View Full Version : Dampener on Roger Federer's Raquet

10-10-2006, 08:45 PM
I know he doesn't physically have a little rubber cluster on his strings to dampen the vibrations. It is built into his racquet, are we able to get the same thing?

10-10-2006, 10:02 PM
and where did you hear this...

10-12-2006, 06:10 PM
Does he cheat?!

10-12-2006, 06:47 PM
GASP!! Is this credible? How do you know?
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10-12-2006, 10:35 PM
String savers?

10-12-2006, 11:10 PM
the "little rubber cluster"?

He has string savers on his strings, and power pads on the bottom of his racquet.

10-14-2006, 07:56 PM
now....he gotta love vibrations....

LOL :mrgreen:

10-19-2006, 12:16 AM
What does a power pad look like and what does it do?

The ball was in
10-19-2006, 03:57 AM
What does a power pad look like and what does it do?

'Power pads' are folded leather pieces that are placed at the bottom portion of the racquet...the throat area. Sampras used to use them too and what they actually do...i am not 100% sure but i think the add a bit of dampening to the racquet...but there has been an entire thread on 'power pads'