View Full Version : SPPP and Forten Sweet on an O3 Tour

10-17-2006, 12:47 PM
I just tried SPPP for the first time and the stuff is awesome. My set up:
03 Tour Midplus
SPPP 17g Mains @ 56#
Forten Sweet 16g Crosses @ 60#

After about 10 minutes the strings set into place and the racquet seemed perfect for my game (heavy top spin, decent pace). I was most impressed with the HUGE sweet spot. I was also impressed how the strings seemed to pocket the ball, the feel of the strings especially for polys, and the control.

I've tried Gosen Polyon w/ Gosen Micro but IMO the SPPP/Forten Sweet set up is superior in every way. I might try changing the crosses, string gauge, and tension but I think that SPPP is definitely the string for me. Thanks to all the people who recommended it. Hopefully Tennis Warehouse won't raise the price with all of these reviews :)