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  1. List of Quality matches b/w greats - open-era
  2. Sampras's performances in his last 6 French Open appearances
  3. In the most important match of the year, SAMPRAS is KING
  4. Why wasn't hewitt such a bad clay courter?
  5. If slams were played on clay, grass AND hard-court in Laver's time?
  6. Wilander vs Lendl!
  7. Art of Tennis. Tappy Larsen died
  8. 1976 videoclip of Martina at wimbledon
  9. Mucles. New book on Rosewall
  10. How do you explain tim henman to a non tennis fan?
  11. Boris Becker
  12. Rosewall > Laver
  13. great US juniors that never made it
  14. Finally a quality post of the 84 FO final Mac vs. Lendl
  15. ATP 1977 Pepsi Grand Slam Final Borg vs Connors
  16. Scarborough Pro 1949
  17. Peak level of play (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic & Co.)
  18. Borg 30 bageled the Romanian Davis Cup team
  19. Stats for 1987 French Open Final(Lendl-Wilander)
  20. Who is the best, when their game wasn't?
  21. Nastase - I'm a fan
  22. This is when tennis was fun. Hingis-Martinez
  23. Rosewall and Gonzales Careers Official Thread
  24. Tilden Down under - why no Australian Open?
  25. What if Lendl won wimbledon, mac won FO, etc
  26. Fred Perry interviewed in Eliot Berry's book "Topspin"
  27. was AO 1970 really that bad?
  28. Wilander quick on the court?
  29. Borg & Nastase vs. Ashe y Laver !
  30. What to do under pressure?
  31. 82 wimbledon and complacency
  32. Got to hit with Wilander and also Q and A
  33. RIP "Gorgeous Gussie" Moran
  34. Weird analogy: Jamie Hampton reminds me of Marcelo Rios
  35. comparing the strokes of 3 '70's s/v women
  36. Did Lsver ever coach anyone?
  37. 16 year old Boris Becker with Lendl adidas racquet
  38. chris evert looks 32
  39. Modern Tennis Is A Brutal Sport
  40. Sampras at age 29-30
  41. Roddick vs Sampras: The Serve
  42. mac gilbert feud
  43. Major Ritchie (1870-1955) - An Early English Lawn Tennis Player
  44. Connors Sky Hook
  45. Pete Sampras year end number 1 for six years
  46. I met Agassi today!
  47. Mauresmo overrated?
  48. Sampras retirement after he won 02 US Open was a big mistake.
  49. fact checking evert's 13 year majors run
  50. 1H or 2H backhand
  51. Ferrer, victim of his era or less talented?
  52. Doubles GOAT ?
  53. Attila Savolt compares playing Federer and Rios
  54. Agassi: Graf would be the best in today's game
  55. Tennisarchives adds the 25.000th player in the database!
  56. Vince Spadea officially retired today
  57. Tim Mayotte launches new web site
  58. If Agassi Didn't have the cronic back problems.
  59. Longevity at Number 1
  60. how hard did the 80s to mid 90s (pre poly era) guys serve?
  61. John Newcombe
  62. Was Sampras really 170 lbs?
  63. who do you think has hit most winners in tennis history?
  64. Courier
  65. Bad books.
  66. Applying the ability model of Emotional Intellegence
  67. Agassi discussing Marcelo Rios after their 1998 Miami final
  68. Is Henin an underachiever?
  69. Chuck McKinley
  70. Influence of Pancho Gonzales on Connors game
  71. Does anyone remember the Roddick vs Hewitt SF at AO 2005?
  72. Very rare article, clipping, pictures about the 1983 Stefan Edberg linesman accident
  73. If Agassi was in his prime, what rank would he be?
  74. Rod Laver was an insane monster!
  75. Was Roddick lucky to win 03 USO?
  76. Were there any great baseliners...
  77. A Hit with a Great One?
  78. Sampras 2nd serve?
  79. Marcelo Rios gets high praise from Roger Federer
  80. Sampras vs Safin 2002 Australian Open Highlights
  81. Miloslav Mecir
  82. Congrats to Esther Vergeer on a fantastic career
  83. Top5 hardcourt players
  84. Better peak Forehand: Roddick or Agassi?
  85. underrated player number 3: Johan Kriek
  86. Champions Tour Gear: Chang & Wilander
  87. underrated player number 4
  88. Bjorn Borg Wood+Graphite(?) Mid
  89. This is a very different Evert clip.
  90. An example why Sampras would have been fine today, watch this!
  91. Best Sampras performance please?
  92. Strange, but true.
  93. Harkleroad is shining w/ her TV commentary
  94. Miloslav Mecir vs Mats Wilander!
  95. Unusual pro pre serve routine
  96. Connors v Borg 1978 and the no.1 ranking
  97. Why Borg is the definitive Open Era GOAT
  98. Mac's Prime Years?
  99. Did Gilbert ever lose to Becker?
  100. Each era's or decade's David Ferrer?
  101. Do you remember Biran Gottfried
  102. What about Raul Ramrod Ramirez
  103. What happened to Andrea Jaeger
  104. The 70´s and 80´s big exhibiitions
  105. Safin knee injury
  106. 1975 - does Orantes have a claim on the year end number 1?
  107. Emotion in tennis
  108. Mcenroe French Open Film
  109. Johnny Mac - The Definitive GOAT
  110. Jorge Martínez: His Profile don't appears in the ATP website.
  111. Tennis Personality GOATs
  112. Vitas and Roscoe, Roscoe and Vitas
  113. 1971: the year we climbed up to heaven
  114. Questions about jack Crawford and Budge Patty
  115. amazing fields overcame at regular events like Kodes in Madrid 75
  116. Laver's Weaknesses
  117. Most like Gonzales?
  118. Who holds the Open era winning streak record
  119. interesting sampras-agassi fact
  120. Some high points in career winning percentages, open era
  121. Discussing the second tier
  122. Did Sampras get bankrupt?
  123. Kid got to hit with John McEnroe and talks about it
  124. anybody watches senior tour
  125. Capriati trouble
  126. Jennifer Capriati arrest warrant sought!
  127. Book - Hard Courts
  128. Rosewall's final tournaments
  129. Arantxa Sanchez Vicario undergoes radical cosmetic surgery
  130. Marcelo Rios speaks about PEDs
  131. Who would win this Wimbledon final?
  132. Peak Play GOATS
  133. We have a GOAT - Pancho Gonzales
  134. Unorthodox groundstrokes
  135. Video: 2/13 Graf Practice Session
  136. Tennis Channel:Paul Goldstein GOAT jorneyman
  137. doubles tennis history
  138. [GREAT VIDEO] Stockholm Kings of Tennis final 2013 - Stefan Edberg vs John McEnroe
  139. Where would THIS Roddick rank in toady's game?
  140. Marcelo Rios gets high praise from Maria Sharapova
  141. Fernando González now a coach
  142. Did Jack Kramer start the pro tour?
  143. Roscoe Tanner serve
  144. Who before Tommy Haas?
  145. Must Year's World no. 1 be Slam Winner?
  146. which Mac vs Connors is their best match ever?
  148. South African Open (Johannesburg) '70 and '71
  149. Sabatini vs Seles 1991
  150. How would McEnroe's career be different...
  151. Most raw talent among women´s from 1960´s
  152. Most raw talent among women´s from 1960´s
  153. the era with most richness in styles
  154. Chang and Murray.
  155. greatest span between victories vs #1's
  156. Mansour Bahrami's ATP career before he became a party act
  157. Rare photo of Borg and McEnroe?
  158. International tennis weekly (ITW) old magazines
  159. raw young talent
  160. Surprising AO winners
  161. Best DC teams over the last 40 yrs
  162. hilarous match intro
  163. Why did NBC replace Russell with Evert
  164. Running up the score
  165. best ever major semifinal
  166. best indoor major: Masters or WCT Finals?
  167. TOny Wilding - May 1910 Clay court tournaments
  168. Event Stats for the majors
  169. Who would win: Roddick 2004 Wimbledon Final vs. Djokovic 2011 Wimbledon Final
  170. An unforgettable and a bit crazy match
  171. Greatest Top-4 (with supporting bottom-6)
  172. Michael Chang playing the USTA Tournaments. Here are his results last 12 months. wow
  173. GOAT= Slams Total ONLY?
  174. Remembering Lendl.....and Chang
  175. Would Seles have won more slams than Graf if not for the stabbing?
  176. Paradorn to golf
  177. Is the Grand Slam Easier or Harder Now?
  178. Drop 2 major wins, add 1 they didn't win.
  179. Hypothetical All-Time "Masters" Tournament
  180. Michael Chang Playing USTA Vets
  181. Anyone missing Soderling?
  182. who has beaten all the big four of Golden Era?
  183. best combined men and womem era
  184. Manuel Orantes, a great 70 player
  185. a tribute to Panatta
  186. who is in second place on this record?
  187. Remember this guy??
  188. mcenroe at his peak
  189. Wilander on Wheels
  190. Lieutenat Joseph R. Hunt (1919-1945) - A Tribute, by Stanley W. Merrihew
  191. Is Sanchez Vicario overrated or underrated- how does she rank vs others similar slams
  192. Coming of age: Andy Roddick's breakthrough year
  193. Muster technique?
  194. Ugliest game to ever beat Lendl 61 64 on clay
  195. Martina Navratilova: Shut Up
  196. Connors got Evert pregnant?
  197. What was Ken Rosewall's highest ever ATP ranking?
  198. '78 U S Open early rounds best of 3 sets
  199. Why wasn't Pat Rafter able to win Wimbledon?
  200. The Condition of the Centre Court at Wimbledon during the 1886 Championships
  201. Coach Martina Hingis and Pavlyuchenkova Win On Clay
  202. Harry Hopman, Master Builder, by John Barrett
  203. battle of the max200gs -1987
  204. McEnroe PowerShares practice clip....
  205. Do you think Roddick made a mistake changing his game?
  206. Who was a bigger headcase: Goran Ivanisevic or Marat Safin?
  207. Marcelo Rios worthy of Hall of Fame?
  208. Big Pancho under-rated
  209. Great find: Highlights of '73 RG final
  210. Most clay court wins
  211. Lacoste Versus Laver
  212. bags - who was the first
  213. Which retired players could come back and make it on the tour today?
  214. Sampras vs. Nadal
  215. Laver v. Connors 1976
  216. Help me compare across eras!
  217. So You Think You Can Beat a Pro???
  218. Rafter vs scud 98
  219. borg practice before wimbledon
  220. Chris Lewis Interview - talks Borg,McEnroe,Connors, Lendl
  221. "George Hillyard - the man who moved Wimbledon"
  222. Sampras has only made one clay court masters final! Ouch.
  223. Most Watched Match of all time
  224. monkey off my back
  225. Andy Roddick has been hired as a co-host for Fox Sports Live
  226. For person updating Tony Wildings Wikipedia page - found another tournament
  227. Interview with Stefan Edberg from German tennismagazin
  228. Vintage French Open
  229. Wilander-Lendl 1983 AusOpen final
  230. Who's the greater player of the two: Sampras vs Laver?
  231. Who was quicker: Clijsters or Graf?
  232. Would like verification
  233. R. Sears versus W. Renshaw
  234. Sampras would have owned Nadal, even on clay
  235. Why didn't Becker do better at the U.S. Open
  236. [VIDEO] Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg and Pete Sampras about their French failure
  237. John Lloyd
  238. Weakest player and career out of Myskina, Majoli, Wozniacki, Schiavone, Kvitova
  239. How would Graf have fared in the late 90s/00s?
  240. At this point in time where would you rate Serena Williams among the great
  241. Inaccuracies In Connors' Book
  242. What is Vince Spadea Doing These Days?
  243. McEnroe and Panatta vs. McNamara and Stich
  244. Could you ever love another the same way again??
  245. Mark Philippoussis - Should he have won at least a slam?
  246. 1972 u.s open final: Nastase v Ashe.
  247. Brenda Schultz-McCarthy
  248. John McEnroe - Jimmy Connors 1995 Pebble Beach Exhibition
  249. Was becker overweight?
  250. Determining GOAT