View Full Version : [FS] Volkl CX8, Dunlop Spirit, Dunlop C-Max

10-09-2006, 12:21 PM
Hi. I am a college student, and I realized that I spent too much money increasing my tennis collection when I have more important use for dollars. Hence I have three racquets for sale.

1. Volkl Comp Series CX8, 9.5/10, Grip 4 3/8, 98 inch sq, recently strung at 60lb. It's a rare, beautiful racquet - I can send pics. It's an extended version of Volkl C8, which was not imported in US. Tennis******.com sells a used CX8 for $109. I'm asking for $100.

2. Dunlop Spirit 100, 9.5/10, Grip 4 1/2, 100 inch sq, recently strung with SigPro Poly Plasma at 60lb. It's a simple lightweight racquet that hits well for a good range of abilities. Asking for $60.

3. Dunlop C-Max, 6/10, Grip 4 5/8, 108 inch sq, strung quite some time ago at 58lb. Asking for $30.

I am not a sales person, so I am not sure if my asking price is appropriate. If you think otherwise, please let me know anyway and make an offer. My contacts:
1. lawrencejin[at]gmail.com
2. ljj9[at]cornell.edu

Thanks, and have a good day.

10-10-2006, 12:52 AM
Anyone? I would gladly consider best offers...