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  1. Greatest Davis Cup Team of All Time
  2. Borg on the Blackrock
  3. Greatest Player on Their Weakest Surface
  4. What does 'Greatest' mean
  5. How Goran made $200 at Wimby 1991
  6. wow lendl has gotten old!!
  7. why Ivan lendl is my favourite player of all time
  8. Alternative Rankings
  9. Mac vs Courier tonight in Carson
  10. Agassi vs. Kafelnikov, this is INSANE hitting!
  11. What would happen to Mirka?
  12. "Short Circuit" by Michael Mewshaw (1983)
  13. Stefan Edberg, simply the best
  14. Movie/Documentary "The French"
  15. Richard Krajicek interview
  16. Worst Male Player to have won more than 5 Grand Slam Singles Events in the open era.
  17. Wimbledon 1982 Connors-McEnroe
  18. Valid or ridiculous poll
  19. Greatest Male Player to play before the Open Era?
  20. Classic Connors dvd/video?
  21. Lendl - "tennis is for sissies"
  22. The inspirational Andre Agassi...
  23. Bruguera says he's playing better now then when he retired
  24. Golden set
  25. McEnroe vs Courier in Toronto
  26. Sampras fooling a ball kid
  27. McEnroe serve (pic sequence)
  28. Michael Chang coach for this academy thing?
  29. Nice Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf interview
  30. mcenroe and agassi vid
  31. pete on how he thought to beat andre
  32. why did Agassi...
  33. Pete Sampras' current 2007 results.
  34. The Divas from the past
  35. This is why I love Andre.
  36. Huh? McEnroe playing Sharapova?
  37. Great Rios Moments
  38. GOAT v BOAT
  39. Agassi & Graf on HBO
  40. Pete Sampras: ESPN interview (The Early Years, The Later Years)
  41. ESPN's US Open Classics
  42. McEnroe Hall of Fame Speech
  43. Wilander underrated ?
  44. The Henman Appreciation Thread
  45. anyone attending the newport champions event?
  46. Rod Laver- need a little help
  47. Pete Sampras gets very angry
  48. Althea Gibson was in a John Wayne movie?
  49. Pete Sampras on Charlie Rose in 2000
  50. McEnroe throwing a tantrum at age 48
  51. Would Graf have broken Navratilova's Wimbledon singles record without being injured?
  52. What was Graf's most memorable rivalry?
  53. Word of thanks
  54. Greatest female player with no slam title in singles
  55. Tennis Books
  56. Steffi Graf greatest women player in history?
  57. McEnroe dispute resolution commercial
  58. McEnroe was juiced!!!!!!!
  59. Which womens rivalry would you have most wanted to see as contemparies?
  60. Which womens rivalry would you have most wanted to see as contemparies?
  61. Would you have ever predicted Hingis's career to have gone this way 10 years ago?
  62. Agassi, Connors or Lendl?
  63. This is real tennis.
  64. John McEnroe -current wins over current ATP pros
  65. Why hasn't Seles officially announced retirement ?
  66. Marsh Ratings
  67. Legends Live in Copenhagen Nov 2007
  68. Monica Seles looking very good
  69. Sampras vs. Rafter...who had the better net game?
  70. Monica Youtube on the Early Show in NYC
  71. Greatest Forehand?
  72. Michael Stich's amazing shot
  73. 91 Australian Open - what if it had been Fernandez vs Novotna
  74. Former Can't miss Players
  75. Atestofmemoryandawareness
  76. Charlie Rose interview: JOHN MCENROE (~1999?)
  77. Criterion used to determine a "legend"(?)
  78. In the name of tennis..
  79. Becker, Edberg, Lendl not playing Seniors' Tour: Why?
  80. Tell me about Cedric Pioline's cheap Prince racket
  81. Sampras Tiburon exo article
  82. Johnny Mac on CSI NY tonight!
  83. Muster still with Kneissl?
  84. After 5 long years, steffi wins RG once again defeating mjfernandez
  85. What's Borg using now on senior tour?
  86. Best player in a year as opposed to best results
  87. Martina Navratilova .......GOAT of Women's Tennis?
  88. Edberg, Larsson, Gustafsson, Apell played tennis on the roof of Scandinavium Arena!
  89. Seniors tour...
  90. What does winning a major mean?
  91. Early Monte Carlo results
  92. Q&a Pete Sampras
  93. Q&a Pete Sampras
  94. SAfin does NOT have the talent to be the GOAT
  95. Graf v Evert
  96. which top players have had worse serves than Connors?
  97. Flashback: Players of the Decade
  98. Comparing the great triumvirate of Borg, Connors and McEnroe
  99. What's more likely to happen?
  100. Wilander's Australian Open titles
  101. Maeve Quinlan
  102. Pete's "fitness"...
  103. Greatest Players (5 Years in a Row)
  104. Agassi drops the F-Bomb
  105. Slowest ace of all time!
  106. Need Connors/Navratilova dvd transferred!
  107. sampras vs ginepri exhibition in frisco
  108. Brie Rippner
  109. Martina Navratilova
  110. Leconte v Sampras-Davis Cup 1991 (Youtube)
  111. Michael Chang and the Babolat Pure Drive
  112. Chris Evert an underrated giant.
  113. 1990 Australian Open Final: Edberg vs Lendl
  114. Some GOAT questions for chaog and others
  115. 1993 Aus Open Ladies Final 1 Monica v 2 Steffi
  116. Why not Roy Emerson?
  117. Pete sampras 2HB
  118. Billie Jean King/Bobby Riggs of 2007 ?
  119. Questions about a Real Grand Slam
  120. Sampras wins another tournament in Outback Tour
  121. College Greatness not translating to Pros
  122. Why we keep on about Laver
  123. British Coach Accused of Paedophilia
  124. British coach accused of inappropriate relationship with 13 year old
  125. Kent Carlsson: The Ultimate Supernova?
  126. Sampras was not the nicest person to the public!
  127. What happened to Rios?
  128. Tony Wilding biography
  129. Nothing Left To Achieve
  130. Greatest Male Player of the 1980s
  131. Barry "Butch" Heffernan
  132. name of this 1980's tennis book?
  133. Why did Borg dominate Vilas?
  134. How great an athlete was Rafter?
  135. Rating of top Seniors
  136. Anna Kournikova in a bikini photos
  137. McEnroe and Borg in a new commercial
  138. The Early Open Era
  139. Australian Open Immediately Following Date Change in 1977
  140. the elites of the game vs federer
  141. McEnroe on Curb Your Enthusiasm
  142. Champions series
  143. All Time Women Top 10
  144. Watch Stefan Edberg lift his first Wimbledon cup!
  145. A forum myth about the Agassi Sampras rivalry
  146. Finally got to see Sampras play
  147. An interesting conversation re Laver
  148. Pete Sampras vs. Jerry Stackhouse Tennis & Basketball NBA
  149. pete sampras
  150. Saw Sampras Play Recently....
  151. Which rankings are best?
  152. Remember Gabriela Sabatini?...ex fan searching for info...
  153. All time women and men top 20
  154. The Championships
  155. Bill Tilden's serve
  156. Best of each era
  157. Challenge round in majors.
  158. All-Time Top 4 Women and Sampras
  159. Legendary Chris Evert Tops Margaret Court!!!
  160. Connor's got ripped at U.S. Open 75 and 77
  161. Tennis Players Who Have A Winning Record On Federer
  162. Feliciano Lopez is pretty good
  163. Men's Elo Ratings Open Era
  164. Women's Elo ratings Open Era
  165. A Win for the Old Girls
  166. Mcenroe Borg Rivalry Reborn?
  167. McEnroe beat Philippoussis???!!!
  168. Is Fed as Quick as Borg?
  169. 84 US Open Connors vs photographer
  170. Lacoste and Borotra at RG in 1929
  171. chris on myspace
  172. Show your Borg love
  173. US Open 1991 Connors - Krickstein / What´s the name of Jimmy´s stick ?!
  174. Frank Segman, Jack Kramer and Roger Federer
  175. Sampras vs. Courier - 10/25/07
  176. A volume based rating system
  177. Which players have brought you greatest pleasure to watch.
  178. Edberg and Henman to play an exhibition in December
  179. Best single tournament performances of the open era.
  180. Dallas Stanford Championships Photos Petr Korda and Todd Martin
  181. Dallas Stanford Championships Photos Jim Courier and Mikael Pernfors
  182. great Sampras backhand here
  183. Major prize funds
  184. What are "Spaghetti Strings" Did Nastase use them?
  185. New take on Goat
  186. Yevgeny Kafelnikov - under appreciated?
  187. Sampras vs. Federer (or McEnroe?)
  188. Best Year on Clay from a Male Open-Era Player
  189. I Met With Jim And Pete
  190. Bombing down the house. BorisvsGoran tie breaker vid
  191. Sampras new exhibition vs atp player
  192. Sampras Comeback - Very Probable If ...
  193. Australian Open - Women's Quarter Finalists 1977
  194. Cheating by creative stringing
  195. anyone have edberg V henman Us open 1996 R16 4 set match
  196. The 38 Greatest Tennis Players of All Time: A New Comprehensive and Methodical Survey
  197. Graf invincible by todays player or not?
  198. greatest female tennis players of the open era
  199. Interesting Stats: First 10 matches Seles vs Graf vs Navratilova
  200. 1997 Davis Cup semifnal
  201. McEnroe/Wilander Exhibition Match North of Toronto Yesterday!
  202. How good was Tracy Austin?
  203. Anyone watching The Davis Cup Story?
  204. Rod Laver Videos from 1969 and 1962
  205. DOT Ratings Methodology
  206. Current Womens' DOT Ratings
  207. Sampras Gear for Exhibitions
  208. Ten best one-year performances of the Open Era
  209. Some stats for 1969 Wimbledon final
  210. The 'Real' Reason why Sampras can STILL win Wimby and/or US Open
  211. Peak Women's DOT Ratings of the Open Era
  212. Major Count - Women
  213. Major Count - Men
  214. Some stats for 1975 Australian Open final
  215. Edberg is a great finance advisor!!!
  216. Peak Mens’ DOT Ratings of the Open Era
  217. Todd Martin Serve
  218. What is a Tennis Great?
  219. Mcenroe Rants...
  220. Some stats for 1980 Wimbledon final (Borg-McEnroe)
  221. Stats from Laver-Ashe, Wimbledon 1969 sf
  222. Some stats for 1981 Wimbledon final (McEnroe-Borg)
  223. Anyone miss the old days of womens tennis
  224. Sampras Vs Federer
  225. Some stats for 1979 Wimbledon final (Borg-Tanner)
  226. Pat Rafter's serve
  227. Why doesn't JMac shake hands?
  228. If you miss Andre...
  229. Would Laver Now Lose to 4.5 Player?
  230. The Stanford Masters
  231. The Forseeable Battle Between Sampras & Federer
  232. Incomprihensible Grand Slam Losses
  233. McEnroe and Rios
  234. Collection of stellar Sampras running forehands
  235. 1989 - Who was the best player that year, Becker or Lendl?
  236. Who's the best player to never play in a Masters Cup?
  237. Did you guys remember the match when Peter Lundgren beat Ivan Lendl?
  238. Nirupama Sanjeev
  239. Compare Federer vs. Agassi; SAMPRAS is in FIELD of HiS OWN
  240. Some stats for 1975-77 USO finals (Connors, Borg, Vilas, Orantes)
  241. Legends Live 2007, Edberg and McEnroe to meet in the final
  242. Retirement Of Martina Hingis
  243. Legends Live - for all Edberg fans - SPOILERS
  244. sampras/ fed macth on tv
  245. Steve Flink's list of the best years in WTA history
  246. 1990 - Ivan Lendl ITF World Champion
  247. Tennis Magazine's Greatest Moments Last 40 years
  248. Some stats for 1981 Wimbledon SF (Borg-Connors)
  249. [GOAT] Which kind of domination?
  250. Rosewall v. Laver