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  1. Heroic wins
  2. Stats for 1984 USO Final (McEnroe-Lendl)
  3. Laver/Roche U.S. Open Final 1969
  4. Who was the most effective returner of all time?
  5. Great Agassi interview
  6. Edberg vs Nadal.
  7. Your favorite GS final (Women)
  8. GS matches with the most drama (Men)
  9. Most thrilling moments
  10. Has anybody ever heard of Whitney Reed?
  11. pat rafter not with prince
  12. What separated Borg from Connors as tennis players.
  13. Best shot (Men)
  14. sampras article
  15. Stats for 1984 Wimbledon SF (Connors-Lendl)
  16. Who would win? Roscoe Tanner / Bill Pickel
  17. results tennis tournaments 1968-1972
  18. Marcelo Rios Forehand grip
  19. Chris Everett must be good for Greg Norman...
  20. Open grip (FH) on todays ATP circuit??
  21. Is Sanchez-Vicario underappreciated?
  22. Pete Sampras' attitude towards doubles
  23. Michael Chang Ruined my Tennis Career
  24. player of the 70's - borg or connors
  25. edberg's 2 handed backhand
  26. challenges matches from 1968-now
  27. Great Borg VS Jmac video comercial
  28. note to self
  29. Brad Gilbert thinks he won a Masters Series title
  30. Stats for 1989 W semi (Becker-Lendl)
  31. strange comment in federer biography?
  32. mats wilanders rossignol F200 carbon
  33. Rafter is back!!!!
  34. Sampras on Charlie Rose tonight
  35. Can't miss... who missed
  36. Monica Seles
  37. Thomas Muster's "bellyflop" dive volley
  38. #1 Tennis Player Rankings Wikipedia Article
  39. Funny funny post about Pete
  40. Following in the footsteps of a famous tennis player(s)
  41. 4 year old Steffi Graf vid
  42. i do hope justine henin makes a comeback
  43. Sampras' incredible forehands v Hewitt
  44. Great Matches of the Open Era
  45. Bill Tilden hit a 163.3 MPH serve with a wooden racquet? possible in your opinion?
  46. Becker had a better serve than Sampras
  47. Can somebody give me the name of the youtube video where agassi swore at a lineswoman
  48. BBC "Full length version" of Borg-McEnroe is incomplete
  49. Pete's biography factually incorrect
  50. lendl article
  51. Did Ivan Lendl's racquet feel like a monoshaft?
  52. Edberg to meet Borg in Copenhagen
  53. Boris in the erotic footsteps of Haas
  54. Some good old Agassi/Legg Mason matches on TC this week
  55. A nice article about Anna Kournikova!
  56. Sampras interview!
  57. happy birthday pete sampras!
  58. Who holds the winning streak record now?
  59. Better Career: Chang or Ivanisevic?
  60. Is Sampras' Record safe
  61. Bye-Bye Johnny
  62. Stats for 1985 USO SF (McEnroe-Wilander)
  63. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mac
  64. Better Career: Becker or Edberg?
  65. When and where (tournament?) did Rafter break sampras' racquet with a serve?
  66. No female goat? article
  67. Nadal=best deserved number one?
  68. neat trivia during canadian olympic coverage
  69. Better Singles Career: Evert or Navratilova
  70. John McEnroe wore diaper shorts
  71. I am searching the stadistics of 1977. Help me please.
  72. Chrissy
  73. Maxim touch, NXT tour or technifibre x-one?
  74. Arthur Ashe - the tennis player
  75. Stats for 1979 Masters SF (Borg-McEnroe)
  76. Woodies vs Bryans
  77. Times article today on McEnroe
  78. Weakest ATP number 1.
  79. Stats for 1984 USO SF (Lendl-Cash)
  80. Conspicuously absent last night: US Open Champions...
  81. Stats for 1980 USO final (McEnroe-Borg)
  82. Roy Emerson vs Roger Federer- who rates greater?
  83. Who Hits Harder, an Old Pro or a Junior?
  84. Wow never seen this ex pro's before.
  85. Thomas Muster
  86. Biggest chokers/chokes of the 80's and 90's?
  87. Best female of the woodie era?
  88. Big mistakes on "Only At The Open"
  89. Current womens field worst in history?
  90. Alicia Molik Retires :(
  91. Jimbo And Roscoe.. Girly Men?
  92. twohanded on both sides?
  93. Stats for 1981 USO final (McEnroe-Borg)
  94. Stats for Borg and McEnroe in 1980-81
  95. Years of winning grandslams
  96. Kevin MCDUFFEE retires?
  97. Wojtek Fibak: Where is he now ?
  98. Navratilova in better shape than Martin and Chang!
  99. Best player of 1964, PRO's
  100. Federer's 10 defeated opponents
  101. Whitney Reed
  102. Michael Chang's stroller bag
  103. Sedgman - underrated giant of the fifties
  104. Lendl's wife
  105. Sampras Defeats Querry
  106. Where are Zelko Franulovic and Corrado Barazutti??
  107. JenJen + Kellen Damico = superstar couple
  108. Most matches won, all time, open era
  109. Weakest player to reach a Grand Slam Final
  110. How big was Edberg's serve?
  111. Sampras year end no. 1 1995=A gift from Andre Agassi?
  112. JMac's serve?
  113. Will Pete Sampras/ play Grand Slam Tournaments again?
  114. Will Pete Sampras play Grand Slam Tournaments again?
  115. All time, men, QF or better club
  116. 1968 finals, men
  117. Bkorn article
  118. Ken article
  119. Nasty article
  120. monica seles
  121. Old GOAT article, must read.
  122. Rios backhand is so smooth!!
  123. It was great to see Andre on court today (pics)
  124. Justine Henin opens Tennis Academy
  125. Outack Champions Tour worth the price
  126. Mac Beats Borg
  127. Riggs vs Court footage.Does it exist?
  128. Stats for 2002 USO final (Sampras-Agassi)
  129. What Ever Happened To?
  130. Scott Carnahans Serve
  131. Steffi Graf was great.......but very fortunate too!!
  132. When was Agassi's prime?
  133. Yowsa...live stream from the AFAS tennis classic!
  134. Goolagong vs Bueno
  135. The two Pat's- Cash & Rafter. Who was better?
  136. Becker vs Edberg at Queen's in 2003
  137. Gimelstob is a cool guy
  138. Graf v. Date - 1996 Fed Cup.
  139. Stats for Agassi-Sampras (1992 RG QF)
  140. Stats for 1985 AO Final(Edberg-Wilander)
  141. Why was Conchita Martinez good on grass?
  142. Except for clay, Sampras superior to Federer in every aspect of the game of tennis
  143. Stats for 2001 USO final (Hewitt-Sampras)
  144. Hingis Exhibition, Mill Valley (Marin County), Ca. Oct. 10 - 12, 2008
  145. hard luck for neilsen..."former player"
  146. Was Jimmy Arias this cocky?
  147. Becker and Edberg, mutual respect?
  148. billy martin vince van patten
  149. Your favourite match from the 90's
  150. If Borg was the king of clay, why couldn't he win the US open on clay?
  151. a tough challenge: construct a fantasy player to beat my player
  152. Best female tennis player ever
  153. Best mens tennis player ever
  154. How good was henri leconte?
  155. What happened to Magnus Norman
  156. Federer-Sampras match, 2001 Wimledon QF
  157. Tennis Great Monica Seles and Tennis History
  158. Mentally toughest player in Open era.
  159. Mentally toughest female player of Open era
  160. Why was the two Pat's thread locked?
  161. Head to head masters
  162. Who was better? Stich or Krajicek?
  163. Who would win Sampras or Agassi now???
  164. Björn Borg great at AKAI nov 1982
  165. Steffi Graf's Forehand Grip
  166. Queen's Club Champions Complete List
  167. New way of finding the GOAT - just keeping sliming down the list
  168. Outback Champions Tour Becker pulled out replaced with Justin Gimelstob
  169. Emerson-12 Slams, Rafter-2: Who did they name the stadium after?
  170. Santana with a T-2000
  171. Before 1968 are the Grand Slams worth the paper they are printed on?
  172. History of tennis
  173. vitas gerulaitis
  174. Rivalries that people predicted to become huge, which never really materialized
  175. Johnny Mac hit a "between-the-leg" shot
  176. Spoiler: Outback Champions Series Championship on October 26, 2008 @ SMU
  177. Borg VS McEnroe in BKK
  178. Probably My Favorite Connor Moment
  179. Greatest grand slam matches from the 70s-90s
  180. does anyone know the whereabouts of doris hart?
  181. Stats for Sampras-Agassi (1993 W QF)
  182. Better volley's? Pete or Tim?
  183. Steffi Graf
  184. Official Outback Champion Series 2008 Surprise, AZ thread
  185. Senior class in the grandslams
  186. Corrected data in McCauley book.
  187. Lennart Bergelin died
  188. Sampras S&V
  189. Happy bIRTHDAY sCUD
  190. Stats for 1995 USO final (Sampras-Agassi)
  191. From a Musketeer to Nadal ...
  192. JMac drops the F-bomb on Tennis Channel
  193. Kind of fast: ladies from the past
  194. Stats for 1985 FO SF (Wilander-McEnroe)
  195. Top 10 of All Time - Rivalries
  196. Martina Navratilova-You'll never guess what!!!
  197. McEnroe Connors US Open 1984 Semi
  198. Stats for Sampras and Agassi (9 Slams)
  199. You can have Sampras or Agassi's forehand which one do you choose?
  200. Boris master of Pocker?
  201. How to contact ex pro direct?
  202. Mac played a 6 hour, 4 set match vs Clerc?
  203. Greats of All Time and Dominance at Grand Slams
  204. Pete will return for final show down next year....
  205. I 'm going to play with Courier, Edberg & Co. today
  206. Pepsi Grand Slam Challenge on Tennis Channel week of 11/24
  207. Feder/Borg v. McEnroe/Blake
  208. This Was Me...... Now
  209. Mac and Goran ( BlackRock Masters )
  210. "Tennis is 90% mental" - Jimmy Connors
  211. Howard Hughes With The Killer Serve
  212. Jimmy Connors is arrested by the police
  213. Fiancee Dumps Boris Becker By Text Message
  214. Most "watchable" tennis player of all time...
  215. Did Andre Agassi ever reach 200lb in weight?
  216. chang applauded for underhand serve but hingis booed
  217. Top 10 women players of all time per surface
  218. Did Borg lie?
  219. gottfried v. borg/ashe v. orantes
  220. Borg Wood Racket - 80 lbs
  221. Stats for 1976 W final (Borg-Nastase)
  222. Jensen Serve
  223. Sampras Defeats Hrbaty Tonight?
  224. Greatest French Open womens final of last 25 years
  225. Greatest womens French Open final of last 25 years
  226. What if Seles had taken her match point vs Zina in 1990 quarters?
  227. About Jim Courier
  228. Sampras loses to Stepanek in Exo: 6-4, 3-6, 10-6
  229. Sampras Def Stepanek
  230. Blackrock London TV Coverage
  231. Greatest ever indoors player
  232. New Pete Interviews
  233. Sampras Vs. Mac
  234. McEnroe after to losing to Pete today: "They wouldnt want to play him."
  235. Old Matches on DVD or Download
  236. Pierce vs Mauresmo, who ranks higher.
  237. GP rankings to qualify for the masters ? (prior to the 90's)
  238. Pioline Defeats Sampras
  239. The Lendl Backhand: How good did he hit it?
  240. Who was the strongest on their weakest surface?
  241. John McEnroe to retire
  242. How good was Tony Roche?
  243. Björn Borg exos 74-87
  244. how far did sampras go at the blackrock masters?
  245. Courier Vs Roddick
  246. Great clip of today's Edberg/Becker exo!
  247. Best slice backhand ever?
  248. Close but Agassi edges out Nadal on Grass along with HCs and indoor carpet
  249. Height of Lew Hoad
  250. Sampras-Agassi 1999 YEC. UNREAL ATTACK. Sampras UNBEATABLE HERE