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drop shot
03-07-2004, 08:53 PM
When stringing with a Prince Neos 1000 I noticed that the racquet doesnt seem to clamp down very tightly and when pulling tension the racquet semd to slide around a little. Is there a way to keep the racquet from doing this on a 2 point system. Also, I noticd that when stringing on a Neos there was a slight distortion with a Head ti.s6 racquet. Are there any aftermarket 6 point or 4 point mounting systems for this stringer. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Steve Huff
03-08-2004, 04:23 AM
On my Ektelon H model (same for Neos too, I think), under the rubber pads on the mounting arms, the pad which the racket rests, there should be a screw. Get your owner's manual. Turn the screw counterclockwise (on mine anyway) to tighten the mounting clamp. If they're fully adjusted and the clamp still doesn't tighten down enough to hold the racket, you may have to replace the "dogs" in there. I'd call TennisMachines, Inc, and talk to them about it. They can send you the parts and you can do the labor, or you can send them the mounting arms and they'll do it all. You can find their number on their website. Tennismachines.com or tennismachinesinc.com.

David Pavlich
03-08-2004, 08:49 AM
There will always be some slight distortion when stringing. It is pervasive and even with 6 point mounting systems, there is some distortion.

However, if strung properly, the frame will be in its natural shape when you finish.

As far as your slippage problem, Steve's posted the correct answer.


drop shot
03-08-2004, 10:02 PM
Well maybe it's just me! Thanks for the info Steve. I did notice that when stringing I had to keep moving the crank up and back when trying to swing the racquet around to avoid hitting the part where the crank is. I string the mains one side to the next meaning that I will strint the 1st string on the left hand side and then the 1st string on the right and so on.. This is the proper way right? Also a friend of mine threads two mains at a time THEN pulls tension. I am under the impression that this isn't a very good idea. Am I correct? Also any ideas on how to make my stringing job less cumbersome as in not having to move the crank back and forth when swinging the racquet around would be appreciated. I am sure that there is an easy answer but after years of using a dropweight I think I am just not seeing the forest for the trees! Thanks again for your help guys