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  1. Are there any former pros here on TT?
  2. justine henin -- still the best
  3. jennifer capriati - how did she give serena trouble?
  4. Arthur Ashe's Brief Assessments of His Rivals and American Upstarts
  5. Who was the first great athlete in tennis?
  6. Martin(o) Mulligan
  7. Stats for 1993 Wimbledon SF(Courier-Edberg)
  8. Sampras vs Edberg - the battle for net-superiority and athleticism!!
  9. Laver, Connors, Borg & Mcenroe as good as Federer, Nadal, Djokovic &Sampras-see below
  10. Gonzo - Fererro - RG2003 QF
  11. Agassi - greatest returner in history?
  12. The Pancho Gonzales Serve!
  13. Edber Courier 1991 Australian Open
  14. Fabrice Santoro - enjoyable genius?
  15. Lendl connors 1991 brazil
  16. movie cast for famous players
  17. Who has a weaker claim on the year end number 1?
  18. Life on the ITF: Where tennis pros get their start.
  19. Best player to never win a Slam - Miloslav Mecir
  20. Noah a Presenter at Tour de France
  21. Connors, Borg, Mcenroe, Vilas, Becker & Lendl clothing?!
  22. What Happened to Wilander from 1984-1986
  23. Weakest Seasons with 2 Majors of the Open Era
  24. Quiz Question: What was the year that had the most ATP male number 1's?
  25. It's generally agreed that Borg was the real No. 1 in 1977
  26. A glimpse into the Agassi-Sampras rivalry
  27. Gonzales VS Rosewall: The Ultimate Battle Fight 2 - More Impressive Career?
  28. Book list for tennis history/former pro players...
  29. Sally Ride
  30. the Becker serve
  31. Lost a 5th Set Grand Slam Final then Won 5th Set Grand Slam Final the Following Year
  32. Ideal Semis OAT at Wimbledon?
  33. Career Slam Easier Now?
  34. Why does Grass tennis lead to total domination so often?
  35. Players you loved to watch.
  36. Rank these 3 backhands
  37. brief but fun: Stich vs Edberg indoors
  38. JMac's Strange Career
  39. Terrific contributors.
  40. Compared to Mac, Lendl and Connors, is Borg scraping by on food stamps these days?
  41. If Sampras had 4 less Wimbledon titles but had a Roland Garros title
  42. Rod Laver (and other former greats) video requests
  43. Hnigis 97 vs Graf 95-96 , who would have won?
  44. Career omisson - whose is the most painful?
  45. Let's do better than emoticons
  46. Should Sampras have won wimbledon 2001 if there was hawkeye?
  47. Hingis happy to be in Vancouver rather than at the Olympics
  48. Sanchez-Vicario, anyone a fan?
  49. Why were all of these so called greats banned from slams?
  50. All time best Lovers in Tennis
  51. Most competitive women´s era
  52. Why is Gimelstob employed?
  53. Should Edberg be higher regarded?
  54. Cedric Pioline
  55. Open era ranking based on the Slams + Season end finals
  56. What if Safin was consistent?
  57. the Wilander expe$4rience
  58. Anyone else hanker for the 1980s?
  59. Edberg Forehand-changes during his career
  60. Jimmy Connors and Wimbledon and the U.S. Open
  61. Explain Rod Laver to me
  62. Another Vs Thread.
  63. Dream match-up.
  64. Mac´s ownage of Connors at Flushing
  65. love and hate relationships in the 70´s and 80´s rivalries
  66. Wouldn't it be nice if Sampras came out of retirement?
  67. Best Career Tie-Break Records
  68. Whats your top 10 of all time right now?
  69. Top 10 who never won a slam
  70. Hingis: Could she make it in the WTA today?
  71. Manuel Santana vs. Dennis Ralston, W final 1966
  72. Mathematical Goat - A respectful attempt... please read on.
  73. Tournament victory numbers for the past greats - does anybody have conclusive figures
  74. Two Achievements that Edberg never achieved....
  75. How far would Safin have made in the U.S. Open!!!
  76. More respected: Lendl or McEnroe?
  77. A quick view of Bill Tilden's forehand
  78. Where is the thread on the top 4 events by year
  79. Austrian tennis legend Franz Saiko dead at 81
  80. What Dunlop is Borg currently using?
  81. So we get to post about roddick in this section soon
  82. The Rosewall Skidder?
  83. Laver 1969 on HD
  84. Best non number 1 in the top 5
  85. Roger : best ever, The four of us? That’s a really difficult call.
  86. Gonzo
  87. Spadea feeding balls from shopping cart
  88. Andy Roddick
  89. former pro Steve Wedderburn
  90. Pancho Gonzales is the mentally toughest and greatest tennis player of all time
  91. Johnnie Mac
  92. Was Bill Tilden really the number 1 for 1922 and 1923?
  93. Connors and Vilas are 60 years old
  94. Dinara Safina
  95. Helena Sukova nominated for Hall of Fame?
  96. Tess Tea
  97. Pete Sampras racket!
  98. This is the real GOAT
  99. Mario Ancic at Columbia law school
  100. So Mecir is now the best non-slam/pro-slam winner?
  101. Best Mexican player - Rafael Osuna or Raul Ramirez?
  102. why is the Tennis Hall of Fame so easy to get into?
  103. Henin Expecting
  104. Why did the ATP break away from the MIPTC?
  105. I've been watching some Roddick 2003 matches lately
  106. Lew Hoad-A discussion on his career
  107. What happened to Wilander after 88?
  108. Who was Lendl's biggest rival?
  109. Roddick 03/04 vs. Roddick 09
  110. Ranking systems.
  111. A special Kind of list of the best players of all time
  112. Mecir vs. Lendl '87 Lipton Final
  113. The questions we don't ask when comparing champions.
  114. Favourite match-up.
  115. Winners of the singles event at the early Intercollegiate Tennis Championships
  116. Helen Hull Jacobs...where does she rank all time?
  117. What World Professional Championship did Karel Kozeluh hold?
  118. Is Pat Cash using the Dunlop Bio 300?
  119. McEnroe's serve...
  120. Better movement: Henin or Clijsters?
  121. Stats for Hoad-Trabert (1953 Davis Cup)
  122. Budge vs. Riggs 1942 U.S. Pro Nationals
  123. Favorite player feuds?
  124. Question about Pistol Pete's game.
  125. Brent Abel 's racquet
  126. Brad Gilbert forehand grip
  127. Was Mandlikova basically a lesser Navratilova, but with Evert's basline craft?
  128. First Serves Under Pressure
  129. The GUSPOAT
  130. German star players- all underachievers?
  131. Where do you put Agassi on your GOAT list (if you have one)?
  132. Unvelievable
  133. Top 10 women players of all time at this point- where would you place Serena
  134. Old Schooler - Therapy Needed - help!
  135. Alan Trengove on Rod Laver. New Article
  136. Best Laver Pictures/Chopin Press Conference
  137. New article on Rosewall
  138. Who was biggest underachiever of Stich, Ivanisevic, Cash, Krajicek
  139. Yet Another Favorite Decade Thread
  140. Roddick--How many slams if no Fed?
  141. Who is the greatest player of all time when match point down?
  142. The Doherty Brothers Clay Court Singles Victories (1896-1909)
  143. It's generally agreed that Vilas was the real No. 1 in 1977
  144. What the hell happened to Ivan Lendl in 1984
  145. Weakest Year Ever - 1986
  146. Anyone see McEnroe-Nystrom at 1985 U.S. Open
  147. Laver vs Sampras on clay?
  148. what happened to safin in 06 and beyond?
  149. Greatest Canadian player ever
  150. Movie on Maureen "Mo" Connolly
  151. connors bio
  152. Post the greatest non plastic rackets shots
  153. Sampras' 1998 Season
  154. Who would have won Steffi Graf's slams
  155. Great stories from the Golden Era 1974-1984
  156. Players who have gone 1-2 in Round Robin and Made Semifinals
  157. ATP World Tour Finals
  158. GOAT Discussions
  159. Players with very good strokes that never quite made it to the top
  160. Mats Wilander vs "Bjorn Borg"!
  161. Nalbandian only Argentina player ever with potential to dominate?
  162. Court-coverage GOAT
  163. Who is the greatest bust of all time
  164. How many more Slams should the games legends really have won?
  165. What is Pete Sampras all black racquet
  166. Margaret Osborne DuPont, RIP....
  167. Clutch/Choke serving US Open 1996
  168. Graf's string and tension in the 200G?
  169. Current pic of Steffi & Andre
  170. so you think Borg retired too early ?..think again.
  171. Stats for 1980 Wimbledon QF(Connors-Tanner)
  172. Pete and Steffi had the same forehand technique
  173. Chrissie and Martina with their families
  174. Pre-open era was a immature stage of tennis history
  175. Is Borg a GOAT candidate?
  176. Is Guy Forget currently playing with Babolat Nadal racquet ?
  177. Pete Sampras Serve - Nostalgic Nonsense Breakdown Series 1 Episode 1
  178. Screwy Statistics
  179. 30s-40s high-level player overcame childhood disabling leg burns - South American?
  180. Mrs. Laver passes
  181. JMac
  182. Can't remember his name: Which late 80s Swedish Pro am I thinking of?
  183. chang rafter from 97 usopen
  184. John McEnroe v Ivan Lendl 1985 Stratton Mountain Final
  185. Worst of the 2 time winners
  186. Sanchez Vicario the biggest beneficiary of Seles stabbing
  187. Fun to watch but who wins? Rod vs. Mac
  188. Where is Jan Michael Gambill these days?
  189. What was up with Connors - May to July 1984
  190. Capriati accused of stalking, sells condo for big loss to avoid police charges
  191. Is Vince Spadea the Tenth Best Player of All Time?
  192. RFE: Marat Safin, a Devout Public Figure, Greater than Sampras and Federer combined
  193. Does Kramer have a viable case as a GOAT contender?
  194. Funny Evert/navratilova moment
  195. M. Orantes - at his best he was...?
  196. Billy Jean King
  197. Interesting little John McEnroe video...
  198. Why did connors had so hard times with Wilander?
  199. Is Fed the first non american GOAT?
  200. Lendl' current frame
  201. Most fierce competitor of all time
  202. Normalizing Björn Borg's slam count
  203. lendl's groundstrokes.
  204. Michael Joyce rates Rios talent above Agassi and Sampras
  205. Nice Writing (about tennis)
  206. Underrated match.
  207. Wilander vs Agassi 1988
  208. Why do people think Mauresmo is an underachiever
  209. Classic Agassi Sampras rallies - Noughts and Crosses?
  210. Sampras Biggest Rival
  211. The men’s singles final at the Austrian Championships (1894-1930)
  212. courier - edberg rivalry.
  213. calling NZ fans
  214. lendl edberg 1990
  215. Trivia q: late blooming #1's
  216. kucera vs sampras 98 aussie
  217. B Borg vs Lendl 1981-French Open
  218. Hardest hitting female player ever
  219. Statistical oddity Martina-Evert Grass.
  220. How did Borg do the channel double three times?
  221. Nadia Petrova: Over or underachiever?
  222. Henin v Dementieva
  223. Wilander Vs Cash 1988!
  224. What does Serena have to do in order to be the best ever
  225. Erich Kästner on tennis skills
  226. Great interview with jimmy connors
  227. What was the better Wimbledon performance by Roddick?
  228. Lendl and sawdust
  229. Agassi only won one Wimbledon?
  230. How does Nadal compare to previous great servers in history?
  231. At their best, who would win?
  232. Stefan Edberg newspaper and magazine clippings to download
  233. Serena to end up with more slams than Navratilova or Evert
  234. Jimmy Connors' Backhand
  235. How good is McEnroe still?
  236. why didn't novotna do better against graf?
  237. Pete Sampras racket?
  238. Apparently, Sampras still thinks he's the GOAT!!!
  239. Rios and Coria exo
  240. Who would be a good candidate for political office?
  241. List of Quality matches b/w greats - open-era
  242. Sampras's performances in his last 6 French Open appearances
  243. In the most important match of the year, SAMPRAS is KING
  244. Why wasn't hewitt such a bad clay courter?
  245. If slams were played on clay, grass AND hard-court in Laver's time?
  246. Wilander vs Lendl!
  247. Art of Tennis. Tappy Larsen died
  248. 1976 videoclip of Martina at wimbledon
  249. Mucles. New book on Rosewall
  250. How do you explain tim henman to a non tennis fan?