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10-17-2006, 07:48 AM
As part of my research into various costs for stringing machines, I received some info from the LaserFibre folks on their drop-weight MS200TT (tabletop) models. I'd like to pass some of that info along.

One e-mail from the LaserFibre folks discussed how you could start off with one of the less expensive models of the MS200TT (for instance, one of the MS200TT-ECO models) and gradually build it up to one of the premium models (the MS200TT-Premium).

Quotes on costs for these stringers in various configurations are as below (and everything in blue is quoted from e-mail I received):

The MS200TT - ECO configuration
$399 with flying clamps. Limited Upgradeability
$449 100% upgradeable to fixed clamps and Premium version
$629 with the 360-degree double action clamps. 100% upgradeable to Premium version.

The MS200TT - Premium configuration
$799 with the double action, 360-degree swivel clamps.
$929 with the single action, 360-degree swivel clamps

To go along with those prices, here's what I was also sent on how upgrades work:

The MS200TT-ECO and TT-Premium now look identical. The difference between the TT-ECO and TT-Premium is that the Premium version comes with a turntable lock and Sensory Tension Jaw System factory installed. Both of these features can add a little more convenience and stringing speed for those who handle more stringing volume. However, since the TT-ECO and TT – Premium use all the same components, those who start out with a TT-ECO, as need be can upgrade their machines by installing any or all of the features of the Premium version. It makes the TT-ECO the most ideal starter/entry level stringing machine because it is a machine that grows with you rather than you outgrowing it.

On costs to upgrade (if you want to start small/conservatively):

A person could conceivably start out with the TT-ECO with flying clamps and over time, ultimately convert it into a TT-Premium with 360 degree single action clamps. And the best news is that the cost to make the upgrades does not cost any more than if you bought the upgraded version in the first place. For example:

A TT-ECO with flying clamps $449
A TT-ECO w/double action clamps $629
Cost to upgrade a TT-ECO w/flying clamps to the double action clamps is $180 w/trade-in on the flying clamps.

Total cost: $449 +$180 = $629. Same as if you just bought the double action version in the first place.

This same formula holds true even when converting an ECO version to a Premium version. We think the TT-series machines as a whole is the best value for the buck. All that matters is where a person wants to start off. Therefore, never a need to go overboard. For those who are unsure, we strongly advise going conservative. If they want a little more speed or a switch to fixed clamps, no harm - no foul... making the upgrade later on doesn't come back to bite you in the wallet.

All LaserFibre machines are available only through LaserFibre direct. It is the best way to provide the most complete and prompt customer care and service in the event of questions. Each stringer is covered by the industry’s only 10-year warranty including no charge scheduled clamp reconditioning and a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guaranty. All machines come equipped with a tool set as well as a sampler assortment of LaserFibre strings to get you started.

I thought this info might be helpful to people who are evaluating LaserFibre tabletop drop weight stringers. LaserFibre actually sent me more detailed info than I quoted, above (including costs for floor models), but I didn't want to make this initial post too much more detailed that it already is.

Shipping costs were in the $40 range from LaserFibre to the Houston, Texas area (give or take a couple of bucks, based on machine configuration and shipping to a commercial or residential address).

10-17-2006, 05:24 PM
when did they say the next shipment would go out?

10-17-2006, 06:28 PM
when did they say the next shipment would go out?

Sorry, they didn't confide in me about that. They did say that shipments were running about three weeks behind, but I'm assuming that meant for orders placed now and not necessarily ones placed previously.

Why don't you try e-mailing them from their site and ask them specifically? Couldn't hurt...