View Full Version : Not tying any mains?

10-23-2006, 05:16 PM
For a 1 piece job, how about finishing the short side with the first cross and then tying. Then with the long side just start with the second cross and tie when you are done at the top?

The way I see it, this is more symmetric than tying the last main on the short side as none of the shorter mains will loose tension when tying the knot.

It seems simple enough, what am I missing? :confused:
Does anybody see any drawbacks with this approach?

Richie Rich
10-23-2006, 06:19 PM
sorry, didn't read your question carefully enough. you can string it that way.

10-23-2006, 06:26 PM
I think one can use the same one where you would otherwise tie the last main, only on the other side, right?

10-23-2006, 06:55 PM
This is my preferred method.

It will work, you tie off the first cross at the tip, finish down the racquet and tie off at the bottom (assuming you are stringing top to bottom).

It's not very fun on a NEOS, since you need either a starter or a half-clamp to do, which I have to do at work. I just use a starter.

Edit: I believe a few other guys do this as well, IIRC, Steve Huff mentioned something like this a while back

Steve Huff
10-23-2006, 08:35 PM
Yes, I often string the top main (or mains). On a typical 16 x 19 pattern, I normally string the top 3 crosses with the short side. I measure 10 1/2-12 feet of string for the short side (depending on the racket) and string the top 3 crosses. With the long side, I string all the mains on that side, then the bottom (or 2nd from bottom) cross. Then, do the other last main and start the crosses at #4.