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  1. random noob question...
  2. Hello, i really need help.
  3. What tennis is there over the summer?
  4. Div Iii Tennis Question???
  5. Good Tennis and Law Programs
  6. Clothing and Apparel Sponsorship
  7. Tennis recruiting question
  8. UCLA tennis player in coma
  9. How Hard is it to make it to a DII tennis college?
  10. any upenn players out there?
  11. Indiana University- anyone been to the campus?
  12. Making a video!
  13. How do these colleges sound...?
  14. When does a coach have to notify you about cancelling/decreasing your scholarship?
  15. Tennis and Business
  16. College club tennis
  17. good tennis and tech schools
  18. 14 year old...college tennis future?
  19. Is intramural tennis different from club tennis?
  20. College Tennis and Major
  21. keziel juneau
  22. ITA Summer Circuit
  23. Yet another program cancelled...
  24. Help! College Tennis Future
  25. Do i have a college future
  26. College Tennis Information
  27. Can I get some help for college?
  28. what racquet does Alex Clayton use?
  29. serving with western grip -- age 15 xP
  30. NCAA Clearinghouse
  31. College String
  32. Kash's thread
  33. College Tennis Rating
  34. Going into senior year
  35. Any College tennis progams accept mediocre students?
  36. Bill Tilden vs. top college player...who would win?
  37. Best tennis facilities?
  38. USA recruiting system needs a slap in the face
  39. college help
  40. I got a letter from Swarthmore College?
  41. College players looking for hitting sessions in CT
  42. Post grad year to help tennis
  43. Had a really crap training seesion for the 2nd day in a row!
  44. College Ready?
  45. Div. 3 at a public university
  46. $ and tennis at a Div. 3 public university
  47. Coaches/Recruiters at Girls Nationals (Berkeley)
  48. Am I college tennis material?
  49. How good is this transfer from UCLA TO UPENN?
  50. help pls: why play college tennis, and,
  51. Who's going to take the Ivy's this year?
  52. makeitpro.com
  53. are these guys ready for college?
  54. Alex Clayton soon to be #1 in NCAA wins the ITA national summer championships
  55. State College / Penn State
  56. $1,000 grant
  57. ASU Club Tennis
  58. If I'm 21 and attend college for the first time can I still play for the team?
  59. Meeting College Coaches-Questions you wish you asked?
  60. Thoughts on Club Tennis
  61. OU Coach John Roddick's First Recruit
  62. ivy or scholarship to D1
  63. Would i make it?
  64. The NTRP levels of College Tennis Teams
  65. Tennis Stringing and other equipment cost?
  66. Title IX
  67. ITA rankings
  68. Players Missing from Roster....what happened?
  69. College tennis for transfer students?
  70. Transfering from community college
  71. Quick Question....
  72. Potential Athlete Form HELP!
  73. College Question from an Aussie
  74. ITA Tournaments, can someone explain draws?
  75. Official Club Tennis Thread
  76. Recruiting Question?
  77. So where do you draw the line coaches?
  78. 2009 D'Novo/ITA Men's All-American Championships OCT 3-11.
  79. Walk ons
  80. Coaching requirements question?
  81. How did this guy make DI?
  82. Need advices, what do I need to make it to scholarship tennis
  83. How good is a 3 star recruit
  84. What are the top colleges for tennis?
  85. Will I make it in college tennis
  86. Alabama vs Notre Dame at Harvard today
  87. Do you think I can play in college?
  88. Need some Michigan Colleges for tennis
  89. 2009-10 Division I Regional Championships-- Starts Friday at Cal Berkeley.
  90. minimum ranking?
  91. ITA Central Region Championships at Tulsa (live action)
  92. Foreigners! I have to eat my words
  93. Interesting Article on College Sports
  94. Battle of the Bay Classic --Event with Interesting twists.
  95. Question for TennisMom42 ?
  96. ITA National Indoors: Men's Selections
  97. D3 players
  98. Coach to coach questions
  99. ITA national indoor Championships at Yale, Who will WIN ?
  100. Congrats to "I" and "G"
  101. Orange Coast College tennis
  102. UCLA Commitments
  103. Here Comes Tennessee
  104. Recruiting
  105. Scholorships (boy vs girl)
  106. Question for coaches about recruiting younger siblings
  107. College Degree
  108. Fedace finally gets to hit with Stanford players !
  109. Club Tennis Question
  110. Anyone Know about Umass Dartmouth tennis?
  111. University of Arizona mens tennis
  112. EWU Tennis Crisis!!!!!!!!!
  113. My division 1 college tennis future
  114. College Tennis Traveling
  115. University of Texas men's roster
  116. tennis scholarship?
  117. College Tennis
  118. Practicing in altitude
  119. Phoenix, AZ , looking for college level/5.0+ players to hit with!
  120. Looking for a Tennis program
  121. Tennis Scholarships and General Scholarships
  122. Videos-D1 or D2 doubles
  123. Gino never posted his video
  124. Gino Inzerillo's College Tennis Video
  125. Looking for tennis video
  126. a couple schools im interested in
  127. Is Alex Clayton a pusher?
  128. Loyola Marymount and Cal Poly SLO Tennis
  129. DII or DIII college tennis videos
  130. Please help regarding college tennis
  131. Formentera Signs on with OU/Roddick
  132. Collage Tennis Question
  133. Hmmm...College Tennis in Other Countries?
  134. anyone had shoulder surgery?
  135. Check out how Donald young is doing and other top college players
  136. Queens college ny looking for strong w tennis player
  137. College Athletic Accident policy
  138. My first 2010 college tennis
  139. Effect of spending a year at junior college?
  140. Bradley Klahn Victorious at Sherwood Cup tournament. CONGRATULATIONS
  141. Division Other Men
  142. Early Season Men's Match: Virginia - Illinois
  143. National Team Indoor Championships -- Stanford to make a statement ?
  144. Citadel tennis?
  145. Bucknell, Marist and Marquette
  146. College tennis coaches...
  147. Michigan vs Pepperdine -- LIVE video
  148. What perks you guys get playing college tennis?
  149. ITF Rankings
  150. Daniel Nguyen
  151. College tennis players
  152. what goals should i set?
  153. National Ranking
  154. Need some advice on recruiting.
  155. Going Pro After College
  156. Question on college tennis scoring
  157. How good is Matt Seeberger??
  158. Junior in High School Coming Back after Knee Surgery
  159. Clearinghouse
  160. Pac 10 2010
  161. wanted: tennis instructor
  162. ariel ellis of Univ of Texas
  163. Vids of USC Vs SD State
  164. Need advice for applying for scholarships at colleges
  165. Ohio State Tennis scared to play outdoors?
  166. Good Article in Tennis Magazine about Luke Jensen and College tennis
  167. UK University Tennis.
  168. NCAA tennis transfers
  169. What level of college do you think this guy can play?
  170. PACIFIC Coast Doubles featuring the BEST in NCAA division 1 doubles and Jeff Tarango
  171. Pac 10 tennis
  172. Georgetown Undertakes Divisional Analysis
  173. UVA vs. Texas Score (Clark ??)
  174. Naia
  175. 2010 USTA National Campus Championship
  176. NCAA Clearing house help
  177. Ohio State's record home stretch
  178. Opportunity to meet and play with Rafa and tsonga in Paris
  179. What sort of NTRP level are these guys at?
  180. Stanford tennis on the ******* fling swing -- Illinois and Michigan dual matches
  181. California tennis
  182. Hitting for $$
  183. How good do you have to be?
  184. California Community Colleges
  185. UC Davis Athletic Cuts
  186. Annual Hopman cup dual match. Stanford vs Baylor on LIVE now. Time for REVENGE.
  187. USC Tennis -- Yeah they're the best, despite what Fedace might say
  188. Critical Weekend coming up for Stanford --- USC and UCLA road trip
  189. UCSB Tennis
  190. PAC-10 Tennis standings April 5
  191. Question on Div 1 Eligibility
  192. Insane winner by Cal's Konigsfeldt
  193. PAC-10 Standings April 12
  194. Who would have thunk it? Arizona beats UCLA
  195. The University of Texas at Tyler
  196. Here we go again...
  197. Are there tennis scholarships for Masters student ?
  198. UCLA beats USC 3 Times TODAY!!!!
  199. Players near indy
  200. Klahn is higher ranked thank Clayton??
  201. Stanford PAC-10 Champions. and Soon to be the next NCAA champions.
  202. Pac 10 Tennis Standings - Week of April 19
  203. Junior Colleges
  204. Division 1 Team Conference Strength
  205. PAC-10 Championships in OJAI --Who will dominate and take it all ?
  206. College and Professional Player's volleying skills
  207. Please help to choose a school to go!
  208. Need advice!
  209. Big 10 mens tennis championships
  210. OU/Roddick Signs Davis Cup Player
  211. Congrats to the Lady Gators
  212. When will Stanford lose in the NCAA's????
  213. Two Blue Chips to Stanford Girls Squad
  214. UVA 2010 NCAA Champions?
  215. ex college-men vs women
  216. UC Irvine defeats UCSB in Big West women's semifinal match
  217. Does anyone know anything about these colleges?
  218. UC Irvine men & women win Big West title
  219. 2010 NCAA D1 Tennis Champs team draws posted
  220. Texas taking a page from the UVA playbook...
  221. Bulldogs vs Gators round of 16
  222. GT
  223. The MIAC COnference
  224. college tennis tournaments
  225. Amazing Santa Clara Tennis Turnaround
  226. Ccc
  227. University Tennis in Canada
  228. What rules are different in college tennis?
  229. UCLA vs Stanford...
  230. Steve Johnson dive volley
  231. New UCLA vs Cal Videos. NCAA footage.
  232. Can I play in college?
  233. Doubles or Singles...
  234. Watching the NCAA tournament
  235. Buh Bye Stanford...sorry Fedace.
  236. Final Four Predictions!
  237. What's up Clayton?
  238. Lets Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!
  239. Question for UGA tennis fans on NCAA championship?
  240. Congratulations to Stanford Women's tennis team -- 2010 National Champions
  241. DivI vs. DivII vs. DivIII
  242. DIII Men's Team Championship
  243. Nguyen clinches NCAA Championship title for USC
  244. Queens college ny looking for strong w tennis players
  245. NCAA Eligibility and open/designated tournaments
  246. Klahn (Stanford) Vs Childs (Louisville) for NCAA singles Championships
  247. Dartmouth Tennis?
  248. Short player w/one handed backhand
  249. State tournament
  250. deciding on a backhand?