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  1. Past to Present or Present to Past?
  2. Most talented player of all time
  3. Andre Agassi's tactics on Clay
  4. kevin curran...why dissapear after 85?
  5. Balance - the undersung athletic attribute
  6. The SINGLE most impressive stat on specific players
  7. What would Nadal have to do to take over the GOAT label
  8. Who rates higher all time- Wade or Capriati
  9. Who rates higher all time- Evert or Court
  10. Who ranks higher all time- Lindsay Davenport or Virginia Wade
  11. who ranks higher all time- Navratilova or Graf
  12. Weakest female player to win 3 slams or more
  13. Weakest mens player to win atleast 2 slam titles
  14. Wow, John McEnroe is 50!
  15. Weakest female player to win 3 slams or more
  16. Bill Tilden's words on serve-and-volley and baseliner styles of play
  17. Hingis. Waste of talent? Misfortunate?
  18. Most Years as World no. 1
  19. From all the clay court legends, who would have the best chance against Nadal?
  20. Top 3 players of each decade in order.
  21. Sampras Serve Analysis Videos?
  22. Billie Jean King in 1972- missed a Grand Slam by not playing the Australian Open
  23. please shuffle the list of peeople into A-, B+, B
  24. Who was number 1 for 1970?
  25. Old Wimbledon grass. How would Fed and Rafa do?
  26. Tiers for claycourt greats.
  27. Knee-Jerk "GOAT talk" then and now
  28. Pancho Segura shares his thoughts!
  29. Video of Lenglen versus Wills ("Match of the Century", 1926)
  30. No Queen's Club in 1974, 1975, 1976
  31. Anyone ever heard of Mike Cahill?
  32. Monica Seles opens up about eating disorder
  33. Greatest Generations by decade ?
  34. Fantasy time. YOURS
  35. would lendl be consider 'greater' if he had won the Aus Open on grass?
  36. why Lendl didn't play more doubles to enchance his chance on winning wimbledon?
  37. What were Nastase's best ever matches on each surface (clay,hard,grass,indoor) ?
  38. Just how big was Col Dibley's serve ??
  39. Mats Wilander vs. Will "King of Clay" Ferrell
  40. Lendl question.
  41. What's with this service motion from Agassi?
  42. Court's record at Wimbledon
  43. Re-assessing Evert's clay court legacy vs Graf.
  44. Stats for Sampras-Rafter (1997 Davis Cup sf)
  45. COCHET playing obscure PRO matches with GREATS
  46. Greatest female tennis player ever
  47. Stats for Sampras-Rafter (1997 Grand Slam Cup final)
  48. Greatest female clay courter ever
  49. Lendl comments
  50. Male dirt GOAT ?
  51. Which of Laver's 3 Grand Slams was the most impressive?
  52. Hypothetical Situation about surfaces and former pros
  53. Evidently not good with searches....
  54. women's grass, carpet, hard career w/l stats
  55. The Better Server: Agassi or Connors
  56. Andres Gimeno
  57. Lew Hoad's career without the back injuries
  58. Laver couldnt handle Borg's speed and return game .
  59. Nastase antics...
  60. Billie Jean King's legacy
  61. Stroke comparison-Connors-Nadal
  62. Stats for 1997 AO final (Sampras-Moya)
  63. Greatest mens grass court player ever?
  64. Greatest womens grass court player ever?
  65. How would former pros do against current college players
  66. Wilander's Volleys
  67. The Borg Serve
  68. The unusual 2 match rivalry between Austin and Graf
  69. Greatest mens hardcourt player of all time?
  70. Greatest womens hard court player ever
  71. What surface was the Wembley Pro played on?
  72. Marc Rosset
  73. Agassi or Djokovic: who is the better claycourter?
  74. anyone ever seen or heard or played on one of these
  75. Hopman-Bollettieri
  76. The sound of balls hit in the Seniors tour
  77. Evert on clay - hitting flat
  78. Which champion male or female gave you the least joy
  79. Prime Sampras v Prime Lendl: Who wins?
  80. What were Sampras' weaknesses?
  81. The Most intelligent player of all time
  82. Good books on tennis history
  83. The greatest player ever at the Australian Open
  84. Henin on grass
  85. Is Sampras the GOAT (yes/no)?
  86. Fred McNair
  87. Pat Cash: Uncovered
  88. Better claycourter: Justine Henin or Arantxa Sanchez Vicario?
  89. A good corrective to those who think that Modern players are better than old school
  90. What were the Major Outdoor Hardcourt Tournaments in the 1960's?
  91. Speaking of bagels...
  92. Better claycourter: Sanchez or Navratilova
  93. Borg - would he have won Roland Garros in 1977 & 1982 ?
  94. Borg - would he have won Roland Garros in 1977 & 1982 ?
  95. Tracy Austin as a commentator
  96. A "Good" Player
  97. 1970 U.S Open final- Court vs Casals clips. Court completes her Grand Slam.
  98. Marcelo Rios vs Tim Henman , SF Lipton 98
  99. John Newcombes top 10 GOAT
  100. Allen Fox and Fox Slam
  101. Contenders or Pretenders?.
  102. Greatest Double Bagels of all time...
  103. Graf's and Sampras' grips other than forehand
  104. Who is the greatest porous courter of all time?
  105. NTL players 1968 calendar
  106. Classic French Open matches on the Tennis Channel
  107. Longest slam drought in history?
  108. Connors - Would he have won the French Open in 1974 & 1975?
  109. Gustavo Kuerten Backhand
  110. Evert/Navratilova: THE BAGEL WAR.
  111. Lendl #1 Ranking
  112. Did Connors in fact win tournaments on Red Clay?
  113. Sampras / Philippousis Davis Cup team for Greece
  114. how can it be called a GOAT-worthy season if you lose 16 times in it? (1969)
  115. Agassi, Graf, Henman and Clijsters play on TTC Sunday
  116. Only 3 Real GOATS
  117. Agassi just walloped Clijsters!
  118. Clay Court GOAT
  119. Best running forehand ever?
  120. WCT players 1968 calendar
  121. Nancy Richey Gunter on video
  122. Most satisfying slam win after a drought
  123. Does Connors have the best winning percentage at the Australian Open?
  124. Why are most GOAT arguments about men only?
  125. Stats for Philippoussis-Sampras (1996 AO)
  126. No real GOAT
  127. Watching 1999 French Open Final...
  128. McEnroe is the real overall GOAT (or GOHG)
  129. Number one in 1977... finally the poll!
  130. Evert/Navratilova FO Classic on TTC
  131. how good was Bill Tilden? Is he one of the GOATs?
  132. Who Are Best To Ever Play On.....
  133. Good Audio Interview this year with Ken Rosewall
  134. Top 5 servers of the 90's?
  135. Sampras vs. Agassi in Macao
  136. The Most Entertaining Tennis Player
  137. Torben Ulrich - "The Ball and The Wall" ("La Balle Au Mur")
  138. Who was true #1 out of Connors, Borg, and Vilas in 1977
  139. Lendl forehand very much like Federer forehand...
  140. 1985 womens year end #1 battle going into Australia?
  141. Who was number one in 1964?
  142. Edberg first serve
  143. Agassi to face Sampras
  144. Should the World Hardcourt (clay) Championship be regarded as a major?
  145. Any know who Lenglen beat in the 1920 World Hardcourt Championship?
  146. Edberg: Underrated Server?
  147. Good Ivan Lendl interview
  148. Mac's serve mph?
  149. Something funny
  150. Better clay courter Agassi or Federer?
  151. How much stronger would Sampras GOAT argument be if he had won the 94 and/or 96 FO?
  152. Stats for Kafelnikov-Sampras (1996 RG semi)
  153. What was Kournikova's potential?
  154. Sampras or Agassi?
  155. whats roy emerson place in history
  156. Laver against Borg. A discussion on their strokes and abilities.
  157. What made Borg great?
  158. Phillippoussis in deep
  159. At the risk of seeming partisan...
  160. US Open 75-78
  161. Graf really should have won 3 Calender Slams but for untimely DNPs
  162. Sampras: Overrated Volleyer?
  163. laver gets too much credit
  164. What does Open Era mean?
  165. Tribute To Past Champions
  166. looking for DVDs of 70's matches
  167. Greatest Top 10 Male Singles Players (A sensible list)
  168. Who is GOAT?
  169. Agassi
  170. Who rates higher all time- Becker or Edberg?
  171. Agassi: Over/under-achiever?
  172. No one talks about these folks
  173. Crazy Carpet: Becker v Edberg DC 1989
  174. miloslov mecir
  175. Margaret Court: Martina not a good role model?
  176. children of tennis greats?
  177. Did Lendl dominate Becker
  178. How Meaningful is a Career Slam?
  179. Where can I find Sabatinis matches on DVD?
  180. Brilliant analysis by Espn (irony alert!)
  181. Graf vs Jankovic- who would have the overall head to head edge in their primes?
  182. Monica Seles vs Martina Navratilova
  183. How do you figure the GOAT?
  184. Wimbledon Junior Champions
  185. Kimiko Date returns to Wimbledon
  186. Pete Sampras Interview: Wimbledon, Nadal, and Grand Slam Tennis
  187. The most dominant year of any male player in history
  188. New interview with Rocket Laver
  189. McNamee - Successful stroke overhauls by former pros
  190. Michael Chang French Open
  191. Old Hilton Head Pro Tennis Tournaments
  192. Hypothetical GOAT year
  193. Former Stadiums and tournaments you miss
  194. Most sets lost in a Major win
  195. Girls Wimbledon junor champs and runner-ups
  196. cleanest tennis matches
  197. Top ten of last 3 decades on each surface
  198. Is Lendl that much better than Wilander on clay?
  199. HUGH LAWRENCE DOHERTY (1875-1919) - GOAT-contender
  200. Random Borg Sighting
  201. Agassi 2
  202. Edberg's foot-faulting
  203. professional tennis before 1926, part I
  204. Best Tie Breaks Ever Played??
  205. Stats for 1995 Davis Cup final (Sampras-Chesnokov)
  206. Why did Agassi fire Brad Gilbert as coach?
  207. Question about Jimmy Connors Raquet
  208. reason for borg's decline in senior tennis
  209. What happened to Connors Serve?
  210. can't access former pros profiles on the ATP site :(
  211. The Better Server: Krajiek or Stich?
  212. I could never watch a Guga match for too long
  213. Boxscore stats for Krajicek-Sampras (1996 W)
  214. Patrick McEnroe Look Alike
  215. Could someone confirm this Borg record?
  216. Borg vs Gerulaitis: Wimbledon 1977 (BBC version)
  217. guy forget
  218. best offensive/defensive lobbers both genders.
  219. Betting on Pat Cash mentioning US84 linecall
  220. Is there a case for Lendl being number one in 82 and 89?
  221. Henri Leconte
  222. was ivan lendl ACTUALLY considered a bad guy back in the day?
  223. Question about Laver's 62 Grand Slam
  224. Patrick Rafter: I can see Pete Sampras coming back
  225. Sampras and the "graveyard" court
  226. Australians missing French Open
  227. Any full Rosewall matches?
  228. If Sampras came back and won Wimbledon now would he be the GOAT?
  229. Why was Monica never that good on grass?
  230. Stats for Mandlikova-Navratilova('86 Wimbledon Final)
  231. ivanisevic vs rafter or sampras vs agassi 1999 wimbledon?
  232. Question about Laver's 1967 pro slam
  233. How good could Agassi have been?
  234. Bridgette Wilson-Sampras on Life After Baby: New Parents Should ‘Stay Connected’
  235. Fake commentaries
  236. BJK 1973 4R default at US Open
  237. State of womens tennis today vs past generations
  238. Post-match hugging
  239. Most runner ups with no title
  240. better grass player? sampras or federer
  241. Lendl's serve
  242. Could Seles come back?
  243. Where is Richey Reneberg?
  244. Lenglen vs Wills reply to boredone
  245. Navratilova's 1990 Wimbledon victory
  246. Agassi's serve
  247. What's better: Borg's forehand or backhand?
  248. Why do goats have one handed backhands?
  249. Question about Borg's quitting in 1982
  250. All time rankings pre 1950