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  1. Just wanted to say Steffi Graf is in no way the best ever!
  2. John McEnroe's antics on senior tour
  3. Roscoe Tanner IN / Out / IN the Slammer
  4. Something that gets overlooked in McEnroe's annihilation of Connors in Wimbledon 1984
  5. Nastase's 15th title in 1973
  6. Agassi picture thread
  7. Emerson did beat Gonzales
  8. Who did Muster lose to in 1995 to interrupt his clay court winning streak?
  9. The Graf / Seles Debate ... Combined / Continuing Threads
  10. Where will Martina Navratilova be placed in history?
  11. Would Lendl have won a Wimbledon with current conditions?
  12. 15 greatest players of all time
  13. Video Clips of Bruguera?
  14. On Agassi..
  15. Chris Evert divorces husband Andy Mill
  16. Incredible lobs by Sampras
  17. Bjorn Borg - Guillermo Vilas Roland Garros 1978 (VIDEO)
  18. New forum! Anyone going to the Masters at the Royal Albert Hall this December?
  19. Amazing things I learned about BORG
  20. Karim Alami
  21. Will Agassi go down as the best baseliner ever?
  22. Amazing Rios points to Massu (Video)
  23. Best volleyer of this lot
  24. Rios-chang II
  25. Uncovering Agassiís Mental Edge - article
  26. Vintage Wimbledon
  27. Henri LaCoste
  28. Gambill
  29. Rios - Chang "Full Edition Video"
  30. 1996 ATP semifinal - Becker v Krajicek
  31. Boris Becker begging a game to Marcelo Rios (Video)
  32. Anybody else thinks Obata Saori is hot?
  33. Berasategui
  34. McEnroe and "true" grand slam total
  35. Jimmy Arias
  36. Borg vs. McEnroe Ad
  37. I'll say it: Mac Best Ever (on any given day)
  38. Grass Courts.
  39. Why do you hate Lendl?
  40. Mac explodes again....yawn
  41. 2 great Agassi vids
  42. unbelievable!!!!!!!
  43. 1992 Cincinatti final - Sampras v Lendl
  44. McEnroe loses Rios grudge match
  45. Watch out Rios
  46. Andrea Jaeger in SI
  47. who's the worst player to win a grand slam?
  48. Vilas - Connors USOPEN Final 1977
  49. any videos of brad gilbert?
  50. My Lord does Rios Suck!!!
  51. Rios - Chela
  52. Sampras shows he still has game
  53. Would Sampras have won the French with a 2HBH?
  54. Paul Harhuis must be pretty damn good now?
  55. McEnroe how many GS titles in total?
  56. ever heard of Jim Parker?
  57. Lamar Hunt and WCT
  58. New Sampras vs Ginepri videos
  59. Laurie's DVD clips - Sampras v Krajicek 00 US Open
  60. Austrian Tennis (Muster gegend Skoff)
  61. sampras' racquet
  62. jimmy connors is the greatest returner ever!!!!!!
  63. Looking for Sampras/Agassi retirement video
  64. G. Ivanesevic at Wimbeldon
  65. OK. . . Why do you LOVE Lendl?
  66. A current player says Pete still has it...
  67. Mcenroe vs lendl funny video
  68. How good are your coaches or club pros?
  69. I can't believe it!!!!!
  70. unknown results Borg vs Mcenroe and Connors
  71. 1992: great year for USA men's tennis
  72. McEnroe and Navritalova doubles question
  73. Can you beat old man agassi in 5 set match?!?
  75. Rod Laver, What was his secret?
  76. Jimmy Connors' Mother Passes Away
  77. How was the matchup between Navratilova and Graf?
  78. Who rates higher all time between Feds and Agassi?
  79. Why did Borg blow his fingers between points?
  80. pete hitting with a friend........
  81. I just saw PETE SAMPRAS hit at UCLA!
  82. The videos of Pete Sampras hitting at UCLA...!
  83. Surprising stats (1)
  84. Borg to return to play on Grass in England
  85. Kournikova
  86. Greatest Players by Decade
  87. If...
  88. If Agassi was in his prime right now...
  89. Bud Collins on Stolle and Emerson
  90. Tha Sad End of Bill Tilden
  91. Agassi or Connors?
  92. Anyone coming to boston
  93. 'Bjorn Borg Saga' on TTC: Odd Programming Choice?
  94. Itís only been a few months and I already miss Andre- article Austr. Open 07
  95. Bad News for McEnroe - Bill Scanlon
  96. Borg's Adaptaion
  97. Marcelo Rios - Andre Agassi (Miami 2002)
  98. Agassi- The complete package!
  99. I'm not usually a big Agassi fan but...
  100. Tennis in the days of yore
  101. Borg vs. Wilander
  102. Jack Crowford?
  103. pete sampras clips
  104. Amatuer Callenges Macenroe!!!!!
  105. Borg...1hbh or 2hbh?
  106. BBC reports Sampras to play Chmapions Tour
  107. Greatest Open Era Clay Courters
  108. Tennis Survey - less than 5 minutes
  109. Pete's press conference call 1/30/07
  110. Old Match Review - Edberg - Agassi 1990 Indian Wells
  111. who is better, old timers or modern player?
  112. Rios the genius
  113. Did Borg quit because of Mcenroe?
  114. Greatest British women of Open era-Jones or Wade?
  115. funny piece on anna k
  116. Sampras returns to Team Tennis in 2007
  117. What if Agassi...
  118. Don Budge def. Gottfried Von Cramm, 1937 Davis Cup
  119. Would mcenroe have had a chance against borg on today's grass?
  120. Stats from the 1984 Wimbledon final
  121. Don Budge: The Greatest Player of All Time
  122. raul ramirez???
  123. G.O.A.T.? Gardner Malloy
  124. Look at these Agassi strokes
  125. Tell me about Ken Rosewall?
  126. Scott Draper wins a golf event!
  127. Agassi's service motion after switching to Head
  128. McEnroe won the equivalent of 21 masters series events
  129. Fascinating bit of history...
  130. Michael Chang in the Hall of Fame?
  131. Agassi's Groundstrokes and Returns
  132. Agassi catching the ball with his racquet
  133. Q&A with Sampras
  134. Pete sampras is it true .....
  135. One stroke from any player in history
  136. top5 of all time?
  137. Sampras serves 4 aces in a row
  138. Boris Becker interviewed at NBA ALL Star
  139. Borg to play again!
  140. Whats Adrea Yeager Doing?
  141. Tell me about Gomez please.
  142. Tell me about Carlos Costa please.
  143. Michael Chang a 5.0 league player?
  144. sampras - transition in his playing style through the yrs
  145. great commercial
  146. Kings of the Court video, anyone? Thoughts on the 'ten greatest players of all time'
  147. Ivan Lendl....Song! (Danish)
  148. Video profile of Lew Hoad
  149. The shortest Wimbledon finals
  150. Marcos Verdasco, brother of Fernando Verdasco playing for Oregan tennis at #1 spot.
  151. johnny mac
  152. Ellsworth Vines' 10 Best List
  153. Henri Cochet
  154. Who'd I Clone to stop FEDERER .
  155. Any Mikael Pernfors fans
  156. Old Match Review- 2000
  157. Agassi buys ticket
  158. Why are Laver's 2 GrandSlams held with sugh high regard?
  159. How do you rank the great Aussies?
  160. was Miami best-to-5 all the way thru in the old days?
  161. The younger Agassi's Game....
  162. Who was the biggest servers of the past?
  163. becker-edberg youtube.com (and a question)
  164. Sampras/agassi Wallpapers
  165. who does vilas remind you of?
  166. A Great Wikipedia Article.. Must Read
  167. Mcenroe vs. Connors same record as Sampras vs. Agassi
  168. Anna Kournikova= Immense Talent.....look at this clip
  169. Czech Agassi blog
  170. Sergio Tacchini and Sampras
  171. Why don't pro players post here?
  172. My Problem with the Borg vs. McEnroe Rivalry
  173. Can you beat Chris Evert today?
  174. Borg, Connors, McEnroe, had all 4 slams been held in todays value?
  175. Sampras Mac Video
  176. Rod Laver v/s Bjorn Borg (VIDEO)
  177. Looking for McEnroe matches, etc.
  178. connors serve
  179. Connors' doubles' partners
  180. News to me: Jiri Novak retired
  181. underrated shots
  182. Bobby Riggs v. Margaret Court
  183. most entertaining men's Wimbledon finals
  184. Laver question for urban
  185. greatest shot in the history of tennis
  186. How often did Borg Serve Volley at Wimbledon?
  187. Becker's best rival?
  188. Son of Borg
  189. Favourite, but forgotten player?
  190. Mirka back in 2001
  191. Anyone else creeped out by Becker in TW Vlog?
  192. Connors and the 1974 French Open
  193. Tell meabout John Alexander
  194. the 1972 US Open had a 148 draw?
  195. Most significant matches of the decades
  196. Edberg... fastest to net?
  197. Tell me about Vijay Amritaj
  198. Hu Na - What ever happened to her?
  199. how come Connors did so well with T2000 against graphite?
  200. Ramesh Krishnan
  201. Frank Kovacs
  202. Do you think should I critize Fabiola Zuluaga?
  203. Agassi's unconvincing reign as no.1 in 99
  204. Agassi getting 5 mill for his memoirs
  205. Agassi vs. Rios Exhibition?
  206. Vitas.
  207. don johnson
  208. Adriano Panatta
  209. Federer v. Sampras
  210. Keys to Agassi style
  211. Krickstein's her uncle: Pressel the youngest to win LPGA major
  212. Rios - Agassi Stgo 2007 (Highlights Video)
  213. Borg on grass and clay
  214. Why did Panatta trouble Borg?
  215. Sampras draws Mac, Korda & Wilander in Boston
  216. Monica Seles?
  217. Story about Sampras in the juniors
  218. Gaby and Steffi in their mid-30ies - wow!
  219. Graf, Seles, Sabatini
  220. Borg and Geico Caveman
  221. Who's the best server of the 1990s?
  222. finished mcenroe's book
  223. Would you buy and read Agassi's memoirs? - The Poll
  224. Muster was a machine
  225. Why did Evert marry John Lloyd in the first place?
  226. Anybody have any video clips of Mecir?
  227. Tell me about Mark Cox
  228. Illie Nastase 1975 video
  229. What was average speed of serves with wood?
  230. Why was Borg's comeback such a disaster?
  231. Why doesn't Kournikova come back?
  232. Evert - Pretty Darn Good On Grass
  233. Gulyas ran 19miles in 3 sets
  234. Sampras vs Wilander, 1989 US Open
  235. Will Ferrell's next movie
  236. Great Rivalries
  237. Understanding just how unbelievable Navratilova really was at her peak in 83-84!
  238. BREAKING: Agassi attacks wife (Graf) with racquet!
  239. Andre hits Steffi in face--stitches required
  240. Pete Sampras to play Queens
  241. Which women had the greatest 2nd serve of the modern era ?
  242. Why is Borg's serve so underrated?
  243. Noah - worst ever strokes for a GS winner
  244. where can I find career 5-set records?
  245. Looking For Someone To Tape Sampras Comeback Seniors Tourney In Boston
  246. Andrei Medvedev, great talent but entirely forgotten.
  247. Anke Huber
  248. Pete Sampras vs. Alex Correjta US Open 1996 QF
  249. Becker's service action!!!
  250. Sampras & Courier to play Athens...at last a real Senior tour in Europe