. Video of Gonzalez d. Laver at Madison Square Garden?
  105. Louise and Margaret
  106. A lot of talk on Serena and Venus...
  107. Greatest Passing Shots of All Time
  108. Lack of Stan Smith videos
  109. Comparing current players to previous era
  110. Stats for 1984 USO F(Navratilova-Evert)
  111. Andre Agassi Education Foundation
  112. The story of the men’s singles event at the early German Tennis Championships (1892-1
  113. Agassi was to play Aussie open in 1990?
  114. Stefan Edberg's Kick Serve grip
  115. Upcoming exo planned: Pavel v McEnroe
  116. Best slice among players with 2H BHs
  117. Volvo Masters at MSG - "They reminisce over you"
  118. Hardest GS Final to watch (for a fan)
  119. Roscoe Tanner: He doesn't take checks ....
  120. Top 15 Greatest Tennis Records of All Time
  121. Boris Becker: Vastly Overrated?
  122. Beautiful
  123. Wikipedia-tennis-articles now on books?
  124. Safin stunned by Ferreira in Champions Series debut in Rio
  125. Pete Sampras a bad tipper,Andre ruined the show!
  126. who was at fault during the Indian Wells EXO?
  127. Ivan Lendl - Ready to Play!!
  128. How would you respond if you were Pete
  129. Waht does a former champion owe the sport and the fans?
  130. Is the present game actually EASIER?
  131. Things get ugly between Agassi and Sampras
  132. Best backhand and forehand combined
  133. Who Rates higher all time- Hingis or Gibson
  134. Who didn't Samprass tip, and how does Agassi know about it?
  135. Sampras Responds
  136. The Tipping Joke Was Hilarious!
  137. greatest RIVALRY of all time?
  138. Two Tennis writers' views of Hit for Haiti incident
  139. Exhibition matches
  140. Agassi Book: OPEN
  141. Caesars Tennis Classic Sampras Diss
  142. Who's the greater philanthropist - Sampras or Agassi
  143. Nobody can be considered the greatest of all time?
  144. What about Ashe?
  145. Who rates higher all time- Graf or Serena
  146. Who would have the edge- prime Graf or prime Capriati
  147. Rank the 1 slam winners for women
  148. A different kind of GOAT thread
  149. Capriati on Graf in '03
  150. Becker vs Edberg
  151. Lendl v Wilander
  152. Marat Safin?
  153. Disrespectful Egomaniacs
  154. Who remembers Shlomo Glickstein?
  155. Top 10 players of the open era?
  156. Agassi To Play McEnroe At LA Tennis Open.
  157. Petr Korda clothing brand?
  158. Rank the 2 slam winners for women (and Capriati)
  159. Rank the 1 slam winners for men
  160. Rank the 3 slam winners for women (minus Capriati)
  161. Best Autobiography of a Tennis Player ever?
  162. Pat Cash to host a new CNN monthly tennis show (Why, oh why?)
  163. some new youtube clips
  164. Best Running Forehand ever?
  165. if Steffi Graf had no dad scandal blackmails in 1990?
  166. Lendl "comeback"?
  167. ITHOF: Will/Should Hingis Be Inducted?
  168. Better Grasscourter: Roddick or Agassi
  169. I've met Mats Wilander and Mikael Pernfors yesterday
  170. Cliff Richey - the bull
  171. A Pancho Gonzales Serve Picture...
  172. Who would you pick for one match for your life?
  173. safin racquet and tension.
  174. What would the blonde in this video do with today's top players?
  175. Early tennis tournaments in Germany (1892-1914)
  176. Better Claycourter: Federer or Kuerten?
  177. How many slams would Seles have won without the stabbing.
  178. Mecir still playing?!
  179. Lendl v. Wilander, April 10th 2010
  180. Best Running Backhand ever?
  181. McEnroe discusses rivalries with Jimbo, Borg and Lendl
  182. rare one on one QA with Yevgeny Kafelnikov
  183. Navratilova has breast cancer
  184. instead of doing what ifs about Seles...
  185. Martina Navratilova Fights Breast Cancer
  186. THE CONCISE HISTORY OF TENNIS by Károly Mazák from 1877 to 2009
  187. WTA players who missed a great chance to win their only slam
  188. Ivan Lendl questionairre/interview
  189. Navritilova's breast cancer
  190. Another interesting Lendl interview
  191. Best passing shots?
  192. Exo in at Ceaser's
  193. What happened to...
  194. what was Shriver's best shot at a major?
  195. Lendl returns to tennis with exhibition loss Article
  196. Famous 11th game of 3rd set of 95 Wimbledon womens final Graf vs Sanchez Vicario
  197. Where do the TT historians rank Federer?
  198. When did the Australian Open become a Major?
  199. Why didnt alot of top players play the australian open?
  200. Best Running Forehand
  201. the affects of the computor on specific players.
  202. Was Jimmy Arias' Forehand more topsin or flat?
  203. Lendl's greatest hits
  204. Sampras Aces Roddick with Roddick's racquet
  205. When did the US Open become a major?
  206. Sanchez Vicario overrated?
  207. A chronology of Anthony Wilding’s singles titles (1901-1914)
  208. Jimmy Arias v.s. Rod Laver
  209. Funny thing about Seles...
  210. Rios as Laver Proxy
  211. What's that white spot on Rafter's hair?
  212. How on earth can Monica Seles be considered the greatest ever by some people?
  213. Graf vs Evert
  214. Which WTA great had the toughest competition during their overall reign
  215. Which WTA great had the least competition during their reign
  216. Now I've seen it all . . . (Ivan, Mac and Mats)
  217. How would you rank the following, mac, angre, connors?
  218. Best servers by decade
  219. Best Forehands by decade
  220. Best backhands by decade
  221. Best volleyers by decade
  222. best returners by decade
  223. Best movers by decade
  224. Best female forehands by decade
  225. Best female backhands by decade
  226. Best female serves by decade
  227. Best passing shots by decade
  228. History Obsession..
  229. Best all-courter(s) by decade
  230. Best serve and volleyer(s) by decade
  231. How big of an underachiever was Lindsay Davenport as far as slam titles?
  232. Chris Evert classic interview
  233. Best female shriekers / grunters of all time
  234. Jaroslav Drobny: Pro or no?
  235. Rank the 2 slam winners for men
  236. McEnroe/Domi vs. Courier/CLemieux Exo Ottawa
  237. Most exciting/enjoyable player you've seen.
  238. Spent yesterday hitting with Mats Wilander - not a bad Saturday...
  239. Tell me something about Ferdi Taygan
  240. Borg returns to competetive tennis
  241. Another Long Sought Match Clip.
  242. Chopin's Masterpiece Collection (Bonus Track): The Depth of the Modern Game
  243. The Sampras ground game underrated?
  244. Graf the greatest female player of all time on all surfaces
  245. Lendl, Wilander and McEnroe in Tea Commercial!
  246. Margaret Court's backhand
  247. Borg vs McEnroe
  248. Goran Ivanisevic's finest matches
  249. Marat Safin's finest matches
  250. Richard Krajicek's finest matches