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  1. weakest slam winner of the last 20 years
  2. Is Djokovic now in the tier with Becker, Wilander, Edberg?
  3. Who suffer more pain in defeat: Borg or Nadal ?
  4. Could rod laver beat a 5.0 now?
  5. Becker's serve/Lendl's return
  6. Early women's tennis
  7. Djokovic the new Connors
  8. Underrated part 1: John Newcombe
  9. Underrated part 2: jan Kodes
  10. Both Finalists Not Losing a Set Before Grand Slam Final
  11. Arantxa's $60 million fortune is gone
  12. Anyone make this shot on the run before?
  13. Leconte vs. Lendl (1985 Wimbledon R16)
  14. A fresh look at Pete
  15. Open Up with Andre Agassi
  16. New Study of Open Era Players
  17. Arantxa Sanchez Vicario: My parents stole my money!
  18. I will miss Federer
  19. End of year ranking coming down to one match
  20. Unreal speed by Sampras!
  21. Canadian tennis player Andrew Sznajder
  22. Laver vs. Newcombe W final 1969 The Whole Match
  23. Wilander, McEnroe, Lendl in Japanese Tea Commercial
  24. Treasure Trove of full matches on YouTube!
  25. Ashe and Nastase - rackets thru career?
  26. Real fast grass and the modern game...?
  27. Rafael Nadal's insult utterance to Sampras era
  28. Match reversals in major finals from one year to the next
  29. Rod Laver's custom made Dunlop Maxply Fort!
  30. A new goat poll
  31. john mcenroe vs college student.
  32. Playing with a ball in your hand
  33. Awesome website about Billie Jean Moffitt King's playing career
  34. Stereotypes die hard.
  35. Players who reached SF at GS events - Open era.
  36. Chang makes the Yahoo list of top 10 Asian American Athletes
  37. best to never win a major men & women
  38. Andre Agassi prep school allegation of racism
  39. Women's World No. 1: 2006
  40. Some records.
  41. Palm Desert Tennis Classic 1973: Detectives Needed
  42. Fantastic collection of Andre's gorgeous backhand winners
  43. 2005 WTT Hingis vs Navratilova
  44. Antwerp results
  45. Who's career is better? Rafter or Safin
  46. Imagine if someone made 5-7 minute videos
  47. The Oxford University Men’s Doubles Championship (1879-83)
  48. Krajicek pics Master Hnnover 1996
  49. Edberg v Rafter: Better fh volley?
  50. 15 Greatest Achievements in Tennis History as of 1981
  51. Men's tennis greatest accomplishments since 1969!
  52. World mixed doubles 83,84 ex lovebirds
  53. Borg Burnout reason ?
  54. H2H against the Top Ten
  55. Clijsters, Capriati, Pierce, Mauresmo, Davenport, Sharapova, Hingis
  56. Could a 4.5 mixed doubles team beat Evert/McEnroe?
  57. Misconceptions about the Borg/McEnroe/Connors rivalry
  58. Just how quick was Vitas Gerulaitis?
  59. If pete sampras came back and trained with 100% effort for 2 years?
  60. About attemps on get an "open era" before 1968
  61. Tell me about Adriano Panatta
  62. Better slice: Steffi v. Roger
  63. Santana on modern tennis
  64. Best Tennis Strokes of non all time greats (only Former Players please)
  65. Who was the Dutch guy...
  66. Lendl Impressive at 52
  67. Have I found Rod Laver's 200th tournament win?
  68. Connors' wins over Rosewall in 1974
  69. Connors didn't duck people
  70. Chris & Hana
  71. Kuerten for Hall of Fame.
  72. If anyone misses Pete a lot...
  73. Mac's Mayply in '81 - stock?
  74. Raul Ramirez
  75. The Australians
  76. Why I don't consider Borg a GOAT contender
  77. Grand Slam
  78. were exhibitions in the 70s and 80s more important than we realise?
  79. Tell me about Alex Metreveli
  80. Funny story about HOTHEAD Gigi Fernandez vs. chair umpire
  81. Evolution of ranking systems
  82. Who's got the worst footwork?
  83. Pat Cash's 1987 Wimbledon win
  84. Mac's Distinctive Service Motion - when?
  85. McEnroe's relationship with Arthur Ashe
  86. Tell me about 70s Euro-babe Virginia Ruzici:
  87. Lendl vs McEnroe WCT Dallas
  88. Steffi Graf's Slice
  89. Mr. Nastase - at his best & worst?
  90. Graf v. Seles 1992 FO Final - on Tennis Channel right now.
  91. Best Ever Season Without Winning a Major
  92. The Graf/Hingis rivalry
  93. Wilander vs Connors?
  94. Navratilova 1984 - Grand Slam or Grand Sham?
  95. Laver #2
  96. Most finals of any kind in a year for a man
  97. Best tennis book ever?
  98. Stefan Edberg tweener at the Zurich Open 2012
  99. Which era of top players ranks the highest?!
  100. Which male players have the best records for reaching consecutive Grand Slam finals?!
  101. BNP Paribas Zurich Open - Stefan Edberg vs Carlos Moya
  102. Edberg point in slow motion
  103. Lendl denied a trainer, retires at '94 USO
  104. Donald Budge
  105. Muster tried getting back in ATP Kitzbuhel 2011
  106. Custom Wood Dunlops - Nastase
  107. Where does Bobby Riggs really stand in history?
  108. Former Greats in the H o F (Beyond the court)
  109. Johnny Mac vs Yann Auzoux
  110. When in 1968 did the Open Era start?
  111. Best all-time match-ups.
  112. Winners of the Major Tennis Tournaments
  113. An all time record that Andy Roddick could shoot for! If he only knew about it...
  114. Laver & Grand Slam Participation in the 70's...
  115. Mpst Athletic and Why...
  116. Becker Pioline
  117. Any love at all for Conchita Martinez?
  118. Quiz:what was significant about the 1914 US Open Williams-Behr match?
  119. Clear videos of Solomon?
  120. This is poll is connected Former Prp Player Talk
  121. Who is the most important male player ever.
  122. Borg´s documentary
  123. Is it their age difference that explains how Rios in this clip makes JMac look silly?
  124. Maintained wealth or Loss Wealth
  125. Locations of the Australian before 1972
  126. US Professional Indoor Championships pre. 1968
  127. Rosewall vs. Okker
  128. Jennifer Capriati to be inducted into the Hall of Fame
  129. Mansour Bahrami video
  130. A re- defining of what constitutes being a pro-slam event
  131. 1970 Dunlop WCT Sydney Open and 1971 Tennis Champions Classic
  132. What standards/ criteria for THOF?
  133. Titanic survivors Richard Williams and Karl Behr
  134. Nastase vs Gonzalez
  135. Would Agassi be more successful in this era?
  136. Astounding.
  137. Match-Ups from 2 "Golden Ages"
  138. Consecutive points won on 1st serve
  139. Todays Borg vs a 5.0
  140. How was Boris Becker generally perceived?
  141. Best Lines in the Heat of Competition?
  142. Stefan Edberg's and Annette Olsen's 20th anniversary
  143. Courier's Backhand towards the end....
  144. Edberg accidently killed another player?
  145. Non 128-players draws for old slams
  146. 2007 Copenhagen Legends Live Final - Stefan Edberg vs John Mcenroe
  147. Greatest Ground Game of all Time!
  148. Plus ça change...
  149. The Best Tennis & a level of technology?
  150. 1972 to 1975 - Wembley or Toronto/Montreal as a Masters 1000 equivalent?
  151. Better backhand: Federer or Sampras?
  152. Laver's reflections on the 1972 WCT Finals '...that bloody thief Rosewall'
  153. Mats Wilander exo tonight
  154. A Federer backhand slice or a Sampras one?
  155. Forehand slice/slice dropshot
  156. The men's singles event at the Soviet Championships (1924-1991)
  157. Female Clay Court GOAT
  158. At this point in time.. What is your current top 10 all time right now
  159. who's your favourite current player and why ?
  160. How tough would Curren have been for McEnroe in the 83 Wimbledon final?
  161. Bjorn Borg video gallery
  162. was this the moment borg's descent began?
  163. McEnroe and the Enterprise
  164. The Greatest Hard Court Player of the Open era for you
  165. So what was up with Agassi's serve?
  166. 1992 French Open Final
  167. Looking again at Laver's 1969 - Exploding the Grass/Clay only Myth
  168. Navratilova missed out on 10th Wimbledon in 1994 by 2 points
  169. The Greatest Female Hardcourt player of the Open era for you
  170. Sampras vs Safin 2011 Olympic Exhibition
  171. Becker vs Muster, what happened?
  172. Alternate history: Borg versus Connors regarding the ATP Rankings
  173. hingis on twitter
  174. Is Nadal building momentum for Wimbly ?
  175. Best and 2nd best players of every decade- men and women
  176. Most singles titles won at highest level - Majors/Masters Series/WTF in Open Era.
  177. Federer vs berdych who will win
  178. Marat short speech about his future steps
  179. When/why/how did wooden court disappear from the tour ?
  180. Most balanced and imbalanced players all time in terms of backhand and forehand
  181. Best players, deserving #1s, and best years for women for last 20 years
  182. Stats for 1971 Wimbledon final (Newcombe-Smith)
  183. John Bromwich
  184. What happened when Connors rubbed out that ball mark against Barrazutti ?
  185. Story Behind Borg & His Checkered Polo?
  186. Why Can't Tennis Be Played Like This Anymore?
  187. David Ferrer vs Micheal Chang
  188. Whats your Most Memorable Davis Cup Moments?
  189. How would Borg have fared in this slow era?
  190. 1988-1989 Men's U.S. Open footage?
  191. Del Potro vs Kafelnikov????
  192. 1999 US open
  193. Pete Sampras' Mansion...
  194. Stats for 1980 Wimbledon final(Goolagong-Evert)
  195. A look at the best players never to win the French Open
  196. Wimbledon: Andre vs Goran
  197. John McEnroe and Harry Hopman
  198. A look at the best female players never to win the French Open
  199. Sampras racquet drop was insane
  200. Whose career is more impressive?
  201. Australian open - 1975 First round missing Result.
  202. Henin's Onehanded Backhand...
  203. Un-mistakable #1's
  204. 1976 Wimbledon
  205. Bill Tilden career accomplishments-a comparison with Federer
  206. Who had the better career: Rios or Gonzalez?
  207. Borg VS Connors: The Ultimate Battle Fight 1 - More Impressive Career?
  208. Would Edberg have beaten Becker in the '91 AO Final?
  209. Leconte/Forget v Muster/Bahrami
  210. McEnroe as coach?
  211. Marcelo Ríos at 18 years old vs. Sampras, RG
  212. Has Federer' forehand changed over the years.
  213. Who was the first player with two handed backhand in history???
  214. Most Obscure FO Finalists of the last 30 years...
  215. WCT Finals 1983 (match point)
  216. Peak Juan Carlos Ferrero vs Peak Carlos Moya
  217. Players who remind you of other players
  218. Historic video: Guillermo Vilas training at Roland Garros 1977.
  219. Agassi head to head trivia
  220. QoC (Quality of Competition) at Wimbledon, Federer vs Sampras
  221. RIP Barry Mackay
  222. Pete Sampras - an indepth look at his game
  223. djokovic and courier compare
  224. Happy Father's Day!
  225. Womens legends
  226. Greatest Baseliner with One-Handed Backhand
  227. Tournament of Champions - 1956 to 1959 - is it a Pro. Slam - yes or no?
  228. Philippoussis says he has no regrets.
  229. Sampras v. Agassi but really a general question
  230. The most gracious champion on, & off, court
  231. Other Championships regarded as 'World Professional Championships'
  232. Other Championships regarded as 'World Professional Championships'
  233. Borg blew off the Hall of Fame?
  234. Do you think Sampras needed that one handed backhand?
  235. Guillermo Coria
  236. Guillermo Coria: Best Returner
  237. Is Steffi's 1988 Golden Slam the most impressive of all 'Slam' records?
  238. Does anyone know why Jimmt Connors book has been delayed for a year?
  239. Is Marat Safin's serve okay to follow?
  240. Amusing story about Spadea lesson
  241. Major fail in tennis story
  242. bigger 1st serve: sampras or becker
  243. Greatest Strokes of All Time - new book
  244. Steffi the only player (male or female) to have defended all the majors
  245. Reading about Maureen Connelly
  246. Is It Me Getting Old Or Was It Really Much More Exciting At Wimbledon 35 Years Ago?!
  247. Serve speed guns/radar
  248. Who are the best players in handling net rushers?
  249. Laver vs. Roche Wimbledon final 1968
  250. Are there any former pros here on TT?