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  1. Borg's Clay Court Winning Streak
  2. Davenport's groundstrokes
  3. McEnroe's Nightmare
  4. must-have match DVD's
  5. What happened to McEnroe after Borg's retirement?
  6. Jim Courier
  7. rod laver hitting a reverse forehand
  8. Recent footage of Connors' hitting
  9. Best player without a G.S
  10. magnus norman
  11. Most dominant Grand Slam win
  12. Johnny Mac. The idiot genius or just an idiot?
  13. IF: Tracy Austin was healthy, what could she have achieved?
  14. Uh, what?
  15. Where can I find match statistics?
  16. finished a bjorn borg book
  17. The Grand Prix Points Race:the real ranking system in the 70s/80s?
  18. Tough night for fans in 1978
  19. borg trivia: world team tennis team?
  20. Has anyone here seen Carl Uwe Steeb play?
  21. Matts Wilander's racquet in '83
  22. Judge Billie Jean King
  23. where can i find Michael Chang's video
  24. Where can I find Evert d. Austin US Open SF 1980?
  25. Enberg had a premonition
  26. Renee Richards/ Richard Raskin
  27. A Great Article On The Greatest Female Tennis Player Navratilova
  28. Peharps Bjorn Borg is the GOAT.
  29. Year with Toughest Competition
  30. Who was better in their prime, Steffi Graf or Martina Hingis?
  31. Ivanisevic's pronunciation lesson
  32. Courier and Edberg's Pro Staff 85's -- St. Vincent?
  33. Navratilova's losses in the 80ies
  34. Becker - his various match-ups, and why he underachieved
  35. Here's some great old tennis footage...
  36. Pete Sampras
  37. Most Favorite players
  38. Rosewall vs. Ashe 1971 AO
  39. Lendl has no racquets....
  40. Can I watch Pete's match tonight?
  41. Pete Sampras ... Plays Another Tournament
  42. McEnroe-Crazy or Smart?
  43. Winning AO, FO, Wimbledon or USO four times in a row
  44. Video Interview with Pistol in Boston
  45. I think Jim Courier has some really ugly strokes.
  46. Sampras/McEnroe Boston Match...
  47. Mac's gonna be on CSI:New York!!
  48. John Mcenroe goes ballistic at the umpire
  49. Does anyone remember???
  50. John Mcenroe on CSI
  51. Monique Viele
  52. About Roland Garros
  53. McEnroe on CSI: New York Tonight
  54. What if Federer......
  55. How do you rate Ken Rosewall among the great clay courters?
  56. Out of serve volleyers - Who had the best return game and passing shots?
  57. where is rafter
  58. Sampras Net Attacks
  59. Pete Sampras a Senior?
  60. SI's Bud Collins article on GOAT
  61. Who was the best tactician in the 90'S ?
  62. Who most looks like Agassi?
  63. Sampras Martin Katrina Relief highlights
  64. Should Bill Tilden Retire?
  65. McEnroe: 75 matches streak on carpet??
  66. Pete versus Andrei Was there a real rivalry?
  67. steffi was a heartbreaker........
  68. Irish Championship
  69. Why did American players adopt the Agassi vs. the Sampras game style?
  70. Ivan Lendl: deserves more credit?
  71. Should John Mcenroe retire?
  72. Most important Grand Slam nowadays.
  73. Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King
  74. Greatest Tennis Player of All-Time (Men)
  75. Rusedski Retires
  76. Greatest Tennis Players (Men) YOU have SEEN
  77. Greatest Serve Meltdowns
  78. The most impressive footwork...
  79. Best of the Rest
  80. Marcelo Rios Q & A
  81. Boris Becker, nice to see you again!
  82. I miss Andre
  83. Champions and Challengers
  84. Who remembers Richard Fromberg?
  85. Björn Borg in action
  86. Ode to Vilas
  87. Connors/Agassi - rift still ?
  88. The true no.1 of 1977
  89. most significant slam level underachiever(s) in last 25 yrs - male
  90. Clijsters Retired
  91. michael chang
  92. What do the old Pro's do today???
  93. How come Newcombe didn't do better at the French?
  94. How were Borgs Bancroft racquets stenciled in the US?
  95. I'm reading John McEnroe's Book "Serious"...
  96. Tell me how these guys are worse than the stars today
  97. Mcenroe's views on the returns of Connors and Agassi
  98. grip
  99. Steffi Graf at RG
  100. Legends on Tennis Channel 1992 Roland Garros 1 Monica Seles vs 2 Steffi Graf
  101. Pat Rafter on Enough Rope
  102. Jim Courier's serve
  103. Did Mcenroe drive Borg from tennis?
  104. Titles won by Perry and Budge
  105. Is Pistol Pete aiming at Federer?
  106. Sampras/McEnroe comparison (lol)
  107. Navratilova's dominance over Graf
  108. Paulo Cane?
  109. Blackrock Seniors Tour events on T.V./tape anywhere?
  110. Why is it called the "can opener"?
  111. Connors v. Navratilova: fact or fiction?
  112. Marcelo Rios oficial Index "Enjoy it"
  113. 4 Most Important Tournaments Each Year
  114. Borg-McEnroe tiebreak (my stats)
  115. sampras on fire!!
  116. Pete Sampras '97 vs ATP Top Five '07
  117. Did anyone else see Graf and Agassi at this weekend's UFC fights in Vegas.
  118. Navratilova seeks Czech citizenship again
  119. men, women, and grand slams
  120. ***Greatest Players by Decade: 1920's - 2000's***
  121. random ivanisevic video
  122. video streams/clips
  123. How will history view 1988-2007?
  124. Watched Federer vs Sampras last night on DVD
  125. Sampras in Slow Motion
  126. Pete v Korda Boston 2007 (YouTube)
  127. Andre Agassi's workout
  128. Borg and Tanner at 1980 U.S. Open
  129. goran vs. becker
  130. Pete v Mac Boston 2007 (YouTube)
  131. John McEnroe v/s Marcelo Rios , Portugal 2006
  132. Tarango sightings??
  133. Pete v Martin Boston 2007 (YouTube)
  134. What were the rules for the Calendar Grand Slam in '77 & '86?
  135. Would Agassi still be playing if he didn't have backproblems?
  136. check out this pat rafter serve
  137. Pete Sampras Hall of Fame
  138. Pete Sampras visits ancestral homeland
  139. pistol pete himself
  140. Laver using a Babolat!
  141. Nastase's rolex >>>>>
  142. Pioline Genuine Rival to Sampras?
  143. Should agassi retire?
  144. McEnroe in his prime would have Federer for lunch
  145. Agassi as an MLB slugger?
  146. Edberg once hit a linesman...
  147. Laver Overrated
  148. John McEnroe favors Federer or Nadal
  149. Sergi Bruguera or rafael Nadal
  150. In Focus: Sampras v Agassi (YouTube)
  151. Borg bitten during dogfight, withdraws from grass-court exhibition
  152. MacBorg Wimby at Star Sports
  153. Any Steffi Graf Fans here?
  154. About the same
  155. TW's obsessions with Rafter!
  156. Borg Overrated!
  157. yes, that's Mark Phillippoussis on NBC's "Age of Love"
  158. Chris Evert in "kinky" tennis video?
  159. 1975 - Who was the best player that year?
  160. Anyone see footage of Lew Hoad?
  161. Wimbledon Reminiscences
  162. Borg's hitch
  163. Does anyone know...
  164. Sampras' closest Wimbledon finals
  165. Lindsay Davenport had a baby boy
  166. steffi graf's doubles and net play
  167. Does Korda land on front or back foot after serve?
  168. The greatest women's forehand in history?
  169. Jimmy Connors Tennis Fundamentals DVD
  170. Hardest Player to Pass?
  171. Mcenroe needs to show some respect...
  172. Goran at the U.S Open
  173. Proefessional athletes that are the best golfers.
  174. Snoop Dogg "Ivan Lendl was the truth"
  175. Sampras serve only?
  176. Sampras' US Open crushings.
  177. Connors rubs one out
  178. Goran Hall of Famer?
  179. Replay of Borg - McEnroe 5th Set
  180. Sampras comback..Mac's comment!!
  181. Some nice clips with Mr. G.I
  182. greatest motion on the serve
  183. John McEnroe -- LOVE him!!
  184. Who has the most men's doubles titles?
  185. History of the surfaces : grass, clay, wood, cement...
  186. Agassi's best matches - win/lose. What are they?
  187. How good was Pat Cash?
  188. Eliot Teltscher's backhand
  189. Sergi Bruguera video DVD's matches.
  190. loser former pro's
  191. I almost beaned Rod Laver tonight.
  192. Petchy/Wilkinson vs The Woodies
  193. Any clips of the Stich serve?
  194. Tim Steffi Graf, androgynous star!
  195. The best 2nd serve...
  196. Sampras could go far at Wimbledon, easy...
  197. Mats Wilander Commands A Davis Cup Ship Lost At Sea...
  198. Pete Sampras v Gustavo Kuerten
  199. who was greater Connors or Lendl
  200. who was greater:Lendl or Connors
  201. Lendl or Connors
  202. boris becker at "live earth"
  203. Bjorn looking good!
  204. Gilbert vs Conners both flipping out in Chicago - on YouTube?
  205. Bjorn Borg must be the clay courter of all time !!!
  206. Bjorn Borg must be the best clay courter of all time !!!
  207. Mac and Connors need to give Lendl more credit
  208. Agassi's Kid!
  209. Whose better, Agassi or Mcenroe?
  210. Clijsters Expecting
  211. Any COLLEGE TENNIS fans out there?
  212. The Bagel Twins
  213. borg v mcenroe
  214. Chang's underhand serve against Lendl (FO 1989)
  215. Sampras and the Era of Champions
  216. Sampras, Hall Of Fame
  217. Why does Court not get more consideration for best ever?
  218. great sampras 10min hall of fame interview
  219. Sampras makes appearance in New City (article)
  220. Connors vs Agassi?
  221. Sampras can't control his emotions....
  222. Guess 'news' of Kim goes here now.
  223. Cochet vs LaCoste, which one had the greater career?
  224. Hart, Brough, Du Pont, which had the greater career?
  225. What if Spirlea, Novotna, Seles, had converted match points at 97 U.S Open?
  226. Did Agassi's return of serve hold him back?
  227. Andre Agassi tribute?
  228. Lenglen or Wills Moody, how would they have fared vs the other in their primes?
  229. Sampras a liability in WTT?
  230. VGP a liability on talktennis?
  231. Connors should have stopped at the end of 1984
  232. Sampras vs. Macenroe Exhibition '07
  233. Pics from Sampras vs. MacEnroe exhibition
  234. Mandlikova and Sanchez Vicario-how to compare their careers?
  235. Interesting link (all tournaments from 1978 to 2000)
  236. lesser known players
  237. how did connors and borg beat lendl when he was playing with graphite?
  238. 80's cat fights on the womens tour
  239. how sampras would have dealt with Nadal
  240. just met AGASSI
  241. Check out these old greats on vid
  242. Most devastating serving....
  243. Monica Seles Sighting
  244. Can Sampras Slam Dunk in Basketball?
  245. Pete Sampras wooden racket
  246. August is Agassi Month on TTC
  247. Agassi Fun Facts from TTC
  248. Age of Love
  249. Shortest Player...Biggest Serve
  250. How often has a player thrown their racket into the crowd...