View Full Version : Babolat Drive Z-Max

08-06-2004, 11:54 AM
I am new to the board but have been impressed with the knowledge of those who post. So here is my question: TW just posted the Drive Z-Max. On paper, it looks good for me. I am approx a 3.5 baseline player. Strong forehand and serve with a two-handed backhand. Topspin on both sides. Currently, I play the Prince More Game but I need more control for my full, moderately powered strokes. Previously, I played the Wilson 5.3 but over time found it too stiff. Also the Game breaks tons of strings. I have tried the PD+ but find it hard to consistently control. Besides, I like a larger headsize (107-110) and a little lighter racquet. Finally, so I can order from TW, how do Babolat grips (principally size) compare with Prince or Wilson. Thank you.

Gaines Hillix
08-06-2004, 12:24 PM
This frame is pretty light and very stiff(72 RDC). It also has the Zylon matrix material in the frame. I played with a Bab Pure Power Zylon for a while and found it be very stiff and it lacked control even with poly strings. I'd recommend demoing before buying this one(or any other racquet for that matter).