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  1. Sampras was a one dimensinal player
  2. Was Newk better than Jimbo in 1974?
  3. BORG/SAMPRAS - Mental Strength and The Will to Win.
  4. Sampras's best win on clay?
  5. What happens to Lacoste after RG 29?
  6. Stats for 1990 Wimbledon final (Edberg-Becker)
  7. So where does Newcombe stand in the grand scheme of things?
  8. S&V back in old days
  9. Joachim Johansson
  10. Who knows Paul Dogger?
  11. Borg's temperament
  12. Wilander's best matches
  13. Worst ever mens #1
  14. Pat Cash's Aerogel 300
  15. Gottfried von Cramm
  16. Bjorn Borg Week!
  17. Anna Kournikova in Bar Fight
  18. Greatest women's serve of all time
  19. 15 greatest female players of all time
  20. Consecitive slam championship wins ?
  21. Has Anyone.....??
  22. Weakest Womens # 1 before 2008
  23. did connors dropped his shorts in
  24. What is John Mcenroe's fastest serve?
  25. World Invitational Tennis Classic
  26. Best ever at various aspects of the game
  27. Better Backhand - Rosewall or Laver???
  28. Lendl's underhand serve
  29. 1996 womens French Open- projected round of 16 draw with all the seed
  30. Vitas Gerulaitis as commentator
  31. what happened to jim courier?
  32. tell me about johan kriek
  33. Jimmy Connors at 39
  34. Winner takes all. Classic series 1970-1971
  35. Navratilova is the Real GOAT
  36. Would Pete Sampras win the FO if he played in the 2000s?
  37. Well he's a former player NOW Montcourt dead
  38. Bill Scanlon's Golden Set
  39. 3rd best open era clay courter?
  40. why was Sabatini considered good-looking
  41. Would Martinez and Sabatini win the French this decade?
  42. Will Guga Make the HoF?
  43. Winning 6 in a row vs the Calender Slam
  44. 1st week of Rankings
  45. Martina navitilova...
  46. pete's parents
  47. Connors's special events
  48. Clay tennis today is very different from 25 years ago
  49. Chess and Tennis - methods to measure historical performance;
  50. I just took a lesson with former World No. 14!
  51. If Fed S&V, how would you rank him then?
  52. Monika Seles Tension!!!
  53. Seles inducted to Hall of Fame
  54. Would Chris Evert have won 10 FO ?
  55. Agassi vs Sampras 2000 Aussie Open semis- 3rd and 4th set tiebreakers
  56. Pancho Gonzales
  57. Which decade had the toughest overall competition for men
  58. Which decade had the toughest overall competition for women
  59. The regrets game
  60. A Sensible GOAT List (Revised)
  61. William Renshaw: Wimbledon GOAT
  62. sampras' eastern forehand: high elbow backswing
  63. TC To Air 76 U.S. Open Final
  64. Vilas v Marks 1978 AO Final
  65. Mark Kratzmann
  66. Petition for a BBC documentary
  67. Henman's comment towards Ballgirl's boobs at Wimbledon
  68. thoughts on Gentleman tim Mayotte
  69. Is that Thomas Muster?
  70. Pancho and Laver only played once in 1968?
  71. The Official Apology Thread
  72. All time tennis heroes - NOT THE GOAT LIST, but people who deserve special mention
  73. Where does Agassi rank all time
  74. Is Wilander severly underrated on this forum?
  75. ESPN Classic show old US Open matches
  76. Jack Kramer-Opinions and thoughts
  77. How do you rate Ivanisevic?
  78. Borg was a no-show at his HOF induction?
  79. Vitas Gerulaitis
  80. teach me about LEW HOAD!
  81. budge-von cramm boo worth it?
  82. Agassi poster from 95
  83. Pro championship draws - 1930s to 1968..
  84. Try and break these records - Federer and Nadal
  85. Anyone know of any clips of Michael Stich's serve?
  86. 1980 US Open Semis
  87. Match Wins and Records in Majors
  88. Throughout tennis history (since the 1870's) what have been regarded as the Majors?
  89. Anyone have any videos of Pancho Segura?
  90. Better backhand: Sampras or Lendl?
  91. article on the swedes of the 1980s
  92. How were the "Elite" Pros as a Junior Player?
  93. GOAT with Muscles
  94. Which decade had the weakest competition for men
  95. Which decade had weakest overall competition amongst women
  96. From 1981. Excerpt from "The French" by William Klein (1982)
  97. Best female backhand of all time?
  98. Pete Sampras Statistics have changed
  99. Agassi too much for the WTA players?
  100. Would anyone of beaten Andre at the 2000 Australian Open?
  101. Sampras saving his hair?
  102. Funny Leconte
  103. this is kind of neat. A clip of young Evert...
  104. Some nice serve volley tennis
  105. If Lendl's grand slam final record was reversed...
  106. McEnroe's career decline
  107. Help me identify this video
  108. Top 40 women players of the Open Era
  109. Worst head-to-head ever?
  110. 1980 US Open Final McEnroe-Borg on TV Tonight
  111. Who is the best women player to never win Wimbledon
  112. Stats for Navratilova-Evert (1987 Wimbledon sf)
  113. did connors in 1974 won three grand slams in a row
  114. sorry, i'm a bit drunk
  115. Laver - deuce court serve out wide
  116. Edberg Interview
  117. Amateurs or hidden professionals pre 1968
  118. Michael Chang and Edberg
  119. Defensive Baselining: Except with slicing: Would it work?
  120. Is this kind of tennis really 11 years ago?
  121. Graf in 1984 statement: "I will be No. 1 in 2 or 3 years"
  122. Best womens player to never win a major
  123. women GOAT lists
  124. Who knows female players around 1990 and Japanese?
  125. Hardest overall womens hitter ever
  126. Monica Seles: Some clear weaknesses
  127. wooden era question
  128. Better slice backhand: Graf or Navratilova?
  129. Ashe's us open
  130. Borg is boring
  131. Sampras' stats from 1994
  132. For Rafter fand, a little movie... where is S&V today ?
  133. Which players defeated John McEnroe in 84?
  134. Agassi Underrated
  135. Surface of original French Championships (1891-1925)
  136. Frank Deford: "Graf most Overrated Tennis Player Ever"
  137. Evoone Goolangong
  138. Best male player never to win a Slam (Open Era)
  139. Happy Birthday Petros!
  140. Best male player to win only one slam
  141. Best female player to win only one slam
  142. Best male player to never win a slam, covering the entire open era
  143. Santoro versus Laver
  144. Los Angeles Forum Tennis Challenge results?
  145. Billie Jean King says Obama got her stats wrong
  146. Happy birthday Pete
  147. What makes a great hard courter and a bad one
  148. Best female player to never win a slam in singles
  149. Questions for the Experts/Amateur Historians
  150. rankings when men retired?
  151. Best on clay between Ferrero, Federer, and Agassi
  152. Best male player with 2 or 3 major titles
  153. Best female player with 2 or 3 major titles
  154. J-Mac/P-Mac versus Federer/Wawrinka
  155. Laver: Humble Champion
  156. A concise way to highlight some all-timers..
  157. Yannick Noah, freak success?
  158. paradorn srichaphan?
  159. The Greatest Era Ever?
  160. How many slams would Graf have won without stabbing
  161. Best McEnroe Tantrum
  162. Nicolas Escude
  163. Excellent Lendl highlights on YT
  164. Tribute to the greatest womens tennis player in history
  165. Happy birthday Courier
  166. Once again--I'm not the only one
  167. Tennis: A Voice From the Past
  168. How many slams would Seles have won without the stabbing?
  169. How Japan got Davis Cup finals in 1921?
  170. McEnroe exhbition results
  171. Replies and views
  172. Who would see the most success in Laver's era of guys from the last 20 or so years?
  173. When did the 4 Grand Slam tournaments become majors?
  174. Sampras Agassi on ESPN Classic Tonight
  175. Tennis- popular or elitist sport?
  176. Tennis- popular or elitist sport?
  177. Donald Dell on the 1983 US Open final
  178. Connors vs McEnroe vs Lendl vs Agassi
  179. Most dominant grand slam winners
  180. Sampras and Martin exo in Austin Nov. 10th
  181. Has Lendl ever played seniors after retirement
  182. Chopin's New Poll: Venus Williams v.s. Laver
  183. Best female 4-5 slam winner
  184. Tilden Olympics
  185. connors
  186. The transformation of Christ Evert
  187. 2nd greatest female player of all time
  188. Connors - simultatenously adored and hated?
  189. Winning percentages - Open era
  190. Hingis joins BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing' line-up
  191. Martina Navratilova goes public with her new fiancée - a Soviet beauty queen
  192. Did anyone else watch the Henin-vs-Capriati SF on Tennis Channel?
  193. Mcenroe v. Borg 81 USOpen
  194. Remembering Aaron Krickstein
  195. Top 10 in the last 25 years / 5 year group + generation clash
  196. Which women players have the most round of 16 losses in a slam
  197. Sampras Agassi 1995 USO on TC
  198. Sampras, Federer, and Borg, who rates as greatest all time amongst these 3.
  199. Cliff Drysdale as a player...
  200. The First of the "Big Croats"
  201. William Renshaw Wimbledon GOAT?
  202. Articles by Pat Cash annoy me
  203. Year of the GOAT
  204. Detailed write up on the Braasch vs Williams Sisters
  205. Which years Conchita's biggest blown shot of the French Open title
  206. Serena Williams -- where does she ranked compared to the other greats of the open era
  207. Could someone please answer these questions?
  208. Borg vs. McEnroe using wood racquets 2009
  209. Large size wooden rackets?
  210. Phau versus Laver
  211. 1946 Riggs-Budge pro tour = 24 - 22 + 1 tie
  212. Borg's racket
  213. What did Pancho Gonzales mean when said this?
  214. Anyone else remember Carling Bassett?
  215. Which women have lost the most GS finals after being favored to win?
  216. What was Pam Shriver's game like?
  217. Which women have won the most GS finals as underdogs?
  218. Anderson on Gonzalez
  219. When was the tennis superstar era?
  220. Old british comedy
  221. Renshaw v. Federer
  222. Stats for 1988 RG final (Graf-Zvereva)
  223. Unquestionably the best player in world
  224. What defines a Great Era?
  225. What was Graf's best surface?
  226. If Sampras won the 1992 US Open final...
  227. Remembering: Malivai Washington
  228. Alberto Berasategui
  229. 1979 Australian Open Photos
  230. Players who bullied
  231. Pete Sampras = class act
  232. Laver's Height
  233. US open and grand slams scheduling helping federer
  234. Connors 74-78
  235. Who was better Borg or Becker?
  236. Who was Greater, McEnroe or Connors?
  237. Favorite players who never reached the top 10?
  238. Jack Kramer died?
  239. Best womens player to win only 1 slam title
  240. Could Sampras and J.McEnroe win US doubles?
  241. Jim Courier shaking the umpire's chair in 1993
  242. Which Serve & Volleyer of the 90's was most fun to watch?
  243. A History Of the Western Forehand
  244. Laver's Continental Forehand
  245. Best Female Player Post WWII
  246. Evert: Navratilova's forehand weaker than backhand
  247. Players who've won 10 majors in singles & doubles
  248. Will you remember Andre for...
  249. modern hard court tennis is not "faster" in your sense
  250. Lendl on Letterman