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  1. Great Sampras interview on Charlie Rose. He Says Andre was the best he ever played
  2. Serves from Sampras, Becker while still playing S&V tennis.
  3. edberg--discuss
  4. Tournament with the most multiple 4 time repeat champions
  5. did the us open ever hold a formal farewell ceremony for agassi like sampras?
  6. Falling to ground after winning a GS ...
  7. Henrik Sundstrom - what happened to him?
  8. To difficult to Compare the eras to Prove the GOAT?
  9. Design the Ultimate Player
  10. Any video of Borg vs Wilander
  11. bjorkman retires - singles to doubles transition
  12. Who would you select for a double's team?
  13. Any oldtimers remember this event?
  14. The Stealth Rivalry
  15. Swedish Tennis (Question for Borgforever)
  16. Highest quality of Top 10 players of all time
  17. Stats for 1989 FO Final (Chang-Edberg)
  18. 2nd Serve Aces
  19. Aces In One Set
  20. I saw John McEnroe!
  21. Rod Laver grip?
  22. McEnroe throwing a tantrum at a charity event!?!
  23. Stats for Becker-McEnroe (1987 Davis Cup)
  24. Clay Court Players 1990-2004
  25. TTC should replay more of these 90s matches
  26. Sampras' comment on 2001 Wimbledon
  27. Hard serve by J-mac
  28. The Curse of Borg
  29. Sampras Declines Wimbledon Offer
  30. Grand Slam memories - Tennis
  31. New Sampras Interview (fed-nadal content)
  32. Does Becker own Edberg?
  33. BlackRock Masters don't play 3rd sets?
  34. Prime Agassi V Prime Sampras- on todays Wimbledon Grass
  35. can you guys recommend a match with a lot of power hitting?
  36. Can you guys recommend a match with a lot of finesse?
  37. Borg in today's era. How would he do?
  38. emerson and newcombe
  39. Cool old match clips on youtube
  40. Prime Borg vs. Prime Agassi. (95,99-00) at all the slams. Who u got?
  41. borg v. chang
  42. The 5 most TALENTED baseliners of all time.
  43. Jimmy Connors v.s Andre Agassi
  44. 1987 Wimbledon Final- Cash vs Lendl
  45. Pancho Gonzales
  46. greatest teenage player?
  47. Justine Henin Vs Martina Hingis
  48. The 5 greatest PASSERS of all time!!
  49. Poll - Best passer
  50. Second-20 Greatest Male Singles Players
  51. WCT Tournaments
  52. winning records against Borg
  53. Evonne Goolagong
  54. Nice Steffi Graf interview
  55. John McEnroe has Identical Serve Stroke as 25 years ago!
  56. Great To See BORG playing again.
  57. random question
  58. Where's the improvement?
  59. Pete Sampras against Federer
  60. Gabriela Sabatini vs Jana Novotna:Who was the Greater Champion?.
  61. Mansour Bahrami
  62. Muscles on Sidney 09!
  63. Trivia question
  64. agassi v sampras aussy open semi
  65. would borg be the goat had he not quit so early?
  66. TennisWeek Tournament of Champions???
  67. Dvd of this game where to get?
  68. Bud Collins and "the Grand Slam"
  69. Sampras' Top 10 Matches
  70. Was/is Boris Becker Hot?
  71. How well would a prime steffi graf do in today's game?
  72. Rusedski to make comeback?
  73. unbelievable shots from mcenroe 1981 wimby vs. borg
  74. Top 10 Individual Open Era Seasons (Men+Women)
  75. Current vs Former pro Doubles match you would most like to see...
  76. Open Era Seasons Stats
  77. 2000 Australian Agassi vs. Australian OPen Roger any year??
  78. Keurten UP!
  79. Connors in the broadcast booth for Tennis Channel at the USO
  80. 10 Best Wimbledon Players ever
  81. Shouldn't it be "Which" rather than "Who"??
  82. Top 10 best US OPEN players ever.
  83. Which player had the furthest service toss out in front of him?
  84. Best forehand of the last 25 years.
  85. Federer broke Sampras' record today!
  86. Best passing shot artist ( women)
  87. Who would you consider the best British female player in history
  88. How good was Sampras?
  89. Chris Evert once lead her head to head against Martina 22-4!
  90. The Legends?
  91. The Legends?
  92. Monica Seles' new book
  93. 15 greatest players all time per gender
  94. Is Justine Henin still capable of a Grand Slam win?
  95. Laver-Federer H2H. Advantage goes to who?
  96. Sampras vs Borg
  97. Becker-Nadal Hardcourt and Grass Matchup. How would it go
  98. How good was William Renshaw?
  99. What are the top 10 best matches??
  100. Has there ever been a greater year end top 10 than 1974?
  101. 1968 Australian Championships - where was Emerson?
  102. Great videos on Pete and Andre's rivalry
  103. Tournament Dominance
  104. Head to Heads - Hoad/Laver, Newcombe/Laver, Newcombe/Emerson
  105. wilander-lendl USO - what year?
  106. Navratilova on clay
  107. aussie open??
  108. Lendl v McEnroe
  109. Players who just fell short of greatness?.
  110. Another amazin Rios shot.
  111. Today's generation vs. the past
  112. If only Andre had win a few More GS finals!
  113. Performance Ratings
  114. Sampras' baseline game was as good as Federer's
  115. Best pre-world war 1 player
  116. Best Backhands of the last 10 years
  117. How good was Bobby Wilson?
  118. best player to never reach a grand slam final
  119. Outback Boston Event
  120. Sampras VS Agassi...Now
  121. How great would the Graf vs Seles rivalry have become?
  122. Do people consider Agassi one dimensional?
  123. Agassi Connors Lendl Mcenroe which order would you put them
  124. Pete Beats Mac
  125. Sampras vs. Hewitt in Memphis
  126. Kraijeck Says No To Rusedski
  127. 2009 official guide to pro tennis - some comments
  128. Who was this guy???
  129. Sanchez Vicario v Mandlikova
  130. which nation has the best GOAT combo
  131. Lendl V Mcenroe Classics
  132. Evaluation of great players
  133. Retired Pros Boxing, OOOh
  134. Weakest field for a slam?
  135. most impressive result ever for a mens singles match
  136. Effects of Stanford Finical on Outback Champions Tour, Jim Courier and other Players
  137. How was Sampras able to dominate with an Eastern forehand.
  138. Could top D1 & D2 players beat 50 year old John McEnroe?
  139. Collecting full historic results, esp. pre 1968
  140. Looks like Black Rock have pulled....
  141. Ivan Lendl - The GOAT to be but never considered
  142. borg mac '80 masters
  143. What about Magnus Norman? What was he like?
  144. Best clay courter of the 90's
  145. Better career: Krajicek, Enqvist, Corretja or Johansson?
  146. The Big Three Slams
  147. The 90s: Sampras lucky not to have a GOAT contender
  148. How many slams does Pete win in today's era?
  149. Mats Wilander - where does he rank?
  150. Scientific basis for deciding who the GOAT is
  151. Zina Garrison sues USTA
  152. Have you guys seen this footage
  153. Pair playin the most major finals against each other
  154. 1981 U.S Open final Navratilova vs Austin
  155. Capriati overpowers and destroys Graf for Olympic Gold!
  156. Woitek Fibak makes talent fostering
  157. Early Montecarlo results
  158. Tilden,Rosewall,Budge,Gonzales,Perry ?
  159. Prime Borg vs. Nadal on clay. Who has the h2h advantage?
  160. Clijsters vs Graf
  161. Roy Emerson...most underated GS Champion?
  162. rod lavers never handled the raquet with non dominant hand (right one)
  163. Does anyone miss watching Hicham Arazi and Andrew Ilie? soon we'll be missing Santoro
  164. Hoping for the best, here.
  165. Saw Marcelo Rios's daughter play tennis at NBTA today
  166. Kramer article and "percentage tennis"
  167. Rank the 50's/60's/70s Australians
  168. Rafter or Hewitt. Who was the greater Aussie?
  169. Better career Becker or Edberg?
  170. Justine Henin: Why I had to quit the tour
  171. Pancho Gonzales 1995 New York Times article. Opinions on all the greats
  172. Better Backhand: Laver or Fed?
  173. Forest Hills - 1975, 1976, 1977 - Why Clay?
  174. Who do you think would win on clay, Gustavo Kuerten or Rafael Nadal
  175. Jimmy Connors owning, even at age 39
  176. Great new site !!!
  177. Connors vs. Borg on TC
  178. favourite players alltime
  179. Boris Becker to get married again.
  180. Volvo International Tournament 1975-1984
  181. Seles fan blocks CyBorg on YouTube
  182. unbelievable tennis point
  183. who was the best defensive volleyer/offensive
  184. One Slam Wonders.
  185. Possible rematch between Sampras and Agassi
  186. old subjective ladies rankings
  187. How did Sampras handle grinders?
  188. Agassi to play Outback Series!
  189. Who was better: Navratilova on clay or Evert on grass?
  190. Did Ronald Leitgeb Hold Back Muster?
  191. How good could have Kournikova been?
  192. Now these four ladies knew how to play doubles!
  193. more information on Garrison lawsuit vs USTA
  194. Can someone serve two more times than his opponent?
  195. Laver's 1967 year - the best year ever for a male tennis player?
  196. Anyone heard or read massive interview with Rod Laver
  197. Who wins the 14 slams that Sampras won had he not been around.
  198. Is that Vilas in the BNP commercial ?
  199. Who would have won Federer's 13 slams had he not been around?
  200. Would Andre have managed the GS record without Sampras around
  201. Overrated or Underrated: Arantxa Sanchez, Sabatini, MJ Fernandez, & Jana Novotna?.
  202. Jim Courier: Underated?
  203. Stan Smtih
  204. Muster-Agassi 94 French Open
  205. Seles vs Navratilova- Wimbledon semifinal 1992
  206. Who would have won Nadal's 6 slams had he not been around?
  207. Agassi v Becker Miami 3rd Round 1994
  208. The best backhand ever?
  209. New site covering tennis history
  210. 1993 Australian Open womens final- Graf vs Seles
  211. Edberg: Underated Volleyer
  212. Old Drobny - best Czech player of all time?
  213. Happy Birthday, Evertfan
  214. Virginia Wade as a commentator
  215. Greatest Men's Doubles Team?
  216. 1997 French Open 3rd round- Seles vs Tauziat
  217. Prime Pancho vs. Prime Laver
  218. Sampras Defeats Rafter
  219. Pistol Pete Vs Rafter Good Ol' Times
  220. Connors-Rosewall 74 USO. The best Connors ever played?
  221. How does Sampras fit into the GOAT debate from people who are not American?
  222. Stats for 1995 Wimbledon final (Sampras-Becker)
  223. A list of great volleyers
  224. Has anyone ever
  225. Johnny Mac duped in $88 million art scam....
  226. 1992 French Open final highlights- Graf vs Seles
  227. Here's what became of Evonne
  228. Where does Agassi rank on your GOAT list?
  229. Mentioning an improvement in here...
  230. Gottfried Von Cramm
  231. Vids of Agassi's early, monster forehand?
  232. McEnroe: Underrated Groundstrokes
  233. Funny Gimelstob Video
  234. Stefan Edberg!!
  235. Wilander vs. Pernfors: The Thrilla in Nashvilla!!!
  236. John Disqualified
  237. Greatest Competitor in WTA History?
  238. Jim Courier's Ncode racquet
  239. Tennis Channel Showing Los Cabos
  240. becker v. agassi 1989 DC semi
  241. Of Open era all time greats which had weakest competition overall
  242. Of female Open era all time greats which had strongest competition overall?
  243. Did anybody see Rafter on TTC?
  244. Who ranks higher all time- Monica Seles or Serena Williams?
  245. Who ranks higher all time- Venus Williams or Justine Henin
  246. Who ranks higher all time- Steffi Graf or Chris Evert
  247. Will Safin Play the Seniors tour once he retires?
  248. Wilander & KPS 88
  249. What is the number 2 Clay Court Tournament?
  250. Navratilova '83-'84 best run in tennis?