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  1. college tennis talk #1
  2. college recruiting videos
  3. best college tennis team??
  4. Tennis Scholarships for me?
  5. California Community College Tennis
  6. College Club Tennis (Tennis on Campus)
  7. Grinnell College
  8. Big 10 Tennis Championships
  9. Which school did/do you play for and when?
  10. How good do you have to be to get into?
  11. some colleges im considering
  12. UK Universities?
  13. Being Realistic & Putting Yourself In A Great Opportunity
  14. Starter: 1HBH or 2HBH?
  15. U. of Ga. recruiting
  16. John Brown University: Want to Play College Tennis?
  17. Division 1 tennis question.
  18. A good research source...
  19. You are your own marketing department...
  20. Recruiting/Scholarships
  21. High USTA ranking important to local D-II coaches?
  22. Question about Div III player's USTA rating
  23. Out of curiosity... absolute lowest rating for a Div I walkon?
  24. College Team Sponsorships
  25. Status of Peralta Community College Tennis?
  26. Tennis and Academics
  27. College Recruiting Videos and Youtube
  28. Virginia
  29. Yale
  30. college practice
  31. Summer college circuit
  32. Tennesse
  33. Advice on Starting a Team?
  34. TennisOnCampus.com
  35. Tennessee Tech University
  36. True talent beats all!
  37. Let ruleing in college tennis!
  38. tennis recruiting dot net
  39. What's in a Tennis/Athletic Scholarship?
  40. TRANSFERING - Please Help!!
  41. Maintaining Eligibility
  42. Red Shirting
  43. High School Appeal
  44. Downloadable matches?
  45. So how does getting on the tennis team work in college?
  46. Visiting colleges soon
  47. Funding levels in Division I conferences
  48. College help
  49. College tennis help
  50. dual singles?
  51. Advice on College Tennis
  52. Are the Recruiting Companies Worth It?
  53. Rehash/Update on foreign players
  54. Playing pro in college
  55. Need advice about picking a college
  56. Need Help
  57. College help
  58. how hard is it to make john hopkins d3 tennis team?
  59. UCONNs tennis team - questions
  60. when to get busy...
  61. Find me a college!
  62. washington and lee tennis
  63. Division I equipment costs
  64. I'd apreciate if anyone helps.
  65. Anyone know why Suny Albany doesn't have a mens tennis team?
  66. Question about playing in college
  67. Which Colleges Are More Likely To Give Tennis Scholarships?
  68. Novo Mens All-American Championship results
  69. how to qualify for d1, d2 or d3 without usta ranking
  70. Tulane
  71. D1 College in the South?
  72. Potential player application
  73. Committing to a Men's Division I team
  74. Samford University
  75. Great Division 1 Match Coming Up Tomorrow At Stanford Tennis Stadium, Live Webcam
  76. I think there should be a 1 foreigner per team rule
  77. College work out
  78. what is the worst div. 3 school?
  79. Going to college in Usa (UK)
  80. LOokin for advice on figuring out how to get into college tennis
  81. The continued ranking talk...comparisons
  82. Top Recruiting Classes - 2009
  83. Team Capatin of Tennis Club
  84. Purdues Mens and Womens photo collage by phamster
  85. Golden Pro Set
  86. ITA indoor individual championships in Virginia, nice website.
  87. How does it work?
  88. Fall Signing Week '08
  89. I have no idea how college tennis works; questions inside?
  90. Women contending for NCAA individual title?
  91. How does intramural tennis work at colleges? Particularly the UC's, if that matters?
  92. will i get in anywhere???? HELP
  93. comparison
  94. Any of these schools in california
  95. Sound familiar?
  96. D-III transfer to D-I gets 5 years?
  97. College Calibur?
  98. Spreading out the team's scholarships?
  99. BC, Johns Hopkins, Fordham, BU
  100. USTA a must?
  101. Video
  102. i know div. 3 doesn't grant scholarships, so how do you get in (know it sounds dumb)
  103. California Colleges/Universities who lost Tennis Programs
  104. What to expect in community college, and after?
  105. Would this be a smart choice
  106. What Division College Tennis
  107. D3 all the way to D1
  108. How come Ivy's don't seem to do well?
  109. Utk
  110. HELP!!! On International Scholarships
  111. Eligibility
  112. Mississippi State Player from London charged with ****
  113. dartmouth
  114. Decent vid of Clayton and Klahn
  115. NYU tennis
  116. Training
  117. College Tennis after graduating?
  118. bc men's team?
  119. Top D3 tennis schools?
  120. thoughts about this game
  121. Video of me hitting...chances?
  122. okay you guys this may sound really stupid but im asking it anyway
  123. HELP! Questions About COLLEGE TENNIS~
  124. Winter Super National, recruiting, the cold
  125. HELP! Question about WALK-ON Recruits~
  126. Nichols College
  127. two D1 schools looking for American players
  128. Questionnaire vs Email To college coaches
  129. college chances. can you help me out?
  130. First NCAA Division I Team Poll released
  131. Upcoming British player escapes prison life sentence.
  132. can graduate students played colege tennis?
  133. Bates college in ME
  134. Somdevv Devvarmann
  135. Are your University/College Courts Open to the public?
  136. college tennis situation
  137. January 15 = college application deadline
  138. UIC tennis
  139. scholarships?
  140. UT vs TU Today!
  141. Clemson Women's Team lineup
  142. work as tennis coach
  143. Emailing College Coaches?
  144. Do D1 schools pay for all of their players'stuff?
  145. #1 OHIO State vs Washington Huskies LIVE.
  146. Moderators - could this attached thread be made into a sticky
  147. College Tennis Team Scoring?
  148. Marquette Vs. Wisconsin
  149. I'm Back
  150. NATIONAL TEAM INDOORS on Feb 13th in Chicago --best in division 1 tennis.
  151. Stanford Women's Tennis
  152. Cheering against opponent who double faults?
  153. About College Tennis Recruiting...!
  154. Division 2 and Division 3-Differences?
  155. What Time of Day Does Your Team Practice?
  156. Mods: Any chance the attached thread could be a sticky
  157. HS Tennis Team-Important to College Coaches?
  158. After filling out potential athlete form...?
  159. Got 2 wins today
  160. Level of play?
  161. Lost 4-3 to #61 Clemson University
  162. anyone from rock valley college
  163. mental game
  164. Tennisrecruiting...net question
  165. Lack of Men's Tennis teams?
  166. New ITA Rankings
  167. Recruiting Rules
  168. D-1 tennis recruit
  169. dartmouth webcast
  170. Good D2 & D3 Programs in Boston Area
  171. College recruit
  172. BIG Weekend in Pac-10. Stanford vs USC, UCLA. Webcam live feed.
  173. Article about my coach approaching all time NCAA recored for winningest tennis coach
  174. Stanford New #1 !
  175. Pacific Coast Doubles starts Friday -- Jeff G Tarango ? Is this correct
  176. Matches Cancelled due to Rain
  177. Can a prospective recruit play with college team members?
  178. Critique my college video
  179. tell me the easiest division 3 school to get into
  180. What are some good DII schools and what would I have to do to get in?
  181. trying to get ahold of Wilson for college player package??
  182. D1 Top 10 College's
  183. ESPN Article about my Coach - All Time Record
  184. #1 UVA vs. Texas on Sunday
  185. Questions on College tennis and how the lineups are
  186. College Tennis Questions
  187. Scholarship
  188. #1 NCAA Singles Men
  189. Link
  190. Roddick's coach played for Cal
  191. Timeline for progression...
  192. How do you find time to play tennis?
  193. A college tennis journey
  194. How much time is really available?
  195. Baylor Bears vs Stanford at HP cup. LIVE scoring now.
  196. New Ohio State Player
  197. University of San Francisco 1970s tennis
  198. Anyone going to college station for the NCAA's ?
  199. UC San Diego
  200. Car Accident Ends Player's Career!
  201. stanford loses to arizona
  202. Loyola College in Maryland
  203. coast guard tennis
  204. How to play tennis in collage
  205. Former college player loses to hacker
  206. Does tennis help towards admission in college?
  207. Can someone explain intramural and sports clubs to me?
  208. College Tennis on TV
  209. IPFW Tennis
  210. Junior College Recruits
  211. What Should A Former College Player Ntrp Rating Be???!
  212. 2009 Campus Championships
  213. Beat Cal.
  214. PAC-10 Tennis Championships in Ojai this week. Which college will shine in the Final
  215. Long Island College Tennis
  216. Tons of Pictures
  217. Any college streams
  218. Not sure if this goes here but...
  219. NCAA Selection Show Tomorrow
  220. NCAA Men's Draw
  221. Stringing at the NCAA's
  222. College Video
  223. Chabot Junior College
  224. What is the best tennis college with good-outstanding academics?
  225. Beginning, Advanced, Intercollegiate tennis at Community College
  226. UIC D1 tennis question
  227. Prince EX03 rackets. anyone have any experience?
  228. Congrats to Washington Women - upset #7 USC at USC in 2nd round!
  229. "C'Mon!" Replaced By "What!"
  230. So I watching the NAIA nationals practice today, and...
  231. Clark University
  232. tennisrecruiting vs. berecruited
  233. D-1 : GPA-SAT Requirements
  234. suggestion for continuing tennis?
  235. Financial Assistance
  236. Congrats to USC men and Duke women
  237. washington and lee
  238. Live feed for division III championship?
  239. washington and lee D3 Championships
  240. Intramurals
  241. Spring Recruiting Class Rankings
  242. emailing a coach
  243. Does Britton get a wild card for the US Open?
  244. College Tennis Questions
  245. Swede wanting to play D3 College tennis.
  246. Searching for a Uni to play for (video included)
  247. who hasn't been recruited yet (class of 2009)?
  248. Four NCAA Division I programs cancelled since April
  249. Are college tennis players celebrities?
  250. Losing Tennis/Athletic Scholarship