View Full Version : All natural gut

10-05-2006, 03:47 AM
Anyone tried an all gut job on an 18X20 stringbed?

I've used all gut (VS17) on more open stringbeds and found it performs as expected-great touch, feel, spin and power. But it does have a mushy feeling to it and increasing tension seems to reduce its playability.

But I get very close to the gut performance using a poly/gut (Tour17/VS17) or even a poly/synthetic (Tour17/Conquest17) with the open pattern w/o the mushy feeling. I'm thinking that all gut on a tight 18x20 stringbed may give the playabilty I'm looking for without the mush.

I string for my son, a Boys 16 tournament player, using an Nblade 98 with Tour17 mains(57lbs) and Conquest 17 crosses(60lbs). He hits heavy topsin, a lot of pace and likes to get to the net.