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  1. College Tennis for Colleges without Teams
  2. Bradley Klahn, new NCAA Champion with 135 MPH Lefty serve
  3. UVa signs Alex Domijan, the #1 American junior.
  4. Question- What would you rather?
  5. New Div 1 college recruits for 2010?
  6. USC women's tennis to vacate wins
  7. How good is this guy?
  8. Division 1 vs. Division 3 Tennis Article
  9. A couple of colleges...
  10. College Realignment
  11. UPenn tennis?
  12. Major disappointment if Stanford men dont win it all next year
  13. My Alma Mater Got Pnwed!!!!
  14. 'You don't get better playing college tennis."
  15. What do you guys think?
  16. I have a question about college tennis
  17. College tennis videos?
  18. What sort of level could this person play?
  19. Excellent feature about Dick Gould/Stanford tennis
  20. Emory Tennis?
  21. Meals when on the road with a college team?
  22. Can I play college Tennis?
  23. is this stupid rule
  24. fordham m tennis coach retires
  25. what are some of the weak division 1 schools?
  26. conference rankings
  27. Gino Inzerillo - College Tennis Video PART 2!!
  28. 6.0 players and up
  29. UCI player returning after arrest?
  30. High school facilities
  31. Hitting partners for collegiate female players
  32. Ivy League Tennis
  33. College scouting.
  34. A little help?
  35. Summer masters event this weekend
  36. Edinboro Tennis is back!
  37. What are your most important factors when choosing a college?
  38. need help / opinions
  39. d3 schools
  40. Tennis Warehouse Teams Department
  41. Villanova tennis?
  42. purdue tennis
  43. What's the Difference?
  44. How do teams qualify for nationals?
  45. What is so good about college tennis?
  46. How are my strokes?
  47. Guy Forget's son at UCSB?
  48. notre dame
  49. Dealing with an Absolutely Miserable Teammate
  50. College Doubles?
  51. Duke Invitational
  52. How exactly to apply for scholarships & donations from colleges
  53. Collegiate Tennis Tee's
  54. Greatest College Men's Tennis Teams
  55. ******* schools?
  56. College Tennis Recruit
  57. Good colleges with good recreational tennis?
  58. Is it ever ok to talk to son's college tennis coach?
  59. Watch my video?
  60. college tennis video
  61. When to start looking at colleges?
  62. ITA All American Championships Underway -- In Tulsa--webcam coverage.
  63. Yonex rep for college/college packages
  64. One semester abroad
  65. Just curious nothing more
  66. ITA Regional Championships
  67. UCSD Tennis
  68. a tennis varsity in SFU,Canada?
  69. Anyone want D1 spot in January?
  70. ITA D1 Regional playoffs --Get ready for some HOT action in Palo Alto
  71. Stepping it up.
  72. Questions about transferring
  73. ITA/USTA Indoors Field
  74. One handed backhand on the run
  75. Wanting to play college tennis at age 30...
  76. How many people play on a team/will be playing on a team?
  77. "OPEN" ITA Events??
  78. The College Tennis Season
  79. How Many Scholarships
  80. Virginia Shoots, Virginia Scores
  81. collegetennisonline website
  82. USTA/ITA Intercollegiate Indoors thread
  83. Biggest College Titles
  84. my youtube vids
  85. Tennys Sandgren?
  86. Club tennis at these colleges...
  87. How does a a 5-Star Become a Blue Chip?
  88. Choosing a College Team to Play For
  89. can you still be able to play tennis without being ranked
  90. Top 16 College Teams
  91. Why is UCLA recruiting AMERICANS
  92. Greg Scott to UCSB
  93. How can I contact university coaches?
  94. USC tennis scene?
  95. College Tennis SOS?
  96. getting into standford or usc?
  97. Hawaii moving to the Big West
  98. Good Business Div.3 Schools
  99. Texas Signs two recruits
  100. Illinois Fighting Illini Recruits
  101. Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal
  102. College Season Schedule
  103. post NCAA jobs
  104. queens college ny looking for itf or national w player
  105. Early College Top 25 Teams
  106. To play college tennis..
  107. Comments on my college tennis video?
  108. Looking for womens players for Spring 2011
  109. General question?
  110. College Players-Do you buy a holiday gift for your coach?
  111. Looking to finish what I started.
  112. What to do over winter break
  113. what level? offers d1, ncaa?
  114. Is there any team naia, d1, d2, d3 with an open spot?
  115. Junior USTA Tournaments while in College?
  116. My College Video
  117. Anybody playing College/Univeristy Tennis in Canada?
  118. Div 1 Eligibility- Year off- Surgery
  119. division one program needs female for spring 2011
  120. D3 clearinghouse
  121. Help finding a college.
  122. college tennis/standard
  123. Life of a College Tennis Player
  124. Do you have to have good grades to go D-1?
  125. Who are these guys ? and Will they have a good college career ?
  126. John Fitzgerald on Australian Youth development
  127. Which is better??
  128. What way did you go????
  129. Colleges
  130. Who is this girl hitting?
  131. University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
  132. Who is your favorite college tennis player?
  133. Please help about team selection process
  134. Looking for college
  135. New ITA Rankings Out Today
  136. Div One team tennis
  137. Tennis college for foreign player?
  138. DIII Recruiting
  139. Some Video of FSU and Texas A&M Players
  140. Sherwood Cup ---beautiful LA area ---Who will Win ?
  141. Drexel's Varsity Team
  142. Ohio State
  143. University - do I have to major in sports?
  144. SEC Indoor Championships
  145. How good to play in DIV 1?
  146. College recruiting 2011...who did well?
  147. 23/32 players were foreigner
  148. My College Video
  149. Virginia men's LiveStats
  150. Tactical - Workshop Notes
  151. How bout dem dawgs!!!
  152. The Pacific 10 Alliance!
  153. Regionals - the road to indoors!
  154. Pro staff sponsorship
  155. top 10 recruiting list for 2011 class - ur thoughts!
  156. Stanford about to clean out Sac State--webcam coverage.
  157. new youtube video - possible college
  158. ITA Kickoff, Heading to Stanford to check out the action
  159. Tennis in Missouri
  160. Division I Men's Team Indoors
  161. Washington Post article about Virginia and college tennis
  162. Fairleigh Dickinson w/ 9 int'l recruits in one year???
  163. Relative standards between divisions
  164. Radio: Broadcasting college tennis matches. Suggestions?
  165. Catawba?
  166. Video
  167. College Tennis
  168. Good Luck to Bradley Klahn and Ryan Thacher at SAP open
  169. Young Stars
  170. Huge D-II Tournament in Phoenix
  171. Most improved team in college tennis
  172. Andy Magee playing for Maryland now...
  173. Illinois Fighting Illini
  174. New Rankings out
  175. Help out the Cal Poly Tennis Program for FREE
  176. Division I Women's Indoor LiveStats
  177. My College Video
  178. Top heavy vs deep teams
  179. Advice on picking a school.
  180. Scandal at UPenn Tennis:
  181. Virginia Cavaliers: An Undefeated Season
  182. Your team's headcase
  183. Most Consecutive Wins By A Team
  184. keeping energy up?
  185. BBC article on College Tennis
  186. Alex Clayton Forehand Grip?
  187. Looking for a team
  188. Holden Seguso?
  189. Where to play during off season?
  190. UCLA and Duke Lose
  191. Tennis Recruit-Fall 2011
  192. Laredo beat UTSA?
  193. College Atheltics in the US
  194. Anywhere need a player (M) this fall?
  195. Darkhorse players
  196. Pacific Coast Doubles in beautiful Lajolla, California
  197. Has anyone seen UCLA's Kosakowski play?
  198. Club Tennis?
  199. Mar 8 Team Rankings
  200. an interesting Stanford student-athlete read
  201. Lee Colelge Tennis (JUCO)
  202. Unusal recruitment question
  203. Recruiting Question
  204. Bo Seal
  205. Stanford Women have the greatest streak in college sports
  206. Anyone here possibly playing ITF Futures in Eastern Europe this summer?
  207. Transfer recruiting?
  208. University of Virginia Men's Tennis - Team String Sponsorship?
  209. march 22 rankings
  210. Stanford Stacking and still losing?
  211. GET Psyched. Stanford hosting USC and UCLA this weekend. LIVE Webcam available
  212. Scholarship from Australia
  213. Stanford - UCLA
  214. ACC tennis
  215. Who are the "best" college coaches and how do you figure that out objectively
  216. 2010 NCAA rule change
  217. mar 29 rankings
  218. worst backhand for a top 20 team?
  219. College Video
  220. Visiting schools this weekend
  221. an interesting read - mallory cecil and duke
  222. Stanford Escapes
  223. Most unique player you have seen in the NCAA?
  224. College recruiting advice?
  225. New JUCO Rules
  226. Some questions...
  227. How does tennis college schedule work?
  228. NCAA eligilibility and 5th year in high school
  229. April 12 rankings
  230. TRN signing week mystery
  231. Ivy League Tennis
  232. How are positions determined on the team?
  233. Conference All Star teams. Who would win?
  234. How helpful is this?
  235. New College Tennis Blog!! Read more!!
  236. How much of a time commitment is D-2?
  237. Head College Sales Rep Email?
  238. 2014 Host Site?
  239. What happened to Ryan Noble, no longer on UNC roster?
  240. Doubles Recruiting
  241. Anyone from UMD College Park mens tennis?
  242. BEAT CAL TODAY -- Last home match of the season and Senior day
  243. Florida Tennis
  244. Who are the best Freshman coming in next year?
  245. Do DIII schools really play no-ad and third set super tiebreaks?
  246. Who is the nations worst recruiter?
  247. Big 10 Tennis
  248. ITA writing contest
  249. Dual Match
  250. Pac-10 Championships in Ojai, broadcast by Radiotennis.com